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World on Fire?

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The Chart of Israel (Intro)

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Pluto Challenges


Everyone Makes Mistakes

Chaotic Times & Turning Points (Intro)

Live Lunch (Intro)

Dark Side of the Aquarius Moon (Intro)

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Always Playing Cat and Mouse

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A Galactic Moment (Intro)

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Astrology for the Masses

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What is Nessus Saying?

Can Astrology Be Wrong?

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Whole World Astrology

Around the World in 71 Days and 14 Hours (Intro)

Choosing a Therapist

Chiron in Aquarius Conjunct Natal Sun

The Jupiter Effect

Right-Brained Astrology


The High Sabbat of Imbolc (Intro)a

The Australian Awareness Project

Coming in 2007: Pluto on the Galactic Core

What House System Do You Live In?

Chiron in Aquarius (Intro)



Disaster Predictions

Days of Aquarius (Intro)

Tarot Cards

Relationship Chart -- Saturn Sesquisquare

Read about Sedna, Pholus and Nessus

Dreaming of Earthquake

Days of Aquarius (Intro)

Tarot Cards

The Best of 2004 (Intro)

The Best of 2004

The Best of 2004

The Best of 2004 (Intro)

Around the World in 71 Days and 14 Hours (Intro)

A Storm in Paradise (Intro)

Learning Astrology



Pseudo Saturn Return

Shot in the Foot (Intro)

Reader Response: I Feel His Pain

Why All This Nonsense?

Are Tragedies Fated?

Retrogrades and Stations

Uranian Gnu Lune (Intro)

Astrology of a Walk-In

Near Death Experience

Continuing with Robin

An Aquarius Week (Intro)

E.T. Phones Home

My Past, My Grandfather

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Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, Act One (Article)

To The Core: Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, Act Two (Article)

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Fixed Grand Cross

Planning C-Sections

The Fixed French Cross (Intro)

Dark and Light


The C-Section Update!

The Future

Fixed Stars

Hello, Mr. Eclipse (Intro)

Spotting Major World Events

The Personal is Political


Making Things Flow

The Astrological Houses

Truth, Justice and Libra (Intro)

Divisions of a Sign


Epochal Times (Intro)



The 2nd House: Not Just Money

Letter from Eric

Katrina Astrology, and the Cardinal Points


Virgo New Moon (Intro)

The Elements


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Are All Taureans Bad for Me??

Spring Loaded Friday (Intro)

Studying Astrology Tip of the Week (Article -- Repeat)

After Death and Recommended Reading (Repeat)

Air Travel in Transformation (Intro)

My Grand-Daughter


Astrology Essentials: Intercepted Signs/Houses

Chiron as True Ruler of Virgo?

Stop Smoking? (Repeat)

Anaretic Planets (Repeat)

What House System Do You Live In? (Repeat)

Astrobiology Birth Control (Repeat)

Mercury Retrograde at Birth

Predicting Violence

Is Saturn Evil?

Contradicting Transits

Xena (Intro)

Newsletter Launch and Mercury Retrograde (Incomplete)

The Shuttle Launch (Intro)

Yods and Writer

The 6th house

Saturn and Life Stages (or Pluto square Pluto)

Battle of the Orbs

Astrology and Medicine

Empty Houses

Clarification on Anita Bryant

Relocation and Astrocartography

The Galactic Core

When the Molasses Levee Breaks (Article)

Mercury Retrograde in Leo (Intro)

Saturn into Leo and the I Ching

Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in London (Intro)

Saturn, Leo, History and Herstory (Article)

Saturn for Sun Leo People

Sun Opposite Moon in Natal Chart

Asking About Asteroids

Sir Bob (Intro)

Why Does The Moon?

Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in London

Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in London (Intro)

Deep Throat Revealed (or, The Aries Point Strikes Again) (Intro)

Astrological Variables

Future of Religion

I See Dead People

Dear Readers Around the World (Intro)

Sabian Symbols

Contradicting Transits

Awaiting Saturn

Cutting-Edge Capricorn

Identifying Aspects -- Plus Exaltations

Speaking of Rulerships

Cutting-Edge Capricorn

Identifying Aspects -- Plus Exaltations

Speaking of Rulerships (Article)

Gender and Astrology

Astrology Courses

The Aries Point Cometh

What House the Sun?

Speaking of Which

At Arms Length

Ruling Planets

Awaiting Saturn (Intro)

Gemimind (Intro)

The House of the Rising Sun

Impending Single Motherhood

Overcoming Fear

A Genuine Gemini (Intro)

Dwelling on the Negative

Part of Fortune

Lunar Nodes

Finding the Lost City (Intro)

Mars on the Ascendant and Anger

18 Months to Live

Gambling Addiction

The Eclipse and Wesak

Beltane: The Tree of Life (Intro)

Newspapers Horoscopes and Accuracy


Birthtime Unknown

Empty Houses

And After Saturn?

Eclipse Time Frames

Both Eclipses Hit My Chart

The Pope

Transformation and the Power of Pluto and Uranus

Helping an Agoraphobic Child

Unexplained Low Energy for Otherwise Fit Child

Reader Comments

Pope Signals (Intro)

The Moon and the Stars

Eclipse on My Birthday

Void of Course Moon on My Birthday

Mercury is Direct (Intro)

Neptune Transits and Loss of Ego

Friend Self-Destructing on Drugs

Dealing with Negative Energy in the Workplace

Mercury Station Direct (Article)

How Do I Write Horoscopes?

Just After a Full Moon (Intro)

Comment on Therapy

Oil Drilling in Alaska

Aries in Reverse (Intro)

Predicting Violence

Four Planets in Retrograde

Back By Popular Demand: Retrograde Rerun (from July 23)

Jupiter Retrograde

Dealing with Transits to a Stellium

Is Saturn Evil?

Spirituality v. Materialism

Void of Course Moon

Upon the Equinox (Intro)

Mercury Retrograde at Birth

Mercury is Always Retrograde

Illinois Birth Time Mysteries

Romantic Relationship

Chiron and the 8th house

Chiron in Aquarius

Incomplete Chart

What Will Happen?

Psychic Visions Or Dreams

Overly Sensitive or Too Intense?

Ephemeris (Intro)

Autistic Child and the New Moon

Dreams and Visions


Pisces Power (Intro)

At A Crossroads

After Death

Chiron in Aquarius and Humanity

Why Has Chiron Been Sent to US

Chiron as True Ruler of Virgo?

The X Factor (Intro)

Love v. Career

Horary Astrology

Eclipses Conjunct Sun and Ascendant

Chiron in Aquarius (Intro)

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune Conjunction

Holiday Season (Intro)

Thus Spake the Tarot

Cycles of Seven?

Progress, Outer Planet Styled

Book on Aspects

The Meaning of Opposition in a Natal Chart and in a Transit


Great Attractor


Mercury Retrograde (Intro)

Sedna, Quaoar and Planet X

Grand Cross

Born on the Winter Solstice


Sun Signs and Divination

The Great Paradox

Dealing with Illness

The Galactic Core

Being Ahead of Transits

Concerned About Stepdaughter -- Doesn


Chiron Time Frames

Born in the Sixties

Relationship Age-Gap

Love for Virgos?

Open Possibilities

Sagittattitude (Intro)

Plane Crash

What Should I Do with My Life?

Static Career

Career Difficulties

In the Midst of a Major Shift (Intro)

Grand Trine/Kite

Homosexuality in a Personal Chart

Repeated Themes in Charts

A Stellium in Aquarius

What Is a Stellium?

Time of Birth Unknown

Astrology and Birth Control

Nine Year Struggle

Solar Eclipse

Two Grand Trines

Telling Astrology (Intro)


Total Lunar Eclipse Effects (Intro)

Astrology Tip of the Week -- POWER (Article)

Stop Smoking

Houses and Signs

Difficult Self-expression -- 5th House Struggle

Libra Rising

To Be Hopeful

A Week Away From An Eclipse (Intro)

Looking At Charts

Tough Time Growing Up

What the World Reveals (Intro)

A New Season (Intro)


Pluto Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Pisces Forecasts

Taurus -- Writing Prospects

Monster on a Full Moon

Saturn Return

Pluto Square Sun

Guilt -- Virgo Moon and Venus

Progressing Charts


Born Under a Bad Sign?

Time of Birth Unknown -- Rectification

The Part of Fortune

Living with Depression

Open letter for "Giving Up"

Eclipses (Intro)

Unaspected Sun

The Foreseeable Future (Intro)



Closing In on the Libra Equinox (Intro)

Opposite Sign

Feeling Like a Hurricane...

Feeling Alone and Very Low

Looking for Love


Harmonic Concordance

Lunar Nodes


Virgo; New Moon; Libra Equinox (Intro)



Chiron Conjunct Ascendant

Relationship Birthdates

September: Planets (Intro)

Annual New Moons in Sun Signs

Saturn Return (Intro)

Should I Read My Rising Sign?

Being a Piscean

Tough Time for Saggi

How Will the Venus Transit Affect a Libran

How Will the Venus Transit Affect a Taurean

Venus Transit Effect?

Astrobiology -- Birth Control

Saturn Return

Scorpio Crazy for Cancer

Date for Caesarian for Twins

Pluto Square Sun

Mercury and the Elections

Searching for Contentment...

Cancer/Gemini Relationship

Anaretic Planets

Relationship Chance?

Anxiety and Fear After Venus Eclipse

Problems for Pisces?

Empty Houses

Retrograde Planets in the Natal Chart

Grand Cycle of Planets

Solar Return -- Pluto Square Ascendant

Getting Married Under a Full Moon

Vernal Equinox

Water and More Water (Signs)

Sagittarian and Gemini Split

Cruel Saturn Conjunct Mars?

Born Under a Bad Sign?

Time of Birth Unknown -- Rectification

Cancerian Sink or Swim

Charts Cast at Conception

Venus Action (Intro)

Scorpio with Cancerian Ex

Aquarian in love with Scorpio

Taurus, Saggi, Gemini...?

Delay for Scorpio

ESP for Gemini?

Star-Crossed Lovers in a Mercury Retrograde

September: Planets (Intro)

At a Crossroads and Needing Advice

Sometimes "In-Touch" With My Horoscope...

Does My Weekly Zodiac Forecast Change According to Where You Are in the World?

Cancer Woman Who is Having a Long Distance Relationship with a Capricorn

Will Astrology Be Proved By Science?