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Astrology Secrets Revealed -- the Q and A column on -- is one of those projects that I might never have begun had I known what I was getting into -- but I'm very happy I did. In the past 92+ weeks I've had the opportunity to pour out nearly 400,000 words of astrological thought, research, ideas, interpretation and imagination...all fueled, inspired and driven by reader questions from the awesome audience.

The subject matter covers the basics of astrology, signs, houses, traditional planets, minor planets, chart interpretation in numerous situations, major planetary events, how horoscopes are written, and an extraordinary number of news events that have developed during this truly challenging era in history. All of it is presented in no special order except that current news events are generally covered the week they happened.

Most editions include questions; several do not.

For a long time the column was updated weekly. Now it's generally updated every other week, though there will be an exception in the event of exceptional news.

We have now made two different search facilities available to help you navigate the content of the project. One is by Google and the other by Picosearch.

The current edition is located here.

The archive of past issues is located here.

To ask a question, use this link. I am especially interested in questions from people studying astrology, or who have a personal question they feel may be relevant to others. You'll see some guidelines for how to handle your question on the link.

Thanks for all your questions, feedback and your enthusiastic support of Planet Waves Weekly, which sponsors the Astrology Secrets Revealed project.

Our Favorite Editions:

People supporting this project over the months include Vanessa Lawton and Deirdre Ahern at who diligently take care of Web development; as well as Arwynne O'Neill, Michele Perrin, Chelsea Bottinelli, Tracy Delaney, Yasmin Boland, Kirsti Melto, Melanie Reinhart, Phil Sedgwick, Rick Levine, Sonia Demetriou, Rachael Stillman and others on the Planet Waves team. Thanks to Jonathan for his encouragement and the name of the column. Most of our charts are cast in Solar Fire 5 or Io Edition.

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