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Astrology often aspires to be a form of self-therapy. We actually deliver on this potential. Planet Waves offers professional horoscopes in the British tradition, plus extended Sun-sign readings for your soul.

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New York, Feb. 27, 2020

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are the only astrology service offering paid, premium horoscopes.

As you will see, these are not “forecasts” but rather professional astrology readings in a written format. They are designed to be a chronicle of your life, and of our times.

Eric in the Chironian, Rosendale, New York.

I offer ideas and strategies for personal development, relating to partners, timing, communication and focusing the creative and professional facets of your life.

Though astrology often aspires to be a form of self-therapy, we actually deliver on this potential. My work is steeped in many spiritual wisdom traditions, and emerges from my in-depth spiritual practice, my experience as a healer and my training as a therapist.

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Thank you for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,

PS — There exists something called the Intelligent Archive, which holds 20 years of my daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. You can use it as a research tool, or you can type in a question and be offered a random reading.

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