On the Cusp of the Aquarian Era — plus your December Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

Áísínai’pi is the location of thousands of rock art images in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta. In the Blackfoot language Áísínai’pi means “it is pictured” or “it is written.” Painted and carved onto sandstone cliffs, most of the art was created by the Siksikaitsitapi (Blackfoot Nation) around 1050 BCE. Taken together, these images represent the largest concentration of Indigenous rock art in the North American plains.

Dear Friend and Reader:

The world is in an interesting and delicate place as we approach the Aquarian Era. In three weeks, Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in the sign Aquarius for the first time since 1405. I’ve had to research that several times just to make sure I was seeing it right.

What is called the Great Conjunction, the one between the two largest planets, happens ever 20 years. It bounces all over the zodiac, running in little trends over the centuries. Two conjunctions in Aquarius (March 24, 1345, and Jan. 16, 1405) seem to ring in the Renaissance, and that’s all we get for the conjunction in Aquarius until Dec. 21, 2020.

This is the second rare conjunction of 2020. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction which took place on Jan. 12, 2020 last occurred in 1982, 1947 and 1915. However, none were in Capricorn; the most recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn occurred in 1518.

We have had a suitably strange year — a watershed year in the history of civilization, with many unprecedented events still unfolding. And where exactly do we stand? I will catch you up on the events of the past week or so, leading into the Gemini eclipse of the Moon that took place early Monday morning.

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Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

Your extended monthly horoscope for December is published below in this issue. We also counted it as the weekly horoscope for Nov. 30. We published your extended monthly horoscope for November on Thursday, Oct. 29. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


Aries (March 20-April 19) — For the past few years, Chiron in your sign has been pushing you to individuate. This is a phase where you emerge into your own psyche and the world as a distinct being who is unwilling to compromise your values due to pressure from others. The drive to do so is always there. Society seems designed to make sure that nobody gets to be too special (except for a few celebrities who don’t do too much of any real note). For you, this is not about being noticed. It’s about having oxygen to breathe, only available if you’re being truly and genuinely yourself. The way you know you’re doing that is you feel the resistance around you and the necessity within you. You will feel vulnerable, and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. More than anything, you will feel like you’re in unfamiliar situations where you have to think on your feet. As Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, your involvement with community and various circles of friends is likely to shift, and increase radically. Notice the emphasis on Aquarius — the sign of groups, which also happens to occupy your 11th solar house of groups — on the heels of all these attempts to shape social society and drive people apart from one another. The universe is a large place, though you can only see what your filters allow you to see. Your filters are about to show you not just how complex and beautiful the social life of humanity is, but where you may have a new part in a new world that you get to help shape. This is very much about thinking globally and acting locally — and having a vision that exceeds yourself and your needs.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — When it comes to the professional adventure, many are called, and few respond. Many who are in an interesting place neglect to see the potential in what they are doing now. Yet with Jupiter and Saturn moving into the career and reputation angle of your chart, one way or another, that is about to change. Your possibilities are far greater than you might imagine. Yet this is all about people, people, people. Taurus is one of the signs whose natives can have a tendency to pull back and isolate themselves, or to stick to a small and limited circle of contacts. Yet your world is rapidly growing larger. This began with the ingress of Uranus into your birth sign or rising sign back in the spring of 2018. Uranus is the kind of influence that will push you out of your shell, and bring new people into your life. It will push you to take some chances with yourself and your ideas about who you are. That was the first step. Now, the world is about to get larger. Or maybe smaller, in the sense that you have access to more people, and greater influence with them. We live in a time when leadership is among the few greatest needs we experience. For you, that means exploring social reality as it influences professional reality. The real action at conferences is in the lobby, not the lecture room, and that is the approach to take. Your own accomplishments, which also describe your fulfillment with the work that you do, will be directly related to who you choose to work with. Let your motto going forward be, “We are all in this together.”

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Your God-concept is all about the intelligence of humanity. You do not need an authority figure. You do not need a savior. You do not need complicated rules, dogmas or theology. What you need is faith in people. That more than anything else brings you into contact with not just your God-concept but also your relationship with spirit. Yes, people are squirrely, and have weird habits, and are not all so friendly. They can become extremely mean when they are in groups. However, your faith must rise above past performance and exist on the level of a vision, of trust, and of embracing human potential. And what exactly is that? We all know that people can shape their own reality, if they take the opportunity to do so. We know that our intelligence has the power to solve any problem, if we choose to solve it. We know that we have the ability to take care of one another, and to grow. We can, if we want, design a society that serves the people rather than merely serving massive interests that tend to think of us as consumers or as slaves. Jupiter and Saturn ingressing Aquarius is not so much about you having a vision for the world, or solving the world’s problems. Rather, it’s about you embracing your own spiritual calling. This is about taking part in what people can do when they cooperate, communicate and share ideas. To put this simply, your source of faith is in people, which translates to you as “higher power” or divinity. Regardless of whether there is an old man in the sky, at this time, human potential is all we have. And that is quite enough.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — For such a private person, you lead a very open life. This is, in part, through necessity: you are central to whatever concept of family you have, and that requires transparency. You may not feel too important or meaningful, though you are what I would describe as the focus of orientation for many. With Jupiter and Saturn changing signs this month, the environment of your relationships is about to take a step forward. This includes anyone with whom you have an agreement, commitment or investment of some kind. For you, Aquarius is the 8th house, and it’s all about your transactions with others — a most significant part of any person’s life. And this is what comes into focus for you now. Note the change in your human environment. Long stuck matters will give way and start to move. There will be shifts in your environment that redefine involvement and investment. You may have a lot more to work with than you have in the recent past, or the distant past for that matter. So much may open up that you will need to filter carefully who comes into your life. Learn to say yes, no and maybe. Maybe means you’re thinking about it and want to leave your options open. There are also relationships that will come to an end. Saturn has a clearing function, though there are unlikely to be any surprises: you learned all you need to know over the past 12 months. You have learned how to set goals, and how to make them happen. Mostly, you learned the difference between necessity and desire — and this knowledge will serve you well, if you use it wisely.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Whatever you’ve been through the past few years, I’m sure you don’t want to go through it again. And you will get your wish, as long as you live in the present, rather than lingering in the past — including the habits of the past. This is the great challenge that stands between all of us and happiness: the ability to let go of, and go beyond, some long challenge or struggle. Your world is about to take on new shapes and forms. You will soon meet people you never knew you were expecting. You will also need to confront certain limits that you will benefit greatly from accepting, as they will provide structure and give you a foothold where before you had none. If there is a lesson or message to all that you’ve been through, it is to have faith in yourself and your abilities. For it is your faith that carries you when your abilities seem to fail. It is your faith that sees possibilities that the eye cannot behold. No matter how much you are able to trust this lesson for yourself, there are some people who will be moved, and others who will not. The crucial thing is that you never let another person take away or diminish your faith in yourself. Because you are an affable and sensitive person, you may feel that it’s unfriendly or insensitive not to at least consider the point of view of another person. But I suggest you learn how to brush off both praise and blame. This is for the sake of being swayed by neither, and holding to your inner compass. There are compelling forces at work in the world, and in your world — but none so compelling as your conscience, and your love.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Make certain that what you’re mixed up in is truly yours. It might be; it might not be. Something needs to be verified, without prejudice. That means held to a truth standard that also factors in for your own potential bias. More hinges on this than you may believe. The matter, in one word, is trust. Once the trust of a child has been injured, it’s easy for repeated injuries to happen, and for you to defeat your own reasoning and judgment. Fear can slip in, which would manifest as some notion that you’re going to avoid future pain in some way by withdrawing, withholding love, or refusing to offer your blessing. Take solace that the truth exists irrespective of your judgments. You can, therefore, strive for understanding and realization in spite of them, in spite of your fears, and despite anything that may have occurred in the past. Two developments this month can guide you to a place of greater awareness. One is that you’ve reached a release point about your early history. Eclipses involving the sign Sagittarius will serve to shift the context of the past, so that you may see it for what it is, and remember your deeper origins and true nature. Borrowing a bit from modern literature, one underlying theme of Harry Potter is that his family did not understand him. Second, the true power of your mind is coming into focus. You are a kind of scientist, in the form of an inventor. Inventors may be excellent researchers and historians. Then you go an extra few orders of magnitude into seeing something that does not exist yet, and bringing it into manifestation. This includes your cognitive abilities, and the beauty of your mind.

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Notes to Myself is Ready | Astrology Studio for Libra

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Let’s consider the notion of risk. It’s about to become one of the central guiding forces of your life. And it’s also something that the world is fixated on, in a way that rivals the utterly astonishing mania over baseball at the turn of the last century. Due to the movement of Jupiter and Saturn, many good things are poised to come into your life: people, opportunities, ideas, experiences, and responsibilities. Yet the thing that activates any potential available to you is the willingness to take a chance, which means the willingness to fail, to sustain some loss or injury, and the possibility to do some harm. Those are not the outcomes you want, though they are possibilities that you need to be honest about if you want to aspire to the greater challenges and rewards of this life. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to do things that could result in blowing up a city block. Most of the supposed danger is to your own belief structure, and your sense of your potential. Many experience shock and even dismay when they observe what they are capable of, and quickly retreat. We’ve all had this happen at least once: you do what you thought was “impossible,” and then the notion disappears for a moment. In order to experience the benefits, rewards and potential that you are your earned karma and your birth right, you will need to take the risk of changing your mind. The risk of embracing the possibility that you are far greater than you ever imagined. This is not about ego, or arrogance, or superiority. Rather, I am describing your humble origins as a child of the universe who has arrived on Earth to do your work. You came here with a mission. You came here to learn. The rest is up to you.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — If financial progress has been bogged down lately, you need to take leadership. Yet that will largely involve guiding things in a direction supported by a much wider landscape around you, to which you are now tuning in. One will generally not build an igloo in the tropics or live in a tent in Antarctica. Also do your part to ensure that your financial plans are not driven by fear. You need a less destructive, more creative source of motivation. Your actual ideas about money connect to the notion of cosmic abundance. They relate to your spiritual resources, and your sense of connection to all that is larger than yourself. When you’re financially on your game, you’re tapping into something, rather than making something happen. Now is the time to tap in. Work with the concept of growth, and the related concept of service. Said another way, your financial plans need a purpose, which must be one and the same as your purpose. That, in summary, would be the thing to invest your energy into considering. Now, addressing those who struggle to find their purpose, that is, to know for sure whether they’re thinking along the correct lines: you’re getting there if it makes you nervous. You’re approaching the territory if you think you might fail, or if you think something is above your abilities, or if you feel undeserving. All of these things are invitations. They are summoning you to your destiny, even though you might get some other message. We live in a world where many think their job is to be small and not threaten anyone. That is not your destiny.

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The most exuberant astrology reading ever.
Astrology Studio for Sagittarius, 2020-2021

Dear Friend and Sagittarius Sun, Moon, or Rising:

Without Sagittarius, we would all be lost. Home of the two centers of our local universe (the Galactic Core and the Great Attractor), Sagittarius is the homing signal in the zodiac. It reminds us of our cosmic origins, and this is a role you serve in the lives of many.

Your astrologer, writing in the Greek diner — again.

Sagittarius season is particularly exciting this year, with two eclipses involving your sign, including the Dec. 14 eclipse conjunct a planet named for the Goddess of the Stars.

The image above is as close of an image as we can get to the Galactic Core, which is packed with millions of whipping stars jammed so close that it’s light out all the time, in every direction.

And you are invited to view this new video on why I think that Sagittarius is the most interesting sign.

You may order here. This is a 70-minute audio reading featuring original music by Vision Quest. This reading is ready and available for instant access.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,

Eric signature

PS — This reading is included with the Backstage Pass. If you have questions about that, please give us a ring at (845) 481-5616.

Here is a sample of your Sagittarius reading — Live from the Galactic Center


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You may think you’re coming unhinged or undone. You may think you’re slipping. If so, stick with the feeling. It’s true: something is shaking loose. This is not about the future, it’s about right now. However, let’s consider the past for a moment. What you are working with, addressing or confronted by right now has an element of the past to it. The word for this is legacy. This is what enters your life not just from your own experience but that of others as well. Often it will masquerade as your own stuff, your own fault, or your own problem, when really it is the property of someone else. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that it’s your problem, and at that point, it is. Yet the solution is not to fix things. The solution is to understand what happened, and then to consciously sort out what belongs to you and what belongs to others. Often this takes little more than the calm recognition of what is so, for example, the idea, “That is my mother’s fear. It’s not my fear.” Or, “My father felt guilty about that; it’s his problem.” Work with this equation and see if you can gain some clarity. You do not need to push or force the issue right now. There is considerable momentum guiding your progress; to me that is a sign that your spirit is ready to move, and to move on from what has held you down. This could take any form: the past manifests in strange ways. The forward-facing present begins with a moment of clarity.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — If you are wondering when the madness is going to let up, the answer is, when you want it to. You do not need to be caught in the drama of the world, or the lives of others; that is a choice, though it’s one that calls for discipline. Most of the necessary boundaries have been demolished, and you need to establish new ones. One thing that will help is if you vent some of the internal pressure you’ve been living with as a silent counterpart to the outer dynamics of your life. There is a reason things get to you, which is a buildup of some internal vapor that must be let off, potentially having built up for years. In a sense this is the result of fermentation, and whatever you had brewing is now ready. The next phase of your learning could be reduced to one idea: learning how to stay in alignment with yourself, by which I mean what is true for you regardless of what anyone else thinks. It’s in your makeup to be subject to pressure from others to get in line with some acceptable idea. The struggle you face is, are you strong enough within yourself to stand up to that? This is the essence of your journey of becoming. Where it manifests is right on that line between, “This is what we think” and, “This is what I think.” That crucial boundary is about to take on new clarity. If you feel resistance to accepting what is yours, remember that it’s not about ideas, or theories, or material objects: it’s about you embracing your reality as an autonomous person. And the beauty of that is, once you do so, you will be able to relate to others from a place of true strength.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The shape of your life is about to change. The patterns of your mind are poised to transform into something else, something they have never been. In a sense, you will become someone else, from the inside out. It’s not merely patterns but rather the way that you create and then follow them. You are at your best when this becomes a wholly conscious process. It might originate with something you observe; it might commence when you notice something inside yourself that you either want to change, or want to emulate and develop. Later this month, Jupiter and Saturn enter your birth sign or rising sign, close to simultaneously. This has never happened, in living history or furthermore: in the history of the modern world. I just searched again, and the most recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your sign was in 1405, when you were very, very young. This will affect all of us; Aquarius has vital resonances with the shape of society itself, and of our collective social reality. The theme of your sign is where the individual meets the collective. It is also about this thing that has emerged in the centuries since the last conjunction in your sign, called individuation. When we consider the evolution of consciousness, this ability to be oneself, to think for oneself, and to relate to others as yourself — and nobody else — may be the number one priority. There are factors acting in society that would crush us all back into primordial ooze, or worse, some form of technological existence with human awareness all but blotted out. We all stand on the cusp of great change, when things will go one way, or the other. You decide for yourself first, and foremost.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You are an intensely private person, despite what you’ve been through the past few years (which has been anything but private). You’re about to get some relief from that, in the form of a vast, new inner realm opening up to your own awareness, and becoming the most dependable factor in your life. This is going against the grain of nearly all of society, where the supposed rewards are dangled in front of those willing to be like everyone else, and have no inner life — and to participate in forcing everyone to do the same. This is not your thing. You are way too laid back. You are sufficiently connected to the mysteries of life and death to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Yet more than that, you are a person with an interior orientation. Your awareness of the world originates within you, not outside of you, and you are about to receive the supreme gift for someone with this orientation. That said, you also participate in the world, and may find yourself doing so in the coming few years more than you ever have. These inner and outer qualities are not at odds, as long as you remember which comes first. If you feel disoriented, or dispirited, turn your awareness inward and seek your truth there. Meanwhile, the coming few weeks are likely to come with some quickly moving developments in your professional life, perhaps the most significant since the 1990s. Look at the world in such a way that everything is an opportunity, and that everything and everyone is offering you an idea. Remember you are blessed with a gift that much of the world would be envious of: awareness of your purpose. Let your commitment take you where it will.

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