Northern Solstice and Mercury Stations Direct

Redwood roots on the Grandmother Land in upstate New York. Jim Dowd personally dragged these out of the Pacific Ocean where they were disposed of in previous eras, and brought them across the country to New York in the 1970s. He gets his visions for sculptures from the Dreamtime. Photo by Eric.

Notes from the Dreamtime
The Land Calls the People. The People Coexist with the Land.

By Eric Francis Coppolino

During the Northern Solstice of 2021, Mercury is stationing direct. This kind of confluence happens often, where turning point events cluster up. The current Mercury retrograde also included two eclipses and the central event of Saturn square Uranus.

There were other little flourishes. For the entire duration of the retrograde, Mercury and Neptune have been in a square aspect (90-degrees), which has been soggy, and calling for constant vigilance. For the next few weeks, well into July, we will be sorting out truth from lies. With each passing wave of that process, a few more people wake up.

Early spring on the Grandmother Land, a dreamlike microcosm of the forest trapped in ice. Photo by Eric.

It is difficult for most people to admit they have been fooled or in any way taken. It is easy for people in authority to abuse the trust that is invested in them.

There is a reason the meso-American shaman don Juan Matus, written about by Carlos Castinada, called clarity one of the enemies of humanity. He meant false clarity: thinking you know when you do not, or not knowing when you do not know.

One remedy for this problem is to spend a lot of time actively assuming you’re wrong, and actively attempting to disprove yourself. Another way to say that is recognizing and challenging your assumptions. This is one of the major spiritual tasks of our day: the essence of true ethics in our time.

It was only recently that cigarettes were good for your health, the Vietnam War was a grand idea, and all gay people were evil. Ok, now we know better, but who admitted they were wrong? Who admitted there may have been a little issue with the way they were thinking? Who didn’t know they didn’t know? Who sprays Roundup on their lawn?

When the Sun enters Cancer overnight Sunday to Monday, it will make an opposition to Ixion in the first degree of Capricorn. This is cautionary. It is a notice to track people’s motives and intentions, particularly if they hold actual structural or institutional power.

The Sun in water sign Cancer will make a trine to Jupiter in Pisces. This is the Big Easy. Yes, life is going “back to normal,” but beneath the veneer there are important elements to what is actually a new condition of society from which we cannot turn back.

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Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Saturn-Uranus Square — What Gives? What Receives?

Dear Friend and Reader:

Monday was the second of three contacts of Saturn square Uranus. I wrote about this extensively in February, framing my discussion on the two concepts of science represented by these planets.

Maria Salomea Skłodowska, who we know as Madame Curie. She died of radiation exposure.

One is true science, which means the scientific method of a testable theory, experimentation, and a conclusion — which is then not considered “the truth” until it’s re-tested and subjected to evaluation.

The other is the science we are familiar with, which is industrial, commercial and governmental use of laboratories. This is corporate science or political science, which gets its pristine image from people the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Marie Curie (nee Sklodowska), who were not death merchants or paid shills but rather original seekers of discovery and servants of true progress.

(Sir Isaac, one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians in history, got it right when he said that God put everything in its place. He is also the one who asked why apples fall downward when they have so many other options.)

We must not confuse these authentic scientists with those at Monsanto, Pfizer, Merck, Moderna and the Wuhan Virus Factory. That would be like the Mafia using Giada De Laurentiis or Luciano Pavarotti to clean up its image. Yes, they are all Italian, but the similarities end there.

Anthony Fauci does not get any Brownie points from me merely for claiming to be in the same industry as Asclepius (or for being Italian).

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