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The Branching of the Road by Eric Francis

Your August Monthly Horoscope from Planet Waves

Comic: Immunity Impunity | By Jen Sorensen

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From Full Moon Notes: There is a profound mental independence to this aspect, and setting a limit on accepting all those ideas of all those other people. Original thought usually entails doing what other people think is wrong: not illegal but seemingly against some unspoken moral code or involving one in having what is considered to be too much fun.

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Birdsong by Robbi Cohn, Planet Waves subscriber since the dawn of time.

August 2, 2020 | The Jerry Edition

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Welcome to the first five-hour Planet Waves FM. Tonight’s edition combines my regular program with the Deadhead Hour with the Music Appreciation Hour, and features Daniel Marc Sternstein — my collaborator on the Vision Quest project and a little or a lot of everything else.

Here are the time dividers: Fucking through a wall rant begins at the top of the program, leading into a discussion of the PCR test being used to prop up the phony case count. Read more about that in this article by Celia Farber.

Astrology begins at: 58 minutes

Intro to Beda Stadler interview begins at: 1:40

Beda Stadler interview begins at: 2:24

Conversation with Daniel Marc Sternstein begins at: 3:33

The outro is actually Eyes of the World >> Saint Stephen >> Sugarmagnolia/Sunshine Daydream. No Estimated Prophet this time!

Capricorn Moon Notes (with current birthdays) | July 31

As of Early Friday, the Moon is in Capricorn, moving through the cardinal cross pattern, beginning its run-up to Monday’s Full Moon. Today this includes making aspects to many of the newer points that are so prominent right now — Pholus, Chiron, Quaoar and Salacia.

These points represent the roots of the emotional power that, first, our families had over us, which is then transferred to people who stand-in for those characters in every other of life’s dramas.

While some may respond to this as an invitation to rebel or revolt, for most this astrology will have the opposite effect: to take on blame for what was done to you in the past, and to experience paralysis as guilt or resentment.

You do not need to stand up to yourself where others are concerned. Rather, you must be your own advocate within your own love, affirming your right to feel, and to feel better.

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Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant
It’s Time to Demand the Truth About Covid-19

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