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Notes to Myself: Astrology Studio for Libra

Dear Friends and Libras:

I am planning to record Notes to Myself: Astrology Studio for Libra on the equinox and have it ready soon after. As we have not done a proper pre-order, I will leave the price at $33 through Friday midnight Eastern Time.

Eric Francis.
The reading will cover the extraordinary astrology that brings 2020 to a close and that morphs into 2021. Much of this involves Saturn, the planet exalted in Libra and therefore one of its classical rulers.

This includes the aftershocks of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January, and the influence of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December.

Naturally, I will take a close look at your 7th house — Mars retrograde in Aries, making some very fancy moves at the time of your solar return. And I will give a new overview of Chiron in Aries, which is now center-stage in your astrology and your growth process.

This reading will serve Libra Sun, Moon and rising, or anyone with a strong Libra signature in your chart. It will also serve as a crucial general reading of the energies as they are manifesting right now, with the focus of casting divination exactly on the equinox. It will make informative and potentially transformative listening for everyone, as we approach these colossal milestones in personal and collective history.

You may pre-order the reading here. This reading is included with the Backstage Pass (sign up with personal reading, or without personal reading).

Thank you for your trust.

With love,
PS — You may upgrade to Backstage Pass by phone by calling (845) 481-5616. If I am available, I answer the phone personally. Otherwise, you'll speak to someone else, or they will get back to you. The Backstage Pass includes all of these readings going back to 2019.

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