Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope #258 for Jan. 7, 2021 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


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Planet Waves

Thursday Evening Horoscope #258 for January 7, 2021

By Eric Francis Coppolino


Aries (March 20-April 19) — When you take care of your basic needs, you will get a positive result. It may not be the one you were expecting, and you may find that your priorities are shifting radically due to events that seem to be outside of your control. It is, however, crucial that you stay true to yourself despite much pressure to do and think what others say. Chiron in your sign is calling on you to remember who you are, and to be who you are whatever others might say, or what example they might set. One theme of the world right now is an almost unbearable pressure to conform with consensus reality. This is not your style, though it’s difficult for most people to stay alert and strong enough to resist complying, especially if they are afraid or confused. Therefore, seek to understand your fear, and not be its slave. And remember that you are a whole being. Everything comes back to that.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Mars has entered your birth sign after spending more than six months in the most sensitive and mysterious angle of your solar chart. Well, mysterious only if you have not been alert to a well-orchestrated endeavor to help you figure out who you are. And if you’re feeling that with confidence and certainty all of a sudden, be aware of what don Juan Matus called “clarity,” one of the enemies of humanity. That is about thinking you know when you don’t know. It should be called “false clarity”; however, I take his meaning to be pay attention and challenge yourself every time you think you know something for sure. You can only take action based on what you know at the moment, though you can also pause, pending additional information — and that is what the planets are urging that you do. Your determination could turn to aggression. So pause and reflect before making any decision that could backfire on you.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — If you feel like you’re in a burning building, consider that it’s in your mind. It’s true that the world seems to be spinning off of its axis, though the real pressure you are feeling is internal. If you treat it that way, it will make much more sense to you, including your fear level, and your urge to react in some unusual way. Take it easy on yourself, and focus your awareness inward. It may not be easy to be with your thoughts and feelings, though that will be the most efficient way through. Admit and acknowledge every last thing you experience mentally or emotionally, no matter how weird or unseemly. Do not be offended by yourself. Do that Buddhist thing and watch your thoughts go by like a movie and see if you can allow your inner observer to do its work. Mercury entering Aquarius on Friday will provide an outlet for your energy, and I suggest you take advantage of it. Vent your energy rather directing it at yourself.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Now is the time to organize people around your plan. Amidst much chaos and disorder, you have a moment of fostering an organized plan — your plan, that is. Chiron in your 10th house describes you as the one in the position of executive authority. That means the creator and keeper of the plans, and part of that plan is about collaboration. This looks like it will be with existing groups to which you’re a welcome outsider, specifically because you have the central idea. Make sure you work with liaison people rather than trying to manage the whole group. Identify the best communicators and focus your energy on them. If the conversation gets rough, or you’re not getting basic respect, reorganize your accountability structure. Stick with the people who can focus on a common purpose and speak in whole sentences. You have more responsibility than most people recognize. There is only so much you can do to explain this even on a good day. Stick with the people who understand, and use your allies.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — There may suddenly be a lot of people in your life, and you need to figure out who is who and what is what. Go through each person individually rather than thinking of them as a group. Make your own assessment of who serves what purpose, who is loyal to whom, and track issues such as loyalty and intelligence yourself rather than taking such matters solely on anyone’s say-so. The single most important human quality to focus on is spiritual affinity. This goes deeper than ego, ability, or stated intention. It’s a resonance that you might spot right away, and in some people, that might emerge over time. This is why you need to be observant and identify what motivates people. If you do this for a while, you will make some important and long-lasting friends. Time, however, is the only test of truth, and you must be honest with yourself about what you observe in people’s characters. The problem of corruption is now down to the level of the individual. Pay attention.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Deception has become a way of life for many, and for much of the world; it cannot be one for you. This is not so easy as it may seem, because much of the time convenient assumptions pass for truth and understanding. What you must be wary of is hostility, resentment, anger and frustration. Those feelings are a sign that your illusions are being challenged. You may encounter a strong temptation to avoid or deny what you’re feeling, though I suggest you look directly at it. This is no time to be stuck on a version of reality that is not verified by direct experience. You can be stubborn and this is dangerous right now. You may be positioning yourself to experience some big shock or awakening. That’s not going to help you, either. If you feel yourself fighting or thrashing, you need another approach, since conflict does not contribute to your wellness. Above all, it’s essential that you monitor your sense of isolation. Learn how to reach out to others. Judging them does not help anything.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Whatever you’re doing will benefit from collaboration. Yet this is unlikely to be about any large group or collective but rather with an individual. This may be as little as a single conversation that focuses your mind, a relationship with a teacher or mentor, or someone you are called upon to assist. Rather than focusing on that, or on creating that, stick to what you’re doing for its own sake. The aspect of your being that I’m describing is not the one that moves out of a sense of duty, but rather true inner motivation. The notion of for its own sake is all but lost. This is a close cousin of it’s the thing to do at the time, which will also serve. Don’t involve yourself with outcomes; rather, stick to what feels right. This may end up being something you could describe as the path of least resistance. You may feel like you’re being carried. It may not be possible to predict the outcome, though that’s no reason to hesitate.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Choose your battles, which means walking away from nearly all of them. Especially the one with yourself. All wellness begins with emotional self-care. Then attend to your physical needs. Please beware of any tendency that even vaguely resembles “you must feel what I feel” or “I must feel what you feel.” Beware of codependent setups where you are said to be protecting someone or you believe they are protecting you. It’s a long way from there to a self-serving free-for-all. It is, however, a fact that humans, as autonomous beings, are ultimately responsible for making their own choices, whether they eschew that or take it up boldly. It’s not up to anyone else to keep you healthy or safe. You are in command of your life, and the sooner you figure that out, the sooner you can get on with the business and pleasure of living. Get this whole aspect of your existence in order and others will take you more seriously. That, however, starts with you, not with them.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Keep a grip on your spending, and invest your energy in thinking. You may need to resist one or two tempting opportunities to squander or otherwise misuse your funds. Stick to your established priorities, which should be minimal enough at this time. If you feel some unusual urgency to make something happen, the chances are it will cost nothing. Ideas are free, and greatly underrated. So if you feel the inclination to solve any problem by spending money, stop right there. Ask if you’re addressing the right issue. Then fully engage your brain identifying the actual problem and several potential solutions. You need choices to work from, so invest your energy coming up with different possibilities. Even simple problems can have multiple approaches, and you want the one that conserves energy, and addresses the most issues at once. Apply the law of unintended consequences, and find the approach that avoids them. That means having foresight. This is not your specialty but do your best.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The run-up to the New Moon in your birth sign over the next six days may take you for a ride. I suggest you get a grip on your emotions, focus your priorities, and stay organized. Right now a lot of people are exhausted and flirting with giving up. You do not have that option. You might “let go and let God.” You might invoke the greatest good for all concerned. However, what’s happening is that you are growing and changing, and quite a bit of lived experience is coming to you rapidly. You have the choice to embark on this next stage with a positive focus, collecting and concentrating all that you’ve learned the past few years, or to play the victim. The latter would not serve you in any way other than as a distraction from your most essential responsibility to yourself. This is a message you’ve been offered many times before. You’re in a kind of squeeze now. Keep your focus and pull through to the other side.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You have been under this kind of pressure before, though you now know much more about how to handle it. The opening is not as narrow as it seems. You’re going through a series of rebirths, yet at the same time, your new life has begun. You are actually in the new territory of your existence, which is another realm entirely. Properly transcribed from antiquity, “realm” means to rule, to direct, to keep straight and to guide. You are in a new reality where you must guide yourself, with faith in something larger. You do not, however, submit to some false notion of greater, or submit your soul for the sake of inclusion. It is far better to stand alone and apart, when your integrity requires you to do so. The strength of your character is being tested, and it will continue to be for the next two years of Saturn’s presence in your sign. It is now time to do the right thing — long before you’ve tried everything else.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — There are those days when you feel like you’re balancing the truth on your head and the fate of the Earth depends on your not dropping it. There are worse places to be, for example, living a lie as a matter of survival. While I’m on that topic, check in with that one. Whether survival means not being able to bear too much reality, or deceiving the public because your salary depends on it, this is not an option. In our times, thinking there is no such thing as truth is a way to grant oneself a pass. You can, if you want, stop doing that in all of its various forms. This will mean, among other things, organizing your concept of reality in such a way that allows for both logic and intuition. These things cannot come at the expense of one another. Though one may lead the way, the solution set to any genuine problem will be verified by both. Do not be lazy about this, or make any excuse to live in denial. Them days are gone.

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