Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope #256 for Dec. 7, 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


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Planet Waves

Monday Evening Horoscope #256 for December 7, 2020

By Eric Francis Coppolino


Aries (March 20-April 19) — The spiritual journey does not follow the usual laws of physics, or of society. That’s part of why its teaching value is so high. You find out what is possible when those mundane principles are suspended, which is de facto evidence that they are not the bottom line. Yet one persistent issue is that no matter how many miracles one witnesses, doubt can still run the show. And this blocks many good and loving things from happening, as they are deemed impossible before they have a chance to manifest, or before they are witnessed. Now that we have that out of the way, no matter how strange, chaotic, unpredictable, or negative things may seem, none of that blocks what is possible. You can do that, through denial, withdrawal of faith, or fear. So use your power of prayer to ask that your mind be cleansed of fear and its effects. Then be open to the possibilities. Have some sense of the right direction things might go, and be aware that there are possibilities better than you are aware of.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You may take an optimistic view of relationships to the degree you bring forth total honesty. That alone will lower the pressure you are feeling; much of it is created by what you’re withholding, and also by a negative approach to the situation you are in. That negativity is creating a ‘sense of the inevitable’ which does not need to be present. You could just as easily be sensing the possibilities, envisioning them, or creating them. There is something odd in your solar chart, though, which seems to be having an influence on the situation and your ability to speak clearly about it: public perception. Is it possible that your position is being shaped by not wanting to be seen a certain way? You may need to peer in a layer or two, or admit something that you’re currently masking in a little shroud of fog. How you are perceived is not the issue. That you may care is the issue. And this may run in both directions: consider carefully what you believe, and consider whether belief means anything at all. Most of the time, it’s a concept that masks over denial. Stick to the truth, even if you don’t like it.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Whatever pressure you may be under, whatever strange circumstances you may be facing, you can handle them. You possess a precise instinct at the moment, yet the key is this: do not depend on your own power. Rather, depend on your small willingness to have the right thing happen. This is an inner maneuver, and once you learn it, you will have it to work with. It’s especially helpful in impossible situations, since there’s not much you can do to actually change matters — though you can invest your faith in the right thing happening. You can ask for assistance, and most of all, you can ask to be directed. When you get the right information, you know it. It’s not so much that it feels like swaggering confidence — not at all — but rather, something you simply understand to be true, and true enough to act upon. We’ve all had those moments when we felt moved to go a certain place for no apparent reason, only to meet someone significant, seemingly at random. Remember that small choices count as much as large ones now. Chief among them is whether you allow yourself to be debilitated by fear, from moment to moment, decision to decision.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Focus your efforts, intentions and choices on getting things in order at work. The details matter; they count for everything. There seem to be forces in motion outside of your control. Yet your guidance is necessary, and your awareness of all the people and circumstances involved even more so. Calmly, pay attention to everything and everyone meekly relevant to your sphere of influence and responsibility. There are some delicate situations, and you want to handle those gently. That means starting with inquiry: asking direct questions, and seeing what direct answers you get; as well as listening for clues, reading between the lines, and tracking where people are coming from emotionally and spiritually. Be aware that over the next week, the pace is going to pick up, and you need to be at your focused, balanced best. This is one of those moments of chaos from which you will emerge in a whole new place, with a new sense of purpose. You must, however, make the trip in good form. Depend only on those who are dependable. Do not accept second best.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — The riskiest approach may be the best one. Leos tend to be averse to taking needless chances. However, this may be one instance where you decide you need to put something on the line in order to get a result. It may also be that you don’t feel like you have a choice in the matter; that there is only one viable option. If that’s true, I suggest you suss out other possible paths you might take. I would note, however, that there is no rush — and you don’t want to be in one. Though it may seem like you have to make fast choices, that is unlikely to be true, and you don’t want to be pressured. I suggest you commit to riding through something, until you come out the other end, then see where you are at. In the space of about one week — from the Dec. 14 solar eclipse to the Dec. 21 great conjunction — the entire landscape of the world, and of your life, is going to rearrange itself. Yes you have to be an astrologer to see this coming, though if you listen you can hear the sound of the lord shuffling the big tarot deck in the sky. That’s all the current commotion.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — At a certain point, the past must become the past, and by that, I mean the distant past. You are in a process of clearing that out, and it may be destabilizing. By “distant,” I mean early childhood, old stuff handed to you by your ancestors, and possibly, some past life-related material. It can all seem very real and ominous in the moment, yet it’s essentially a figment of your imagination, held up by the memories in your cells. You now have the opportunity to pull the plug and drain the tank. It is time. If you’re holding onto something, you might apply some curiosity and figure out why that is. Many people construct their whole character on attachment to their problems. In that case, not having them would be exceedingly disorienting. We all do this a little, until we don’t. So ask yourself honestly if you have a use for some grudge, opinion, or negative experience that you’re clinging to. This includes your beliefs, many of which are emotionally rooted but masquerade for ‘spiritual principles’. There are times when it’s really, really fantastic to be wrong.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Make sure you get to the bottom of a partnership situation involving your money. There seems to be something brewing. There is a matter here of owning what is yours. In that case, do two things: take a common sense approach (who bought it?), and go to the contract (what is the commitment?). Yet it may not be an issue over a material thing. It may involve an emotional attachment, or some kind of jealous episode. The general heading is attachment, which seems to be interfering with some kind of transformation. This kind of issue can have a tendency to linger in a fog, though you’re approaching a moment of clarity. You are likely to reach a point where you cannot deny what you’re feeling; you may be there now, trying to sustain the belief that something else is going on (and that can be stressful). You might stop trying to convince yourself of anything. Instead, perhaps take the approach: what if this possibility is true? And then try a new possibility and game out that scenario. In the end, you will have a very good idea what you’re dealing with and how to proceed.

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Planet Waves
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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may need to take up the cause of another person. If you do, proceed with caution and consider starting behind the scenes rather than as some kind of public advocate who gets involved. It’s important that you not get drawn into any public dramas at this stage, or challenge any authority figures in an open way. That leaves a diversity of other options, including an advisory role, advocating privately, or coordinating for others. However, you have plenty on your plate at the moment, much work to do, and some tricky territory to navigate over the next few weeks. You will need to avoid controversy in your own life and also advocate for yourself when necessary. Mostly, I suggest you make sure that you’re keeping up with your work responsibilities, and pacing yourself so that you don’t get stressed. Any time you encounter an obstacle, the question to ask yourself is: am I working with this, or working against it? There are going to be things too big to push into and actually move. You can save yourself effort and grief by considering your goals and strategy carefully.

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Sagittarius season is particularly exciting this year, with two eclipses involving your sign, including the Dec. 14 eclipse conjunct a planet named for the Goddess of the Stars.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your sign is the vortex toward which everything is spinning. This is about more than the deep-space points that make Sagittarius what it is. A total eclipse of the Sun is about to take place, on Dec. 14th. This is a South Node eclipse, so there is something about the past that is finally giving way to the present and the future. It would not be overstating your astrology to say that events at this time in your life are propelling you into becoming the person you are destined to be. It’s like a shell is cracking off, your mind is coming into focus, and you are getting a grip on your sense of mission. Stay present rather than orienting toward the future. There is a future, but right now is the portal: not planning, not considering distant goals, but being relevant in this moment where you are. Do what you actually want to do, and what you feel called to do. Do not distract yourself by projecting into the future. Stay grounded. You are on an interesting and meaningful ride. Make the most of it.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) —You’re about to be released from what may feel like a body cast you’ve been in for a few years. This will come with the sensation of being able to roam free for the first time in a long time. Yet before you get there, take note of the forthcoming eclipse of the Sun in the most sensitive angle of your chart. The thing that is awakening in you is not so much the ability to be physically free to move and make choices, but rather an inner spiritual sense that may have lain dormant for a while. That is about to come on like the tide at the Bay of Fundi, rising to a new height and intensity with unusual speed and momentum. This is likely to push material out of your shadow areas, out of your zone of denial, and challenge you to accept the truth about something for what it is. Like the ocean, this is not a force you can resist without getting hurt. So you need a way to ride the waves and currents gently. When you discover that you are free to move in a new way, take it slowly, and tread lightly, remembering what you know.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Keep your focus inward for now. There may be fireworks going off in other aspects of your life, though they are only distractions from the birthing process you are in. I would not be surprised if you’re feeling nervous and edgy about something. The whole world is, though it’s affecting your chart in an unusual way. That’s because the action is in Capricorn, the most sensitive zone in your chart (the 12th house), and where the world-shaking events of the past year have taken place. We are all in a delicate in-between moment now, though for you, this is a point of rebirth, and of your life taking on a whole new shape and form. While this is happening, you may feel ungrounded, out of bounds, or like you cannot steer your life. This is disorienting but it will not last long. However, when Saturn arrives in your sign on Thursday, Dec. 17, the urgency to have additional structure around you may feel like it’s coming on all at once. You know it’s time to make changes that you’ve been working up to for a long time. Saturn is a demanding influence, but if you respond, it always gives more than it takes away.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Events of the coming week, which presage many years ahead, streak across the most visible and public angles of your chart. This is all in the style of signs ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, which happen to be the planets directly involved. No doubt you feel the transformation in all areas of your life and your consciousness. Allow this to manifest as confidence, and as enhanced awareness of your inner and outer environments. If you are interested in guiding the course of your life, your awareness is your most valuable and vital resource. That means being alert to who people are and what they say. Seek a true understanding of the state of society in this time of immense change. Due to the origination of your chart (which means your spiritual or existential perspective), you have a rare vantage point. At the moment, you are also entrusted with considerable public responsibility. That will translate to different people different ways, though the essence is that you are a beacon, a witness, and a participant to some great change that’s taking place. You are not in this alone. Remember that.

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