December 2021 Monthly Readings by Eric Francis

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Tune In! Art and concept by Lanvi and Eric.

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Any good astrology in our time must include stress counseling, and I will do some of that. Yet as for the signs and planets, and what they are doing: Scorpio has been working from behind the scenes, or by proxy: much of what’s happened in the world has involved the Scorpionic planet Pluto, making its way through Capricorn. What is the parallel dimension in your own life? What is changing behind recognition?

In what ways are your old thought forms being challenged, or demolished, to make room for a new approach to your existence? In my usual plain-talk version of astrology, I will introduce Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023, and cover the forthcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

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“This is one of the best readings I’ve ever experienced. Taurus is my rising sign, so I ordered the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio reading as the rising sign tends to be more accurate for timing and planet/house placements. I was impressed, initially, by the flowing, poetic feel of Eric’s reading as well as his soothing manner of speech in a high quality, audio recording. But most importantly, his depth of understanding of Taurus and the accompanying Whole Sign House chart is astonishing, right down to the subtleties. It’s an incredibly, vulnerable feeling to be ‘seen’ at such a profoundly, private level. It’s as if my personal subconscious came to light with a new upgrade…Who could ask for anything more from a ‘general’ reading?!”

— Sherry Kilian on the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio

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