Weekly Horoscope by Eric Francis, July 20, 2021

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age

This week’s special edition horoscope offers excerpts from Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for each of the signs.

Planet Waves

This week’s horoscope is a sample of Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, a multi-year annual edition that tracks your astrology out to about 2026 (Chiron conjunct Eris in Aries). While this is an unusual duration for an astrological reading, there are events on the horizon that make this a valuable tool. Those include Pluto entering Aquarius, and the forthcoming conjunction of Chiron and Eris. The link to the full reading is right above each of the horoscope entries. — Eric Francis

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Aries:

Weaving the World, One Relationship at a Time


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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Amidst much change, the most dependable element of your astrology will be Chiron in your birth sign. This is the best news astrology has had to offer for you in a long time. Once you are through with the “crisis” level of Chiron, you will find it makes the most dependable handle on reality.

When you think of Chiron, think of a factor that compels you to come to terms with your inherent humanity. It’s also the factor that gives you the power to heal yourself, the willingness to do so, and which teaches you how to help others. It is a tremendous gift – and a special responsibility – to have this placement in your sign at this time in history.

Said another way, Chiron represents your meeting with who you are, on a level deeper than you’ve ever encountered. No other factor, not Saturn, not Uranus, not Pluto – can take you this deep with so much awareness. That is the whole point: Chiron is the teacher of essential self-awareness.

If you have Aries Sun or rising, Chiron is focusing your attention on your core self-expression, and your sense of self (which means existence). There is often a crisis associated with this: an identity crisis, a relationship dilemma based on that, or some wider existential crisis. This is always something that comes to the surface when Chiron arrives. That something — whatever it is — is trying to get your attention. As you direct your concentration toward it, you will develop and change, and those growth experiences will shift your relationships.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Taurus:

The Body Electric and the Soul Tectonic


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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Our society is deep into what I consider a maturity crisis. Poet Robert Bly describes the Western world and the United States in particular as the “sibling society” — a culture without adults, and populated by competitive kids. Your calling is to be the adult in any situation: to be committed, self-regulated, and seeking your authority from within.

The 10th, which is the focus of your astrology well into the next decade and beyond, is also the house where authority can be imposed on someone from the outside. It is for this reason that 10th house transits need to be handled carefully, with much attention paid to the maturity level of the person involved, as well as their relationship to external power, in whatever form it may come.

Many have noticed the tendency of people to rely on external structure, rules, schedules, guidelines and philosophies to be able to interrelate with the world in a consistent way. You are someone who has always had a strong calling to do this independently, though you may have been more or less successful at doing so. Now, the responsibility is on you to be the president of your own republic, the chief officer of your own corporation, and the final authority in your life.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Gemini:

Of Power, Force, Strength — and Faith


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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Gemini is a sign about people, much more than about things or activities. It is the first human sign. If we look at the solar chart, we can find many exciting ideas about why people are so meaningful to you (see the section on Aries, below). Ultimately your spiritual path is about faith in humanity. This is a lot more challenging than believing in God. Humanity gives us lots of reasons not to believe in it, which is where the faith element comes in. Spirituality is about faith and not belief. This is the challenge. For you, spirituality is also about having a vision of something that others may not be able to see, and that may not yet exist.

Society is being reorganized under our feet right now. This is being done on the basis of terrifying people into complying and conforming. The fact that this is being done to “protect us” should not impress anyone; there could be no other excuse that could possibly go past people without raising their suspicions. The overwhelming tendency is to adapt. My favorite quote in the Declaration of Independence is this: “Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

Visions for self, for life and humanity are not usually handed to people like those imaginary golden tablets whereon the Book of Mormon was allegedly written. There is nothing automatic about leadership. Learning, and teaching, are both a long process of trial and error. Yet you are about to have help — a lot of help. One message of this set of placements is that you will learn through teaching; you will learn leadership by taking leadership.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Cancer:

The Great Reconciliation (of Accounts and Humanity)


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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — A person is a different person when they have no private thoughts, particularly if their thoughts are hacked. It is one thing if this happens naturally, as dreams are often shared among friends, messages received by multiple people, and thoughts transported without devices. Breaking and entering is another story.

We are different people when we believe that there’s nothing that cannot be known by others, nor any sense of inner space or an inner sanctum. This obviates the concept of intimacy, and of the inner being. To lack these things is to lack the freedom of who you are. That is because if who you are is subject to the review and judgment of others, you will very likely shape your life and your thoughts knowing that your most intimate regions are being broadcast, evaluated, bought, sold and traded. This is what Marshall McLuhan meant when he predicted a future that would include “the user as content,” and in this case, “user’s most private data as a corporate commodity.”

While we make a grand fuss about boundaries in our society, we rarely apply that to issues such as the trading of private data, and the social pressure to accept this as a fact of life. What I am urging you to be cautious of under the ever-mounting influence of Aquarius is the imposition of what “everyone else” thinks and what is right for you. What I will urge you to guard in this reading — particularly with Pluto on its way into Aquarius — is the very place where “you” meets “everyone else.” This is the place where your freedom, and indeed your life, is the most vulnerable.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Leo:

Seeing and Being Yourself in the Invisible Environment


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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — We must never forget that the drive to belong is one of the most urgent, pressing needs that humans have. For most people, to be accepted even in some meek way is tantamount to having oxygen, whether it is true or not. This has deep roots in family, which is tribe, where not being accepted meant being left on a rock ledge or at the doorstep of an orphanage.

To belong is one of the most powerful drives, conscious or unconscious, that humans experience, and it has been turned into a weapon. It is imperative that you pay attention to anything you might do because anyone else is doing it. To see this, you will have to do some peering into your own invisible environment and notice when this is true. Right now a lot of people are doing self-destructive things on the grounds that it’s expected of them. This is innocently described as “peer pressure,” which is blamed for all kinds of early-life mishaps. Adults fall for it too, though this is rarely acknowledged.

With Saturn involved, that pressure will come in the form of some authoritarian group concept or mindset. With Pluto involved, it is more likely to come in the form of a threat to your life or the collective life (which we are already witnessing, on a far smaller scale than is possible.)

I suggest you apply the concept of the expectations of others to every facet of your existence, including what you accept as true. History has told us many times that the thing most people believe is true is least likely to be so. Everyone believes it, most of the time, because everyone believes it. Under digital conditions this is thought to be irrefutable proof (it worked well in earlier times as well, though it’s ridiculous now).

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Virgo:

You are the Editor in Chief of Collaboration


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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — For a long time, you have lived in a world of ambiguity and ambivalence. By that I mean that the sharp distinctions between opposites that in past times defined your awareness have melted into something else: perhaps uncertainty, perhaps a more circumspect view of life, perhaps the ability to take in and honor more points of view than you did in the past.

It is possible that you attributed this to the effects of maturity. Most people mellow as they grow older. Perhaps you attributed the change, if you noticed it, to a world where distinctions are being blurred — between true and false, fact and opinion, real and virtual, liberal and conservative, good and evil — as are differences between sexes, genders and sexual orientations, between self and other, and many other human qualities that used to have sharp contrasts.

Much of this has the mark of the digital environment, which blurs and flattens existence and makes the once-clear lines more difficult to see. Understanding the digital environment will be a crucial factor in determining who succeeds and survives the Aquarian Era, which is the time of full-digital conditions (ever increasing, in ways that only a science fiction author could have imagined). The primary questions of the Aquarian Era are: who can keep their humanity intact when dealing primarily with robots, and who can preserve their humanity in the face of ever-increasing pressure to become transhuman?

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Libra:

The Continuing Story of Staying Human


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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — In my growing-longer experience as an astrologer, the main reason people do not allow themselves to be free is the 8th house, and now you have Uranus there, turning this into a sexual, social and relational experiment. It is also a financial experiment. My strong suggestion to you under this transit is that you have your own money. This way, your money is not based on whether someone in a sexual relationship approves of your values, your desires or your behavior. Those things are for you and you alone to decide.

Under the combined transit of Saturn in your 5th place and Uranus in your 8th place, you want to limit your potential losses and lean mostly toward conservative investments. If you have money to invest, I would suggest a two-thirds safer or cash position, and one-third speculative or riskier investments. This is a time when you could make significant money by investing, though whenever that is true, you could take a loss. So I am suggesting hedging your bets, and yet gambling enough on something interesting such that you can actually get a result that was worth the effort.

There are many images in the astrology; both Uranus and Aquarius describe groups. Keep that in mind, ultimately finances are a group activity. However, that said, you must make your own decisions based on your very best research, knowledge, experience and abilities.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Scorpio:

Retrograding into the Future


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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — It is your deepest instinct to remain an individual, living on your own evolutionary terms. Nobody defines your life and your purpose for you. If they do, that condition does not last long. Notice when other people try to do this to you. Make it your business to be yourself, in every situation, and to live your life on your terms. This is one of the most important focal points of existence on our planet. It is the purpose of consciousness itself.

There is a pseudo spirituality going around that basically says the only way you count, the only way you are actually a person, is to merge with the collective. This is not going to work for you. It never has, and it never will.

To the extent that the marketing and terror tactics are getting to you, the result is more likely to be conflict than total conformity. For many, conflict is a way of life. We are often born into it. It’s the only thing many people know; and for some, the only thing that makes them feel alive. They know nothing else. You do. You know there is a better way. You know what a waste of time and energy conflict is, and you know this: you are here for a purpose, with limited time to achieve it.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Sagittarius:

From the Galactic Core to Your Zip Code


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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — It is usually impossible to see these environmental influences for what they are, making it equally difficult to see how we become like our environments far more than we influence them. But Saturn’s presence is here to make you aware — and to urge you to become aware before the arrival of Pluto in March 2023.

To sum it up in one word, the greatest risk to your peace of mind and your ability to experience the truth of the world within and around you is thinking algorithmically. This includes any time you define a thought process and stick to it without constant nonstop review; any time you set expectations that are not flexible; or any time you develop ideation that you cannot easily revise. This includes concepts of who you are and who you are not. This is not the time to be declaring yourself anything, particularly if the result is to get you admission to a group or class of society. Those are the times to pay attention.

The challenge is about noticing the way you think: the underlying methods, assumptions, patterns and pre-formed concepts that lead you to come to the observations and conclusions that you do. This is a real exercise in self-awareness, and an investment in your future. Right now you have help, in the form of Saturn in Aquarius, which is here to teach you about these things. Saturn is “the revealer of what is so.” It is essential that you do so. It is essential that you see the systemic ways wherein your thought process is prone to errors.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Capricorn:

The Search for Values: Of Authority, and Inner Authority


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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — During this time, it would seem that some external force has shaped your life, and your destiny. There’s a convincing case to be made for that, based on the current events of the world. It certainly seems like something external to us all. However, since long before 2020, there have been powerful internal forces shaping your consciousness, and the whole terrain of your life.

Collaborating with them, influenced by them, you have been rearranged from the inside out.

I suggest you weigh and balance the “change from within” perspective with “change was imposed on me” as you conduct your review of these years of your life. Where you end up in that discussion will determine your future as strongly as any astrological factor, and in truth, it’s the central question of astrology. Are these aspects happening to me, or within me? Is my chart this thing out in space, or is it within my psyche?

The essential difference is whether you’re ultimately responding to your inner authority or an external authority. By inner authority, I mean your inner teacher, who is you.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Aquarius:

The Art of Change, and of Changing Your Mind


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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Your inner healing adventure, which may have been more than a little chaotic and unpredictable, culminated with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of Jan. 12, 2020. While the work represented by that transit (and other events in Capricorn) is not over, you have reached the tipping point.

The inner pressure leading up to this point was at times unbearable. You may have, in the past few years, experienced some form of inner violence and also violence directed at you.

Yet the purpose, or at least the effect, has been to push you toward a breakthrough, and you are close to that point.

There is a medical metaphor I’ve used a few times, which you may have experienced. Sometimes someone gets a shard of metal or glass embedded in their skin. For whatever reason, it’s impossible to get out, or cutting it out is not appealing. So the skin heals over the foreign object. But the body gradually pushes it to the surface, and finally one day it breaks the skin. It might hurt a bit, but not the way it did when it went in.

This is a little like what’s happening to you, as planets move from your 12th solar house into your sign. Yet you’re not exactly rejecting these planets; you are embodying them in a larger way. They are moving from the embedded and concealed realm of the 12th into the more open and visible realm of the 1st (your Sun sign or ascendant).

This is going to keep happening over and over during the next four years: first in a process with Saturn; then with Jupiter; and then with Pluto.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for Pisces:

The Journey Inward


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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — With Neptune in your sign, it’s impressive that you have such a realistic perspective on life. Though you would be wise to keep testing that out. Under the influence of Neptune, the original foggy mirror, it’s difficult to evaluate.

Neptune is one source of all the bubble thinking of our society. This planet is about belief rather than about factual validation. That leads to all kinds of problems in a world where people are running dishonest agendas, which come at us from a thousand directions.

Your challenge is staying honest with yourself, which means focusing the project. The modes of self-deception, in the style of Neptune, can be so sly that you must be vigilant and, most likely, have the help of someone older and wiser.

Neptune has been in Pisces for a while, and I’ve never quite focused its message this way. But we are watching important facets of society dissolve before our eyes. The human level of this, the on-the-ground, work-a-day level of this, is about people fooling themselves. You need some spiritual insurance against that, and fortunately you have it.

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