Planet Waves Core Community Membership

From: $22.00 / month

Includes custom Chart Kit with signed charts; Access to all Planet Waves articles and written horoscopes by Eric Francis; STARCAST astrology podcasts, The Oracle and Intelligent Archives; Class discounts



Core Community is basic membership in Planet Waves. Your membership dues support our costs of providing our basic services. Core Community members get access to all Planet Waves articles and written horoscopes by Eric Francis, STARCAST twice-weekly astrology podcasts, the Oracle and Intelligent Archive, and discount offers for Eric’s classes. We also include three different video readings for each sign on your horoscope sign home page. All Core Community members receive a copy of Eric’s e-book Astrology Revealed.

Note: For international orders, we must charge added shipping (by country) for the embossed diary, pen and astrology set, which only covers part of the cost. Thank you for understanding. Please email if you are an international customer who wants the diary, pen and chart set.

Eric Francis Coppolino is an acclaimed investigative reporter covering environmental contamination, scientific fraud and public higher education. In 1994, he chose a more spiritual approach to life and to journalism. First looking into the nature of how newspaper and magazine horoscope columns are written, he became a world-renowned daily horoscope columnist, astrology journalist (covering world news through the framework of astrology), and research astrologer specializing in new-planet discoveries. Today, he is a consultant in private practice, the author of the Planet Waves horoscope, host of the STARCAST podcast, and executive producer of Planet Waves FM on the Pacifica Radio Network. He carries press accreditation from the International Federation of Journalists and the National Union of Journalists of the UK.


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