Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope #251 for Nov. 2, 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


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Your extended monthly horoscope for November was published on Thursday, Oct. 29. We published your extended monthly horoscope for October on Thursday, Oct. 1. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign.

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Monday Evening Horoscope #251 for November 2, 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino


Aries (March 20-April 19) — Do not be too eager to move forward with your plans when Mercury stations direct on Tuesday. Mars, your ruling planet, is still retrograde until the 13th. You will have a whole other perspective at that point, and many more options available than the ones you see today. You may feel some temptation to act on something important this week, potentially a sensitive matter involving a relationship. However, all the next moves belong to someone else; this is not checkers, where you take turns. Rather, be observant, and listen, listen, listen. Listen for what people close to you say they’re planning and intending to do. Notice how they solve their problems, or attempt to do so. This phase of the discussion is not about you, so be careful not to take on what is not your own. Wait for events closer to the 13th, when Jupiter meets Pluto in your house of professional activity, and when Mars stations direct in your sign or rising sign. That is your signal to get into position but not move in a lurch. Move slowly and consciously, one decision at a time.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — This past weekend’s Full Moon in your birth sign provided you with a jolt or shakeup of some kind. The dust is not only not done settling, it’s still getting churned up by events in Libra and Aries. These may seem to be slightly off your radar, though you must watch events as they unfold, because they are likely to at least influence you, directly or indirectly. Hang loose until Mars stations direct; this event will help you figure out where you stand with yourself more than with others — that is what you really need to know. There is something troubling you, a kind of inner irritant. This is rooted in some of your worst fears, and issues that have been following you around for a long time. You may not fully understand them yet, but if you do know some of the territory, you can go deeper into understanding your situation. In these days, you can make discoveries about guilt, anger and resentment that change your life, and help you get closer to the people you love, and who love you — if that is what you want. Your pain serves only to distance you from others.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mercury stations direct Tuesday, though this is unlikely to be the usual all-green, spring forward variety. I suggest you be more cautious than usual. Your situation is not as complex as it may seem, though it’s taking place in your 5th solar house, Libra. This is the place where “one thing leads to another,” where decisions can have unintended consequences — which can cause difficulties, be brilliantly creative, or both. Give Mercury direct some time to gather momentum, and while you’re doing that, pay attention to your public flank. That would be Aries, where Mars is stationing direct over the next 10 days or so. At the moment we are all living in the echo chamber, hall of mirrors and circus of distractions known as the digital realm. Your role here can be significant, and you have more influence than you may think. You can also misread the signals, and misjudge public opinion, including that of your friends. And this could have some damaging results. I’m not saying keep quiet. I’m saying keep your ears on and get a sense not just of the weather but of how rapidly it’s changing. In fact, we are approaching “Opposite Day.” Many will be confused. Do not fall for it.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You seem to be in a professional situation that is balanced on a ledge. Though this is causing you some stress, it’s not all as bad as it may seem. The key, the very key, is to maintain your balance while you figure out the way forward. Balance means in your relationships, and in your various circumstances. You don’t need to throw your weight around; you barely need to shift your weight. Leaning into the situation is the right approach. Your mere presence will have an influence, so the only thing you need to signal is that you’re aware. It’s important that you not take the role of the ‘enforcer’. Keep that in the background, and delay taking any decisive action with people in your life, whomever they might be. However, you must be particularly careful with both employees and bosses. The crux of the matter involves power relationships, and there is a turning point when Mars stations direct on Nov. 13. At the moment, the way to maintain your power in those situations is to be a bit of the man behind the curtain. You will know people are wondering what you’re thinking if they ask you how they can help, and ask you to decide how.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — The life you’re living now is different from the one you’ll be living in three months. You might not think that much could change that fast, though hindsight will tell. Now, however, is the time to be centered in the moment and to look ahead. Perhaps you’re familiar with the ‘wrap up loose business and plan your intentions’ quality toward the end of the lunar cycle, or during Mercury retrograde. Think of what’s happening now as the run-up to a New Moon that only happens once every 20 years. Someone might experience this three or four times in a lifetime. (By coincidence, they happen close to or directly within even zero years — 1960, 1980, 2000, 2020.) Yet this one is the most directly connected to you and your circumstances, particularly your relationships and your relationship to your environment (meaning, your surroundings in any sense of the idea). You’re about to live in a larger world, with more options than you’re accustomed to. This comes along with an increase in your responsibilities, which may at first feel like pressure. You’re accustomed to taking on a lot. However, the so-called civilized world has never needed leadership as much as it does today. You are on the team.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You can begin this week to work out certain financial issues that have been troubling you, though part of this is invested in a relationship or partnership of some kind. That will take time to work out, and it calls for both understanding and a measure of compromise. Bear in mind your identity is invested in a situation that is calling for you to be independent — within that scenario. This is not about revolting but rather understanding. Independence is not about a showdown. It’s more about showing up, and also knowing where the line is between you and another person. One of the distinctions of Virgo is the tendency of those with this sign strongly placed (Moon, Sun, rising, Chiron) to invest their reality in another person. Then when you grow out of that context, you become more independent, and seek to define your new reality through that independence. Then you tend to repeat the cycle. With the presence of Chiron in Aries, you are outgrowing this approach. It is being replaced with a more holistic point of view. Your life is about you, now, and the people in your life now. You are your own person and they are theirs. That’s the way it’s always been.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Mercury stations direct in your birth sign Tuesday, which comes with a revelation or a discovery of some kind. Yet don’t take it too seriously, or rather, take it seriously enough to test it out for about a month or so. We live in the time when a hypothesis is confused with the scientifically established fact. That’s another way of saying a theory is often confused with the proven idea it might lead to. This is a mistake to avoid, and you can do so easily. Keep fact-checking yourself. That’s the “how do I know that?” meditation. Just keep asking yourself that. It’s much more fun than a video game. You will start to see how much of what you rely on is merely an assumption rather than knowledge. And as you exchange your suppositions for factually grounded analysis, you will feel better about yourself. You’ll feel solid in ways that you rarely do. You will have better leverage when it comes to making decisions. And you will not feel so much at the mercy of other people’s decisions. It’s also fair to ask them: how do you know that?

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Tuesday’s Mercury station direct takes place in an angle of your chart that focuses the question: what do you allow yourself to think? And if you don’t allow something, how exactly do you disallow it? What is your method of enforcement? This can go so far that people can live in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, or their own Private Idaho. Please don’t go there. Yes, you have the capacity to, because you have such a strong and creative mind. Yet at this stage of your life it’s time to commit yourself to understanding your personal truth, and living as if it were true. Both count. Whatever your mind is conjuring up at the moment is going to pass through a filter that we could call a reality check. You may ask yourself if what you’re considering or thinking is true. You might tell yourself that it’s not. Frame the question another way, or work the analysis out differently. You may not get a different answer, but you will advance your thinking on the issue. Think of this as a filtration process. Be as objective as you can be and let the facts lead you where they will.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You may sense that some tremendous change is coming, though one way to describe this is to say you’re aligning with your personal truth. Your underlying reality is not changing much. Rather, you’re catching up with yourself on a journey long in motion. Ultimately this comes down to your priorities. That’s another way of saying your agenda. What typically happens is that people allow others to set their agenda for them, usually connected to some form of obligation. You might ask yourself: if you suddenly found yourself freed from all of your commitments, what would you do? You might choose some of them again immediately. Others, you might dispense with and never miss them. Yet some things you would never miss offer the greatest promise of growth, strength and expression of your potential. Some things you want, you don’t need much and would not miss. Think of the next few weeks as a time of sorting your desires from your needs, sorting your expectations from what you understand to be the potential product of a valid agreement. More than anything, ask yourself what you want, and ask the question every day of your life.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — A professional situation that seemed stuck the past couple of weeks will resolve itself, and be revealed as the consequence of a misunderstanding. The question is, what was the source of that confusion? You could size this up several ways, though I suggest you begin with how things might have gone differently if you’d had more confidence in yourself. Did you balk or falter or hesitate to stand up for yourself at any point along the way? If so, what did that feel like at the time? My hunch is that there’s something going on about confidence related to whether your family will accept you as you are. This then translates into many other situations in your life. It’s important that you spend some of your time around people you’re certain accept you, though of course, this is always subject to various tests of circumstance. You might one day say something that others decide does not fit their particular bill. It is, however, equally important that you learn how to conduct yourself where you fear that others might not approve of you, your politics, your sexuality, your opinions or whatever. Simply put, you must be a bigger person than all of that. And you are.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — If you want to reach people with an idea, that must be your intent, and also built into the design scheme. It’s easy to envision something you see as beautiful. That does not mean you will reach others the way you want — and that may not be its purpose. But when this becomes the focus, when you know your need is to connect, then that calls for special practices to ensure you’re coming across. I was once writing an investigative article after five years of research and reporting. I would print the article, copy it 10 times, and give it out to people in the neighborhood — friends, shopkeepers, street urchins, and ask them to read it, and tell them I would be back in an hour. I would then ask what they read. Based on what they got wrong, I would rewrite the piece to make it stronger, clearer, easier to follow. Sometimes you need to leave out details. Sometimes one perfect detail gets the result you want. Getting an effect or a result is as much about others as it is about you. For that to work, you need to tune into where others are coming from. This is not about ‘pure art’. It’s about communication.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — A situation involving a joint financial interest or venture may have been delayed or stuck, symbolized by Mercury retrograde in your house of shared resources. There were communication issues that needed to be worked out, though some of those involved you giving up certain oversight roles that you now need to reclaim. Ask yourself, as well, whose vision is being created; in this, and anything that you are doing now. You are naturally the collaborative type, and you’re often willing to compromise to keep people involved, or because you think they may be more qualified. What you find, over and over, is that you know what you’re doing while others do not always come close to meeting that distinction. Keep this in mind as you meet and engage with people this week. Meanwhile, Mars is getting ready to station direct in your 2nd solar house, Aries. That will also help your cash flow, and now is the time to prepare for this by getting your business affairs and plans in order, pronto. The world has changed, particularly where business is concerned. Deal yourself into the game.

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