Weekly Horoscope by Eric Francis, March 16, 2021

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Your birth sign comes with a strong infusion of what I would call Child energy. Aries is the beginning, and it’s all about embarking on the life experiment with passion and curiosity. Yet the concept ‘child’ comes in two main forms. One is the uninhibited, curious person. The other is the person caught either in petulance or the refusal to take on adult responsibility. Childlike adults can be charming, though you can do better. The chart for the Sun’s ingress into your sign later this week describes certain family conditions that may be popping up as if they were still happening, even though they are in the distant past. You may also get some echoes of your own history when speaking with children, your own or those of other people. In these transactions and memory replays you may find out what is keeping you trapped in certain elements of childhood or resisting taking on certain adult commitments. Really this comes down to a matter of whether you feel you have power over your affairs.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — With the Sun’s ingress into Aries this week, you get access into a dimension of yourself that often remains hidden. Yet with Chiron moving through this usually-veiled angle of your chart, you’ve had unusual insight into the ‘other you’ that you don’t always want to look at, much less show the world. Yet much of the tension and insecurity you experience is in the seeming split between two sides of your nature that are actually the same thing. What you think of as concealed is right out in the open. It is who you are. You may not see it that way, though others are looking right at it all the time. This is how you or anyone can get into the “you’re the last person to find out about yourself” kind of situation. Yet Chiron’s role is to make you aware of what you already know and need to acknowledge about your own nature. You may feel some discomfort, though it’s on the level of putting on new leather gloves. These should be tight at first, and through experience, you work them in.

Calm, collected and attractive on the outside, raging like a tempest on the inside, Taurus is the blacksmith shop of the soul. Forge your path with this reading.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Keep your finger on the pulse of any anger you may be feeling. Rather than judging yourself, note what is annoying you, no matter how slightly. One of the main problems with how we’re taught to deal with anger is that step one is to ignore it. If you admit how you feel, you are in great shape. It will be less likely to provoke you into acting or making a decision you regret and more likely to lead you to address it in a helpful and cohesive way. Since this is all made out to be so subtle and behind so many veils, you might need to notice when you’re denying how you feel before you can go deeper and ask yourself how you feel. However, I would suggest that irritation you don’t understand is one of the first symptoms of being in denial. It makes sense, too, because it is irritating to not acknowledge something that is even mildly important. The other part is, be aware of when you’re transferring anger from one situation onto another. This may be an art form, though it is worth mastering.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The Sun is about to enter Aries and therefore, to cross the career and influence angle of your chart. The message of the Equinox chart for you is to be careful about business and personal partnerships that interfere with your aspirations. Yet to effect this, you will need to take total responsibility for your choices and your actions. Yes, as usual, consult the people you trust, but also understand where they are coming from at all times. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, nor do they share your ethics. And you must not assume they do. There will be days when it seems like you have to watch your back all the time, though the city we all live in is becoming a rough place. Society is stoking people’s appetite for fear and aggression. And worst of all, the myth of easy money stalks people everywhere they go. You have your sincere ambitions that are driven by your curiosity and creativity. You need to protect those qualities, and to take care of yourself. They are the same thing.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Your friends must be people who you agree with in principle, on matters of truth and ethics, and on the soul level. I hear a lot of people saying they are losing friends over the supposed global health situation, because they cannot talk about their perceptions of the matter without being shut down. This is more difficult when you have a son or daughter who refuses to talk to you unless you’re wearing a face covering. But friends? Those are all optional. And they had best be real. Therefore, I suggest you not hesitate to tell it like it is. And while you’re at it, don’t be intimidated by people if they display conduct more suited to a mass wedding in a football stadium than rational civil discourse. The Kool-Aid is being served in every park and on every street corner. Yes it takes some guts to do this, and the willingness to face rejection. However, when you make a list of the things people have done, against all ethics, to be accepted, you may start to see that as a virtue.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Remember that your relationships ultimately serve to teach you who you are. This usually is more true of your intimate relationships than your working partnerships, though in the end, they are all the same. With Mars now moving across the top of your solar chart, you are on a mission, and that will invariably involve other people. The question you may face is how to be in a position of necessary authority while respecting the viewpoint of others, and also recognizing them as a teacher. This is a tall order, and it’s why so many bosses become assholes. Contrary to what you may have learned at the Omega Institute, treating people with respect does not automatically mean you will be respected. Some see being treated honorably as an invitation to take advantage of the person who is doing so. The first thing you can do is to make your intentions clear. State what you want, and listen to yourself to spot any contradictions (seeming or real) in your presentation, and address them. Then work out the nuances. The dialog is the important thing, and that is on you.

As a Virgo, it’s your role to make the world a better place: to offer, if not solace, then solutions. Find both for yourself when you purchase your reading.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — If you want things to make sense — and you do — then notice how people feel. Their feelings may not make sense, though their actions will if you remember that they are largely motivated emotionally rather than rationally. Meanwhile, notice what moves you along. You want to live in a world where reason matters, though does it really matter to you? Are you as logical as you want others to be? You have that option, and you might study how it works for you when you exercise it. Here is the one thing that may get in the way, and which does for a lot of people: worrying about what others will think. This is the total bypass of sane and reasonable thinking. It’s also an emotional betrayal of yourself, but let’s stick to the first. You work out the solution to a live puzzle, or the details of an important decision. Then you might toss the whole thing because you imagine that your choice will not meet the approval of people close to you. This is pretty much the ultimate trap.

Aleister Crowley said that the essence of the sign Libra is the drive for justice. Tap into your essence with this reading, and bring balance to your world.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Be aware that you may have a survivalist approach to intimacy, as if it’s about every man for himself. Well, that’s not intimacy and it’s not sharing and it’s not trust. So something else will need to intervene, and that something must be what you actually want or you’re not likely to be happy with the result. The survival approach to relationships has many possible origins, though at the moment the one to consider is the manner in which your family insisted you be like them rather than be yourself. Sometimes this is subtle and sometimes it’s overt. But if there was any form of a threat to disown you if you dated that person or became vegan or found your own religion or got your ear pierced, you will carry that with you. The placement of Aquarius in your solar chart is all about that kind of conformity being enforced on you, specifically by your family of origin. This is the old tribal thing, where individuality is not permitted unless you’re the shaman or the chief. You don’t need to be either, only yourself.

Scorpio is an odd hybrid, both a product — and an instigator — of evolution. Purchase your latest reading to delve deeper into the mystery of yourself.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — The time has come to change your mind. You are very good at finding a position and sticking to it. You do this so well you might not even notice. Yet you might think you have a problem making progress or making decisions, and not recognize this as being about the need for psychic mobility. As a Sagittarius you are naturally mutable, which means changeable, and so you might seek some counterbalance through exercising your power to hold steady. Yet particularly for you, that can cause you to get locked into a mental pattern. Now you are being pushed to let go of old ways of thinking. You are being called to stretch your mind and learn new approaches to life. And more than anything you truly need to focus on specific projects that allow you to integrate the power of your intellect and your considerable creative gifts. If you only emphasize one side of that equation, you will miss the synergistic effect that happens only when you work both at once.

Sagittarius, yours is the sign of the quest, the far away and far-out. Purchase your reading today and continue your adventure with the stars as your guide.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You must think clearly if you want to navigate your way through a situation where the boundaries can get slippery and even dangerous. The word ‘unconscious’ comes to mind, which is to say, you will need to stay awake in all conversations, all transactions, all decisions. It’s easy for you to nod off at the least opportune time, which you may experience as ‘getting overwhelmed’, ‘getting confused’, ‘having a bad day’, or even ‘being tired’. Your goal is to pay attention and drive your life. If you are driving through fog and rain, that’s not the time to spark up a joint and take a pleasure cruise. You perk up and notice what’s going on, and observe carefully whether you can see better with your normal headlights or your high beams. Note when it’s time to slow down. Follow the road, not the guy in front of you. Do not panic if you get lost, and notice when you think you missed your exit. Your life is moving quickly and unpredictably at the moment, and you must participate fully.

We depend upon Capricorn to hold things stable. But you’re not as boring as you like people to think you are. Unearth your inner revolutionary with this reading.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The thing you want is beginner’s mind. This is easier said than done, and many things get in the way. The most significant is thinking you know, when you don’t. Experience and expertise obstruct the direct approach to seeing a problem or situation for what it is. Simply put, the problem is about making assumptions. The mental approach you want is to first make observations, then to ask questions that are based on what you notice. But you really have to ask, and you have to listen to the responses, and then synthesize them in an actual process of learning. The main problem with the mental plane right now is just about everyone thinks they know everything. This is followed closely by the inability to formulate a question, and being too shy to ask (since everyone is a genius and doesn’t want to seem stupid). Take the opposite approach: start from not knowing, then stay there for a while. Beginner’s mind means facing the unknown with the curiosity of a child. There is nothing macho about this.

You’re not after progress for its own sake; Aquarius is the discriminating embracer of innovation that works. Get your reading and be brilliant.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Though the Sun leaves your sign this week, the best times for Pisces have yet to begin. On May 13, your ruling planet Jupiter enters your sign, which will provide unexpected support and new ideas for how to conduct your affairs in this strange new environment that the planet has become. Until then, do what you must in order to not lose yourself. The current focus on Aquarius is encouraging you to re-occupy your interior space. This is difficult in our inside-out world, where so much of the softness and sensitivity of humanity is being consumed by fear. It is not appealing to feel, yet feel, you must. That is a direct route to understanding yourself, to expressing yourself and to being yourself — and though all of that is wonderful, you of all people must live from the inside out. You will appreciate this once you re-orient, but it is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Do what it takes; remember your old methods (art, music, journaling and quiet intimacy) and invent some new ones. Slow down and pay attention to yourself.

The hidden realm is vitally important to Pisces: in a sense it is your home. Find your way back home, guided by your latest reading.

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