Podcast: Of Shaky Nukes and the Full Moon

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Dear Friend and Reader:

The good news is we now know that anyone who still supports nuclear energy is completely insane, and we can safely afford to not listen — and it’s time to shut down and deactivate all of the world’s nuclear reactors. (Cheers to Germany for taking the first step and shutting down.) Meanwhile, we have an event that is waking the world — or most of it — up to a problem that has been brewing since the mid-20th century. The prevailing mentality has been: don’t worry, those scientists know exactly what they’re doing.

Eric Francis & Zoom H2 recorder.

The bad news is that going into a volatile Full Moon and vernal equinox — as we are at the moment — we are facing the most serious (known) radiation situation since the bomb arrived on the planet.

In today’s podcast I cover both, and the place where they meet. When are we out of the woods? I would say that if we arrive at about March 23 or 24 and they are getting a handle on the situation at Fukushima Daiichi without having had full core melts, we are out of the worst danger. I will cover this in more detail in Friday’s subscriber edition (in which I am planning a focus on Atlantis — so if you’re tapped into that culture through scholarship or some other means, you’re invited to share your thoughts in the comment area).

That sill leaves a huge mess; but the difference between a core melt and that not happening is many levels of magnitude. A crew of about 50 is currently back in the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant, working to bring down temperatures at the many of the plant’s reactors.

As of posting, here is what I can tell you based on press reports. There are six reactors at the plant. There have been explosions at Units 1, 2 and 3. It looks like the containment structure was breached at Unit 2 — that was Monday. The New York Times is reporting today that Japan says containment was breached at Unit 3, which is a particularly serious problem because that is the unit that Unit 3 is the one we know is fueled with MOX, a mixture of uranium and plutonium.

Unit 4 has had repeated fires in its spent fuel pond. Units 5 and 6 are having overheating problems in the spent fuel ponds. This is all why they need personnel on site to keep a grip as best they can — which is hard, and the people there are getting exposed. Basically as we go into this unusual Full Moon (close to the Earth, right on the Aries Point, square the lunar nodes and square the Galactic Core) we are on a situation that is teetering between extremely serious and utterly unthinkable. So let’s get some miracles working — now is the time.

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Eric Francis

PS, if you missed last week’s podcast on Uranus entering Aries, here you go.

PPS, here is a list of our prior weekend coverage of the nuclear event in Japan.

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  1. Dear Eric and family, I always think about the Midas story when you bring up Borasisi and Ice 9. If Midas’ statues were Ice 9, the planet would be a beautiful but lifeless solid gold. Here’s Pandora’s Box, re-worked and re-posted for you. Bless you and your pals for all you do to keep PlanetWaves rolling and lighting the way for us to walk in these dark times. I know you are as stunned and grieving as we all are and I thank you for putting one foot in front of the other, despite. God bless and comfort you from the inside out. Love, susy

    Pandora’s Box

    They think they’ve found Atlantis

    in the mudflats of southern Spain

    near the Straits of Gibraltar

    Plato knew them as the

    Pillars of Hercules

    They think they’ve found Atlantis

    and none too soon

    with the lessons that island has

    to teach us

    Atlantis, a dream for many

    a symbol of technology

    outrunning the ability

    of its creators to


    We’ve got nothing like that going on now.

    Technology, temptation and arrogance

    might as well call it plutonium oxide

    and ethics be damned

    for profits

    Oppenheimer missed Pandora’s lesson

    it’s possible to create evil

    that can’t be undone

    I wish he’d stuck with his poetry.

    We’ve found Atlantis just in time

    for the atom to do

    double-duty in Japan

    How many hundreds of thousands the first time?

    Not just when they fell, but after

    And now the reactors

    Let’s hope they can retighten that nut

    don’t forget

    lefty loosey, righty tighty

    Should I still lay claim to hope

    even if hope never

    made good it’s escape

    from Pandora’s box?

    For us so far away

    we don’t have to pretend

    the scenes are cinematic

    We plod along with blinders on

    our tunnel vision focused

    on American Idol

    Things don’t look good.

    Have you bought your potassium iodide yet

    or loaded your pantry with canned goods?

    I haven’t

    I feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany

    watching her neighbors

    get beaten up

    and not believing they’ll come for me

    Radiation clouds’ll be hard to avoid

    once the jet-stream blows ‘em this way.

    Why is it karma

    visits the twice punished?

    If Truman was around

    I’d ask him.

    Karma seems to have lost its way

    in this age of Aquarius

    I call upon all that’s holy

    that worst case scenarios

    are error and conjecture

    if it’s not too late for that

    I call upon all that’s holy for the Japanese

    for their safety, healing and replenishment

    I call upon all that’s holy for the excavations

    of the lessons of Atlantis

    to proceed apace

    in our souls

  2. susyc – me too – just listened this Thus evening….

    “control” —

    ….I had a revelation two days ago re: family issues wherein I realized that my father’s relationship to me was all about CONTROL (his need to control me for layered reasons).

    Considering this was a profound moment, and became even more so upon listening to this podcast.

    I took another POV at my natal chart and had a deeper level of respect for Saturn sitting there ‘alone’ at 24 sagg –

    – and for the purpose of Chiron passing over natal Sun while Uranus hovers on Blk Moon Lilith (0 aries) and heads for my moon/eris (8 aries). (Uranus also being on my AC square MC)

    When I getting better at the astrology perhaps I’ll look to compare charts and see what his motivation was for creating me, then doing all he could/can to repress me……how many of us have lived that story? Are living it now?

    Thank you Eric, for a stimulating and informative podcast.

  3. I wasn’t able to listen to your podcast until today, Thursday. Something hit me during your podcast Eric, when you got to the part of the emotional aspect of these events. It hit me right in the solar plexus and had every characteristic of an explosion. It wasn’t painful but it was big and spread outward in all directions. I was driving home at the time listening to you on my phone. I actually began to feel a bit dizzy and had to slow down and get my bearings. What came to mind for me was that it’s death. We want control over death. We fear death, we don’t want to deal with it or accept its reality and so we do everything we can to draw it to ourselves telling ourselves that we’re only creating these things, these reactors so that more and more of us can live. But of course we only create them because they provide some of us with more and more things, and if we could only have enough things then we won’t die. We think splitting the atom will give us the power of the gods. If we can control that then we can control everything. Our fear of death is so monumental we are driven to create even more monumental things to deal with it. We don’t realize that our fear is drawing what we most fear to us, in fact we are creating it.

  4. Eric,

    this is the best, most thoughtfully presented and realistic assessment I have encountered anywhere on the web. Thank you.

    What impresses me most is how, once again, this island nation is at the forefront of monumental global awakening by the sacrifice of their collective humanity. I am in awe from a “big picture” perspective how one country could be re-enacting a whole teaching drama once more regarding the unholy mis-use of the atom/matter.

    I offer up the Star Spark symbol from astrologer Ellias Lonsdale for Japan’s Pluto degree:

    ” A Black Pear hidden in an oyster – Working very hard to find again what is lost, to get at what is conspicuously missing, it takes tremendous inner forces to restore the pearl. But most of all, you must vanquish your pride and acknowledge from the core of your being that going through this world without your deep soul intact is hell. If you seek, you shall find. If you ache, you shall come to restored wholeness. But not without the suffering, the grief and the facing the void; initiation in the depths. It is a superb path if you have the courage and stamina for it. But mid-stream it is caustic, corrosive and deadly; appearances are deceptive; nothing is as it might seem for awhile. What matters supremely is guts and integrity. ”

    and the Uranus degree, which is perhaps even more telling:

    ” Monstrosities in glass jars at a side show – Plagued by glitches. Stuck in anomalies. You feel atavistically caught in very strange old places that will not budge for anything. Self-doubt, self-negation, self-sabotage. Excruciatingly self-conscious. The glare of the spotlight falls upon chronic unconscious syndromes. Places where hiding in massive dysfunction seem to be the only security and safety. The unwitting subtle fostering of clusters of negativity and confusion. Perpetuating the problems by doggedly refusing to see it for what it is. The extravagant pretense that all of this is a joke or something gross and trivial. Yet in the end being stopped by little shadow dwellers just becomes too painful for you to rationalize any further. And the freakish syndromes you tried to pawn off on everything else come back home to be uprooted with deep, sober will.”

    If you know anything about Japanese culture, how it works from the inside you will recognize both these patterns immediately. This is after all ultimately a Patriarchal society and those seem to really be taking a beating lately (YAY!). To illustrate that, I heard a story on the radio today about a young American man who had found himself in an emergency shelter trying to help the tsunami victims of the small village he had been living in. There was a only a small kerosene heater for heat. And only men sitting around it. The young man saw this and decided to re-organize the seating arrangements in the room making it more equitable and making sure the children and elderly were closest to the heat. A very simple example of how the dysfunctional roots of society really run deep and long if no one questions authority.

    I want to also acknowledge that we have more than enough of our own demons of dysfunction too in this culture and I suspect our turn is coming on the wake up ride. Seems to me that the really big shift we are in now all in is about leaving behind the hierarchical/dominator models for society and moving towards co-operative/holistic and sustainable systems.

    But waking up is hard to do sometimes, and those that currently hold power are struggling to hang on to it.

    Sorry for the long post. This event, like 9-11, like Katrina, like the Christmas tsunami, like the BP disaster are so big and most certainly a part of our great collective awakening. There is much to say, therefore.

    How people get thru this stuff without Astrology is an even bigger mystery to me !

    As always, keep up the great writing. You are much appreciated.

  5. good afternoon everyone!

    hey Amanda, I’m out planting fruit trees today, but popped to see if I could help….

    in regard to the who pays question, it appears that is primarily answered by the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act, was enacted in good ‘ole 1957

    which was designed as a TEMPORARY measure to prop up an infant industry.

    (lotta baby references coming up these days…birthing pains of Mother Earth…baby New Year, I know you have a big head but……)( I love my Aries friends!!)

    a paraphrase for you:

    The Price-Anderson Act bestows a twofold subsidy on the nuclear industry. First, the Act artificially limits the amount of primary insurance that nuclear operators must carry – an uncalculated indirect subsidy in terms of insurance premiums that they don’t have to pay. This distorts electricity markets by masking nuclear power’s unique safety and security risks, granting nuclear power an unfair and undesirable competitive advantage over safer energy alternatives. Second, Price-Anderson caps the liability of nuclear operators in the event of a serious accident or attack, leaving taxpayers on the hook for most of the damages. This makes capital investment in the nuclear industry more attractive to investors because their risk is minimized and fixed.
    Consequently, the Act is a dual-edge sword for the public that it purportedly protects.


    sorry, you might have to type in, it’s long..

    regardless of your politics, within that article are other links, one to the actual Price-Anderson Act itself, on the Cornell law site. (legalese)

    after reading it over, maybe I should have posted in the designated Nuclear Bullshit area….

    offered in the spirit of camaRADerie & requested info

    back to the field!

    sorry if this was in podcast, I have to wait until the hamsters wake up from their naps before I can download…..

  6. Eric,

    In Neptune’s Ingress into Pisces chart it is Mars and Uranus on the Aries Point!
    I noticed too that, as in the Nuclear Axis chart, Saturn is opposed the Sun and both Saturns are retrograde. In Neptune’s chart (4/4/11) the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, whereas in the Nuclear Axis chart the Sun is conjunct Mercury, Juno an Venus, but in both charts the Sun is in a fire sign.

    Do you think it is possible that because the Moon and Mercury in Neptune’s chart is square the Jupiter in the N.A. chart that there could be violent resistance from the public (Moon in Aries) who want more say in the need for expansion (Jupiter in Cancer) of nuclear facilities?

  7. Bill Nye, I used to Love you. You made me think of all the wonders unyet discovered.

    Now, you defend that which kills me. Fuck you, Bill Nye.

    ..someone who used to love the ‘science guy’..

  8. I found this of stelliumsag’s links to be helpful in setting mind to “what can I do” vs, “I feel like I can’t do anything”. worth repeating helpful “yes, nuclear fallout is survivable” tips:


    My prayers are that wethepeople rise to take broader stroke action regarding our dependance on nuclear power and corporations NOW and that this moment is not a “prep drill” for more serious concerns in the near future.

  9. I’ve always appreciated the message of this Michael Jackson song, Man in the Mirror. It stirs me to own the work I have to do to embrace and integrate my shadow, to befriend it with compassion and truth which helps ground me through difficult times. The video montage that goes with it is visually powerful as well.

    The change Im attempting to make is to being simplifying my lifestyle, letting go of outdated aspirations and dreams. It would be good to hit those who make a religion of commerce where it hurts, in their grossly oversized pocket books. We could start by taking action like the Farmer’s Union of Madison, Wisconsin did last Thursday, withdrawing their money from the bank en masse and forcing the bank to close it’s doors early, for the remainder of the day.

    Something along those lines but on a grander, more permanent scale. Living on less just might get their attention more.


  10. I resonate with “via email”. The transiting dragon is on my natal dragon- lunar nodes. My Neptune opposes the Nuclear Axis Saturn. My Moon trines the Moon/Neptune while my Saturn squares it. There’s got to be a mix of action and media where I can help raise awareness of the insanity of nuclear energy and call up the highest octave of Neptune to help dissolve the credibility of the nuclear industry. But then there’s the oil industry, and the coal and natural gas, the whole structure of profit for the sake of the rich at the expense of everyone and everything else. I don’t know where to start beyond talking to people and posting to my Facebook. Playing music, lately bass in a jazz and blues context, is an expression of Neptune. Can we dissolve the credibility of the nuclear industry with music? South node Gemini overload. Where’s the target?

  11. Amanda, that’s just common sense. Of course taxpayers foot the bill, how would society run otherwise.

    It is time however, that the people decide, choice, choose, option, of where their tax dollars are spent. No more Scott Walker’s, please. This, is the arena we find ourselves in.. We are the energy that produces the cash, the cash is what shapes our economies, our economies are how we survive, our survival is based on health, and health is based on our willingness to do what is necessary to make this world a better place.

    No more fuckin’ around. As Honey-Badger said “I don’t give a shit if that snake bites me, I’ll still kill it, and after a brief nap, I’ll eat the rest of that fucker.”


  12. This event is affecting me more than it seems to be affecting anyone else around me here. While I am not “incapacitated” by it all, I am extremely distracted, distraught and searching for “the right thing to do.”

    Eric’s podcast … helped. He mentioned guilt, OMG. On a morning news program today I saw a new mother in Japan who FELT GUILTY when her child was born because they had just announced the discovery of 200 to 300 bodies along the coast … how could she rejoice in light of that? How totally Japanese is that?!

    This event is full of symbolism indeed. I can’t help but think about the role the Japanese people are playing in this galactic drama…the only country to experience nuclear war… and they now rely on the very demon that gave them that honor for 20% of their energy needs? HUH?

    Australia may be “the canary in the coal mine” for the environment, but I think Japan is that canary for the overall psycho-spiritual health of our planet.

  13. darkmary —

    thank you for sharing today, for bringing the whole theme of futile “containment”, our fear of what runs out of ‘control’ and the reality of our creative powers back to the personal level. i hadn’t really thought yet about how this whole situation is such a perfect metaphor for how we tend to live our lives, individually & day-to-day.

    poignant and striking…

  14. VIA EMAIL:

    “Let Eric know – he probably does already – just heard that if any nuclear plant has a melt down in the USA it is already arranged that the TAXPAYERS will bear the responsibility for the cost – not the corporation – GE.”

    anyone have corroboration of this? has it already been discussed here? i’m findig it hard to keep up & do the rest of my job.

  15. …speaking of delusion

    Humans never cease to amaze me. people around me here in soCal – as radiation from Japan wafts into our water and land and lungs – are saying these words, “well, Nuclear Power is OK as long as we know it’s safe”.


    (translation: “as long as we can remain in denial about the truth, we’re “safe” – and we’re hanging onto that denial for dear life.”)

    Apparently it takes more than nuclear meltdown across the ocean and heavy-duty Counter Marketing from Alive and Awake People (“activists”) to get the ball-rolling a different direction on this pin-ball game.

  16. cmassy, don’t forget Pluto! That cat’s gonna screw us royally in Cap. But you know what, that little guy is on a mission to ‘out’ all the wacky ‘going’s on’ upon this here rock. Corporations will go ballistic over the next decade, while the folk get pummeled prepping for Pluto in Aquarius when ‘They’ go nuts and take the shit back (poor terminology, it’s not really ‘back’, can’t have whatcha never had before.). Neptune’s the preparation stage. It’s the point through which we get to challenge our perceptual acuity, to see if we can grok the Light.


  17. Just this very moment I stumbled across this Haiku. The poster is the very same one my son hangs on his bedroom wall.


    Personally I like the notion of the moon being under the sea, pulsating her powerful energy at healing Earth right at the root chakra level, at Gaia’s fractured crust and core.

    Heal the core, heal ourselves. Heal ourselves, heal the core.

  18. bkoehler –

    “Neptune can dissolve and it can spiritually motivate, so while it is in the last compressed degree of Aquarius, the sign of mankind, and especially while it is still conjunct the USA’s Moon, is it not an indication of what humanity has the power to do through prayer and by demanding of governments to cease and desist? It is not too late.”

    I agree however the “shadow side” of Neptune is delusion, emotion that runs so far out of control it leads to total denial of facts. Personally, I’m not looking forward to NEP in Pisces because I can see the positive and the negative sides coming into view in some very extreme ways for America.

  19. Eric –

    Your podcast is the best, most concise, easiest to understand breakdown I’ve heard ANYWHERE so far. Excellent, just excellent.

    “…we are on a situation that is teetering between extremely serious and utterly unthinkable.”

    The traditional media will never – NEVER – point one of the fingers at GE. They are one of the “Masters of the Universe” that runs America so I am not holding my breath.

  20. To all,

    The chart for the 5/28/00 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus has Pluto at 11+ Sagittarius, putting the Moon at 12+ Gemini in the 3/12/11 explosion chart opposite it. Destruction vs. People.

    The midpoint between Uranus and Mercury in the explosion chart is the same degree as the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn Moon, 2+ Aries. People vs. thinking nuclear.

    The midheaven of the explosion chart is 22 degrees of Taurus, the same degree that Jupiter and Saturn were conjoined in 2000. Results of greed.

    In the 2000 chart the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, stationing retrograde. Poisoneous Nessus is at 21+ Aquarius in the explosion chart. Worldly power vs Universal power = death

    We are now at the halfway point of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle with the next conjunction in 2020 at 0 Aquarius. In the explosion chart planning Pallas Athene is at 0 Aquarius. The future is now, the future is here.

    In the last solar eclipse on 1/4/11, Ceres was at 0+ Aquarius. Mother agrees.

    In the U.S. Sibly chart Pallas Athene is at 26+ Aquarius (conj. the U.S Moon 27+ Aquarius) and in the explosion chart Ceres is at 26+ Aquarius. In this chart she’s conjunct Neptune and sextile the GC and the north node , an indication that Mother Nature and the Universe (GC) are demanding the dissolution (Neptune) of nuclear production (Aquarius) and providing the opportunity (NN) to do so.

    The south node of the explosion chart is conjunct Hades, telling us to let go of that which we don’t like to look at or think about.

    Transiting Neptune and transiting Pholus in the explosion chart are forming a quintile (72 degrees) and have been doing so for some time. This aspect relates to the occult and the USE OF THE WILL. It synthesises the 4 elements into the 5th element of Ether, and TRANSCENDS PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. Pholus can produce a great effect from a small start. Neptune can dissolve and it can spiritually motivate, so while it is in the last compressed degree of Aquarius, the sign of mankind, and especially while it is still conjunct the USA’s Moon, is it not an indication of what humanity has the power to do through prayer and by demanding of governments to cease and desist? It is not too late.

    This tragedy should be motivation enough to do so. I know I will.

  21. Listening to your podcast this morning, I was able to cry for the first time since the earthquake/tsunami hit. I cried for the ways and times I tried to “contain” all that is nuclear/out of control in my own life. I cried for the ways and times I failed to face the reality of what I was creating. We are GE. It is not that we should avoid holding the corporations, governments, and other entities responsible for this disaster accountable. It is just that we ARE them.

    Thank you for your deep insights to those involved in the nuclear industry and its cult-like mentality. My dad is a retired engineer who spent his life working at a munitions plant, first helping to assemble atomic weapons and then helping to disassemble them. He has lost friends and co-workers to cancer due to radiation exposure. There is very much a spiritual component (skewed though it may be) to this group of people who have tied themselves to an industry that has violated physical matter/nature in the most profound way.

    Just by chance, I happen to be visiting my parents and I watched Rachel Maddow with my dad last night. It is impossible for him to believe that the engineers in Japan could fail. The engineers are the “good guys”; they will figure it out. They have science on their side. At the same time, I could see cracks in his armor. “What are they going to do with all those spent rods?”, he agonized, realizing the dire consequences we are all now facing.

    Supporting nuclear energy is insane. I have resolved, again, not to keep silent but to take action.

  22. Thanks for keeping on top of this E, in depth analysis in the UK is thin on the ground, even Newsnight was at kindergarten level last night.

    Here is an article about an alternative, with a huge Solar energy project in the US, maybe everyone already knows about this but i thought it looked like a positive approach.


    I know im not going through anything like the poor souls in Japan right now but wish me luck, my solar return is an hour or so after the Full Moon on Sat, right now being an aries point girl doesnt feel like fun.

  23. “The good news is we now know that anyone who still supports nuclear energy is completely insane” – I live in Italy where they are behaving as if nothing has happened, and will carry on with plans to go nuclear. Our only hope is a referendum, which is coming up soon. Thanks for all the excellent information you’re giving us on this terrifying situation.
    Love xxx

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