Planet Waves FM Holiday Music Special Feat. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Holiday Special – Introduction and Link to the Program

Bob, about to go onstage for one of the Rolling Thunder Revue shows in 1975

Listen to several prior Bob Dylan and Grateful Dead Music specials on the Mixlr stream below. Thanks for tuning in.

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Updated Sunday, Nov. 17

New Planet Waves FM: Mercury Stations Direct in Scorpio,
Two Interviews About the Impeachment and Tantra Studio

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Beginning on WDST-Radio Woodstock in 1998, Eric has worked in free-form talk/music radio format. He’s done more than 500 editions of his latest program, Planet Waves FM, which is part of the Pacifica Radio Network. New programs appear most Sunday nights at 7 pm EST. Many programs are archived.

This Mixlr player is an 80-hour loop of music by Vision Quest, the Planet Waves FM ambient ensemble