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New York, Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Planet Waves Updates on Japan Nuclear Situation
Cousins, Critters:

Yesterday's horrific 8.9 quake in Japan was synchronous with Uranus moving into Aries. The quake preceded Uranus making its move by just a few hours -- eerily reminiscent of last year's coincidence between the blast at the BP-Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and Chiron entering Pisces. Remember that? Just 23 hours after Chiron first dipped into Pisces, the rig went off. I am sharing with all readers yesterday's subscriber edition, called Uranus in Aries. Note that there is an audio presentation linked from the top of that page as well.

Planet Waves
Tsunami waves in northeastern Japan associated with Friday's earthquake. Tsunamis did damage as far away as California.
The quake and associated tsunamis have created a local disaster for the Japanese, and anyplace directly affected by the tsunamis. But the situation is truly global in that there are five Japanese nuclear reactors in distress, all just north of Tokyo. We know that the problem with at least two of those involves a struggle to keep water circulating over the core of the reactors. There was an explosion today at Fukushima 1, and I am aware that engineers were preparing to release pressure from the containment structures of three units of Fukushima 2 earlier today in an attempt to avert explosions there.

Over the past 24 hours, I've pulled together fairly comprehensive coverage of the situation, with the help of two noted anti-nuclear advocates.

For those who want to start with the astrology, I suggest checking out my new article on what is called the Nuclear Axis chart -- the chart for the dawn of the atomic age. This article will introduce you to the topic of nuclear astrology, with links back to earlier articles. The article is called One Day in the Nuclear Age.

I've done an overview of what I know about Saturday's explosion at Fukushima 1, which includes a chart for that incident -- which keys right back into the Nuclear Axis chart.

I have been in regular contact with Karl Grossman, a journalism professor at SUNY-Westbury, who is one of the nation's leading anti-nuclear experts. He has been granting interviews and also providing permission to publish his work. Here is an interview. And here is an article about the technicalities of why these kinds of plants are so dangerous.

Finally, I spoke to Michael Marriotte, the executive director of Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS), who filled me in on the situation at the Fukushima plants today. Here is that interview, which includes an explanation (and partial debunking) of the West Coast radiation map that has gone viral on the Internet. 

I hope that this coverage will fill in some of the blanks that are being left by the extremely sketchy coverage in the mainstream media. Japan has basically gone eerily silent. We have to watch how all governments handle this, including our own.

Please watch the Planet Waves blog, which is updating several times a day.

Thanks for tuning in.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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