April 1: The Day of Dignity. Moon in Cancer. Lots of conjunctions. Daily Astrology & Birthdays by Eric Francis.

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April 1, 2020 — The Day of Dignity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Ultimately, everyone must feel out their own relationship with authority. This counts for external rules and rulers, and the internally absorbed ones. Most of the time, it’s the ones that live within our minds that restrict us the most. And fortunately, those are the ones we can do something about. It is clear that you yearn for your freedom. To have some requires an act of rebellion — or a lifetime of it.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon remains in Cancer, and it will soon oppose a cluster of planets in Capricorn — especially Jupiter and Pluto. At the same time it will square Eris — this is some tension and emotional un-ease. It’s a bit confrontational as well, again on the emotional level. It certainly fits the mood of the moment.

The sky is a medley of conjunctions these days. Today, we experienced Mars conjunct Saturn — still close and influential, though now on the new side of the cycle. Mars will traverse Aquarius over the next six weeks or so, and that is likely to stir up a restlessness in people feeling the restrictions of Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius (this first spell, from March 21 through July 1) describes the social rearrangement we are experiencing.

Currently, Jupiter, Pallas Athene and Pluto are approaching a triple conjunction that is exact April 4. It is now within one degree (as of today, all three points are at 24+ Capricorn). Jupiter and Pluto in combination talk about a worldwide event of some kind; Capricorn and Pallas describe it as political. The medical news of our day is getting all the attention, though the thing we need to be watching is the conduct of those in power.

One more conjunction: Mercury is approaching Neptune. This is exact April 3, at 19+ Pisces. A close friend asked me what I thought it meant. I said, TUNE IN. Within one day, we have conjunctions involving the two ruling planets of Pisces (classical and modern), one of them in Pisces. Pay attention to what your vibes are whispering to you. Whatever that might be, the information is coming through now.

This pandemic situation would threaten to take away all joy and pleasure from life, including for many that of having food and paying the rent. All this Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces is saying remember the beauty of life; if you want to live, remember what you want to live for.

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March 31, 2020 — The Day of Tenacity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Choose your battles. Choose your friends. Choose your enemies and choose them wisely. You should really have very few of any of these things, though your birthday chart is a bit combative, and reveals your emotional sensitivity. You need a longer fuse, and to learn how to be less reactive. Keep everything on a one day, one week, or one month delay, and practice kindness as karma yoga.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today is the Mars-Saturn conjunction, the first major Saturn aspect event since Saturn entered Aquarius on the 21st. This is likely to stir the pot in some way, as if it was not stirred up enough already. There is a rebellious quality to this aspect, fueled by anger and even some rage.

Whatever may be going on in the world of virology and the healthcare system, many people who are otherwise doing fine have had much of what they have taken away.

This did not have to happen. It happened because the government and the corporations that run hospitals were all poorly prepared for an eventuality all of their studies and reports assured them was inevitable.

If no one else has done so, let me be the first to give you permission to be angry about what is happening, and what has been taken away from so many people, especially the ones who were already struggling and on the edge.

Today the Moon enters Cancer at 7:41 am EDT. It immediately picks up Mars/Saturn by quincunx (150-degree angle), which may be irritating. Then it’s working its way across the Chiron-Pholus-nodes configuration that has been very much at the heart of the coronavirus situation. Remember last week how the Aries New Moon conjunct Chiron squared the lunar nodes? Now the Moon is back onto the cardinal axis and we may have a very emotional day.

You may need to really work consciously to keep a grip with Pholus in the picture. If you’re in any kind of scenario that seems like it might go out of control, stop the movie. Moon square Chiron is about making the emotional-spiritual connection. Emotions tend to run wild and often seem immune from spiritual intervention. The Moon-Chiron square is not an easy aspect, but it builds the bridge.

By the way, here is a link to the April monthly horoscope.

March 30, 2020 — The Day of Uncompromising Vision | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: It is time for you to stand up to the pressure and influence of groups, and assert your individuality. You may think you have done this in the past, though too often you have tried to strike a compromise that was not true to your values. Chiron is in your sign and Mars is entering Aquarius. Be yourself, no matter what they say.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Mars ingresses Aquarius at 3:43 pm EDT today. This brings the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, right when it looked like everyone had acquiesced to yet another consensus reality. It’s time to wake up and smell the French press being made in your kitchen and not the local espresso place.

There will be many benefits to the hiatus much of our society is on, though we still have a lot of unanswered questions relating to just how we got here. The Mars-Saturn conjunction on Tuesday is a social jolt, calling for attention and maybe action.

Mars in Aquarius puts a new spin on Chiron in Aries. The ruling planet of Aries changing signs sends its vibrations back to home base, where Chiron is on a long trek.

This is the self-actualization aspect, still in a close conjunction to Salacia. This is saying remember the essential sexual component to self-actualization. Remember the need for fully activated curiosity. The coming 48 hours is transitional.

Your April Monthly Horoscope is Available | By Eric Francis

March 29, 2020 — The Day of the Observer | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Be impeccable with money, and your ideas about it, and where it comes from and what it’s for. Focus on your highest priorities and what is of lasting value. You will need to go against certain social trends (including fear and futility) in order to make this happen, including any idea that there is no tomorrow. Take your time, conserve your resources and you’ll be in an excellent position to make current circumstances work for you.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Mars is in the process of changing signs. Today it’s in the last degree of Capricorn (a degree with a conspiratorial feeling, in case that vibe is in the air), and it ingresses Aquarius at 3:43 pm EDT on Monday.

This is significant because the first thing it does is make a conjunction to Saturn, still in the first degree of Aquarius as well. The Mars-Saturn conjunction is exact at 2:31 pm on Tuesday, so the tension is building now; and it will change tone and continue to build into the conjunction — which is likely to come with a social jolt of some kind.

Mars + Saturn + Aquarius has a ‘power to the people’ feeling, if people feel like having any power, unless we’re talking about electricity. As of now, within the space of a few weeks, we have been put in a position of being glad that we have food and heat. Let’s see what effect this combination of energies yields.

Meanwhile all day Sunday the Moon is in Gemini. Through the early part of the day, it’s applying to the Sun in Aries, exact at 4:32 pm EDT. Then into the evening and overnight, the Moon makes a square to centaur Nessus (beware of victim trips in any form), followed by a square to Neptune, which also dominates the day Monday.

Neptune squares, especially from the Moon, are anesthesia. And this one is happening during a sensitive sign-change of Mars, when you really need to be paying attention. Fortunately, today is the Day of the Observer. Keep your eyes and ears on.

Your April Monthly Horoscope is Available | By Eric Francis

March 28, 2020 — The Day of Innocence | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Rely only on yourself for your sense of direction. You must find your own inner bearings, which are giving you plenty of information. Resist, as well, your seeming need to lead others where you would have them follow. Not all who wander are lost, and not all who are lost want to be found. You have your calling and your quest, which are yours alone.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the trine from Venus to the Capricorn grouping remains strong, and the Moon gets into the act, making a conjunction to Venus in the morning (Eastern time). While yesterday’s emphasis on creature comforts still stands, Mercury’s conjunction to Nessus has a special message: get the discussion of your healing needs going.

It may be daunting to reveal sensitive information from your past, even to an intimate partner. Yet today there is a rare opportunity to put words to feelings and experiences, no matter how dark or murky. So if you have something you need to say, muster up the courage to begin the conversation. Listen to yourself carefully and make sure all the words you are sharing are true. Now is the time to get it right and not leave anything for the future.

You need an analysis where you see yourself as something other than the victim, however. That is the trap; that is the lure. Account for your part in whatever happened. Even if you were victimized in some way, it’s necessary that you see yourself in some other role, such as the person whose primary identification is to help yourself, to commit to your wellness, and to help others.

I have an article from a few years ago that develops the themes of Nessus in the context of Mercury.

Your April Monthly Horoscope is Available | By Eric Francis

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March 27, 2020 — The Day of the Originator | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Draw equally on your emotional strength and your intellect. Strive for balance in this one respect, and you will feel balanced. There are many sources of tension in your life at the moment, and yet they can all be sources of stability and integrity as well. Where you sense tension, bring your words, your feelings and your capacity to listen. Whatever may be happening, you are bigger than it.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Moon is moving through mid-Taurus, approaching Venus and making a trine to All That Capricorn, particularly to Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto. There is a message here about doing what you can do to feel good. I recognize that we’re all under incredible stress at the moment. Even if your needs are taken care of, you’re likely to be worried about someone, somewhere, or the world itself.

And what Venus is saying is: take some time and do something that feels good. Venus can stand in for a diversity of matters, from emotional intelligence to sexual attractiveness (best if kept in the same place), from valuable material objects to to things you love and treasure. But mostly, it’s about feeling better. So, take a moment, stop this wild movie, and do something that feels good.

You might put on your favorite Bach or Radiohead record. You might make your favorite hot cereal. You might smoke pot and masturbate. You might open up that bottle of wine at the back of the cabinet. You might want to combine that with a bath. You might want to run around the block chanting your favorite mantra. You might want to snuggle up with a canine or a feline and whisper secrets in its ear. Whatever. It’s up to you. Pleasure is personal. Venus trine All That Capricorn is saying ease back on the fear, the tension and the stress, and nourish your bodily sensations.


Your April Monthly Horoscope is Available | By Eric Francis

March 26, 2020 — The Day of Integrity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Today’s Moon-Uranus conjunction on your birthday may have you feeling spontaneous and certain that anything you dive into or invent will work brilliantly — and it just may. Yet there is a caution in your anniversary chart against being disconnected from the guidance systems that inform your decisions. To sum up, your astrology is saying you must know what you want before you act on it. You are free to imagine and fill all the notebooks you want. When the time comes to take action, you must be solid and ready.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon ingresses Taurus today at about 9:36 am EDT, where it will pick up on all of the energy pulsing through earthy sign Capricorn.

Then the Moon forms a conjunction to Uranus at about 7:29 pm EDT, which will have been brewing all day, conveying that sense of everything a little on edge, what the heck is next. Which is a reasonable question these days.

It will be an exciting Thursday night for the hundred million Americans destined to spend the evening at home playing parcheesi or reading a book.

Meanwhile, Mars is in the process of changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius, which takes place Monday, March 30. To me this seems like Mars is lacking in direction, but thinking one has lots of the stuff. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so it makes a convincing case no matter what it might have to say. I suggest keeping a handle on your impulses, which should be fairly easy given that everything except groceries, liquor and car repair has been banned.

Venus in Taurus is all about sensuality. You can lie back on your desires and let them find you.

Your April Monthly Horoscope is Available | By Eric Francis

March 25, 2020 — The Day of Dynamism | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: You may choose whether to act as if you’re in charge of your life, or simply to be that way. I suggest you skip trying to challenge anyone or convince anyone, and be who you are. Do not ask permission. If you step on someone’s toes or they think that you do, let them do the complaining. You do not need anyone’s consent to exist: not your parents, and not any of their many surrogates. Yet plenty of time, energy and gumption is wasted in trying to get approval. Therefore, be resolutely who you are.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Moon is applying in a square to concentrated energy in Capricorn: Mars, Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto. This is like the personality shell of a child in an adult body thrashing and lashing out against authority.

The Sun is doing something much more interesting: it is conjunct Chiron. This is the actual quest for existence by the autonomous self. No external authority is involved, or none needs to be. This is an individual who dares to do his or her thing in the world, who dares to stand out, and who is committed to being their own inner authority.

Yes, there might be some struggle or crisis, though that’s often necessary in any exploration of self-actualization. At least it’s clear this is a personal and inner struggle rather than an external drama of some kind. If you find yourself getting drawn into one of those, remember, only you can give yourself permission to be who you are.

March 24, 2020 — The Day of Beguiling Simplicity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: You are witnessing and directly experiencing what it will take to shift the momentum of your distant past, particularly your family background. You might have thought this was impossible, yet an intervention is happening, and the more boldly you claim your moment, the better. An element of this involves taking a mature and entirely honest approach to your sexuality, where you determine that you will present yourself as the same person with whomever you may meet.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today is an astonishing Aries New Moon. Reading astrology is always a matter of context. Meaning finds its resonance within the reality where the astrology exists — not the other way around. Said another way, it is events that give astrology their meaning, though astrology can hold a mirror to the world. We are in just such a moment now, when a New Moon pattern that is of itself eye-popping is happening in a moment that rivals any of the science fiction I’ve read.

We are at a tipping point, or a turning point. This New Moon is conjunct Chiron and the slow-moving Salacia, and it’s square two other similar bodies, Pholus and Quaoar. There is no way to sum this up in a nutshell and express the beauty of it. The framing of the New Moon involves the lunar nodes (the New Moon meets them at a right angle, which is the turning/tipping point).

The other planets involved describe the theme. Perhaps you might take my word for it when I say that we citizens of this vastly complicated society now have our opportunity to declare our independence from the family/government/corporate structure that has driven society for so long, and become independent and autonomous people. This is much, much easier said than done. It can take lifetimes, which is how long many people have struggled, and continue to do so. Many pretend, and go back to following the same pattern as their ancestors. Many are just not interested. Self-affirming existence, which is the only way to have genuine relationships, is a tremendous responsibility.

Right now all of our liberties — literally, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — are on the line. There is a reason the author of the Declaration placed “life” first, because without it, we have nothing. At the very core of this is the question of who and what you are as a sexual being. Not what letter or color on the flag you identify with. Rather, your actual being; the truth of what you feel, what you want, what you do, and who you do it with. This relates to family patterns because there is so much shame and wounding inflicted from the past, recent, distant and ancient. The primary burden that both family and religion heap on people directly involves sexuality, a fact that is concealed by the guilt and shame itself.

Sunday, I prepared a Core Community edition that addresses the aspect pattern of the Aries New Moon. The New Moon is exactly conjunct Salacia. Here is a new article about that, if you’re feeling curious and contemplative.

March 23, 2020 — The Day of Curiosity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: It’s essential that you choose from where you draw your power. This is the essence of personal development and self awareness. To choose to allow your life to be informed by spirit is a big step. It involves listening, and it involves a form of surrender that is a direct threat to this thing called the ego. The dark side gets its power when we give in to guilt and fear. In order to do that, you must have something else to draw upon.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today’s exact alignment of Mars and Pluto is, in one sense, about the expression of raw power. There’s a potential for death-obsession when you align these two planets in Capricorn. And there is the potential for the thoughtless obsession with authority, and for authority running wrangle. We have to keep an eye on this amidst all the “virus” fears — that the whole thing is not capitalized on as an advantage to do the things that autocrats love to do. Therefore, when you give up your rights, know that you’re doing so.

Meanwhile, Tuesday morning is the Aries New Moon. I’ve just prepared a Core Community edition that addresses this aspect pattern.

March 22, 2020 – The Day of Direct Current | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Today’s Moon-Neptune conjunction on your birth anniversary is calling you into a deep place in the dreamtime. Though so much is happening in the world around you, your inner world is where you will find your source of water and of nourishment. Yes, you will experience bold and courageous callings over the next 12 months, though you must never be guided by ambition or a conquering spirit. Come in peace, and offer peace.

Daily Planets: Mars is in the midst of an alignment with Jupiter and Pluto, all of them in Capricorn. To save this from being the expression of raw power, it must be informed by a spiritual influence. That’s not easy for many people to dial in. The concept of “spiritual” is wildly misinformed, to the point of being meaningless. For most people, the notion would feel like total sacrifice of their goals, their ego, their identity and their power. Hence, so few people are interested. We have to do better.

March 21, 2020 – The Day of Clarity | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Saturn changing signs on your birthday is an invitation to step up to the challenges of our moment. You have a role greater than you might have imagined, though Saturn rules the knees, so there is an element of humility involved. You can think of this as participating in a more involved and conscious way, focusing on making meaningful connections rather than great achievements. What you accomplish will come through your connections to others, and that begins with saying what you honestly feel and perceive.

Daily Planets: Today is a true moment of astrology, as Saturn changes signs from Capricorn to Aquarius. This marks the transition out of an era that began in late 2017. Though most of it is a blur, think back on that time and feel the whiplash of events, leading right into their peak of madness with the presidential impeachment and the virus crisis.

These last days of Saturn in Capricorn (for now) have had a conspiratorial feeling; these first days of Saturn in Aquarius can have a power to the people feeling. Yet this demands a high degree of personal responsibility. The metaphor of “don’t get sick so you don’t get others sick” is a perfect image of the kind of discipline that this transit calls for.

Saturn’s initial foray into Aquarius is, in truth, a test for the whole world. Will we cooperate? Will we take individual responsibility for our part of the whole system? Can we see our interests as common with those around us? Time will tell.

Almanac: Saturn ingresses Aquarius today, stations retrograde May 11, re-enters Capricorn on July 1, goes direct on Sept. 29, and then enters Aquarius to stay on Dec. 17 — concurrently with Jupiter. The two form a conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius on the winter solstice, Dec. 21. That is the turning point. All of this is big astrology, as big as it gets, as if you could not tell. The scale of astrology is demonstrated by the scale of events in the world that it describes.

March 20, 2020 – The Day of the Labyrinth | by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Remember that you’re part of something much larger than yourself. It’s easy to forget this, as false individuality is one of the most vexing psychological conditions of our time. Yet humanity is a family, and you are in many ways in a maternal role. Take that gently, and express your compassion generously.

Daily Planets: Today is the vernal equinox. The Sun entered Aries overnight Thursday to Friday. This begins a one-season journey to the solar eclipse on June 21, though events of the next five days will be telling of where our world situation is headed. The Sun joins Chiron in Aries, makes contact with two minor planets and in early Capricorn (especially centaur Pholus), and (along with Chiron) squares the lunar nodes.

This combination of Sun, Chiron, Pholus and the nodal axis is going to get some kind of result: we will turn a corner, something will move, or the healing crisis will reach a peak. This is a high-tension cluster of aspects, to match our high-tension moment. This quality will build until the New Moon on Tuesday, March 24. More immediately, Saturn enters Aquarius on Saturday. I’ve written about that in the new Core Community edition of Planet Waves.

Almanac: The Moon is in Aquarius and enters Pisces on Saturday, March 21, at 8:33 am EDT.
The Moon enters Balsamic (waning crescent) phase today (Friday) at 2:57 am EDT.
Mars conjoins Jupiter today (Friday) at 7:35 am EDT.
Vesta enters Gemini tomorrow (Saturday, March 21) at 1:06 am EDT.
Saturn enters Aquarius tomorrow (Saturday, March 21) at 11:58 pm EDT. It will pay one more brief visit to Capricorn during the summer and fall, and finally returns to Aquarius in December, a few days prior to its conjunction with Jupiter.

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