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Pluto from New Horizons

Friday and Weekend Ahead: First Quarter Moon; Sun Opposite Pluto | July 16-18

The weekend looks set to be rather dynamic with a First Quarter Moon spurring us into action to (consciously) further develop situations that have presented themselves in the past week since the New Moon. There’s some natural tension to this moment (as a First Quarter Moon is a square between the Sun and Moon), though it may seem more tense than usual as the Sun and Pluto build to an opposition that occurs on Saturday.

Today, Friday, may see this sense of pressure building, though the Moon is still in Libra encouraging some calm. This should make it easier to sweep away any fear of being re-wounded that the situation may be kicking up (which of course can negatively impact your decisionmaking). It’s better to do the work of securing your emotional foundations when you have the opportunity, before any chaos or commotion kicks off.

Come Saturday morning, the First Quarter Moon takes place at 6:11 am, and how you handle the work of staying centered within yourself relates directly to how you will start off at this next phase of the lunar cycle.

And appropriately, with the Sun-Pluto opposition at 6:46 pm, one of the major questions being asked at this time is: will you surrender to the dictates, expectations, and obligations of society and societal structures (which aren’t doing too great in the health and wellbeing department as a whole)? Or will you skillfully utilize your executive functioning skills to ensure that your total wellbeing is a matter that is not open to negotiation?

Of course, flexibility is always a plus. But, wherever you may land on the matter, do take care of yourself, and have a great weekend. — Spencer

Sun trine Neptune; Chiron stations rx | Thursday, July 15

As mentioned yesterday, the Sun makes a trine to Neptune early this morning at 4:49 am EDT. A few hours later, the Moon enters Libra at 10:32 am EDT, then just after noon, Chiron stations retrograde at 12:41 pm.

Take your time waking up from any lingering dreams this morning and, hey, with the Moon in Libra, why not share them with others? There should be plenty to converse about (no matter how ‘out there’ it may be) and it’s as good a time to talk as any.

Though with Chiron stationing retrograde, there may be a decided shift that inspires you to focus on your own personal healing needs (if you’re into that sort of thing) as opposed to dealing with the needs of the crowd.

Whatever comes up, laugh, mingle, get in touch with those you care for, and take your conversations as a cue to turn your attention inward, and to focus on what it is you need most. — Spencer

Moon moving through Virgo; Sun trine Neptune tomorrow | Wednesday, July 14

Keep a close eye on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and be sure to attend to your priorities.

The Moon is still in Virgo today and, amongst other aspects, will make a trine to Uranus at 6:25 am EDT, and an opposition to Neptune at 10:17 pm. Meanwhile, the Sun is building up to a trine to Neptune that will be exact at 4:49 am EDT tomorrow though, as usual with Neptune, the influence has a wider orbit than most other aspects.

The key takeaway here: use any unforeseen shifts, in whatever arena, to your advantage as you deal with the details and minutiae of your day-to-day life. That said, don’t lose sight of the plot. Keep a close eye on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and be sure to attend to your priorities.

The Sun’s building trine to Neptune may make that last bit a bit tricky; it’s much more conducive to getting lost in music, or art than it is to getting a handle on your personal affairs.

By all means lean into the fanciful and imaginary as the night goes on, but, until then pay attention to dot your t’s and cross your i’s. — Spencer

Venus conjunct Mars | Tuesday, July 13

The Moon enters Virgo this morning, and at 9:33 am EDT Venus and Mars conjoin in Leo. That’s a bit of a funny image. There’s the felt need to be rational, organized, and orderly amidst the dynamic, alchemical union of the archetypal feminine and masculine in one of the more expressive signs of the zodiac (Leo).

What immediately comes to mind with Venus and Mars’ conjunction is romance, or passion (ooh la la). But there’s also a theme pulsing beneath that: namely how divinity is inherent within creation, and the act of creating.

Depending on your background, the word ‘divinity’ may bring to mind images or memories of ultra-serious religious rituals, or far off, esoteric inner experiences. But, really, it’s to be found in play — the joy of creating simply for the sake of creating. And what is the act of creation but the joining of that which, at first glance, would seem unalike, or even opposed to one another.

So, today, do that. Be that.

Whatever obligations or responsibilities may vie for your attention, surrender to the existential need to have some goddamn fun in your life — Lord knows the world needs it.

Have a good time, and happy Tuesday. — Spencer

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

New Moon in Cancer, plus weekend ahead | Friday, July 9

It’s Friday, the weekend is nigh, and the Cancer New Moon takes place tonight at 9:17 pm EDT. In Cancer, of course, this can make for a personal, emotional time that calls your attention to domestic matters.

That’s to say that attending to your living space, your family, or general home life very well may take precedence over the course of this next month or so. Though, be on the lookout for the unique focus that this lunar cycle may have for you as it makes itself evident over the next couple of days.

As for the astrology over the next couple of days (i.e. the weekend): the moon will finish moving through Cancer then enter Leo; Mercury will enter Cancer; and a Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo will be building in the background, to be exact on Tuesday.

That’s certainly a lot of deep feeling and emotion, as well as the courage to express it (à la Leo). And Mercury’s entrance into Cancer could be described as: ’emotional intelligence’. It should be a welcome change from Mercury’s long journey through Gemini which tends to be more focused on facts and data points.

The key takeaway this weekend is: ease into your personal space. Whether that is the actual physical space that you embody and inhabit, your physical home, or your favored room in your home. Once you’re settled in, the desire to create should come naturally — though not to be limited to painting or the fine arts.

Mercury’s journey through Gemini should have provided you with a lot of information on a number of different topics. And very shortly, it will be time to put that information to creative use. — Spencer

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Cancer New Moon tomorrow; Venus square Uranus | Thursday, July 8

We’re in the leadup to the Cancer New Moon tomorrow night: at 9:51 am EDT this morning, the Moon will depart Gemini and enter Cancer, and then make a trine to Jupiter in the early afternoon.

That should make for a somewhat pleasant, emotional atmosphere. As for the major aspect taking place today, Venus will square Uranus at 3:25 pm although with Uranus involved you may have felt the impact building beforehand, over the past day or so.

The thing to be mindful of with this aspect is: you may have to be adaptable when it comes to taking care of yourself or acting in loving self-interest. In this context, Uranus in Taurus can be indicative of a shakeup — whether it be a happy surprise, or a tad unsettling — in the landscape of life  That’s a bit of a broad statement, but put another way: what actions would you need to take if you were faced with an unexpected increase, or decrease, in resources to attend to your needs?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major shakeup (no need to panic!) And however unexpected it may be, Venus and Uranus’ meetup opens up space for a little creativity here, right before the start of a new lunar cycle. Playfulness and ease will go a long way. — Spencer

Painting and photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

More on Mercury square Neptune | Wednesday, July 7

Excerpted from Belief is Deception: Mercury Retrograde, Then and Now

Earlier the morning of July 6, Mercury in Gemini made its third and last square to Neptune in Pisces for this cycle. Then Mercury comes out of shadow phase on July 7. It will still be in a square to Neptune, by my reckoning, until Mercury enters Cancer on July 11. This is another image of watery Mercury, which is about confusing feeling for thinking. (However, Mercury is about to take a trip along the cardinal cross, featuring Chiron, among other factors; this will be bracing.)

Listening to common speech, you can pick this up: many people believe that someone’s reasoned conclusion or factual analysis is about how they feel, not what they have reasoned through and documented. There are days when it seems like the whole concept of thinking and reasoning is gone: not that people are not doing it, but that the capacity has vaporized, or is not counted as valid.

Right along with this, the notion of belief seems to reign supreme over knowledge, understanding, discovery, questioning, and other abilities. If you believe it, then it’s true — welcome to Mercury square Neptune. The issue goes back further than that, though we’re seeing an eruption of it now. I think this is an outcome of the digital age.

It would be nice if more people understood how dangerous it is to confuse knowing and believing. It’s easy to convince people to believe something, if you bypass their ability (or desire) to think and reason. The nice thing about belief is that it implies no responsibility. It is clear that people feel they’re not as accountable for a belief as for something they have figured out themselves.


Third pass of Mercury square Neptune — also, Venus opposite Saturn | Tuesday, July 6

At 3:39 am EDT Mercury and Neptune meet for their third square this year. In light of Mercury’s recent retrograde, Mercury has effectively been holding this square to Neptune for quite some time. And this ought to account for unclear, and sluggish communications (or, perhaps more accurately, miscommunications) that have cropped up the past couple of months. Thankfully, with this square passing, we can now (finally) begin to move forward, toward greater clarity in our conversations and sharing of information.

Then right on cue, later tonight, Venus will oppose Saturn at 10:36 pm. Now that there is the growing chance of expressing yourself across more clearly, this aspect between Venus and Saturn comes along and asks for a sober handling of business, possibly at the expense of pleasure (although, there’s no rule saying that handling your business can’t be pleasurable in its own right). This is to say, any lingering flights of fancy or self deception obscuring your view of reality may experience a bit of a halt.

And yet this doesn’t have to be distressing, or some sort of rude awakening. Under Neptune’s influence, it can be hard to see just how much of a miasma has settled over your thinking — so it wouldn’t hurt to think of Venus and Saturn’s aspect as just the helpful push you need to get past that. — Spencer

Weekend Astrology Podcast for Friday, July 2:
Moon moves through the big squares: Pluto-Eris tonight, then Saturn-Uranus Sunday. Fast look at USA chart.

There will be (or now is) a new Planet Waves FM Friday night at about 10 pm EDT. I’ll be covering the United States chart, among other things.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Mars opposite Saturn | Thursday, July 1

Mars. Fire. Passion. Action.

Our red hero up in the sky makes an opposition to Saturn this morning, who is not necessarily all that supportive of fire, passion, and action. Well, that’s not entirely true: Saturn is very much about dedicated, consistent application of action. And that definitely takes passion — the inner fire to persist and keep going.

The two have more in common than they might think.

But back on topic: the meetup between these two could be experienced in multiple ways. It certainly could present itself as the halting of forward movement, or the reaching of an outer limitation or boundary. Or perhaps the erection of a boundary — the bringing about of a conscious ending in an area of your life that has been calling for it.

The opposition, which is exact at 9:08 am EDT, occurs within the context of the last quarter Moon which happens later in the evening at 5:11 pm. Though, as much as Mars opposing Saturn might imply a red light of sorts, this phase of the lunar cycle signifies a time of moving forward, and initiating any needed changes that made themselves evident after the Full Moon.

Whichever way it shakes out, the key will be to bring dedication to your actions, your desires, and, most importantly, to yourself. — Spencer

Tonight: Moon enters Aries. But first, conjunction to Neptune in Pisces | Wednesday, June 30

At 8:25 am EDT the Moon will make a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces. Although we’ve seen more of the negative associations of Neptune on display (e.g. denial, delusion, deception, etc.) this aspect is conducive to experiences of greater empathy and creativity.

We’re still in the midst of Mars’ building opposition to Saturn, followed by a trine to Chiron, and a square to Uranus. Though, today is definitely a day to slow down, listen to music that makes you feel good, and consciously indulge in beauty. See we’re the moment takes you, and, as the day carries on, lightly strategize a few ways to keep it going.

It will be of benefit to hold onto those feelings and carry them with you as the environment starts to shift, and background tension builds. Take advantage of any relief on offer before the Moon enters Aries tonight at 9:21 pm, bringing all the Mars action currently in play into focus even further.— Spencer

A view from the “Kimberley” formation on Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

It’s a Mars filled week — first off, a meetup with Juno | Tuesday, June 29

It’s Tuesday, and the Moon is soaring through Pisces (or perhaps sailing would be more apropos). There’s a sextile to Uranus lined up at 2:47 pm EDT, a conjunction to Nessus at 5:03 pm, and a square to our friendly messenger Mercury who is finally getting a move on in Gemini after that (seemingly neverending) retrograde.

The only major aspect of the day, really, is Mars trine Juno at 11:50 pm. Though, in the background, Mars is building to an opposition to Saturn, later followed by a square to Uranus over the weekend. (Mars will be squaring Uranus, that is.)

Focusing on the aspect to Juno here, Eric’s article Something About Juno is a great resource for further understanding what Juno is all about (namely, jealousy). Written just prior to the infamous ‘2012 alignment’, here’s a little excerpt:

So to me, Sun + Juno on the Aries Point on this momentous day suggests that we really do need to get right with ourselves before we can be right with anyone else. That, or we need to go into our relationships honestly admitting that we’re also working out an inner relationship, and leave the bond with the other flexible enough to accommodate some self-discovery.

Sadly, we are taught to do precisely the opposite in our intimate bonds. In order to preserve a relationship, it’s considered reasonable to subvert one’s own process of growth and change — or that’s what often seems to happen. The relationship is elevated to supreme status, and the life quest of the individuals involved seems to become its disciple.

The 12/21/12 chart — and the current relationship crisis — is suggesting we take the opposite approach. It’s time to ask honestly if our relationship structures, including our concepts of relationship, actually serve our growth. Are they flexible enough to allow the space necessary for the people in them to continue their process of being individuals? Or do the people in highly structured relationships gradually individuate in spite of them?

In light of Mars in Leo trining Juno today, there is presently the opportunity to take action, particularly heartfelt action, on your core desires and in service of your passions. In doing so you may see yourself begin to expand beyond any notions of jealousy your life may be colored with at the moment. Whether it’s your own jealousy, or jealousy directed towards you, it doesn’t matter — focus on your heart, act from there, and pretty soon that’ll be all you notice. — Spencer

Week-Ahead Podcast for Monday, June 28 Moon from late Aquarius through late Taurus. Mars tangles with Saturn-Uranus square; Mercury creeps into a square to Neptune on July 6. Take it slow.

Weekend Astrology Podcast for Friday, June 25:
Mercury moving direct; Sun opposite Pholus; Moon in Capricorn making many aspects. Enters Aquarius Saturday

There will be (or now is) a new Planet Waves FM Friday night at about 10 pm EDT.

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