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Today is the Capricorn Full Moon | Thursday, June 24

After a difficult couple of weeks filled with some complicated astrology, the Capricorn Full Moon is exact at 2:40 pm EDT today. As it is a Full Moon, heightened emotions aren’t out of place, but you can also look for release and relief from any pressure that has been building.

In Capricorn, this Full Moon can make for sober realizations, and the processing of your emotions in such a way that you can prioritize your executive function. That’s a bit of a mouthful.

Said another way: you can “suck it up” and do what you know needs to be done. Now, in no way is this to advocate for squelching or denying your feelings. In fact, by being present with them, and fully dealing with them you can reach a place where you’re able to take action without your emotions unduly influencing your decisionmaking.

And, in the murky, diffuse atmosphere currently being provided by Mercury’s long square to Neptune, sobermindedness can very much be a welcome gift. — Spencer

Sunrise over Rondout Creek at Allegerville, New York, near High Falls. Photo by Eric.

Venus square Pluto; Full Moon incoming | Wednesday, June 23

Although Mercury stationed direct yesterday, it will still be a few days before it actually starts to move forward faster than a slight crawl. In light of the continuing square to Neptune, this may come with the sensation of being somewhat at a standstill yourself, perhaps made all the more prominent when the Moon in Sagittarius (which is all about far reaching travels and exploration in thought) opposes Mercury at 10:50 am.

That said, the Sun’s trine to Jupiter early this morning ought to uplift your spirits, and provide a hopeful start to the day. Though as the day goes on, Venus opposes Pluto at 7:39 pm and shifts the focus to dealing with relational and emotional necessities.

All in all, there are quite a few competing factors at work presently: the desire to get things moving at odds with the need for further information; a fresh sense of optimism beset by the pressing need to be real in your relationships with others.

It would help to think of this as a brief moment of transition — a time to reach, and stretch across over to the Full Moon tomorrow after which the tension that is starting to peak finally gives way. — Spencer

Keep a little bag of sand in your pocket to throw onto wet floors.

Slippery when wet: Mercury stations direct square Neptune | Tuesday, June 22

There’s quite a bit of watery influence on the astrology taking place currently — it may feel like rock climbing through fog, and (for good measure) the pouring rain as well. With Mercury stationing direct at 6:00 pm EDT though, you should at least begin to have a more definite sense of which way is up.

However, beware of false clarity. Mercury is square Neptune in Pisces (this is the original slippery when wet setup). This square comes to a peak on July 6. Therefore, take it slow, and pay attention to visibility. You cannot see as far into the future as you may think.

The Moon’s recent ride through Scorpio may have added to what could already seem to be a slippery situation as you get to the bottom of your affairs, and, in the process, confront whatever limiting patterns others may be participating in. Though, being bold in the face of the crowd is often an express ticket to shaking others up, or feeling shaken up yourself. Now the Moon is in Sagittarius, about to oppose Mercury as it turns direct — that seems like a discovery.

Again, back to the rock climbing analogy, take your time, focus on where you’re going, and take care to be surefooted where you are currently while you slowly make your way forward.  The past few weeks have presented a number of stressful aspects for us to juggle — it won’t hurt to wait a couple more days before you make any big moves, or even small ones. Know when you do not know. — Spencer (with a little from Eric)

Week-Ahead Podcast for Monday, June 21
Mercury stationing direct, solstice, patience.

Weekend Astrology Podcast for Friday, June 18:
Mercury stationing direct; Sun entering Cancer Sunday; Saturn sextile Chiron; Earth probably not flat.

There will be (or now is) a new Planet Waves FM Friday night at about 10 pm EDT.

That Was Fast: First Quarter Moon | Thursday, June 17

Late tonight, the Moon will square the Sun and we reach the first quarter Moon at 11:54 pm EDT. The Moon is currently in Virgo and will make contact with many of the minor planets, as well as Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Pluto.

That’s a lot, and can certainly be suggestive of a flurry of activity. Though, as difficult as it may be to keep a handle on any actionable details you’ve been managing, the first quarter moon signals that it is indeed time to begin to take action —to take steps to accomplish that which has come up in this fertile, inspirational period since the New Moon eclipse.

Of note, immediately after the Moon makes its square to the Sun, the Sun opposes the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. As if we weren’t living in historic times to begin with, don’t be surprised if the decisions you make are instigated by, or lead to life-altering circumstances. (And, hey, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!) In any case, your awareness and your power of choice are ever important: pay attention, and choose wisely. — Spencer

Further thoughts on Saturn square Uranus | Wednesday, June 16

Excerpted from Eric’s article Saturn-Uranus Square — What Gives? What Receives?

Saturn is the planet representing structure, as well as chronological time (Kronos in its Greek incarnation). Uranus is the planet of the electrical age and the industrial age (same basic idea). Yet while things of a Saturnian nature tend to be predictable, those of a Uranian nature tend to come out of the blue (or the black, like a flash in the darkness). Under a Uranus transit, you know you don’t know what’s going to happen, and that can be valuable information. In your interpretation of any Uranus transit, that is the place to start.

Occupy Wall Street takeover of Times Square, 2011. Photo by Eric.

What happens when you put the two together? It depends on the aspect. In a square, which is about maximum tension and also integrity, there is a tendency to work one side and then the other. This is true for the squares in your natal chart, for when there is a transit to your chart, and also a mutual aspect like we are having now.

Taurus is an unusual sensation for Uranus, in that it’s a sign energy that tends to resist change, while Uranus provokes change. So that by itself carries considerable tension that is looking for somewhere to go. Change, movement and progress are nerve racking for Taurus, which mostly prefers to stay put and keep things stable.

Saturn is unusually strong in the sign that it traditionally rules, Aquarius, and also seeks stability — though this is often in the form of steady progress. Saturn in Aquarius describes flexible stability. Uranus in Taurus wants to blow up the status quo. And now they are doing a square dance, putting these two notions into opposition with one another.

One situation many people are in is that they resist change, and wait on some outside force to push them over the edge. This can become a game — “make me do it.” Eventually, something will make everyone do something, so it’s possible to give up making choices and live from exigency to exigency. That is one possible expression of Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn in Aquarius is saying grow up and deal with your stuff. Get organized, and make doable plans with a timeframe involved. Take the long view. And allow for both changes to your plan, and a long-term view so you have a sense of direction. This is not especially popular.

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Moon in Leo; Sun sextile Eris | Tuesday, June 15

The impact of the Saturn-Uranus square that took place yesterday is still with us, and it’s one major aspect among the complex astrology we’re currently being asked to navigate. That also includes retrograde Mercury squaring Neptune while preparing to station direct, as well as the recent solar eclipse.

Still, as Eric mentioned in the Week-Ahead podcast (which you may find posted below): patiently try to make as much progress as you can every day.

The Moon currently, currently in Leo, may invite the felt need to stand out, and push your agenda. Though, see if you can do this in the least disruptive way possible — that is, disruptive in the sense of needless chaos.

Shocks, chaos, and sudden upheavals all have their place in the service of “progress”, though the real benefit (and the goal) ought to be greater awareness — your own increased awareness of yourself, your environment, and your ability to command your response to what life presents to you.

So, as you “chop wood, carry water,” and go about maintaining discipline in your life, perhaps look for the ways in which you can utilize whatever chaos there is around you to contribute to both your welfare, and the welfare of those around you. — Spencer

Week-Ahead: Saturn square Uranus, Cancer Solstice, Mercury Storm: Astrology Podcast for June 14 through June 20 is ready.

Weekend Astrology Podcast by Eric Francis for Friday, June 11: Venus square Chiron and Saturn square Uranus

This edition of the weekend astrology podcast covers Mars in Leo, Venus square Chiron, and Saturn square Uranus.

Annular solar eclipse in Gemini, conjunct Mercury, on Thurs., June 10, 2021 as seen from Mohonk Mountain, near New Paltz, in Ulster County, New York. PHOTO BY MOLLY TWEEDY.

Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini | Thursday, June 10

Today’s eclipse arrives this morning at 6:53 am EDT. The eclipse is conjunct retrograde Mercury to within one degree, and both the eclipse and Mercury are square Neptune — Mercury will make its conjunction to the Sun at 9:13 pm.

Both the New Moon eclipse and Mercury retrograde are about seeking closure and resolving unfinished business. That is, your efforts to move on from any situation in your life that has outlasted its usefulness will benefit from active dedication to finding closure.

In Eric’s two most recent articles detailing the eclipse (which may be found here, and here) he developed and posed the question: what is your personal commitment to truth? What are you willing to put yourself through to go in that direction? How hard are you willing to work to get to the bottom of anything? And what risk are you willing to take to stand up for what you know is right?

In light of Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and the square to Neptune, our relationship to truth and lies is a major theme currently being explored. The addition of an eclipse makes this all the more pertinent. Of course, the first place to start in all this is: are you being honest with yourself?

On Jan. 4, 2011, the Hinode satellite captured this image of an annular solar eclipse. Annular is a total eclipse with the Moon reduced in size by its increased distance from Earth. Photo by NASA/Hinode/XRT.

Test of Truth: Mercury and an Eclipse Square Neptune

Dear Friend and Reader:

Monday, I was grousing around the issue of Pluto’s demotion in 2006, at which time Neptune was declared the “furthest planet from the Sun.” Apropos of Neptune, this is plainly false: there are known to be 750,000 planets orbiting our Sun, and many thousands of them, relevant to astrology, astronomy and culture, are well beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Neptune is definitely the furthest planet from the Sun, if you ignore all the others beyond it. Making this claim into “scientific truth” was merely a matter of arbitrarily defining a particular type of orbiting body as a planet that was at once politically and financially driven (astronomers, as happens in nearly all professions, engage in power plays, and some sell books).

Yet we were left with a curious state of affairs, where the symbolic (and official) definition of “the edge of reality” (the most distant planet) is concerned. Neptune is not an edge at all; it is a fog. There is no boundary.

A planet associated with delusion, deception, distorted consciousness, denial, drink, drugs, denial, dreams and a few other D words was accepted as the bottom line, by a bunch of scientists. This decision presaged the conduct of scientists and the state of culture for decades to come.

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More recent Articles

Moon enters Gemini; Vesta opposes Nessus | Tuesday, June 8

In preparation for the upcoming eclipse, the Moon shifts from Taurus into Gemini today at 2:47 pm EDT, then makes a square to Jupiter at 6:47 pm. Also in the mix, Vesta will oppose Nessus at 1:53 pm, right there with the rest of the action occurring on the mutable cross.

If you can, take the opportunity to pace yourself early this morning — allow your dreams to linger and, if you remember them, try to write them down. Moving on from there, take some time to identify what it is that you are looking to accomplish in your life (both in the long and short term), as well as the various details that go into bringing closure to hanging matters.

That said, be aware of focusing too much on necessary (or unnecessary) details when it comes to any plotting and planning you do. Conditions are a bit murky right now with Mercury retrograde, holding a square to Neptune — thinking isn’t exactly a straightforward process right now. And with Nessus there’s the possibility of thought being unduly influenced by feelings of victimhood, or past experiences of abuse.

As always with Nessus, taking responsibility is paramount. As well, you don’t have to solve anything today; you don’t need to figure it all out. If you can clearly figure out what your next step is, start with that one, and, once you’ve taken it, your next step, and so on. — Spencer

Gemini Solar Eclipse Ahead: Astrology Podcast by Eric Francis for June 7 through June 11

Bay of Fundy with the tide rolling in. Arial photo by Eric Francis.

New Readings for Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising

This year the Cancer audio reading is available with a 20-page written reading: the long-awaited An Aquarian Era. This reading takes you well into the future, featuring events involving Saturn, Chiron, Pluto and Eris.

“This is one of the best readings I’ve ever experienced. Taurus is my rising sign, so I ordered the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio reading as the rising sign tends to be more accurate for timing and planet/house placements. I was impressed, initially, by the flowing, poetic feel of Eric’s reading as well as his soothing manner of speech in a high quality, audio recording. But most importantly, his depth of understanding of Taurus and the accompanying Whole Sign House chart is astonishing, right down to the subtleties. It’s an incredibly, vulnerable feeling to be ‘seen’ at such a profoundly, private level. It’s as if my personal subconscious came to light with a new upgrade…Who could ask for anything more from a ‘general’ reading?!”

— Sherry Kilian on the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio

Get a Reading for Yourself – See Options Here

Weekend Ahead: Saturday is unusually hot, with Mars opposite Pluto. More details included | Friday, June 4

Here is my definitive article An Expert’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde from a few years back (the top is for the then-current retrograde, the bottom is covers this phenomenon in general). This article is a keeper, and also one to give way — please share. You will learn all of what you need about Mercury retrograde from this one classic piece, seven years old and fresh as daffodils.

Moon conjunct Chiron; Mars opposite Pluto building in to tomorrow | Friday, June 4

And here we are, at the edge of the weekend: today the Moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries at 2:05 pm EDT. This is in the midst of the building opposition between Mars and Pluto which will be exact Saturday at 3:45 pm.

The Moon conjunct Chiron can certainly bring matters of healing (e.g. past wounds, or current, less than helpful patterns) to the forefront of your awareness. And the opposition between Mars and Pluto works to make it feel as if the pressure is on to get to solving these matters, or conversely, to blow it all up.

It can seem a lot to ask for for us to stay mindful despite the mounting pressure in nearly every facet of our lives. But if it’s any consolation, we’re living in extraordinary times, under the influence of the past actions of all those who have come before us (i.e. karma). Less of a cosmological or mystical idea, simply put: there is a lot of momentum behind the collective actions and responses that have led us to where we stand today.

The point being: don’t be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t exactly feel easy to guide your affairs toward a resolution that is mutually beneficial for all involved. We, as humans, have a lot of practice not doing that. But, if you’re looking for a chance to start to turn things around, both personally and at large, here’s an opportunity to practice just that. — Spencer

Sun trine Saturn; Moon enters Aries | Thursday, June 3

Early this afternoon, the Moon will enter Aries at 1:59 pm EDT after riding out the last few degrees of Pisces. The astrology of the moment has been geared more towards sensitivity and reflection, but the Moon’s movement into Aries may impart the need to kick things into high gear.

And what luck because, coincidentally, the Sun makes a trine to Saturn at 3:05 pm. Not only is there the vigor to venture forth and get things done (as illustrated by the Moon’s shift into Aries), but the Sun-Saturn trine provides structure and traction to make lasting progress with what you initiate.

That said, don’t get hung up on the details, or any particular strategy; take this opportunity to allow your faith and the larger vision for your life to pull you to what it is that needs to be responded to in the moment, moment by moment. — Spencer

Mercury retrograde; Venus enters Cancer | Wednesday, June 2

Excerpted from Eric’s article Bells Ringing. Mercury Retrograde. Eclipse on Horizon.

Mercury stationed retrograde Saturday, and will be so through the solstice. The retrograde ends June 22. The retrograde takes place entirely in Gemini. It’s mingled with an eclipse of the Sun on June 10, as the eclipse takes place during the interior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. When events merge like this, you can work with them together.

Chart for Venus entering Cancer on Wednesday.

Both the New Moon eclipse and Mercury retrograde are about seeking closure and resolving unfinished business. Astrology gives us these opportunities; to use them is to move with the tide. There is a time for every purpose, and we Westerners tend to forget that to move on, first you need some closure.

Take the time to do that. The usual “don’t sign, don’t buy” recommendations of retrograde Mercury also imply, “wrap up what you started.”

Meanwhile Venus enters the cardinal sign Cancer at 9:18 am EDT Wednesday, preceding the solstice. This may prove to be an emotionally complex transit, as Venus over the next week or so makes aspects to a wide diversity of small, potent planets early in the cardinal signs.

These include Ixion (morality/amorality and second chances), Quaoar (deep tribal origins), Pholus (lineage through great grandparents; alcohol issues); Salacia (matters of sexual appropriateness and maturity) and finally a square to Chiron which happens shortly after the June 10 eclipse.

Take this gently and do your best not to take everything personally. Much of what seems personal has nothing to do with you. It can be very difficult to see this, as people tend to project their issues onto others (all of us, though some more and some a bit less).


Upcoming solar eclipse; Moon enters Pisces | Tuesday, June 1

As Eric mentioned in yesterday’s Week Ahead Astrology podcast, we are on our way to the upcoming June 10 eclipse in Gemini. If you’ve been feeling any pressure or tension recently, the eclipse ought to offer some release and resolution — until then, it wouldn’t hurt to wrap up any leftover business that you feel is nearing past due.

In the meantime, the Moon enters Pisces early this morning at 5:07 am EDT, then makes a conjunction to Jupiter at 8:04 am.

Like Eric said, if you are able to, get an early start and think positive thoughts. Any simmering or roiling emotions may linger for a while longer in this space between eclipses. But this astrology offers the chance to get in touch with any deep, heavy emotions you have, while at the same time it can open up the capacity to feel into the more positive states you would prefer to experience.

Jupiter in Pisces is certainly imaginative, and the Moon’s presence makes it all the more accessible. In light of that, take this opportunity to use ‘negative’ emotions as fuel — ie, the more they’re acknowledged, the more of your own awareness that’s freed up to be put to use — then, dream into being what it is you’d like to see be made into reality. — Spencer

Week-Ahead Astrology Podcast by Eric Francis for May 31 through June 4.

Mercury retrograde began Saturday and lasts through June 22. This week the Moon makes lots of conjunctions as it approaches the annular eclipse of the Sun in Gemini on June 10. Details in this short podcast.

Mercury Retrograde Edition of Weekend Astrology Podcast with Eric Francis is ready! | Friday, May 28

Here is my definitive article An Expert’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde from a few years back (the top is for the then-current retrograde, the bottom is covers this phenomenon in general). This article is a keeper, and also one to give way — please share. You will learn all of what you need about Mercury retrograde from this one classic piece, seven years old and going strong.

Leadup to Mercury retrograde in Gemini | Friday, May 28

Excerpted from Eric’s article The Twin Paradox

Between May 29 and June 22, Mercury will be retrograde exclusively in Gemini. As Mercury will make two squares to Neptune during this process, the special challenge here is honesty. I highly recommend the book Radical Honesty, the original, not any of the subsequent ones.

Detail of the chart for the Cancer ingress of the Sun.

There is an episode of I Love Lucy wherein she is challenged by her friends to tell the truth for one whole day. This is in response to her constantly telling what are called “white lies” to cover for uncomfortable situations.

Many get into this habit, they find that it works for their purposes, and then one day discover themselves drowning in mendacity. Being a liar comes at the cost of not trusting yourself, then eventually hating yourself.

Mercury square Neptune can have an integrity issue similar to the one that is afflicting the whole world right now, which is, “If I believe it, then it’s true.”

When someone else presents orderly, verified facts that one does not like, the modern answer is, “Thank you for sharing your opinion.” So we might sum up the lesson of Mercury square Neptune as, “There is a difference between facts and opinions.”

Mercury retrograde in Gemini may present you with multiple versions of reality, and it’s up to you to sort them out, remembering the problem of false clarity, or not knowing when you don’t know.



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