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Annular solar eclipse in Gemini, conjunct Mercury, on Thurs., June 10, 2021 as seen from Mohonk Mountain, near New Paltz, in Ulster County, New York. PHOTO BY MOLLY TWEEDY.

An authentic spiritual path, like any other endeavor where much is at stake, must concern itself with what is real — and that means conducting an investigation rather than merely believing what seems wholesome enough. One ‘belief system’ is not like another. Yet today, most people think everything is a matter of opinion.

Now it’s History: Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Conjunct Mercury Retrograde and Square Neptune

Dear Friend and Reader:

Monday, I was grousing around the issue of Pluto’s demotion in 2006, at which time Neptune was declared the “furthest planet from the Sun.” Apropos of Neptune, this is plainly false: there are known to be 750,000 planets orbiting our Sun, and many thousands of them, relevant to astrology, astronomy and culture, are well beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Neptune is definitely the furthest planet from the Sun, if you ignore all the others beyond it. Making this claim into “scientific truth” was merely a matter of arbitrarily defining a particular type of orbiting body as a planet that was at once politically and financially driven (astronomers, as happens in nearly all professions, engage in power plays, and some sell books).

Yet we were left with a curious state of affairs, where the symbolic (and official) definition of “the edge of reality” (the most distant planet) is concerned. Neptune is not an edge at all; it is a fog. There is no boundary.

A planet associated with delusion, deception, distorted consciousness, denial, drink, drugs, denial, dreams and a few other D words was accepted as the bottom line, by a bunch of scientists. This decision presaged the conduct of scientists and the state of culture for decades to come.

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Week Ahead Astrology Podcast.

Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse: Week Ahead Astrology Podcast by Eric Francis for June 7 through June 11

Bay of Fundy with the tide rolling in. Arial photo by Eric Francis.

New Readings for Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising

This year the Cancer audio reading is available with a 20-page written reading: the long-awaited An Aquarian Era. This reading takes you well into the future, featuring events involving Saturn, Chiron, Pluto and Eris.

Maybe that lab release theory was not so batty after all. Or maybe it’s another scam.

Now Playing! Revenge of the Bats: Fruitcake Nutso Lab Release Conspiracy Theory Sprouts Wings

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SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Investigative reporter Bill Huston takes on Dunkin’ Donuts over masks in Endicott, NY and wins the whole country — more than 8,000 stores drop the mask requirement after he threatens to make them arrest him

Weekend Ahead: Saturday is unusually hot, with Mars opposite Pluto. More details included | Friday, June 4

Here is my definitive article An Expert’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde from a few years back (the top is for the then-current retrograde, the bottom is covers this phenomenon in general). This article is a keeper, and also one to give way — please share. You will learn all of what you need about Mercury retrograde from this one classic piece, seven years old and fresh as daffodils.

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— Sherry Kilian on the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio

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The Twin Paradox: More Gemini Astrology

Dear Friend and Reader:

To live on Earth is to be confronted by paradoxes. It’s conceivable that they are all the products of the mind, which makes them real to us. Gemini, as the sign of oppositions and of dualism, is where this topic finds a home.

It used to be that people were in love with paradoxes. Today it seems people run from them. This amounts to the same thing: each of those possibilities allows for the suspension of thought and avoidance of a true confrontation. Yet to meet the world requires engaging with what you’re presented with and what you perceive. This is not always pleasant; there is so much about life that seems to make no sense.

Yet the real mystery is within: that of consciousness and of perception. The twins of Gemini explain something about how the mind works and the way in which it tends to split in two all that we perceive. And people tend to rush to one side of the divide or the other.

As the consummate Gemini Sir Bob Dylan said, “It was a strange world ahead that would unfold, a thunderhead of a world with jagged lightning edges. Many got it wrong and never did get it right. I went straight into it. It was wide open. One thing for sure, not only was it not run by God, but it wasn’t run by the devil either.”

Sir Bob was never one to run from complicated philosophical and ethical questions. His statement implies: who then is running the show here?

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The Gemini Sun, Moon and rising reading is now available. This is a 76 minute reading in the Astrology Studio series. You get Eric’s astrological observations and his distinct style of motivational speaking. Includes chart, extended written description of your sign, and access to last year’s reading.

Gemini monthly horoscope for June 2021

Enantiodromia. Photo by Eric Francis

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2021 | Go To All Signs
by Eric Francis Coppolino

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Amidst much other astrology, Mercury will be retrograde in your birth sign from May 29 through the solstice, ending June 22. Though Mercury is often retrograde, it’s rare enough to happen in your sign, one of its ‘domiciles’ or places of rulership. The gift here is rare insight into yourself, perhaps the sense of being able to inwardly see and feel your true self. This experience will be aided and abetted by a pair of eclipses now underway. The first of these, on May 26, may have pulled back the veil that was concealing your view of a relationship situation. You are likely to wake up and change your mind about someone or something; the direction and content of that will be personal. Yet it would be unwise to push the river or make commitments prematurely, as there is still a solar eclipse on its way on June 10, followed by Mercury stationing direct in your birth sign. It will not be until you have lived through all of these events that you have a complete picture of your options and what they are offering you. You may be tempted to make hasty choices, thinking you’ve got it all figured out, though there are many moving parts and each is working in its own way at its own pace. They represent separate but related issues, and it will take time to see the way they are connected. Yet to put it simply, they are related through you and your experience. What you will see is how your concept of who you are mediates your experience of life and your perception of the world. Large forces are at work helping you shift that perception, which at times may drop below the level of awareness and at other times may feel like the ground of your being shaking.

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Here are June readings for all the signs.

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Castor and Pollux photographed by Rogello Bernai Andreo, Deep Sky Colors.

Apropos of Gemini

Dear Friend and Reader:

Thursday at 3:37 pm EDT, the Sun enters the mutable air sign Gemini. The mutable signs are distinguished by being the ones that precede an equinox or solstice, so we are one month away from a change of season: summer soon begins in the Northern Hemisphere and winter begins down under. However, the last time I checked Australia has fewer snow plows.

Gemini is one of the more distinct signs of the zodiac. Once I attended a birthday party for a whole bunch of them. It was an evening of easygoing conversation; everyone had something to say. There were no wallflowers, and true to the official rules of cocktail parties, the people and the conversations kept moving.

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Eric in Flagstaff, AZ

My Life as a Horoscope Writer

By Eric Francis Coppolino

I am a horoscope writer — the kind who appears in the backs of magazines and next to the puzzles in the newspaper. That’s one of those unusual jobs where someone would definitely wonder how you got into the work. Many people question whether it’s even real, and hardly anyone has met someone who writes them.

Very few astrologers dedicate their work to this particular form. Many feel that it’s an insult to their profession. I think of it as astrology’s most elegant and practical medium: 100 words in a magazine, no birth time necessary, for free. If that reaches someone, astrology is serving a purpose.

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