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Welcome to my readings page. You will see that there are many offerings of high-quality astrology readings to meet your needs and your budget. The player below offers samples of my work. If you click the player, you will enter a 50+ hour stream and get an idea of how I approach astrology and tarot. Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions, please call me at (845) 481-5616, or email us at

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In These Times Autumn Reading by Eric Francis
Individual Signs: Astrology That’s Better Than Therapy.

Dear Friend and Reader:

You might have noticed that the world is in upheaval, which is both coming from, and feeding into, personal challenges: that out of control, crazy feeling of what the holy heck is happening and where is this all going and what am I doing? This will be the theme of my Autumn Reading, called In These Times — which I am about to begin recording.

Although I conceive of this project as a set of 12 interrelated segments, I realize that some people prefer to focus only on the one or two signs they resonate with most strongly. To accommodate that preference, I am now opening up the pre-order phase for individual signs of In These Times.

This option tends to be particularly useful if you’d like to give the reading as a gift to a friend, relative or colleague — which many of our customers do.

“Uncanny. Wow. Totally on point. So much so, I bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend as gifts.”

— Glinda W., on the 2019 Spring Readings

My individual sign readings are designed to be a source of motivation and inspiration: they’re about what is right with you. I talk about how to best use your resources and your abilities, and making peace with who you are and what you want.

And you can still purchase the full set of all 12 signs for $99 (final price upon publication will be $111). Costing less than half a therapy session for all 12, these readings will point you toward your source of guidance, comfort and sanity. I will take a light touch covering the intense Capricorn astrology, and the current Virgo astrology, tailored for each of the signs.

Delivery is anticipated for early September.

In These Times is included with the Backstage Pass and the Galaxy Pass. If you upgrade, it will come with your new membership. If you have one of those levels, please consider extending the reading as a gift to someone who needs it.

Thank you for your purchase, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — You may place your order by phone, by calling (206) 567-4455. If someone does not answer we will call you back promptly, next day at the latest.

Chart Keys Reading

The Chart Keys reading is a custom audio introduction to your natal chart, recorded for you by Eric. This is a personal reading, condensed and clear, that focuses on the most interesting highlights and relevant, unique aspects in your chart, your transits and (if necessary) progressions. He gives you ideas for what to explore, based on his long experience reading for clients. It is at least 20 minutes long and will still produce new ideas even after the 4th playing. Delivered by email, along with your chart; short turn-around time.

Planet Waves

Intelligence, Your 2019-2020 Annual Reading by Eric Francis

Ideal for spot-consultation throughout the year when you need extra insight or want to track your progress, Eric’s accessible, in-depth written readings offer uncanny insights, problem-solving strategies and down-to-Earth encouragement — based on the year’s most significant astrology for your sign. He also catches nuances that many other astrologers miss, giving these readings remarkably personal relevance, at a fraction of the cost of in-person consulting.

We live in a most unusual moment, a perilous moment, and a beautiful one too. Our time in history is described by the astrology that is influencing all of us individually, and is making fireworks in the primary chart of the United States.

On January 12, 2020, at 11:59 pm EST, the world will experience the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, in the sign Capricorn. This is a one-time event, for this cycle. (The next time the two form an exact conjunction is June 15, 2053, in Pisces).

For this reason, INTELLIGENCE, the 2019 annual edition of Planet Waves, covers two years. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto requires preparation. This aspect has a long story-arc. It brings to a close a cycle begun in November 1982, and opens a new cycle, in our personal history and in American history.

All 12 Signs and Rising Signs: Price: $144.00

Individual Signs and Rising Signs: Price: $44 for the first sign, and $33 for each subsequent sign.

Planet Waves

Call the Astrologer: 2019 Spring Reading by Eric Francis Coppolino

When things get really, really interesting, who do you call? When everything goes sideways and pear-shaped? When things get super intense? When you’re trying to figure out what to do? When you want to know what that really strange dream meant? When you want to do more with your life? When you see an opportunity you were not expecting?

You call the astrologer!

The 2019 Planet Waves Spring Reading by Eric Francis is now available for instant access. This binge-worthy set of half-hour video readings covers all the Sun, Moon and rising signs using Eric’s friendly, easy-to-follow and actually relevant approach to astrology. Information in this reading will serve you well into the autumn, as these important Mars and outer planet transits will set the tone for much of the year.

I patiently explain the effects these transits might have, and then describe them as opportunities for growth, creative expression, better relationships and having more fun with your work.

This reading is included in the Backstage Pass.

All 12 Signs and Rising Signs: Price: $99.00

Individual Signs and Rising Signs: Price: $33 for the first sign and just $22 for each additional sign purchased.

Planet Waves

The Awakenings: Uranus Transits

If you were born between 1975 and 1981, you are experiencing one of the most important transits of your life — the Uranian opposition. We all have Uranus somewhere in our natal chart, though this reading will appeal mostly to those born with Uranus in Taurus (approx. 1934-1941), Leo (1955-1962) and Scorpio (1975-1981).

We know you’re experiencing Uranus in Taurus in some unusual ways. Everyone is feeling it, though those with strong Taurus charts, or born with Uranus in one of those ranges, will experience unexpected turns of events; it’s Eric’s role to help you make them productive.

This reassuring, informative reading will stand up to many playings and keep providing you with helpful insights and revelations. It’s playable or downloadable on any kind of device. Get instant access here.

Planet Waves

Time Traveler: Navigating Mercury Retrograde

In this neat, friendly one-hour audio reading, Eric summarizes his more than two decades’ worth of wisdom on Mercury retrograde, what it means and how to work with it. Using forthcoming Mercury retrogrades as examples, he lends his expertise to helping you steer through this well-known and often misunderstood astrological phenomenon.

You’ll also get a video on how to find Mercury retrograde in an ephemeris, plus some classic articles by Eric — altogether your essential Mercury retrograde toolkit assembled on one page. Get instant access here.

Planet Waves

Generations: Astrology of the Millennials

In this groundbreaking, first-of-a-kind reading, Eric speaks directly to millennials and their families, offering practical ideas on some of the most pressing issues facing young people and their families today: sex in today’s culture, changes in the economy, school debt, and the impact of the digital age on self-concept and relationships. He tells the story through the lens of astrology, informed by his 25 years as a committed youth and student advocate.

Presented in four parts — Overview of Astrology, 1981-2001; The Impact of the Digital Revolution; Sex is Not Porn / Porn is Not Sex; Career, Education, Vocation and Debt: Digital Retrieves Medieval — the studio-quality audio files are playable and downloadable in all formats, and are sure to give you a sense of relief and potential — whether you’re a millennial or the parent of one. Get instant access here.

Have You Tried the Astrology Readings Channel?

Planet Waves offers readings for all the signs and rising signs. These readings are must-haves among a core group of people who love them, though perhaps you have not heard what Eric is doing. You are invited to listen at no cost, any time, day or night.

We’ve taken many readings from 2018 and put them on a 24-hour audio stream, which anyone can tune into. Whatever your sign, you will find it interesting no matter when you tune in. If you’re up late and want something soothing and informative to listen to, or if you’re curious about astrology, tune in here. No login is required.

ericfrancisastrology is on Mixlr