Planets in Motion 2022 — Key Life Transits — ages 1-84


E-book with information you can only get from a professional reading; Relevant for ages 1-84; Introduction to value of transits rich with interpretations and natal placements


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Planets in Motion 2022, my new, e-book provides you with information you can only get from a professional reading — if the astrologer sees the aspects and can read them. I’ve searched the charts going back many years to come up with more than 20 transits happening to people now, ages 1-84.

I write in easy-to-follow language, and bring astrology to life. This book covers many different age ranges, and many people in your life. This product comes with an audio introduction to the topic to help you get oriented and learn the value of transits. This book is also rich with interpretations of natal placements involved in those transits. It is a valuable, one-of-a-kind astrological resource.

5 reviews for Planets in Motion 2022 — Key Life Transits — ages 1-84

  1. Eric Francis
    5 out of 5

    Eric Francis

    I know when I’ve done good work, and this counts. This book includes a selection of interpretations covering 84 years; it covers all of the Key Life Transits; and it includes lavish information for the Millennial generation, approx 1980 to 2006— many transits are covered, along with natal interpretations for the time ranges involved. There is a 35 minute audio introduction included. Version 2 will include links to charts for all of the transits involved.

  2. Larry Allen
    5 out of 5

    Larry Allen (verified owner)

    In a world where it seems that everyone is operating from a mono-narrative and people are at war with each other and themselves, Eric and Planetwaves are like an island of pure thought and peaceful reasoning. This book is very thorough and brings a new perspective to many of the matters of Astrology. The audio lesson which comes with it also gave me many ‘Ah hah!’ moments, making up for the deficiencies present in most Astrology as it is practiced today by many Astrologers. We live in troubled times, people are suffering woundings on many levels, but there is a tranquil sense of hope in Planets in Motion 2022 which makes it a pleasure to read and to listen to. Bravo!

  3. Lara Dale
    5 out of 5

    Lara Dale (verified owner)

    Eric has been humbly and consistently serving up his particularly deep and insightful astrology for so long now that I can’t even remember when I first came across his work. His level of research, skill, and understanding is second to none, and his willingness to dig into the deeper 8th House issues in his readings make him particularly necessary in these turbulent times – especially with the Pluto Retrograde hammering all of us as well. I challenge those who have never requested some of his more in-depth readings to give this a go, as it is a great way to understand where he is coming from, what he has to offer, and if you are like me, become addicted to the fierce truth and wisdom he brings to each and every reading. This is necessary work and you will wish you had done it sooner!!!!

  4. Linda Hope
    5 out of 5

    Linda Hope (verified owner)

    “Planets in Motion 2022”
    a “real tour de force”!

    “ tour de force- …an impressive performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill.”

    Eric Francis Coppolino’s “Planets in Motion 2022” is a real “tour de force”.
    It seems far more channeled than written.

    Individually and collectively, we desperately need to know what we are doing with the constantly changing energies that surround us and what we have done with them in the past.

    In “Planets in Motion 2022” Eric, takes our hands, gently, and points to what we thought was static but our lives have proven are evolving ebbs and flows of constantly shifting energies of unmistakable dispensations of waves, waves of transformation.

    This work is brilliant.

    In “transit” literature, never before has such vital and seemingly highly personal and essential knowledge been delivered with more ease in understanding and clarity.

    A “very hard-to-put-down book” , ”Planets in Motion 2022” leaves reader’s longing for more, as do Eric’s other spoken and literary masterpieces.

    “Planets in Motion 2022”, elicits the same feelings…that you are finally getting the answers to questions you never knew you had but have become vital for the unleashing of an intuitive awakening that becomes a permanent part of the rarely touched internal holistic understanding of life itself.

    Suddenly and easily, being transported into an ability to take a more broadened view of your life, and the life stream of the surrounding society, you are never quite the same.

    Within the elegance of “Planet in Motion 2022”, we are all able to learn, internalize and absorb the constancy of our ever changing existences and evolution.

    We learn the “why and what” surrounding events that have occurred or will occur for us. Eric provides the answers as to how these occurrences came to be and new and exciting perspectives which can be more energetically experienced within our awareness, and the awareness of the collective, leading toward the grace of lives lived with maximum usefulness and productivity for ourselves and the world around us. Great work, Eric, looking forward to more.
    Linda Hope (verified owner) August 5- 2021

  5. Eric Francis
    5 out of 5

    Eric Francis (verified owner)

    Received customer comment by email:

    Hello Eric F,

    I have not written before because as you say there is a lot to read and assimilate … First of all I wanted to thank you because I had never understood Chiron well. I studied some astrology, but no one explained the meaning of Chiron to me.

    They told me it was the wound that I carried from the past, but this explanation did not help me. Reading your writing I have understood that this Chiron is the healer that I carry within, with the confusion and insecurity that Neptune (I suppose …) caused me. I am a therapist and yes, I work Pranic Healing in my office but the test was during the confinement, in April 2020. I had no income and I was worried.

    A friend told me “María, you are a good healer, why don’t you do distance healing? You can do it”. With great insecurity I sent messages proposing distance healing and to my surprise I had a very good response. This coincided with Chiron’s opposition to my native Chiron … This understanding has been like those books when I was a child that unfolded and suddenly the story became much more magical.

    Now my work has changed a lot, I work more with the perception of my hands, I allow myself to “see”, something that I previously avoided and I continue doing remote healings. I feel my energy becomes more and more strong every day. I am grateful to Chiron for the push that forced me to unfold my potential and to you for making me see it.


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