Daily Astrology: May 2020

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May 31 — The Day of the Cutting Edge

If today is your birthday: The creative process is messy. If you want to be a writer, artist, musician or anything of that ilk, get used to a measure of chaos. Art or creativity in any form is the process of working it out and transforming it into something that transforms you, and is potentially beautiful to others, and therefore a healing vector.

May 30 — The Day of Nimble Time

If today is your birthday: Many people take years to learn how to be emotionally truthful with themselves: that is, to admit what they really feel. This is the challenge you face. It’s easy to be in denial, and then that runs out. It’s easy to put up with untenable situations, until you cannot. The two are related. This year will bring many calls to awakening, and then it is up to you to stay awake and act like you are, by making long-delayed decisions.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Moon is opposite Neptune, which describes a foggy state of mind. This is the kind of fog that can justify itself with technical details, facts, figures, diagrams and mental rationalization.

Today’s chart describes the question of what one does in the face of uncertainty, ambiguity or full-on deception. The first thing you would need to do is to admit the problem, though that is the biggest threshold. It’s very difficult for (sadly, I must say) most of the population to say, “I don’t understand,” or, “I’m confused” or, “Help me understand what you’re talking about.”

Most people don’t even notice that they’ve fogged over. You must learn to notice, and to know when you don’t know.

It takes getting over a degree of embarrassment, for one thing, though also something even more vexing, which is false certainty. Aspects as they develop this week will be confronting many people with that particular issue.

May 29 — The Day of Quicksilver

If today is your birthday: Face professional and personal partnerships honestly and you will take away the power they seem to hold over you. That does not mean stooping to the level of conflict, but rather standing back from it a little, and keeping a calm mental perspective. The facts and prior commitments may not seem to matter to some, though eventually they will be determinative factors. Meanwhile, communicate clearly, ask thoughtful questions, and note carefully what is said to you.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon entered Virgo Friday morning at 7:40 am EDT. The Moon’s opposition to a group of planets in Pisces — particularly Mars — describes the potential eruption of conflict (as if that were not evidence from the news of protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis).

In personal situations, recognize that people may be putting their own needs first and not thinking about others. You get to consider the whole situation and the needs of everyone, including your own.

Combine the Moon opposing Mars with the mental planet Mercury newly in the emotional sign Cancer, and you have the perfect recipe for overreaction. One strategy is to let everyone else do that, while you stay cool, calm and rational — even if this is easier said than done. When things go sideways, it helps if there’s even one fool who keeps a grip, makes coffee and manages not to lose the keys.

Acknowledge your feelings rather than resisting them, and then recognize that there is important work to do. That is the Virgo Moon, always interested in what actually has to happen to keep the office, the system or society going. You don’t need to get everyone around you organized; having the help of one other person would be meaningful.

Much of today’s situation involves gaining some mastery where language meets leadership. You will probably get this right earlier in the day — Moon sextile Mercury is good for figuring out the specific messaging that you need. That said, any action taken today or even tomorrow can lead to conflict, so do as little outwardly as you can manage while taking care of business behind the scenes.

May 28 — The Day of Innovative Trailblazer

If today is your birthday: You were born for times like this. Your ability to think for yourself is enhanced by Mercury’s move from Gemini to Cancer, which will grant you some originality and sense of financial opportunity. Remember: You are your most valuable asset. It’s not your ideas and it’s not your portfolio and it’s not your gear and it’s not your skills. It’s the entity from which they all emerge. When someone chooses to trust you, it’s not about all those things at the fringe; it’s about you.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: At 2:09 pm EDT, Mercury ingresses Cancer. That tells us several things at once: a sign change of any planet can be noticeable, especially something that acts like the “on the air” monitor the way Mercury does.

Mercury entering a cardinal sign (those also include Aries, Libra and Capricorn) can amplify the volume of the public conversation, and in the sign Cancer, that is likely to mean an increase in the emotional intensity. Mercury is already in an unusual state (“out of bounds”) which does not facilitate cool, calm rationality.

Society, Twitter and the cable networks can do their thing. You have to do yours: you have decisions to make. You must take care of yourself in this new environment. You need to make yourself useful and also have fun, express yourself and grow. Over the next week, Mercury will make many aspects to hot, potent minor planets that will ramp up the intensity of those questions.

It helps considerably if you know how you feel, and what you want. And, those two matters are why people go to years of therapy. Most of what they learn in therapy is how to be honest with themselves. This does not have to be a drama; you merely need to identify and remove, one by one, the obstacles to doing so. Most of them are built in; others may seem to be circumstantial, or associated with a relationship.

All will come with an excuse of why you cannot admit the truth to yourself. Yet if you want some direction in life, that is the one and only thing you need.

May 27 — The Day of Driven Dedication

If today is your birthday: You will find your sense of direction when you take a step away from your emotions and think in clear thoughts. Emoting is not feeling; it’s a kind of turbulence. Clear thoughts are ideas with a subject and verb, or the acknowledgement of a tangible event. They are statements of your circumstances. They are statements of desire. Once you get that out, decide how you feel. And once you’ve got all that, you will have a sense of what to do, and where to go.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon enters Leo Wednesday morning at 2:33 am. That will make today a very different day from Tuesday, where the Moon was in sensitive Cancer, rubbing up against some potent forces on the cardinal cross — in particular, Pluto, Eris and Jupiter.

Mercury is now face to face with the Galactic Core. Think of this as the communication planet speaking with something unusual, and able to relate in many different languages. What you listen for is what you are most likely to hear. You might think this is about the source of the information rather than how you interpret it, though with the Galactic Core, it’s where you tune your awareness.

Consider that this is true of all things, including yourself. Where you attenuate your awareness determines the message you will receive. This is not difficult to understand, though it can take some practice.

May 26 — The Day of the Stalwart Protector

If today is your birthday: Whatever you may do, devote yourself to it. Offer your time, your energy, your love, with a feeling of generous offering to your purpose. Redefine the notion of “sacrifice” until it means something like “making sacred” or offering willingly. Be present for people who come to you in need, or who otherwise manifest and depend on some service that only you can offer them. This is not for your benefit in any way other than The Dharma: acting as if to whole the world together.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today Mercury is conjunct Vesta, a goddess who is one of the patron saints of Planet Waves and of my astrology practice. She is the goddess of devotion and of The Dharma.

When you tune into her, you take your place in the order of the universe, and do what you’re called to do.

Regarding your ideas and your speech, Vesta calls for a central organizing principle. If you’re doing something, ask yourself: what is that? What is the concept, purpose, a message or a theme. This does not need to be heavy.

The theme of an art project can be curves or straight lines or texture; it can be color or sound. The organizing principle of a room can be a plant, a table, a window or your cat’s altar.

The organizing principle of a home is often the kitchen; of a campsite or kiva, the fire circle.

Ask yourself: what is the through line? What is the common thread? What is the topic that is coming up? Or simply, what needs to be done? Take notes but don’t decide today. The Moon is moving through emotional Cancer, and you will need a day or two to sort that out.

THE DHARMA readings are now ready and available for instant access. Many times I have quoted Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche: “We do indeed live in an age of decadence, but the dharma is not decadent. The dharma is the same as it always has been.” Despite the challenges of our time, you can focus on your purpose, which is related to the World Purpose. You can step into your calling as one who came to our planet to make a positive difference. This is integral to your healing path, your personal mission and the necessities of the world. In this new video reading, about work and relationships, we will use the astrological markers of our moment to point the way, and clear the way. Order all 12 signs of THE DHARMA here.

May 25 — The Day of the Bold One

If today is your birthday: Take in stride any situations where there’s some emotional turmoil, tap into the energy it contains, and use that in your own way. Any challenges which seem to involve a relationship can be resolved by you making peace with yourself, and with how you feel. Once you’re there, you have regained your personal power and are no longer at the mercy of outside forces. You are your own master, though you must turn your attention inward for that to work at its best.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets:: Of Gemini and Capricorn — and Pie for the People

Gemini is the happening place right now, home of the Sun, of Mercury, of Venus retrograde, and of the goddess Vesta.

Much of the year’s most daunting astrology has been in Capricorn. All that has happened to society the past three months we can attribute to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in that sign. Matters that fall under the Capricorn energy signature are not easily adjusted; they are more subject to breakdown and rebuilding, as we are seeing.

What happens in Gemini, though, is expressed through many adjustments, in a mentally dynamic environment.

Gemini’s form of ambition is the drive to be curious, and to take an experimental approach where many different ideas are considered. At times this can seem like too much meandering and not enough action, though that will not be a problem this week.

It would be great if all businesses did this.

Gemini planets Mercury and Vesta, and by extension Venus, are making contact with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, combining Gemini’s language ability, curiosity and exploration of alternatives with the gritty determination and building power of Capricorn.

The two groups of planets are joined by an aspect called a quincunx, also known as an inconjunct.

This is halfway between a trine and an opposition, resolving the problems inherent in those aspects: the trine is usually too easy and slippery, while the opposition can be too confrontational. The energy line of the quincunx will grant traction as well as the ability to be mutually accommodating toward a shared goal or intention.

If this is working right, there should be a lot of discussion both of theory and of method. Ideas need to be considered in theory, then put to the practical test immediately, and observations made.

Meanwhile, one outstanding aspect of the moment is the conjunction of Mars and Ceres in Pisces. This has a “rise up” quality — do not be content with being in the background, or of a lower caste. Be bold about asserting yourself. You don’t need authorization from on high, but rather a spirit of Power to the People, or as a local pizzeria owned by my friend Stefan put it, Pie for the People.

Or speaking of pizzerias, Village Pizza in Saugerties, NY, has issued a statement: “Anyone out there who is in need of food, or can’t afford groceries, or have children that need to eat, come see us 1 to 4 pm.” I cannot remember the last time I reached for my debit card so fast.

Ceres is about food and the connection where emotional reality meets nourishment. You can take this as guidance in your personal life, and also in the form of community service. One of the best ways to help the world right now is to make sure the people near you have food to eat, even if it’s just one other person that you manage to help. That is plenty, though you will likely be able to do much better.

May 24 — The Day of Magnifier

If today is your birthday:Who are you, really? Life is for learning, and you will be doing a lot of both learning and living this year. The prevailing message for you is to focus your attention inward before you strive to express yourself in the world. Establish a base camp in your own awareness, something that is especially challenging in the age of social media when nearly everything is externalized. Go inward, get into yourself, and make sure that you have a whole genre of thoughts you don’t share, and another that you do share but only in the form of art, writing, music or dance.

May 23 — The Day of Energetic Transmission

If today is your birthday: It’s vitally important that you study the whole matter of anger, and in particular, how you feel about women. Your emotions may be triggered by situations where you must either take authority or where you’re subject to it. Immediately notice this when it arises; you want your leadership abilities intact and closely refined, and for that to work, you need to be aware of what is troubling you and not bring it into a work environment. This is all about awareness and emotional self-regulation. And you may have some past business to complete that will help you in this project.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today Mars is moving into a conjunction with Ceres, in the sign Pisces. While this is exact Sunday afternoon, it’s in effect now, as the aspect is applying. This conjunction activates many other planets, so it may have many manifestations. In the widest sense, this is about your relationship to the Earth, to your body, your food, and how it makes you feel.

We could say a lot about this: how food changes mood, mental state, and physical experience. Some people have not noticed this; many have; some have noticed and eat like teenagers. Others have noticed and take note, and take some action. The world is in a health crisis right now, and though it may seem to be about a virus, it’s about much more: in particular, the state of the natural environment and the condition of our bodies relative to the food we imbibe.

This aspect suggests a need to consider one’s feelings about mom. That’s one of the basic psychological and emotional manifestations of Ceres, and it’s fundamental to human experience. There’s also a caution associated with being a mother and how you treat your kids. This is not an easy subject to discuss because it involves a storehouse of cultural baggage.

Anyway — notice how you feel, and how both food and circumstances lead you to feel. This is not about blame, but rather, awareness.

May 22 — The Day of the Serial Epic

If today is your birthday: Today’s Gemini New Moon on your birthday is an invitation to the future. It’s a challenge to bring all the facets of your talent, your energy, and your ideas into one focused state of being. Gather yourself! Simplify your life, and focus on what you know you love and desire. It’s been said many times that there is no time like the present. When it comes to living your life, there is no time but the present.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today is the Gemini New Moon. Exact at 1:39 pm EDT. The Moon and Sun are conjunct in the third degree of the sign, which is about “formalizing collective ideals.”

And what on Earth is that? It’s about gathering with others to honor what matters to all of us. We do this in small ways on Memorial Day, or July 4th. Our times call for something more relevant and genuine. Begin, personally, by knowing what matters to you. We think we know this, then life teaches us important things at unexpected turns.

We’re at one of those now. This New Moon is an invitation to deepen the dialog with yourself. It occurs close to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Gemini.

May 21 — The Day of Unfailing Vision

If today is your birthday: There is only so much ‘easy’ you want your life to be. There is only so much opportunity you want to come to you. It’s essential that you be in a position to reach, to strive, to make an effort, and to confront adversity. You don’t want to inherit wealth and if you do, don’t live like you’re rich. Live well, live honestly and ethically, and set an example in all that you do.

May 20 — The Day of Prolific Expression

If today is your birthday: Your life will proceed from the inside out. The decisions you make, the growth you experience, the revelations that happen, your deepest dreams — all of those are the source of your movement and your motivation. Don’t trust to worldly events, or wait for them, or hope they will help you. Trust, rather, the powerful currents in your psyche that are calling you to awaken and take action in your own life, and in the world. This may require claiming, or claiming back, what was yours, in any sense of the word.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets — extended birthdays for all of Gemini and forecast for Gemini rising: Today the Sun has entered Gemini, where it will have a busy little run.

Suddenly there’s lots going on in the sign of the twins: Venus is retrograde there, Mercury is in town, fire-goddess Vesta is still wrapping up business, and the lunar north node has recently arrived.

These are exciting times for those born with the Sun in Gemini, though much of your success will depend on how you steer and guide your air surfboard. At the top of the list, with eclipses arriving, make your own decisions, rather than letting them be made for you.

Venus retrograde is a daily reminder to know the difference between the present and the past. The past will be offering some gifts: old friends or lovers showing up, past issues resolving more easily than you imagined (as long as you acknowledge your feelings) and Mercury granting you enhanced power of communication.

However, one of the greatest gifts will come not through Gemini but rather Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn does best in the air signs, and that is where it will be through your solar return season. That means that every solar return of Gemini 2020 has Saturn in Aquarius. This is encouragement to face your fears, particularly of the future.

You must take over as your own authority and not trust to experts to make your decisions for you. Listen to what people say. Seek out guidance, as much of it in the form of original research as possible (which must take longer than 10 minutes — you might set a minimum limit of 10 hours for any ONE topic). You are responsible for your choices. Saturn in Aquarius delivers this message in the gentlest form. You are not being crushed with the burden of responsibility all at once. Rather, you’re being given the opportunity to see your options for what they are, and the choice of whether to trust yourself or not.

May 19 — The Day of Heartfelt Persuasion

If today is your birthday: You have the power to accomplish great things: the vision, the strength of personality, and fearlessness of controversy. The thing you must maintain contact with at all times is what is motivating you. What is the actual outcome that you want? Why is it important? What is your personal stake? You may indeed have the power to do the impossible. Just make sure you understand why you would want to.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Moon is in late Aries conjunct Eris. The Sun is about to enter Gemini, which takes place at 9:49 am EDT Wednesday. Today the Sun is what’s called void-of-course: it’s done making major aspects to major planets, and is in a sense drifting toward its next sign.

By one measure, the Moon will also be void after about 4:33 pm EDT (when it makes a square to Jupiter in Capricorn, its last aspect while in Aries). It’s unusual and short-lived to have both of the luminaries be void of course at the same time.

So the evening and overnight may seem to lack direction. Actually, these are useful intervals of time to consider the possibilities. It’s as if the gravity of thought is suspended. Much more is possible; less may seem to be standing in the way.

May 18 — The Day of Established Activism

If today is your birthday: Who you are is not who or what you identify with. It’s something much deeper, and that deeper thing is rarely accessed or honored. It’s much easier to use identification rather than deep self-inquiry. However, it would seem that you are being called to make that journey into yourself, to ask real questions and to seek a new depth of self-understanding. Do this humbly, and courageously. You cannot assume you know in advance the answer to any question sincerely asked.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Sun’s trine to Jupiter overnight is its last aspect before it changes signs on Wednesday. A trine is a 120-degree aspect, traditionally between planets placed in the same element, generally considered to be about ease and flow. That may be true, though closer to the point is the “use it or lose it” quality.

From Taurus to Capricorn, that would mean something like, put your resources to work. Give them a purpose. Don’t just sit on them. However, to do that takes effort, consciousness and a measure of risk.

The main event of the week is the Sun’s ingress of Gemini, while Venus is retrograde there. This will be an eventful run of the Sun through Gemini, including an interior conjunction with Venus on June 3. That is the peak of the Venus retrograde cycle; I will have more about it as we approach the moment.

One interesting fact about Venus retrograde in Gemini — which may come to the forefront as the Sun enters this sign — is a connection to 2004 and 2012.

Those were the last two times Venus was retrograde in Gemini, and they were both transits of Venus. Here’s an account of the 2004 event. Here is a resource from the 2012 event. If you have a thing for Avebury Henge, this article has some glorious photos.

Transits of Venus are quite rare. They come in pairs (less than once per century). This is the first Venus retrograde in Gemini after the most recent pair. Everything was supposed to happen in 2012 and all we got was a mass shooting in an elementary school. Now, it would seem that 2020 is a vent for everything that did not happen before.

May 17 — The Day of the Bottom Line

If today is your birthday: Taking responsibility for your choices is one of the deepest lessons of adulthood, and is what we might say differentiates one from being a child. On many different fronts, you’re being called to raise your awareness and engage with challenging family material as a conscious act. Grab hold of this while you can. Yes, it will involve making peace with certain things that you may not want to think about. But you will be better for it, and proceed into the future with greater maturity and carrying a lighter load.

May 16 — The Day of Outrageous Flair

If today is your birthday: Your primary task is to balance the overwhelming creative and intuitive flow you’re experiencing with maintaining your mental and emotional equilibrium. Imbalance is not a natural outgrowth of being creative, nor does it qualify one as an artist. Observe yourself thoughtfully. Test your perceptions over time. Devote yourself to living a calm and understated life, and you will make the most of your passion and your ideas.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon remains in Pisces, where it’s been since 9:24 pm EDT on Thursday. Today is notable for the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune, which cautions that things are not what they seem. Distortions are possible under this astrology. Mars in Pisces is also offering an abundance of the Pisces vibe.

Re Moon-Neptune, be aware of the feeling of false isolation. We may live on a lonely planet, though reach out to others if you need companionship.

Your imagination may be running wild and you don’t know it, hence the need for ongoing reality check — unless of course you’re at home writing a song or painting. Then the only test is whether you like what you’ve created, or have taken some pleasure in making it.

If you can ease back and get into nature, or art, or love, or beauty in any form, that would be a most excellent use of Moon-Neptune, and also the Venus-Neptune square going on at the same time. Where mind-altering substances are concerned, less is more.

May 15 — The Day of the Dreamweavers

If today is your birthday: Let go of any inhibition or desire to hold back. Connect with your motivation and your passion. Allow yourself to be curious, assertive, hungry, horny, angry, fierce, bold and alive. Just know what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it, and remember that any of these might translate into any other. Energy is energy. It’s up to you to emotionally self-regulate.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon entered Pisces at 9:24 pm EDT on Thursday. That’s an interesting corner of space these days, featuring the presence of Mars, Ceres, Nessus and Neptune. That’s an interesting blend of passions. The bottom line is taking responsibility for your feelings.

That’s not easy in a world where you might want to blame someone if you fell asleep and didn’t wash the dishes. Walk around mumbling, “The buck stops here, the buck stops here, the buck stops here.” That’s a term from poker. When you get the buck, you get to deal. If you’re feeling angry, notice whether any of that involves your mother. At this stage, though, it’s not about her — now it’s about you.

Under this astrology, particularly with Neptune in the picture, A Course in Miracles Lesson #5 might come in handy: “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

May 14 — The Day of the Modern Irrepressibles

If today is your birthday: You may not be sure whether to direct your life inwardly, or outwardly. The solution is that you will do both. Many of the most public people are also the most private. You must know where the line is, and how to back off from exposure and responsibility, and to retreat into yourself. And then when you then emerge in any kind of leadership or exemplary role, be exactly who you are — no pretense, no mask.

May 13 — The Day of Natural Appeal

If today is your birthday: The time has come to recognize that your relationship to yourself is your first and most important one. You could say it’s the only one. This is perhaps a difficult concept to grasp in a world where there is so much obsession on “the other.” You are the other. You are the one you are looking for. You are the lover and the beloved. If you explore this for a while, your other relationships will change — for the better.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Venus stationed retrograde overnight Tuesday to Wednesday (12:17 am EDT). This is a sublime transit, that defies easy explanation.

It’s intimate in an introspective way. The process extends through June 25, and calls for deep internal inquiry.

That is the value of its transit. As part of this, we’re going to experience topics about the value of money, and of the commodities we need to live.

The whole world has been shaken on the level of ‘economy’, which is affecting hundreds of millions of people personally. To some greater or lesser extent, every single person in an industrialized society is involved. Whether you’ve been devastated, or simply must change course, or see this as an opportunity, we are all involved.

Yet this adaptation can, in turn, lead to questions about what is truly meaningful and relevant. Why do you do what you do, or love what you love? Yet these are only fodder for the deeper question, which is about many sublime elements which simmer down to the questions, how do you treat yourself? How do you speak to yourself? Do you honor what is important to you? Do you believe your own feelings, and honor your priorities and values?

More in this article: The Dream of a Common Language — With Yourself.

May 12 — The Day of the Mischievous Maverick.

If today is your birthday: Remember that ultimately, everything you do is a demonstration of your devotion to your spiritual path: all you say, every choice you make, and how you respond to any situation. Remember that your life is about you, not about what anyone else says, does or believes. Your quest is to respond in the most appropriate way — and then to evaluate that carefully.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Earlier today, the Moon entered Aquarius, forming a conjunction with Saturn and Pallas Athena. To my ear, this describes a high level of taking adult responsibility for one’s perceptions. That means going past your parents’ idea of what is right, wrong or sensible, under which scenario you are the child.

As the adult in your life, you must think things through for yourself. You also have a responsibility for knowing whether and how you’re doing that. Pay attention to how you think when you’re overwhelmed versus when you feel calmed. Pay attention to your fear level. Notice how this is guiding your thoughts — and whether you address it directly.

Venus and Mars are active right now. Venus is about to station retrograde (see article below). Mars is about to change signs from Aquarius to Pisces, which happens overnight Tuesday to Wednesday. This will have the effect of making everything seem a little more personal than it may be; it might be good to take it that way, in the sense of knowing when you’re having a personal response or reaction (or overreaction).

We all like to think of ourselves as perfectly objective thinkers. What safeguards do you have in place, to ensure that this is true?

May 11 — The Day of the Frequent Flyer

If today is your birthday: Take the chance to say what you need to say. While it’s true that you can “always say something,” the timing of statements is crucial, and they can be much less effective if there is a delay. Yes, this may feel daring, though I suggest you make it a life policy to say what you need to say when you can. Then, you may study the effects of that approach to existence.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today we are reposting my Monday Morning lead article as Daily Planets.

The Dream of a Common Language — With Yourself

On Wednesday, Venus turns to retrograde motion in Gemini. The retrograde effect has been present for a while, as Venus and Vesta have been moving through Gemini in a long conjunction, which culminates over the next couple of weeks. The retrograde lasts through June 25, though Venus finally leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on Aug. 7. I consider that the duration of the process.

I have a number of presentations on Venus retrograde conjunct Vesta, including a special edition of Tantra Studio focused exclusively on the topic, from a deep healing perspective. The entire DHARMA series of readings looks at the retrograde from the the perspectives of the Sun and rising signs (that comes with many other resources). There is a lot to this event.

What I have for you today is a simple message from this Venus retrograde: it is about reconciling with yourself.

It’s my observation that many people are in some state of conflict with themselves, often profound and just as often concealed or covert. Yet it is still conflict, and it can be debilitating. Inner strife is rarely seen for what it is; rarely given a name. More often it is projected into relationships, so it seems that’s where it’s happening.

Yet I would propose that with some honest reflection, we might agree that much of the struggle in relationships is some form of externalized inner crisis.

The quality of the inner dialog can be described by Gemini. Those two twins are within all of us. They either get along or they do not. Venus retrograde in Gemini will help you notice where you stand with yourself. It will draw your dialog inward. Vesta will help with that, as it can put some distance between you and the people who might distract you from your inner quest.

It can be uncomfortable, odd or embarrassing for people to reclaim their relationship with themselves. Many factors tend to separate people from their own inner awareness, most notably relationships and professional commitments. We are entering an extended opportunity to pause some of that and rekindle the inner fire.

It’s my observation that many people are in some state of conflict with themselves, often profound and just as often concealed or covert. Yet it is still conflict, and it can be debilitating. Inner strife is rarely seen for what it is; rarely given a name. More often it is projected into relationships, so it seems that’s where it’s happening.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Part of what many people learn in therapy is how to prioritize their own feelings, and also, how to communicate with themselves in a gentler way. Venus will facilitate that, as it brings a measure of sensitivity and the ability to put feelings into words.

It’s noteworthy that Venus and Vesta are holding a long square aspect to Neptune. That suggests that an important part of this process is learning how to be honest with yourself. There are many sly forms of self-deception. Lots of them are disguised as adaptation: for example, doing what is necessary for the sake of a relationship.

Now is a good time to skip that part, and do what is necessary for your relationship to yourself. Make the space to do this. Define this mission as an organizing principle of your time and your space (a Vesta concept).

I have noticed in many years of doing depth work with my clients that those with prominent Vesta have a tendency to prepare partners for their next relationship experience. That might be for the love of their life, for marriage, for the person they have a child with, or even a change in sexual orientation.

We can take that principle and apply it inward. This is the time to prepare for the next phase of your relationship with yourself. There are many facets to this, though gaining some inner peace and the ability to live in harmony with yourself is really the crux of the matter. So too is understanding what you’re trying to say to yourself. And it’s necessary to devote oneself to the healing matters you know you must attend to — and that being in a relationship might have interfered with.

You might say that this retrograde is about fulfilling the dream of a common language — with yourself. I describe this in detail in my Tantra Studio presentation from a few weeks ago. It’s only an hour long and has received excellent feedback.

May 10 — The Day of Lone Movers

If today is your birthday: Honesty with yourself about what you truly want, and a commitment to living that truth, are a powerful source of strength that can feed your aspirations. The more open you become, the more united your energies, and the farther you can reach. This process begins with learning to understand your most deep-seated emotions and your instincts, minus the judgment and the guilt and the hesitation. Once you get past that, you’ll have a lot more freedom.

May 9 — The Day of Moral Courage

If today is your birthday: Your life will be easier if you learn how to communicate peacefully about important issues, particularly those of a spiritual nature. This would seem to be a tall order on a planet where fear is the dominant emotion, yet really, it’s easier than it’s made out to be. And once you learn how to state clearly what is true for you, you will set a boundary where your bottom line is known and understood. Just make sure you are able to change and adapt your ideas about life as the situation calls for it.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Finally we’re up to The Day of Moral Courage. Wow, that was a long year. We’re also gradually approaching the station-retrograde of Venus, which begins Wednesday and lasts through June 25. (The most recent Venus retrograde was in the autumn of 2018.)

Today’s gleaming aspect, however, is Mercury trine Pluto. In a natal chart, this aspect describes originality, persuasiveness and talent in communications, particularly writing. Some of that is available to everyone today.

It’s also going to be coming from the environment, so you will want to use your mind to filter what you perceive and make sure that it’s not merely convincing and original, but also honest. There can be a deceptive quality to trines. Contact between Mercury and Pluto can be so convincing that you will need to pay attention, here in our age of mass deception.

This is highlighted today by the Moon’s square to Neptune. This can be slippery, and foster an environment where it’s difficult to discern

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue, New York

Venus Retrograde; Venus and Vesta in Gemini

If you are curious about the spiritual implications of Venus retrograde, here is a special presentation for you. This is about one hour, and covers Venus retrograde in conjunction with Vesta, in the sign Gemini. There’s a lot in here about learning how to communicate with yourself.

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May 8 — The Day of the Outspoken Spokesperson

If today is your birthday: Allow momentum to carry you until you get into the groove and find your sense of direction. If you remain open to the possibilities, that will happen naturally. There is something happening that you cannot force or push, but must in a sense allow and invite. Once you find your direction and rhythm, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. That will keep you on course.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon entered Sagittarius this morning at 3:15 am EDT, ending the emotional Scorpio Full Moon.

The Sagg phase should be a little more upbeat and the Moon’s sextile to Saturn in Aquarius provides some direction and at least the starting point of your plan. Remember what you woke up thinking about this morning, because it’s likely the idea that will guide you through the day and into the weekend.

You will need this self-given information as the Moon makes its way into a square to Neptune on Saturday. Be careful in particular of overly optimistic or rosy assumptions about your plans. Maintain a realistic and disciplined mental posture.

If you find yourself brainstorming, catch some of the lightning in a bottle — you will have at least one good idea amidst the fountain. It’s a big world and there are a lot of possibilities. Keep your focus.

May 7 — The Day of Devotion by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Allow the forces of nature to shift the trajectory of your life and free you from any blockages, deadlocks or impasses. Keep your energy moving, and be not afraid of honest confrontation. Your viewpoint is strengthened by those whose views are different from your own.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Scorpio Full Moon took place this morning at 6:45 am EDT. Major lunations, of which this is one, have come with shifts and turning points in the pandemic crisis.

In Scorpio, the bright light of the Moon has been shining light on alternative points of view, and also giving a voice to the death-obsession of our society. This would be a healthy conversation were it connected honestly to the personal fears of people, and if some of its spiritual power were harnessed. Mostly we are seeing attempted confrontations.

As of this writing, the Moon is also opposite Mercury. The truth, or the idea that pushes you in its direction, may not be “intuitive.” Yet what is intuitive is also what is set within a particular paradigm, where there are specific rules about what is acceptable.

It’s a little like a person who is born into a family of accountants figuring out they’re an artist. Their family may think they’re a freak, and try to send them to bean counting school when really what they want is nothing more than paint and canvas.

Any time you’re in a confrontation or dispute, remember the paradigm issue. Certain paradigms discount certain facts, or assemble them into different patterns. Paradigms function as filters, and present worldviews that cannot usually be reconciled. So don’t bang your head against anyone’s wall. Work to strengthen your knowledge base, and be the first one to challenge your position.

May 6 — The Day of Materialized Fantasy by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Work with the element of surprise; make the unexpected your friend. There is certainly enough of it to go around these days. If you have to veer or change plans, immediately adapt and maximize the opportunity that this presents to you. You’re likely to get positive results pretty quickly. If you find your efforts frustrated, make an adjustment sooner rather than later.

Daily Planets: On the way to the Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday, the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus.This is a high energy aspect, on the way to an even more impressive Full Moon. Uranus aspects come with that flourish with unexpected developments.

Meanwhile, the Moon is building to exact full phase, and the Moon-Sun opposition Thursday at 6:45 am ET. Back with more in Thursday’s edition.

May 5 — The Day of Practical Awakening by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Face personal matters with awareness and optimism and you will take away the power they seem to hold over you. Life is not a series of tests but rather an ongoing experiment that has meaning only because you choose to participate. Challenges of the emotional realm cannot really be answered there. Responses on the spiritual level are much more helpful.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Libra Moon enters the aspect pattern associated with all the world’s current mishegas. For some this will be an emotionally trying day, and others will feel excited by rising to the challenge.

While there are some things you can only do alone, be cautious of any thought that you don’t have support or that you must “go it alone.” Only try to do so if you’re happy about it, in the spirit if, “I want to accomplish this thing by myself.” If you’re despairing, frustrated or struggling, open up to someone you trust.

Note that despite the potentially deep and dire emotional cast of the day’s aspects, there is an exaggeration involved. Something seems larger than it is. And at the same time, there are resources and ideas available for you to draw on. As is written in A Course in Miracles, “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”

May 4 — The Day of Nurturing Support by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Today’s conjunction of Mercury and the Sun on your birthday is the promise of beautiful things to come, and reveals the ways in which you’re making your mark on the world. Develop the projects that are already succeeding and have momentum and bring them to a new level. Once you commit, events will proceed quickly.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Mercury aligns with the Sun today at 5:41 pm EDT. This is called the exterior conjunction (previously called the superior conjunction) because Mercury is on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth.

When this happens, you know that we’re halfway between Mercury retrogrades. Mercury stationed direct on March 9, and stations retrograde on June 18, in the midst of the solstice cluster of events.

That cluster includes Mercury direct, Mars entering Aries, Venus stationing direct, and an eclipse of the Sun, among others. That is the next big storm that’s blowing in — approximately the third and fourth weeks of June, which are a way off but as ever, approaching steadily.

As for today: We are now in the season of The May — what some call Beltane. This is the first cross-quarter day of the solar year, coming about 45 days after the Sun has entered Aries. Sometimes it’s called the midspring holiday. Other traditions consider this the beginning of summer. The theme is celebrating the renewal of life, and the rebirth of our forests and gardens and farms, and bodies.

Imagine all those plants all over the landscape, pushing up out of the ground. Imagine all those trees coming into bloom and developing leaves and new branches. That’s a lot of energy moving, and Beltane is the time to celebrate it.

Beltane is often counted as the midpoint of Taurus, though this year there are solar events on either side of that marker. Monday, Mercury and the Sun form their exterior conjunction (when Mercury is, from our point of view, directly behind the Sun). Then on Thursday, the Moon opposes the Sun from the sign Scorpio, which is the Full Moon. More on that tomorrow.

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May 3 — The Day of Social Realism by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Learn to speak clearly and honestly about what troubles you, and you will remove much of the power that your situation holds over you. This is particularly true of issues lingering from the past. It is a learning process, and much easier than mastering the violin. To identify and name something is to take a major step toward resolving it. Do that even a little, and you will discover that you have ideas for your future. Resolve that nothing will hold you back. Truth is your friend.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Mercury comes into the spotlight today, with Venus waiting in the wings. Mercury and the Sun align in a conjunction Monday, though it’s in full force and effect today.

The way that manifests is Mercury’s theme of the day. It is in a perfect sextile to Nessus. This is an aspect of simpatico and communication. Nessus is in Pisces and Mercury is in Taurus. Earth signs and water signs are compatible, particularly when not in opposition to one another.

Nessus is a centaur planet (a little like Chiron), covers the most taboo themes of our era, including healing from sexual injury, emotional betrayal, sexually transmitted infections, and the feelings around them. Too often, these topics lurk in the background of awareness, unable to find any tangible form where they can be evaluated and worked with.

Mercury in Taurus, coupled with the Sun, is a good way to make ideas tangible enough to speak about, or write about. This is astrology where you can get to the bottom of what’s troubling you, especially if you’ve had difficulty naming it in the past.

This could represent progress on anything you want to talk about but have difficulty doing so. Figure out what that difficult is. What is the nature of the resistance? Is it shame, guilt, embarrassment, or something else? Go toward the resistance or seeming obstacle rather than away from it. This may seem bold, but only for a moment. There is a gift there for you.

Yet this is an aspect that you must use or lose; the opportunity is here, and you can take it. Because Venus is making a long square to Neptune (on the way to moving retrograde on the 13th). This is a caution that what we think of as the truth comes out in layers. Often there are two competing narratives. In any event, seeking your personal truth requires daily commitment, which must hold whether you think you’re making progress or not.

May 2 — The Day of Human Observation by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: Nourish what works, and divest from what does not. Feed your wholesome habits, and starve your detrimental ones. What you do will gather momentum, whatever it may be. So invest your time and energy wisely, and make a point of knocking off the tracks anything you don’t want before it gains too much energy. If you can do this, a measure of ease will replace the strenuous effort you’re accustomed to. As for some great success, the name of the game is cooperation.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The Moon entered Virgo overnight, and will make many aspects through the day and into Sunday. There’s a lot happening in the Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, and the Moon is going to absorb it like a sponge.

Focus on what you want, and be sure to choose wisely. What you initiate today will grow and gain momentum. What seem to be obstacles are really more like steep ramps where others have kindly left some gritty paint so you don’t slip.

Face any challenges with the help of others — you don’t need to go it alone. Friends will be interested in assisting you, and may have some brilliant ideas you would not have seen without consulting them.

May 1 — The Day of Ironic Insight by Eric Francis

If today is your birthday: It’s been said you’re not crazy if you can communicate your thoughts to someone else. That, however, is your responsibility, and your privilege. It’s not up to others to reach out to you with their understanding. If you want to be felt, and experienced, and appreciated, translate yourself into a universal language that anyone can understand. Of course, to do that you need to know what you’re on about. That’s the place to start.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today the Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is the star of the sky. As I described in yesterday’s post, there is an original breakthrough indicated. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Anyway this is a rather useful aspect for artists, writers or inventors. It’s also an astrological orgasm — ripples of energy running through the physical body. Apropos of erotic feelings and experiences, Venus is in the process of making a very, very long square to Neptune. Due to the Venus retrograde beginning in two weeks, this square will last about a month.

It’s a challenge to be emotionally honest with yourself. If something is bothering you, and the feeling is lurking around, ask yourself what it is, and listen for the answer. It may not come quickly, and yet you may already know it.

Yesterday I was musing over the possibilities for what might happen in the public sphere under Mercury conjunct Uranus. I woke up to news that the Indian Point nuclear power plant was shut down today. I knew this was in process, but it always seems to be five years away.

Well, it actually happened today — Unit 2, which produced energy for 45 years, closed permanently. Unit 3 is scheduled to be shut down in about one year from now. Unit 1 closed down in 1974 after 12 years of service because it did not meet regulatory requirements. This is about the best news I could imagine. Indian Point, located 50 miles north of Manhattan, is a menace to existence. It’s located on not one but two fault lines.

It will cost $2.3 billion and 13 years to decommission the site.

What happened in your world today? Write to editors@planetwaves.net.

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