Daily Astrology: November 2020

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Monday, Nov. 30 — The Day of Measured Attack

If today is your birthday: Today’s lunar eclipse signals a breakthrough in your perception of the role significant others play in your life – and how it relates to emotional imprints from your past. If you recognize any familiar sense of helplessness or unjust balance of power, take heart. You’re at a threshold of healing and greater freedom: individually, and in your approach relationships in general. True freedom requires the willingness to take responsibility. That may mean willingness to reconcile difficult facets of your personal history, and withdraw old shadows you’ve projected onto others without realizing it. Break that spell, and what’s been hard to express will naturally flow. — Victoria Emory

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Sunday, Nov. 29 — The Day of the Instigator

If today is your birthday: You may feel like everything is about to burst — and so what if it is? Let it rain. You have been carrying a great deal of tension, and you need to blow it off, using some approach that does not hurt anyone. It’s not that you need anyone’s approval; you may not get that, and that cannot matter. You need to do your thing, which is always an experiment. So the potential of “not succeeding” is a requirement, not a drawback. This applies to relationships as well. What does not work is the thing to notice. No need to fix anything; just make a note of the status of the situation, and observe what comes next, and next. — efc

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Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon (with the Gemini Full Moon), at 4:30 am EST, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020

The eclipse will be visible but not especially dramatic anywhere there are clear sides, and you have a view of the Moon. The Moon will appear to change colors and/or dim slightly, as this is is a penumbral eclipse — the Moon passing through the very edge (the penumbra) of the Earth’s shadow.

The Gemini Full Moon passes through the edge of the Earth’s shadow, or penumbra. This is called a penumbral eclipse of the Moon. It’s a close-to-exact alignment of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun, with the Earth standing between the two luminaries.

The aspect pattern of this event brings in Chiron, Uranus and Nessus — three high-energy points. Most significant in my opinion is Nessus, as the Full Moon will be square this centaur planet associated with abuse legacy. Here is my best article about Nessus.

We are currently living through a condition of mass abuse, including the abuse of the public trust. Nessus in my experience also embraces the discussion of disease vectors, including sexually transmitted infections. There is almost always a guilt factor where Nessus is concerned.

Eclipses can serve as a lifting of the veil — that is, getting a look behind the scenes of something.

With Nessus square the lunar eclipse, we are getting the message to stop and examine these factors, which are all relevant now, particularly the abuse of trust where a medical condition is concerned. Nessus also brings in the hazy themes of consent and non-consent, particularly where an exchange of some kind is involved, where deception is involved, and where betrayal is a factor. Hardly anyone likes to look at these matters, for fear what they will find.

Eclipses can serve as a lifting of the veil — that is, getting a look behind the scenes of something. The projection quality of the Moon is temporarily suspended and it’s a little easier to look right at something and see it for what it is, or to feel it for what it is. What I suggest that you tune into, in the spirit of Nessus, is all the ways that, first, your trust is being abused, and that, second, you or others have a tendency to return to a situation where you know this is going to happen. Right now our whole society is being dragged through this drama.

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Saturday, Nov. 28 — The Day of the Lone Wolf

If today is your birthday: Let easy things be easy, and approach difficult things with an open mind. Much human struggle is caused by turning simple matters into complicated dramas. Nobody needs that, and nobody would want it if they understood what they are doing. Therefore, let easy things be easy. If you think you might have a problem, ask yourself if you’ve solved it before. If you need help, ask for help from someone you know is dependable. Most significantly, perceived problems almost always present opportunities. Making the most of them is an art, which is the art of success. — efc

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Friday, Nov. 27 — The Day of Electrifying Excitement

If today is your birthday: You will live up to the “electrifying excitement” name of your birthday this year, as an unusual, rather amazing aspect pattern takes place today. I describe this in detail in the Thursday-Friday notes below. Most people prefer stability to excitement in their lives. However, the notion ‘stable’ is not happening so much these days, though you’re aligned to get the benefits of allowing into your life what might seem random, unexpected or even inappropriate. You need different, and that includes different for its own sake: people, scenery, activities, and the room to experiment in what may seem like radical ways. Feed your mind. Challenge your confidence. — efc

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Thursday-Friday Notes

Jealousy is connected to many issues, and it’s one of those truly evolutionary discussions. In other words, jealousy is a teacher of life. As soon as you adopt it as a teacher, you begin to get the rewards in terms of concentrated growth, and embarking on a path of liberation.

Today the Aries Moon has squared the Capricorn alignment of Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and goes void of course at 6:46 pm EST. The Moon ingresses Taurus at 10:43 pm EST. That is when things get interesting. Friday, Venus in Scorpio forms an exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

Eric in a recent meeting of the Planet Waves editors.

The Moon sweeps through the aspect pattern as this happens. So the way to say the full aspect will be: Moon conjunct Uranus, opposite Venus. Any time you see Uranus in aspect pattern, you can assume that the developments will be exciting or at least interesting, surprising and potentially a bit disruptive to the known order of reality. When Venus and Uranus get together, you move onto the Sexy-Kinky scale. This is especially so when the signs involved are Taurus and Scorpio.

In case nobody has reminded you lately, you live in a body, which has feelings, needs, desires and, hormones. You may be more or less frisky or experimental, though this aspect pattern encourages you to lean in the direction of both.

There is an interesting comment coming from another pattern involving Mercury — equally intriguing. It involves a conjunction of Mercury and Juno in Scorpio, going on at the same time as the above. Mercury to Juno highlights the problem of jealousy, particularly when in Scorpio. For nearly everyone, the thing that prevents them from having a more interesting sexual life is either 1. The fear of their own jealousy, and 2. The fear of their partner’s jealousy. This is rarely talked about, the topic is so explosive.

However, it’s worth an ongoing discussion, if you can manage it (and I know that in some relationships it does not seem possible). However, you can always inform yourself and nudge matters in the right direction. And you can err on the side of your own sexual freedom of mind and spirit, and imagination, so that you’re preserving your right to be alive.

Jealousy is connected to many issues, and it’s one of those truly evolutionary discussions. In other words, jealousy is a teacher of life. As soon as you adopt it as a teacher, you begin to get the rewards in terms of concentrated growth, and entering a path of liberation. Without writing a tome on the subject today, I can point you to two articles that may be helpful.

One is part one of It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Self. (There is lots and lots and lots in there.) Second, one of the great masterpieces ever published to Planet Waves is called Jealousy and the Abyss by William Pennell Rock. This is not casual reading. It might take you a week to process on the first pass, and then 10 years to fully integrate — though it’s worth the effort. I was given that article by my therapist in 1992 and it has shaped my entire worldview and concept of relationships and why I have them.

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Thursday, Nov. 26 — The Day of Distinctive Manner

If today is your birthday: Make the most of restrictions. It is possible for you to do more with an eight color box of crayons than others can do with 64 colors. Often being a little cramped leads you to be more creative, clever, or inventive. This is almost always the case. So work within the space and the time you have. Strive for efficiency and multiply your economy. You are a person who prefers to move in leaps and bounds, though you don’t need to do that now — there will be opportunities in the future, and the focus and discipline you gain this year will help you do great things, now and later on. Presently you do not need vast possibilities. You only need some space to work and experiment — and a sound purpose for doing so. — efc

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Wednesday, Nov. 25 — The Day of Sustained Effort

If today is your birthday: You will thrive on a measure of chaos, but only just enough. I once saw a David Lynch talk (in person) where he was talking about the window that is wide open when we are young, the portal to the beyond, through which so much can enter. And he suggested, as do I, that the window must be left open, just a little, to allow in the fresh and wild winds of creativity. These are always a little unpredictable, sometimes a lot, and you don’t need much to get the job done. You will find, as the year progresses — sooner rather than later — that your mind finds its own natural balance, structure and organization. This will be a welcome relief from the kinds of turmoil you’ve lived with since late 2017 and possibly before. Think of everything as part art, part science, and part sport. — efc

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Tuesday Notes

Today the Moon will conjoin Chiron. Chiron transits have a knack for bringing up everything that is unresolved at that point. It’s possible to suppress things for a while, however, then the next transit arrives and the issues will come up either a little more intensely, or be compounded. Chiron transits are like checkpoints and opportunities to catch up with yourself.

Chiron serves to raise awareness of what we need to work through, first by focusing attention, which makes the issues evident, or precipitates a crisis. In its most literal form, Chiron represents medical issues, as Chiron taught the medical arts to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Chiron had the unusual role of being both a physician, surgeon and teacher, as well as mentor to the greatest heroes of Greek lore.

So where we are today is interesting in light of this. Our society is faced with what seems to be a medical crisis. Yet this crisis is a distraction from every other issue, which include the consequences of being the most medicated population in the world, as well as one contaminated by wave after wave of toxins dumped on our food, our land and put into our bodies. Our medical system knows next to nothing about healing, and as I am discovering, even less about medicine. — efc

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Tues., Nov. 24 — The Day of Contentious Conviviality

If today is your birthday: Discovering who you are often comes as a shock. I know it’s supposed to waft in like the essence of incense, and you’re filled with enlightenment. Or you climb a mountain and there, you discover your true essence and that of God. Well, not usually. Most of the time, awakening is a fraught, shocking experience of coming out of a groggy state. Awakening challenges all that you think you know about yourself, leaving you wondering why you’re alive — and then, through that, you figure it out. Self-discovery can be annoying, inconvenient, and at the same time, liberating in a way you never imagined possible. — efc

Monday Notes — Neptune, Mercury, the Moon in Pisces

The Sun is now solidly in Sagittarius, if such a thing is possible. Adding to the mystique, the Moon is conjunct Neptune today (it was exact at 10:31 am ET, though Neptune has the widest orb of all the planets, so it’s really all day and into the evening. That has a clairvoyant feeling, though it can be confusing or delusional. Make sure you take your time deciding what is true and what is not — don’t decide on the spot, if something really matters. Mercury in Scorpio is working its way into a trine with Neptune in Pisces. This is the most “clairvoyant” aspect of the lot, especially with Scorpio and Pisces involved. Keep yourself tuned to the higher vibrations of peace, love and understanding — that’s when intuition is the most accurate. Remember it never yells, or scares you. Intuition only tugs gently, whispers, or suggests a question you might ask. — efc

Monday, November 23 — The Day of the Irreverence

If today is your birthday: Confront your insecurities at every turn. They are more likely to manifest in small ways than in large ways, though both are possible. Most of them came from your family, in the form of their self-doubts infused into you from birth. The problem is, they feel real. They are convincing, and they have a creative quality, which you must learn to use to your favor and not against. On the strictly physical level, make sure that your home environment supports your health and wellbeing. Things like air quality, toxic chemicals under the sink, the types of soaps and shampoo-type products that you use: all are sources of potential infiltration. Keep it simple. Stay as close to soap, water and vinegar as you can. — efc

Sunday, November 22 — The Day of the Liberator

If today is your birthday: All action is a form of self-expression. And effective action in the outer world arises naturally, when there’s no contradiction between your conscious desire and what may be called your subconscious mind. This year some of the most powerful actions you can take will be internal. Your need for creative freedom is profound, and has likely been pretty frustrated in recent months. Do not lose faith in your vision. You must take time, however, to look inside and examine what’s been swept under the carpet. You’re not big on secrets, so don’t keep any from yourself. Draw deeply from that spiritual well at the center of your soul. — Victoria Emory

Saturday Notes

The big event of the day is that the Sun enters the mutable sign Sagittarius at 3:39:39 pm EST. A few hours ahead of that — at about 8:22 am EST — Venus entered Scorpio, which will be in effect for much of the Sun’s journey through Sagg. I will have more to say in a new edition of Planet Waves TV planned for a few hours from now, which I will post here. If you are born under the sign Sagittarius, here is one of my best pieces of writing ever on the topic of your sign from the 2017 annual edition of Planet Waves. Please check back for your video! — efc

Saturday, November 21 — The Day of Elegance

If today is your birthday: You live along the borderland between two different realities. The message of your solar return chart is to be physical and emotional before you are spiritual. It’s too easy to jump into the realm of theory, or of ideals, and to leave behind the necessary tasks that exist on the seemingly denser levels of human experience. But you don’t want any shortcuts. You don’t want to evade your responsibility to yourself, or the privileges and pleasures — along with the challenges — that come from being a living, breathing, feeling creature. Why would you want to? Well, life is not easy on the planet now. Yet it does not get any easier for escaping your own potential and your deepest held commitments. — efc

Friday, November 20 — The Day of the Scrambler

If today is your birthday: Ready, get set and go for what you know you need, in terms of resources and changes on the home front. Your ‘attractor factor’ should be considerable in the coming year, so don’t sell yourself short. Harmony does not equate with conflict-phobia — you’re not known as a push-over, so no need to start now. Chances are you’ve been working hard for quite a while, so take stock of your talents, what you have to offer and what satisfaction means to you. In other words: know your worth. The time to act is fast approaching. — Victoria Emory

Thursday, November 19 — The Day of the Reformer

If today is your birthday: Your mind is intensely powerful and your greatest resource; never forget that. Focus your attention with purpose this year, and you’ll find you’re able to make solid headway toward long-term goals. That’s not to say deny your emotional reality; just know that the better you feel about your own personal achievements, the easier it will be to work through relationship issues or other insecurities. Seize control in the moment, and recognize opportunities as they appear. Discipline and commitment are called for, but well worth the rewards. — Victoria Emory

Wednesday Notes

This week, the Sun is making its slide through the end of Scorpio. The Sun makes its final aspect while in Scorpio — a sextile to Saturn. This is exact at 2:17 am EST on Thursday, Nov. 19.

After that, the Sun goes void-of-course until it ingresses Sagittarius on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 3:39:39 pm EST.

The Sun’s applying aspect to Saturn is an opportunity to corral important organizing projects this week. Get yourself focused. The blend of the Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Saturn is serious, deep and (in my view) delicious astrology. It’s a dark, musky form of feminine that’s infused with psychological awareness and a sense of purpose.

Then the Sun goes void for part of the weekend, which offers time to drift and relax a little. There are those moments when you really do need to rest on your laurels. This is one of them.

The Sun making its sextile to Saturn Thursday is accompanied by the Moon conjunct the Capricorn stellium, which has an emotionally penetrating quality. Let yourself be driven by necessity, of whatever kind moves you. Necessity might feel like desire, though it’s a more compelling current. Shed the guilt and give yourself what you need.

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Scorpio Horoscope This Week (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — There is such a thing as good enough. Emphasize the positive, and remember what you need — especially from people. There is an old expression, “Waste not, want not.” It is based on an earlier expression, “Waste makes woeful want.” Consider everything precious right now, including desire. Imagine that desire is something you use with precision, rather than generally. Wanting is a tool, a power, that will always get some result. Therefore, use it wisely, and with premeditation. Remember that any form of focused thought is a form of desire, and you have plenty of that going on. This is the moment to be cautious and conscious about what you allow into your mind. It’s also a time to monitor your speech, and keep your words and images positive. This is a habit of thought that can be cultivated. It’s true there is plenty to be negative about right now, which is all the more reason to emphasize what is good, what is true, what is beautiful and most of all, what is truly necessary.

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Wednesday, November 18 — The Day of Temperament

If today is your birthday: If you are ready and willing to change, you will learn and grow. If you resist change and growth, you will seem to face unfair challenges. Your chart is all about how you position yourself, emotionally, mentally and physically. Give yourself enough of whatever you can to make sure that you stay reasonably in balance, especially time to think and reflect. We live in a time when quality of thought is overlooked. Yet at the same time, people consider themselves gourmet chefs and lovers of fine food, and only eat at McDonald’s. It’s time to cook for yourself. — efc

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Tuesday, November 17 — The Day of the Bridge

If today is your birthday: Stay close to the line between idealism and pragmatism: what you want in a perfect world, and what you can do today. Gradually, you will bring these two things together. Daily action must be informed by a wider vision and sense of purpose. Visions for the world must be engaged on the most practical level of carpentry, plumbing and social organizing. These are neighbors, not opposites. And you have access to both expressions of energy and the ability to mingle them for a powerful result in your life and the world around you. — efc

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Monday Notes

Briefly for now! I am writing the horoscope. Today the Sagittarius Moon is square Neptune. I’ve interpreted this in the birthday reading below, if you want to see how it would translate into a personal context. Adding a bit, in a mundane rather than personal growth context, the astrology of the day says don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. If you want to know something, find out for yourself. The world seems to be at the intersection of being sick of being lied to, and not wanting to do the work of actually finding out. It is up to you to find out. Your troubles begin when you farm out your quest for the truth. — efc

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Monday, November 16 — The Day of the Boss

If today is your birthday: One would think that the matter of what is important to you could evade controversy. Yet personal priorities are one of the most controversial matters in relationships, as well as in social life. Your chart is calling for grit, pragmatism and sincerity on the matter of your needs, desires and goals. You will be able to tell if you are squirming a little: that’s the thing you really want. It would seem that others and potentially you feel that you’re too wild-eyed and optimistic about what you might do with your life. I suggest, if that is true, that you get out of that mode, and give yourself the space to dream, to try, and to journey. There are no guarantees in life — that is part of the fun. — efc

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Sunday, November 15 — The Day of the Encounter

If today is your birthday: This New Moon birthday heralds a pivotal new chapter in your evolutionary path. Yet to seize the opportunities available, you’ll first need to unpack some complex power dynamics in key relationships. Hidden agendas or secrets must be confronted, and the place to start is within. Get clear about your true desires, perhaps obsessive patterns, and any underlying fears involved. Karmic ties are a two-way street and life’s greatest teachers, and whatever’s going on has a lot of history behind it. You’ll be surprised, however, how honest communication paves the way for major growth in other areas of your life. — Victoria Emory

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Saturday, Nov. 14 — The Day of the Investigator

If today is your birthday: It will be tempting to stay in the past, or to be attached to past goals. You have been through so much, and it’s time to move on, into new territory. That means moving forward. Yes there will be familiar material, people you know, and past history to resolve. Yet what matters is that you have new goals and new destinations. This would be true even if you stay within your same general milieu. Allow others to have an influence on you and get you out of your set patterns. You need change, and a measure of freedom, so you can grow, evolve and have fun. — efc

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Friday, Nov. 13 — The Day of the Commentator

If today is your birthday: Mars stationing direct on your birthday represents a turning of the tide. If it’s been tough going on the job or with your well-being, you now know what needs to be dealt with in order for you to confidently move forward. An opening is opening both before you, and within you. Slowly, begin to take charge, and make the most of opportunities arising in your life, your work, and your relationship to your health (which, of course, enables you to go about your business). Trust the incoming clarity and cooperation you’ll find flowing between your heart and mind as you make your decisions. Did one of these cause the other? It’s hard to say. But when you’re deep in the flow of life, effortlessly handling your affairs, it really ceases to matter. — Spencer

Thursday Notes: Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

Today is the third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction for this 13-year cycle. This time around, the conjunction occurred three times: in April, June and today. Here are some thoughts.

Jupiter is the expansive force. It magnifies and makes things larger. Its influence makes books longer, and houses bigger, and it magnifies the presence of whatever it contacts. Jupiter is also about the collected knowledge and wisdom of humanity. It is the ambassador to foreign lands. In classical and Vedic astrology, it is associated with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer.

However, the thing about Jupiter is that it can at times represent a whole lot of nothing. Or it can represent the exaggeration of an idea.

Pluto is the unstoppable force. Associated with the shadowy depths of the underworld, Pluto is a deep presence in the psyche that drives growth forward when nothing else will. It often works on an “unconscious” level, meaning that people often try to tune it out. Pluto tends to be a source of fear, particularly of change, of sex, and of death.

So one thing we must be conscious of is exaggerated or oversold fears. The truth always exists in a relationship to fear. Track this carefully.

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Thursday, Nov. 12 — The Day of Sensual Charisma

If today is your birthday: Know the difference between truly understanding something and thinking that you do. Know the difference between knowledge and presumption. It’s easy to spot: if you have a position, try to explain yourself, and then account for where you gathered each factual element. If you can explain something to (for example) a teenager, and also account for your sources, you know something. You know even more when you can argue both sides of an issue competently. That said, bear in mind that you have an inner source of knowledge that will be active this year. It will be close to infallible; the potential errors involve listening and interpretation. Inner knowledge must be verified if you are new to this source, so that you can see how it works, and understand the mistakes you are prone to make. This is training yourself to use your innate guidance system. —efc

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Wednesday, Nov. 11 — The Day of the Underground

If today is your birthday: Keep your mind on the big picture. You run the risk of getting caught in the small details, which are important but which are not the end goal. The thing you want, the thing you’re working toward, is much larger: it’s about your connection to the world. To connect means to open up, and that implies vulnerability. You are in a sensitive spot where this is concerned, the more so for being at such a pivotal place in your life. In the most practical sense, make sure you know when you’re making a decision. Many of these go by unnoticed, and you simply must know when you are making a choice of any kind. —efc

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Tuesday Notes

Mercury re-enters Scorpio today as part of its process of working out “shadow phase.” Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 13, and then backed up into Libra. A week ago, Mercury stationed direct in Libra and headed back for Scorpio, where it arrives this afternoon.

Mercury will still be in “shadow phase” through Nov. 19, which is the longest measure of the retrograde effect.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Remember that Mars is still retrograde though Friday, so that calls for honoring the unknown (as does any inner retrograde planet). I know we are all looking for some certainty.

That’s going to be an inner process, a personal discovery, not something that comes from any authority assuring you that all is well. You’re going to need to figure that one out for yourself.

As you go through your day, you will collect bits of information (if you’re paying attention), which will provide facts for the fact pattern. You need one of those; you need to be consciously assembling what you know, because data is only useful in context.

Use the clairvoyant, sleuthing power of Mercury in Scorpio to figure out what is going on around you. It’s not so hard to see, and to document. — efc

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New Article: Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, Mars Stations Direct

Tuesday, Nov. 10 — The Day of Metamorphosis

If today is your birthday: Mercury enters Scorpio on your birth anniversary, which is a reminder that you are responsible for what you know. Society plays fast and loose with this basic requirement of karma, and the result is a lot of confusion. The problem with accepting that you know something is that the next step is to act on it, and that takes additional commitment. In any event, there is no denying that you’re aware of something about yourself, which you may have long suspected, and at least you owe yourself an experiment in treating that basic truth as real. — efc

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New Edition of Planet Waves TV

Monday Notes

Today’s opposition between Venus and Mars has many facets to it, though the upshot is: be honest about what you want. Make sure you want what you say you want. Honesty around desire is the only way out of the hall of mirrors that this aspect pattern presents.

Eric Francis

You may have lots of reasons to not be honest about your desires, though to conceal them from yourself or others is the trap.

Here’s the astrological picture, for those who study such things. Venus is in one of its signs of rulership, Libra. It makes an opposition to Mars in one of its signs of rulership, Aries. So this can be a standoff or confrontation. It can serve as an aspect of separation, or of an honest meeting.

The challenge around honesty is that Mars is retrograde in Aries, which is not known for its confidence. The retrograde represents a withhold of some kind — facts or feelings withheld in a relationship, or some issue needing healing held back from the light of truth that would heal it. To proceed with honesty under such circumstances can be a challenge, though today is the day to do it: it won’t be the same tomorrow.

This aspect, though challenging, represents a rare opening. Yes it may seem like threading the needle, though you have both the thread and the needle. So take the chance while you have it. Be gentle, but be real. — efc

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This Week’s Scorpio Horoscope

SCORPIO — Your traditional ruling planet Mars stations direct this week, which represents a release point of some kind. It’s as of an energy well of some kind has been blocked, or perhaps you have turned things down so that you could take care of some personal maintenance. Now that flow is about to return, first slowly, then gradually, then finally up to full capacity. This is about many things: working well, taking care of yourself, and making sure that you have a wholesome environment for the part of the day devoted to business. As that happens, Jupiter makes a conjunction to your modern ruling planet Pluto. This is a reminder that the ideas of the past, and particularly of your childhood family, have served their purpose. You need a more creative approach to existence than those old folks ever had. You need more passion. And you benefit from allowing curiosity to lead you rather than preconceived ideas. You will recognize curiosity by the delightful sense of not knowing, rather than the one that feels intimidating.—efc

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An Aquarian Era by Eric Francis — the 2021-2024 Annual Edition of Planet Waves


Monday, Nov. 9 — The Day of Earthly Temptation

If today is your birthday: Address relationship matters in an honest and direct way and you will relax some of the tension you may feel. You are not one who likes to be pushed in any way, so you will need to be more forthcoming than usual with those you care about, which may seem like taking a big risk. What you withhold will remain in darkness and therefore seem to be a potential threat. Therefore, bring all of your material and subject matter and concealed issues to the surface of the discussion and you will find that you have more influence over your life, rather than less. — efc

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Sunday, Nov. 8 — The Day of the Borderline

If today is your birthday: If all is fair in love and war, what is the measure of justice – survival? In love there must be trust, and trust comes with some vulnerability. But what are you afraid of? Complex relationship dynamics in your birthday chart indicate a long-standing situation you’re close to resolving. Loaded agenda from the past may feel overwhelming, so get clear about what you really want, and that includes how you want to feel about yourself. Examine the balance of power, you may perceive a loss or sacrifice. But is that true? Much that has been unsaid must be expressed. But fear and desire are flip sides of the same coin, and you’re not alone in feeling either one. — Victoria Emory

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Weekend Notes

Two interesting developments this weekend — first is that Mercury, still slow and powerful in the sky, has cleared its square to Saturn in Capricorn. The second is that Venus moves in to oppose retrograde Mars, exact Monday morning. The overall feeling is one of being released from a constraint of some kind. You will want to self-regulate, though, as Venus opposite retrograde Mars can be a little volatile. Someone in the transaction is not revealing their true position. It will come out sooner or later (probably sooner) though you don’t want to come to many conclusions based on the information you obtain from others. Focus on your own research and your own feelings. Your knowledge and emotional response will change over time, and it will help to pay attention to those changes and developments. — efc

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Saturday, Nov. 7 — The Day of Discovery

If today is your birthday: We have all heard the expression “thinking outside the box.” You might look that up. It does not mean peaking out of the opening of a carton. It means exiting the box entirely and approaching the question from a whole new direction. There are lot of ways to do this, though to be meaningful, leaving your previous framework behind is the essence. This can mean taking a walk when you’re trying to solve a financial problem, reversing your point of view entirely, painting when you want to write, or playing music to inspire visual ideas. Outside, as in beyond. — efc

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Friday, Nov. 6 — The Day of the Rousing Vigor

If today is your birthday: You do not need to justify your position to anyone, particularly your family, or the chorus of critics in your mind. Your spirit needs to soar free, and that means you must feel what you feel and think what you think. This matches your extended project of learning how to think independently, which ultimately means to act on your ideas about life. Thinking only gets you so far; you want to move around in the world, and that is always an experiment. There will be controversies. There will be people who disagree with you. They are allowed to, and you don’t need to rethink everything just because someone says you do. — efc

Thursday, Nov. 5 — The Day of the Enchanted Realist

If today is your birthday: Pay careful attention to when you get “stop” and “go” messages from life. Stop does not always mean come to a dead halt and give up; it can mean pause, slow down, get more information, or most significantly, consider the decision you are making. By the same virtue, “go” does not necessarily mean plunge ahead, but rather, proceed with awareness and caution. Allow the momentum to catch you gradually. There are some issues where you will be more free to cruise on and others that will send you back to your homework a few times. Pay close attention to the difference. — efc

Tuesday Evening Notes

Mercury is direct. Returns are starting to come in. I did not see violence in today’s charts, and have had the sense things will be relatively calm. They have been. My own experience voting was that there were more poll workers (about eight) than there were voters (me, and a friend).

One of the potential consequences of an election held on the day Mercury stations direct is some unexpected outcome, for example, a reversal of what was predicted. The Gemini Moon passed through a square to Neptune today, which represents a fog, delusion or deception of some kind. Usually when the square has passed, the fog clears. Now the Moon will trine newly-direct Mercury, still very slow and powerful in the sky.

I am not watching television. I saw a live vlogger re-broadcasting CNN commenting on the spin spin spin, and knew I could not partake. So I’ll be chilling here, watching former “print” sites make heads or tails out of things, and holding court on Facebook. One of my hobbies is propagating interesting conversations, such as about what books you’ve read in the course of investigating Covid personally.

We talk about a lot of real stuff, which is not what you usually get on Facebook. Tomorrow is The Day of the Enchanted Provocateur. I’m about to write the birthday reading, I’ll put it below this.

Weds., Nov. 4 — The Day of the Provocateur

If today is your birthday: No matter how many times a particular door has seemed closed, or locked, try again. If you’ve run into blocks, snags or delays, try again. Consider your approach carefully. You need the right language but moreover, the right feeling for whatever you may be doing. Really think about your presentation. You might consider speaking less than you usually do, and doing more inquiring and listening. You’re likely to succeed at what you do, so make sure you choose based on your preferences rather than some sense of obligation. Whatever works out for you, you’ll be doing a lot of it. — efc

Tuesday Notes: Mercury Direct (birthday reading below video)

9:30 am EST entry: With today’s station direct of Mercury in Libra (at 12:49:37 pm EST), we are in the territory of the gods having a perverse sense of humor. That said, plans tend to go awry when Mercury is stationing, and there are a lot of plans in place right now that we need to come off the rails. Everyone has a plan for the U.S. election.

There’s Russia and China; there’s Iran and there’s Israel. There’s the pharmaceutical cartel, with Tony Fauci as its godfather. Many others have plans, none of them with any legitimate interest in controlling all of the United States.

In any event, the election is unlikely to be resolved today. It may take as long as between now and Mars stationing direct on Nov. 13.

In local news, from a personal standpoint, take it easy. Usually, Mercury direct is a big green, but not this time. The square to Saturn, and Mars remaining retrograde, are factors to take into account — and they will represent situations in your life that you can probably identify.

There are no easy answers right now. I think we should be grateful to have some relevant questions.

Tuesday, November 3 — The Day of the Long Breath

If today is your birthday: Events this year will help set you free, by setting you free of your worst fears. At least they can if you allow the truth into your consciousness, which is not so popular these days. Start with discovering what is not true. This will open up the possibilities, though you want to work with a limited set. Recognizing deception is the first step on the quest for truth. It is sometimes the more difficult of the two. The second is figuring what is correct. This must be done gently, because it’s possible to open up a whole other set of incorrect assumptions. The discovery of what is false opens up a vulnerability and a need. Handle that need gently, and take a minimalist approach. You might pay attention the your patterns of incorrect assumptions and work on that level most diligently: the level of structure. — efc

Monday Notes: Freaky Few Days in America

To My Fellow Americans:

Get ready for a freaky few days, as Mercury stations direct, and the nation goes through the ritual of selecting its so-called leader. There has never been so much at stake, and yet it’s unlikely that the election is going to provide much resolve.

There are very large forces at work: larger than any one country, but not larger than God — or whatever you consider to be the cosmic universal intelligence that wrote our DNA better than any computer scientist or vaccine merchant could ever hope to rewrite it.

In these days, pay attention to how you feel, what you say, what you do, and what you think. Take some notes, and take some photos. Stay in contact with your friends. More than anything, do you part to send peaceful and loving vibes to the many people who need them, the people who are having a hard time getting through the day.

Please watch this blog, our Covid blog (linked above), our front page, my Facebook feed (always a good conversation going there) and other areas on Planet Waves for the best updates we have for you. Thanks for tuning in. New article with horoscope coming tonight. —efc

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

This weekend I made a discovery related to Tuesday’s chart for Mercury direct. This, of course, is the day of and therefore the chart for the U.S. election. As I’ve mentioned a few times, the last time Mercury stationed direct on Election Day was in 2000, when George W. Bush lost, but still took office.

Because he actually lost Florida, Bush lost both the electoral vote and the ‘popular’ vote (meaning the vote), but was inaugurated anyway. Democracy — ain’t it grand!

Mercury at the moment it stationed direct on Nov. 7, 2000 (Election Day 2000), in an exact conjunction to Pallas, the asteroid of politics. This is the astrology of the stolen election. Mercury and Pallas both ave the number 29 next to them.

That was a genuinely extraordinary chart that I would love to teach in a mundane astrology seminar. Short story is, at the time the polls closed, Mercury was stationing direct conjunct asteroid Pallas (politics, law) in the very last arc minutes of the very last degree of Libra: hanging by a chad.

My old friend and very senior colleague, Jim Shawvan (famous for popularizing the phrases Mercury shadow and Mercury storm), predicted the events of the 2000 election as if he had copies of USA Today six months in advance. At least we had some entertaining astrology to help deflect the sting of Bush and Cheney stealing the election. It was not much consolation. But it was a great astrology lesson.

I remember that night. It felt like the bottom falling out of the world. Eleven months later was 9/11, the “galvanizing, Pearl Harbor-like event” at the outset of the 21st century. Then the bombing of Afghanistan. Then the bombing of Iraq, again.

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Monday, November 2 — The Day of the Transformation

If today is your birthday: Timing is the name of the game, and the chances are, a slight to modest delay will work in your favor. The reason not to rush is because you will learn more if you drag things out a bit. This is where time is on your side. Let everyone else make the mistakes, and be the wise person who learns from them. Be wise, as well, by being the person who knows yourself better than your seeming adversaries do — and get to know them better than they know themselves. You have many advantages working for you now, though make sure you take every step, and proceed meticulously. Focus on the details. Read the fine print. Awareness is pure gold, and leads to knowledge. — efc

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Sunday Notes: Look Where You Want to Be

Mercury changes direction in a little over two days from the time of this writing. That is the most sensitive part of Mercury retrograde, partly owing to how the process tends to instigate impatience — understandably so. Presently, we have the added twist of Mars remaining retrograde for another 10 days or so after Mercury stations, so you might say we are in Mars storm as well.

Surfer plays bass guitar in Norway.

More on Mercury and Mars as the week develops. Saturday morning EDT, the Moon simultaneously opposed the Sun and conjoined Uranus in one of the most electrically driven Full Moons of all time.

The Earth is still ringing from that event (and will be for a while, with the reverb fed by Mercury’s station direct in Libra). The Moon Sunday has a quieter feeling-tone, or potentially so, as it opens up into a trine with the Capricorn group (Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in that order).

Trines can work two ways: a sense of ease, or a sense of flow that can go out of control. Either way they seem to open up an energy tap that slips in rather than requiring a clash, trigger or confrontation (such as with a square or opposition).

Guide the energy as gently as you can. You do not need to do much, except (in the words of a surfer I once met in Maine), look where you want to be. — efc

Sunday, November 1 — The Day of the Onslaught

If today is your birthday: If you let what is easy be easy, you will find some peace of mind. If you take what is easy and make it difficult, you will distract yourself from the real challenges you face. Much that you want is within reach if you don’t push it away. You would be wiser to see what you attract, and to choose your activities based on what you want to do rather than what you think you have to offer to others. This could facilitate a natural state of balance where you don’t feel like you have to impress anyone. Your ideas are a work in progress, and you cannot put yourself in a position where you owe them to anyone as part of a commitment. — efc

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