Daily Astrology: July 2020

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Capricorn Moon Notes | July 31

As of Early Friday, the Moon is in Capricorn, moving through the cardinal cross pattern, beginning its run-up to Monday’s Full Moon. Today this includes making aspects to many of the newer points that are so prominent right now — Pholus, Chiron, Quaoar and Salacia.

These points represent the roots of the emotional power that, first, our families had over us, which is then transferred to people who stand in for those characters in every other of life’s dramas.

While some may respond to this as an invitation to rebel or revolt, for most this astrology will have the opposite effect: to take on blame for what was done to you in the past, and to experience paralysis as guilt or resentment.

You do not need to stand up to yourself where others are concerned. Rather, you must be your own advocate within your own love, affirming your right to feel, and to feel better.

Before you can expect others to get on board with this project, it’s essential that you be ready to receive what you need, and the place to get that response cycle going is within yourself. This is what is meant by “inner work” — you might describe it as first doing for yourself what you wish others would do for you.

While there is a risk of overdoing self-reliance, the heart of the matter is that it’s unlikely you can receive from others what you cannot receive from yourself.

You cannot expect others to be fair with you until you are fair with yourself. You cannot expect others to honor your pain and your healing process if you do not honor these things yourself.

Friday, July 31 — The Day of the Human Portrait

If Today is your Birthday: Maintain structure in your life. Handle your situations one at a time. Watch for the patterns, and when you see one, gradually move your awareness of both problems and solutions to the more comprehensive level. There is momentum behind you, and rather than making fast, unplanned adjustments, take your decisions incrementally, gently, and test out your theories before you apply them to everything. In all matters, consider the ways in which you may be personally carrying material from the past that influences you now. You may not be able to resolve it all at once, though being aware of it will take away some of the power it seems to hold over you.

Listen to a sample of your Notes on Love and Courage — Astrology studio for Leo — on this player:

Stay tuned for Aquarius Full Moon roundup!

Thursday, July 30 — The Day of Tangible Presence

If Today is your Birthday: If you find yourself in a fog, slow down. You may not realize it’s a fog, though, so take your cues from things like wrong turns and mistakes you don’t usually make. Once you are proceeding with a heightened level of awareness and caution, you will get better information from inside yourself than you will from outside. While it’s important to notice what your senses are telling you, it’s more important to be able to listen to the still, small voice within, which gently whispers the truth. Your physical body will also help warn you when you’re doing the right thing. Notice your breath, and whether you feel like you’re walking through quicksand. That’s a sign to slow down and even to stop and figure out what is going on.

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Wednesday, July 29 — The Day of Cultural Assessment

If today is your Birthday: You need to a strategy. You need to know when to apply pressure, when to negotiate, when to pick the lock and when to conquer the territory, all of which you will do minimally if you are doing things well. The essence of your strategy will be feeling your spiritual guidance and having the calm sense of self-presence to know when to follow it. Recent past events have put you through what one might call tests of your passions. You now see the necessity of knowing what you actually want. That is the thing you’re most likely to get.

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Notes for July 28+ — the Moon is now in Scorpio. First quarter was Monday, and the Moon is heading toward full (in Aquarius, on Aug. 3). There were a series of challenging squares, which are still lingering around but are past their prime. Squares point a person inward (see Monday’s birthday for some specific interpretations).

Today, some of that pressure is relaxing. Though Mars continues to be in the spotlight, as it has begun its trek across the retrograde zone. It is also square Pallas, the asteroid of politics, of law and most notably, of negotiation. In these tense days, negotiation and discussion are essential and also in short supply. Self-righteousness is in the air, and it’s not serving anyone’s best interests, much less those who wage it on others. It is clear that people are egging others on, and what is a deeply troubling situation has become a venue for social justice warfare — which in truth is no such thing.

Tuesday, July 28 — The Day of the Winner

If today is your Birthday: You have leverage. This is a concept that most people don’t really understand except in the darkest sense of being able to take control of a situation, using some unfair advantage. What I mean is that you have all of the fair advantages, and they are yours to use. You have, for example, the gift of persuasion. You have insight and depth of understanding. You have the ability to feel out where people are coming from. You have actually gained some self-confidence with your words in recent years, maybe even very recently. You do not need to speak loudly; you only need to think strategically, look at your situations from all sides, and make your decisions one at a time.

Listen to a sample of your Notes on Love and Courage — Astrology studio for Leo — on this player:

Monday, July 27 — The Day of the Decision Makers

If today is your Birthday: You might try living as if no external factor can influence you — only the internal ones, which means within the confines of your mind, feelings and power of decision. That is not strictly true of course, as you live in an environment, and for all of us, it’s fraught at the moment. Yet the nature of your astrology is inward-seeking, so that is the place to start. Pay attention to how honest you’re being with yourself, and whether you’re aware of multiple sides of any emotional issue. Pay attention to the influence of anger on your thought process. Seek a better way.

Weekend Notes, July 24-27. The astrological circus of the past few weeks (centered around the Cancer solstice more than a month ago) has settled down, and we’re in a phase of lower-key and I dare say ordinary astrology. The big news of the next few months will center around Mars retrograde, which is gradually taking hold.

This began with Mars entering Aries on June 27 (during the above-mentioned circus), and continues to develop as Mars presently enters “shadow phase” — that is, the degrees where it will be retrograde. Said another way, when Mars retrograde ends on Nov. 13, Mars will be exactly where it is this weekend.

Me with Justin Castello, whose dad Angelo (who took the photo) will be my guest on Planet Waves FM this Friday night.

Also in Mars news, Mercury in Cancer (recently retrograde) is making its third and final square to Mars in Aries this weekend as well: this is one of those “anger management” kinds of aspects. When I was living back on Vashon Island on the West Coast, I had an astrological partner-in-crime named Debbe, who was constantly muttering, “Everyone needs anger management.”

Being pissed off all the time is a way of life for many people. Either they do not see an alternative, or enjoy the feeling of their own brain tissue burning up. If none of those options is appealing to you, perhaps consider some third way. If you decide you’re sick of being miffed or outraged all the time, call someone up and tell them that, and get a posse going.

The Moon, in Virgo and then Libra

In local news, the Moon enters Libra at 9:54 pm EDT Friday. Through the day Friday, it will be in Virgo, where it’s hanging out in a loose opposition to Neptune. I am one of those astrologers who prefers close orbs, which is a theory I let go of totally with Mr. Dreamy Pants, who has the widest orb of all the planets.

There are days where it feels like Neptune occupies every sign at once and has everyone in its thrall. With the Moon in an opposition, that counts for more than usual. If you combine that with you just read about Mars above, make sure that you know what you’re actually feeling before you decide you feel a certain way.

I am a fan of the Sally Brompton horoscope: she is one of the best daily stars writers ever (and one of the greatest mundane astrologers, ever), and the best currently in print. Today she wrote something for Pisces that I think applies generally:

“You may not be able to explain why you distrust someone but you know from long experience that it is always a mistake to ignore what your instincts try to tell you. You don’t have to confront them, but you do need to stay out of their way.”

She is a Libra and generally, they prefer to avoid needless conflict. Speaking of Libra, the Moon makes its way in Friday night EDT. That means it will be making aspects to everything on the cardinal cross through the weekend, which includes many points and planets (most of them, actually).

If you don’t stay centered, this could be a bumpy ride. Centered means holding your center within yourself, and being aware of what you feel before it takes over your whole consciousness and starts running your life. Therefore, centered implies being a step ahead of yourself, and not taking things too personally: people have issues, some have very serious issues, and much of the world is powering its journey on delusion and denial.

Sunday, July 26 — The Day of the Symbolic Herald

If today is your Birthday: You will always have the option whether to fight, or to negotiate. Both require you to use your skills, though one is far less costly than the other. And while anyone can slug it out, not anyone can engage others in a dialog about what is in everyone’s best interests, and how you might weigh the interests of one person against those of another and come to some mutual understanding. That takes true intelligence, sensitivity and most of all, the willingness to be at peace with those around you. However, “at peace” does not mean eating your own soul so that others will leave you alone. Being forthright takes courage and involves a personal risk.

Saturday, July 25 — The Day of Quixotic Exploits

If today is your Birthday: Work out your differences with others in a direct and no-nonsense way and you will remove the power that these relationships seem to hold over you. One challenge is that you take things too personally, rather than recognizing that they are merely factors in your social environment. A fine place to start would be stepping back and considering matters more objectively, and making sure that you size up two or three sides of the story. And remember: much of what people experience is indeed a story, or a constructed version of events from the available facts. You might try taking them apart and putting them back together in a few other configurations.

Friday, July 24 — The Day of Exciting Instability

If today is your Birthday: If you want your emotional needs to be honored by others, you must start with doing so yourself. Otherwise, how will you know what it feels like, so that you know when it’s happening? You may seem to have the problem of living in parallel worlds where certain desires are concerned: they may seem to conflict or compete with one another. That is an illusion. Yet it’s true that you must learn how to be in harmony with yourself, which is another way of saying maintaining an honest dialog with yourself. This is the essence of why people go to therapy for years — which you can safely bypass if you learn how to be sincere within the confines of your own heart and soul.

Thursday, July 23 — The Day of Uncertainty Resolvers

If today is your Birthday: The question is about how much power you want the past to hold over you. Ideally it would be none at all, and you would only take the benefits of what you’ve learned. If you find yourself “reliving” past relationship experiences, pause and ask yourself why. You do not need to play a role, though that also means not choosing people in your life who place you in a position to do so. Remember, your relationships are never really about other people. They are about your expectations, patterns, and ultimately, your desires — so decide what you want, and choose what you want.

Wednesday, July 22 — The Day of Occupational Fluctuation

If today is your Birthday: You may not know if you’re coming from your heart space or your mind, though it’s essential that the two be in harmony. Let there be a dialogue between your passions and your ideas; your love for the world, and your love of truth. Pace yourself; when you’re in a rush, you tend not to make good decisions. This is the year to get it right the first time. Lord knows you’ve been through quite enough. You can have better times, though this is not a matter of destiny. It’s a matter of strength and integrity. You are one self, united with your purpose.

Tuesday, July 21 — The Day of Tragicomic Controversy

If today is your Birthday: Mercury’s square to Chiron on your birthday is reminding you that you are an adult, ready to stand up to adult challenges. If you feel that you are in some way compromised, or like you’re not fully prepared for your circumstances, consider who it was that told you so. They were wrong, yet at the same time, you must rise to the occasion of your life, and your desires. Any weakness you may perceive in yourself covers for a deeper strength.

New Moon Notes – Monday, 1:33 pm EDT

Today’s New Moon in Cancer is the second in a row — the first was the annular solar eclipse on the solstice, way back on June 21 (okay, just four weeks ago; it seems like longer, but I guess objects in the rearview are closer than they appear).

This is an unusual New Moon for other reasons, one of which is how much presence and activity there is in the sign opposite the conjunction, which is Capricorn. This creates balance and it also creates polarity; the two are related. It is also one of the official Last Hurrahs before the massive Capricorn part of the past 12 years winds down with the entry of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius in December.

Condensed New Moon chart earlier Monday.

But let’s stick to the local news — what is happening today, which is the New Moon opposite Saturn in late Capricorn. The graphic at the right shows you what that looks like — focus on all the planets with a 28 next to them: there are three, the Moon, the Sun and Saturn.

When Saturn enters the picture, which does not usually occur when there are water sign events because it is in Capricorn, we have a call to grounding and to stand on the foundations of tangible reality. We live in a disembodied age, so the whole concept of “real” is not quite real anymore; we expect everything to be some kind of virtual or “enhanced” event and that is what we get.

Yet for this most relevant lunation — the first, after a series of three eclipses, and the second consecutive one in the sign of incarnation — we are being asked to get real. Some are being told to get real and others will have no choice. For some this will feel like pushing against the wall of a swimming pool as you turn around doing laps.

Others might feel like their back is against the wall, or like they have reached some limit they must contend with. With all these planets retrograde in Capricorn — an impressive lineup, including a sample of nearly every kind of Solar System object — there is family material that must be addressed, and for many that means past trauma.

Many times the past week or so, I’ve recommended the book A General Theory of Love. This was a basic text in my Hakomi therapy training work I did with Ron Kurtz in Seattle, earlier in this century.

This book offers a useful, emotionally and intellectually grounded analysis of the problem of family baggage and how it keeps coming up over and over again, such as in personal relationships and experiences of being triggered. It talks about how the primary goal of therapy is forming trusting relationships.

What we think of as healing process is only available where trust is possible; where it is cultivated and respected and recognized as a specific necessity. I would refer you back to my article Summer of Trust: The Great American Eclipse from three years ago.

Leo Ingress of the Sun

Wednesday at 4:37 am EDT, the Sun enters the tropical sign Leo. This is the peak of the season — the peak of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and of winter in the south. Between 6:28 pm EDT and the time of the Leo ingress, the Sun is void of course. You never hear about this; I have stumped even classical astrologers with the reference that I read in a trusted old astrology book by William Lilly.

When the Moon, Sun or other body is void of course, that means it will not make an aspect to any other body prior to changing signs. Through this afternoon/evening in the U.S., the Sun is directly opposite Saturn, so we have some grounding to use and work with.

What I love about the void-of-course Sun is that unusual things are possible. It’s as if a portal opens, into what is unlikely or unusual. There is also a transporting or transforming quality that can be worked with: that same door facilitates change.

Please follow this space for additional coverage tomorrow of the Leo ingress of the Sun.

I was banned from Facebook for 24 hours for posting this article.

Monday, July 20 — The Day of Ups and Downs

If today is your Birthday: Your life runs in cycles, and you must know how to use them like navigators at sea learn how to use the tides and the currents. Your circumstances are guiding you in a certain direction more boldly than you may recognize. The point of resistance is where you push off in another direction, like a swimmer pushes off against the side of the pool when doing a turnaround. You must use resistance to your benefit and not to your detriment. This includes internal resistance and that which is seemingly the product of your surroundings, including others. You do not fight it: you tap into it like an electric current and turn it into power.

Weekend Notes, into Monday’s New Moon

We are in the last two days before the Cancer New Moon. This is, notably, the second Moon-Sun conjunction in Cancer — the first was a solar eclipse on the summer solstice. The Moon just entered Cancer at about 10:24 am EDT Saturday. This begins the Moon’s trek through many factors in the cardinal signs — Aries, Libra and Capricorn, which means lots of squares and oppositions: the most obvious aspects to feel and experience.

There is a ‘proceed with caution’ dimension to this weekend’s astrology, which translates to doing things like observing speed limits, being sober and attentive while doing anything potentially dangerous, and avoiding needless conflict. This is the kind of astrology that says “work it out for yourself.” It will be best not to turn your relationships (of any kind) into the theater of the psyche (as in yours).

The late stage in the lunar cycle, particularly following a a series of eclipses, is about clearing the dross from your life, and being thorough and thoughtful about any unresolved business you may have. As a conscious human, this is one of the most important modes of self-care you can honor yourself with.

Sunday, July 19 — The Day of Controlled Movement

If today is your Birthday: Others may seem to be setting limits on you, though when that happens, step back. Ask yourself if they are not really doing you a favor. Question the role of the relationship and hold your mind open to potential answers. For too long, others have seemed to wield power over you. They have seemed to set the terms and conditions on your life. Yet the question of whether this is really so is a crucial one. Remember that you assign people the roles that they have in your life, whether “unconsciously” or intentionally. You choose who populates your world and the terms on which they do so. The lesson of this year is to exercise your prerogatives boldly and courageously.

Saturday, July 18 — The Day of Conviction

If today is your Birthday: Honor your endings, and your beginnings. Bring closure to what needs to be resolved, and establish your commencements on valid understandings, that are articulated in words and verified through your feelings. This year you will go through alternating (and sometimes simultaneous) phases of initiating certain matters and wrapping up others. They will not always seem to happen in the ‘usual’ order. Some of these moves will come of necessity, or seem enforced. Others will be solely by choice. Make sure that you lean in the direction of choosing as much as possible. If you do not have a second option, make one, or better yet, two or three.

Friday, July 17 — The Day of Career Concerns

If today is your Birthday: Above aught else, you must be honest with yourself. There is no room for compromise on the truth; there is no such thing. You may be able to tell yourself this might be true and that might be equally true, though that is reflective of a state of avoidance. Observe the known facts and seek an understanding of what is so, particularly in any exchanges with close partners. You can only insist on veracity if you are totally honest with yourself and others. That is the ground you stand on; there is no other.

Thursday, July 16 — The Day of the Rising Tide

If today is your Birthday: You’re not in competition with anyone, for anything. It may feel as if circumstances or individuals in your life are determined to push your limits, test your patience or hem you in. Yet if you persist rather than resist, you will figure out just how much freedom and latitude you have. You want to live in your idea of the present, not the past of other people. You don’t need to ask permission to be yourself, to do your thing, or to sleep in your own bed when you want to. Your life is yours.

Here is this week’s Leo horoscope

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — This week the Sun, ruler of regal Leo, moves into aspect with the core astrology of our times: the Jupiter-Pluto-Eris configuration that has been spinning the world on its finger lately. Here’s the thing to remember, now and forever, when the Sun is making aspects, no matter how intense they may be. The Sun is the center of the solar system, holding in orbit nearly a million known planets, asteroids, centaurs and other objects. The Sun has seen it all, and is essentially untouchable. So use this as a profound moment of observation and self-observation, when you may come into possession of a whole new idea of your calling and your spiritual path. This will stem from a discovery you’ve made about yourself the past few days, something related to your emotional life and the necessities of self-care. What you discover or what comes to you will be easy to forget or deny, so make sure you remember it. It’s likely to relate to food or diet in some way.

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Thursday notes: Today the Gemini Moon makes a series of harmonious aspects to Chiron, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Uranus — a rare interval of astrological calm. Of course, you might not notice: what you really experience is your own state of mind. The planets describe that to some degree, though ultimately it is up to you. The challenge of the day seems to be staying in the present. Many retrograde planets in Capricorn are leading to a general condition of obsessing over the past, whether consciously or not. Yet there is a dimension to retrograde planets that’s rarely discussed: their tendency to lead people to shut down their power and creativity so as not to threaten others in their environment. Notice when you’re doing that. This is not about challenging anyone, but rather about being yourself on your own terms.

Earlier this week, I published an article on Mars conjunct Chiron, exact Tuesday and still in full effect now. Here’s the article. This feature and all of my writing are sponsored by our Core Community.

Here is this week’s Cancer horoscope.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Mercury has stationed direct in your sign (as of early Sunday morning). Think of this as a moment of clarity. I have found that stations of Mercury, particularly direct, come with a burst of information; or you can solve a riddle, or you learn something useful that was previously concealed by some kind of veil. Be sensitive to that: look, listen, and read carefully. Follow the thought process of people you may disagree with. On Tuesday, Mars conjoins Chiron in the bold vocational angle of your chart, Aries. This is a calling to leadership. It’s not so much your personal and individual choice but rather the fulfillment of your dharma. In your situation, leadership means acting in service to others in the capacity of one who facilitates healing. This would hold true even if you’re chosen to be CEO of a casino on the Las Vegas strip. The chances are good your calling (or promotion) will be more down-to-earth, though the central mission remains the same.

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Wednesday, July 15 — The Day of the Material Inducers

If today is your Birthday: The Sun’s opposition to Pluto on your solar return is urging you to allow life to have an impact on you. That means people and events, whose influence you welcome. You may be repelled by the intensity of certain individuals, or of the total environment in which you live, though those things are not going to change — at least not for you personally. They will all in some way penetrate your consciousness and your experience, and therefore the only way to respond is to form a relationship with them and explore the experience consciously. Events will change you this year, guided by forces you need to work with rather than against. This is because mostly they are coming from within you.

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Tuesday, July 14 — The Day of the Rising Tide

If today is your Birthday: The Sun’s opposition to Jupiter on your birthday is suggesting that you see contrast for what it is. Everything is not the same; you are different from everyone in your life. Yet we live in a world of monoculture, where many distinctions seem to be meaningless. Observe the ways you stand apart from others. It’s only through that understanding that you can find your true common ground. Particularly when you are called into a leadership situation, which will be often, possessing and using the skill of mutual understanding — of differences and of shared values — is essential.

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Monday Notes | Mars Conjunct Chiron: The Convincing Storyteller

We are about to experience the first Mars conjunction to Chiron in Aries. This is exact Tuesday and is in full force now. The most recent conjunction of Mars to Chiron occurred in late Pisces on Dec. 29, 2018, during Chiron’s transition from Pisces to Aries. Mars and Chiron are conjunct about every two years, following the cycle of Mars.

I could say a lot about this aspect — it’s one of my favorites of the lot, inviting the full activation of Chiron by Mars. However, in Aries, this aspect has special meaning. That’s because I consider Aries to be the scene of the crime where electrical technology has turned people into a swarm of tribal robots.

Eric Francis

This aspect, exact July 14, can have a few possible manifestations. Under the best circumstances (balanced person, communicative environment), it’s about the healthy and bold expression of individuality. Chiron’s mission is to turn injuries and wounds into healing gifts. This happens over time, with experience and maturity.

Under less ideal circumstances, this aspect could provoke a deep feeling of injury, related to the sensation of loss of identity. As the McLuhans have noted, violence is an attempt to find one’s identity. Total immersion in electrical technology, particularly digital technology, has gone a long way to deplete people’s sense of being.

So this could also result in the eruption of aggression and conflict as associated with being clueless about one’s actual reality — which would be a misplaced attempt to “find oneself.” I guess we have to resort to desperate measures after living online for 20 years — that makes anything and everything in the physical world too dangerous to even consider.

In the end, that is what we’re experiencing with this whole virus thingie: the reason it’s the result of digital consciousness is not just that it’s been amplified and distorted by social media and 24-hour news feeds, which make it impossible to tell which way is up, unless you work with a research team.

The real crisis is that from the cool, clean, and most of all disembodied standpoint of the digital universe, anything pertaining to the body is diseased and disgusting. And that has taken us a long way from home.

With love,

Mercury direct theme…capo at 8th fret.

Sunday notes. Mercury stationed direct this morning (at 4:26 am EDT / 1:36 am PDT). I’ve delineated some of what I see as the deeper themes in this article. In terms of practical reality, give the direct-motion a few days to settle in before you jump into starting anything new. Mercury’s apparent change of direction requires adaptation. While the station-retrograde is more challenging, the station-direct cannot be taken for granted. So approach matters slowly, and pay attention to any details you might be missing. Also, pay attention to details that other people might be missing, if they might in any way affect you.

Monday, July 13 — The Day of Taken Opportunity

If today is your Birthday: Mars is about to form a conjunction to Chiron on your birth anniversary — your solar return falls the day prior to the alignment. This is a reminder to use your considerable knowledge and experience, whether we are talking about what you’ve learned from all your work in this lifetime, or any other. The main problem with the past is that we do not usually apply its lessons to the present, no matter how hard won. There is something here not just about remembering what you know but remembering who you are, and noting the many ways that self-awareness and inner consciousness is stripped away by obsession with both technology and with appearance. Tune into the substance of who you are. Your image matters not — not in reality, anyway.

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Sunday, July 12 — The Day of Persuasive Presence

If today is your Birthday: Mercury stationing direct on your birth anniversary will provide the slow, steady momentum you need to work out some issues that have gained importance in your life but have not been easy to work through. You must bring your awareness, your intelligence, and your personal experience to the questions you face. It’s vital that you learn to state matters on your own terms, and propose any solutions to what you identify as problems. Then you can consider additional possibilities and negotiate from there.

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Saturday, July 11 — The Day of the Unsolicited Opinion

If today is your Birthday: Hold your thoughts rather than sharing them before you’re ready. Silence is important because you need to see where other people stand, before you make choices or decisions. There are big movements in the lives of others. Some will include you and some will not; some you want to be part of and some you do not. Your circumstances will have an influence, though you must be as present as possible, and decide what is right for you rather than allowing others to do so.

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Friday, July 10 — The Day of Passive-Active Duality

If today is your Birthday: The time has come to participate directly, and to speak your mind. You may be reluctant to say much, fearing that you’ll get it wrong, or just because you don’t want to expose your vulnerability. Yet you have big plans, and while it would not be wise to reveal them all, you will need to work one-to-one with certain individuals on certain elements of your project. It’s true that people can be unreliable and insensitive, though you simply must learn to stand up to the world and assert your will in it. Listen carefully before you speak and you will take some of the pressure off.

This feature and all of my writing are sponsored by our Core Community.

Weekend notes. The main event of the weekend is Mercury stationing direct early Sunday morning. That’s the kind of event that can draw all the other astrology around its vortex, and dominate the feeling tone — especially in an emotionally sensitive sign such as Cancer.

Work to close up old business as you make your plans for what you’re going to do next. Old business first, new business second. After Mercury stations direct, it’s best not to bust out of the gate like a racehorse, but rather to implement your plans one step or stage at a time. Focus on getting your message right, particularly with individuals. That means saying what you have to say.

Venus in Gemini. Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue

Venus in Gemini is now making a slow, condensed sextile to Chiron in Aries. This is the sex conversation. Here’s a clue about that. Much of what pauses the honest discussion of sexuality is feeling dualistic: a little bit this way, a little bit that way. This can enter any facet of erotic existence. It is truly rare that people feel exclusively one way about something, even something (or someone) they love and desire.

The dualism could be doubt, or it could be a kind of equal and opposite pull. So if you assert one version of your personal truth, there may be another one right next to it or behind it. This is the problem with defining “consent” as enthusiastic yes, yes, YES! as if it is written in a script. Most people enter their most wholesome and nourishing erotic experiences a little tentatively, and explore. There is often that element of doubt — and if it’s not given a voice, it can come back to haunt you. Give it a voice and it will be a great teacher. “It” means you. Use your voice!

Any discussion of sexuality must acknowledge that our society tends to make it all wrong. Whatever you like can be construed as wrong, beginning with experiencing any sexual desire at all, on out to being curious about another person while you’re in a relationship, curiosity about a same-sex friend, or any curiosity at all.

Having gone to such astonishing lengths to make all sex wrong, it’s a miracle that anyone has any fun at all. Your curiosity is legitimate. Your desire for experience is legitimate. Honesty and a little preparation up front can lower the risk level of any encounter. But it helps to remember that perfection is not a value. An experience may go well, it may not, it may be just OK. The question is what you learn, and where you go from there.

Pro tip: if you are curious about something such as a bisexual encounter, or a threesome, give it a few tries rather than deciding you didn’t like it the first time. There is always a little awkwardness around new experiences, and you have to get over that in order to have the real fun. It also helps if you take a more active role rather than letting others lead the way exclusively. Here again, curiosity is your best friend. Curiosity and trust are the two most important sexual feelings.

Photo by Lanvi

Your 2020-21 Cancer Astrology Studio is available for instant access. This year, the time of Cancer began with an eclipse on the solstice, as well as Mercury retrograde in your sign. This is astrology that points to you in a personal way, describing a transition you may not feel ready to make but have been preparing for over long years. Chiron in Aries is also a prominent factor, pointing to some pioneering developments in your professional life. I cover these aspects, and much more.

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Thursday notes. Venus in Gemini is sextile Chiron in Aries today. This is happening as part of Venus moving in direct motion through the degrees where it was recently retrograde. This is the invitation to a sincere, emotionally grounded conversation about sex and sexuality. No part of this aspect says “political” or “rights” or “controversial.” Everything about it says emotionally aware and respectful.

That may seem to be asking too much of this world, though I assure you that it is asking only enough to get the process started. The world is soaked in sexual injury, which manifests as personal pain, agony and isolation; as public contention and ‘culture wars’, and relationships that, over and over, people report as depleting and hurtful. Where exactly can we go for help? Who is capable of having a sane, sincere, loving conversation about this world of experience?

The answer is not going to be found by going to war on Twitter, where people attempt to demolish others for their views. That is the essence of woundology, and the perpetuation of the cycle of abuse. No peace will come from this. The result will be more conflict and distraction, which seems to be the point.

To remind us about mother and her emotional response to existence, the Moon makes a conjunction to Ceres and Nessus in Pisces today. This is about experiencing, and questioning, mother’s logic. In the life of every child, logic is imposed by the mother, which the child must accept on pain of having their basic needs denied. This includes how mother felt about father, about men, and about the world. Was any of it true? Well, people tend to continue living within mother’s logic even as adults, and seem to be no happier for it, nor do they tend to have better relationships.

What was your mother’s logic? How did she feel about men? What did that teach you about yourself and your relationships? Were her views even meekly realistic, or were they based entirely on her pain and delusions?

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Thursday, July 9 — The Day of Wonder

If today is your Birthday: From lending my ear to many hundreds of astrological clients, I have a sense of how the healing process can go in circles seemingly forever. You now have an opportunity, rare as they come, to find a way into your inner territory. There, you may learn what you need to learn, reconsider elements of the past in a way more humane to yourself, and have the conversations you need to have (which I suggest you start, if you want them). Little doubt some of these conversations will involve leveling with others about your feelings on sex and your sexuality. There is something about resolving or (better) exploring a certain kind of ambiguous quality you’ve discovered in yourself. Not quite here, not quite there, though someplace potentially interesting. Talking about this is an essential element of your growth and healing process.

New article: Three Eclipses are Behind Us

Wednesday notes. The Moon enters Pisces today at 2:23 pm EDT. It would be void of course till then, except for making a trine to the north lunar node in Gemini. Still, that’s not especially solid. I would propose holding off on irreversible decisions until the Moon changes signs, unless you’ve been thinking about something for a while and you know now is the time.

Your astrologer, hard at work or hardly working.

Mercury continues to slow down a little more every day, and stations direct early Sunday. Today Mercury is also square Mars in Aries — which is one of those “anger management” types of setups. Express your feelings, avoiding blame and shame of yourself or others.

While it’s changing directions, Mercury will be holding a long, powerful aspect to the slow-moving Pholus-Quaoar-Salacia square. This is about unfinished family business, particularly as pertains to sexuality.

There are not a lot of places one can go to discuss these things openly, though some people understand the issues and see them in a nonjudgmental light. In any event this is unlikely to be a moral issue about you, so ask yourself whether any guilt you may be feeling is actually appropriate.

Guilt is not proof of anything, though it’s usually experienced that way. “I feel terrible, therefore I must have done something bad (or be a bad person)” is typical human psychology. I propose we be skeptical of all the making bad that is happening in American society right now. Those making others feel bad are not solving a problem, and guilt is a form of violent communication (rather than nonviolent).

Wednesday, July 8 — The Day of the Dark Pragmatist

If today is your Birthday: Make peace with the chaos factor that has infiltrated our lives in these strange seasons. You personally stand as an organizing principle, so you don’t need to look for another one. That’s a humble role, though, and your astrology is bold at the moment. So what I suggest is that your actions be the source of your leadership rather than your words. The only authority you need is your personal integrity, which includes your willingness to hear all sides of any issue and make a fair decision. That is a rare human quality in the world today, and at the moment, you possess it. Use it wisely and well.

New article: Three Eclipses are Behind Us

Cancer Horoscope for This Week

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The Moon has just finished an eclipse in your opposite sign Capricorn, which may feel like the pressure is suddenly off. If you have that sense of not quite knowing what to do, you’re in a good place. However, you have a few important goals you must focus on, without relying on anyone else to bring them to closure. You probably know what they are; if you have not registered that consciously, make a list of three, and adjust it till you’ve got the right items. These would be actual matters of mostly professional urgency, where your leadership is the only kind that will suffice. That’s because you are the one who is ultimately responsible, and the one who knows the most. Therefore, you’re the most qualified and whose care and power of decision will have the most influence. Raise your awareness to the point where you can identify one issue that deserves your attention, devotion and will.

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Tuesday, July 7 — The Day of Imaginative Revelations

If today is your Birthday: You will surprise yourself with your bold choices this year. Still know when to put the brakes on a plan and give it a few days of extra thought. That is the thing described in your charts, more than anything: extra thought, reflection, reading and serious study. There comes a time when you must take a position on an issue to the degree where you can make a decision, and you need the discipline to get there. That, and you have learned plenty that you do not take into account. Be sure to use what you know; you know it for a reason.

Monday notes. Overnight Sunday to Monday, the Moon formed a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn (exact Sunday at 5:35 am EDT / 2:35 am PDT / 10:35 am BST). This was the last stage in the events associated with the eclipse of the Moon that occurred overnight Saturday to Sunday. Moon-Saturn in Capricorn may have come with a heavy feeling, though one that will at least tell you about the bottom line of necessities involved, whatever the circumstance. Use what you know.

The Moon is shown as a grey crescent. This is the moment that it enters Aquarius, at 6:08 am EDT. You can see that it has just passed by the triple conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Sun is still in an exact conjunction to Vesta, which is a reminder to work with the idea of a central organizing principle in order to get a grasp on your affairs. That means the thing around which all other priorities are arranged. Everyone has one; know what yours is and make sure it’s the correct one.

Emotional pressure, overcommitment and the need to take better care of yourself all may have come along with the weekend’s transformation astrology. Remember what you discovered about yourself the past few days.

You’re unlikely to get the message in as succinct or easy-to-see way again. Events of the weekend represent an emotional transformation, best illustrated as a snake shedding its skin — a rather mysterious thing, yet it happens all the time.

There are layers and layers to this; the world is in a complex and dangerous process of rebirthing, which is in some ways driven by natural psychic processes. In other ways is driven by forces provoking artificial transitions in society. You must know where you stand with all of this. That will require going deeper than the surface version of events and understanding the different motives and agendas that are in motion.

You need yours: rather than going with the flow and waiting to see what happens, you must keep your eye on some important goal during this maelstrom. You may get information about that early in the week.

At 6:08 am EDT the Moon enters Aquarius. After what may have been a heavy or restless night, the energy opens up and more workable aspects begin to develop, beginning with the Moon connecting to Mars (motivation) and Chiron (lucid awareness) through the day Monday and overnight into Tuesday.

Gently take action on the important items on your agenda — there should not be many, perhaps two or three at the most.

Monday, July 6 — The Day of Magnetic Desire

If today is your Birthday: A conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn, your relationship house, is urging to you resolve a relationship matter while you can, and while you have negotiating power. You know that you are called to take care of other people, which does not necessarily mean just your partner. In order to fulfill your role as one who is available to serve and to lead, you must be taken care of. Therefore, you must co-exist with others close to you on terms that are actually mutual, and take into account all of your responsibilities and personal needs. You seem ready and willing to take on important worldly matters. This will call for the full cooperation of those around you.

Sunday, July 5 — The Day of the Showman

If today is your Birthday: Your sign is ruled by the Moon, which today aligns the triple conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto. Relationships are important to you, though you must rise to the occasion and insist that they be on your terms. I don’t mean “my way or the highway” but rather that everyone understands that you cannot simply adapt to whatever intentions or desires another person may have, no matter how compelling the situation. Be not willing to sacrifice yourself for what in truth may not be your needs at all. Rather, take your needs into account at all times and in every decision you make.

Weekend Notes. There is a Full Moon eclipse during Independence Day weekend in the United States. Our country is at a critical time in its history; we are fully into the country’s first Pluto return. Most things on Earth don’t survive 248 years. Most countries go through government reorganizations much more often than that.

What we are seeing play out in the U.S. is reflective of the astrology we are experiencing, which is accented this year by a Full Moon Eclipse aligned with the United States Sun — in other words, on its birthday.

So we are seeing a peak of emotions, and the rapid precipitation of events. There is a sense of something being out of control, and it’s not on the physical level. It is emotional, it is mental, and it’s as if someone left the psychic window open and there’s a thunderstorm going on.

Graphic from this weekend’s edition of Planet Waves FM.

There is a panicky, polarized quality in the human sphere right now. It’s as if one cannot be worked up enough, worried enough, or demonstrating enough just how much one cares. I would propose a better approach is turning one’s attention inward. There is an emotional and psychic wave (as in tsunami) passing through, as we speak, which will peak at the Full Moon, overnight Saturday to Sunday.

The asteroid (4) Vesta is in the picture. The brightest asteroid, Vesta has many levels of influence. When Vesta is a significant influence, there can be the expectation of sacrifice and loss. That is, however, on the level of sleepwalking. The question is, how much are people willing to sacrifice to their fears, or to their self-indulgence?

I think of Vesta two ways: one is as the organizing principle. It’s the hearth at the center of the home; the fire at the center of the Kiva. This also works for the creative and erotic fire burning at the core of each person: our vital force energy, whether contained, or not.

At this moment, we need some containment, some emotional regulation. I am speaking mainly of the rampant fear and panic that seems to be loose. If you are feeling this, that does not mean you’re responding to something that is actually threatening you. Please note whether what you are concerned about is actually present in your immediate environment. If there is a source of fear, it’s probably your TV set. If not that, it’s wherever your “news” is coming from.

I not only watch television, I study it (something I learned from my dad, who was doing his graduate work in media ecology when I was a kid). I have never seen TV be this toxic, manipulative or rife with disinformation — to rival both Iraq wars and other comparable events. It is not helping anything.

One thing I would suggest is, when you hear someone state a statistic, ask yourself: what numbers feed into that final result? What is really being counted? What is the meaning of that thing being counted? And even, is it true?

Saturday, July 4 — The Day of Group Representative

If today is your Birthday: The Full Moon eclipse on the anniversary of our birth speaks of a profound calling to service. Will you have the courage to respond? Are you worried about what you would have to give up, or are you willing to offer yourself to the mission and purpose that summon you? In short, do you have the guts to do the right thing? It may have seemed like there were obstacles, or as if you had excuses you could not answer or get out of the way. You may notice that deadlock suddenly slips. You may find that suddenly you are in a new place. Today’s eclipse will help you let go of the past. This must come from the inside; it is something that acts through you. It’s not something that you do personally.

Friday, July 3 — The Day of the Commemerator

If today is your Birthday: Remember what you learned today. I say that because it would be too easy to forget; the Moon is conjunct the Galactic Core, which bestows ideas and brilliance that can disappear like smoke. Therefore, write it down; write a letter to yourself about your intentions for your life. Celebrate the fact of your existence and the mystery of your existence. Both are necessary elements of the same idea: the tangible fact, and the elusive quest for truth. I would propose the thing you will benefit the most is good questions rather than answers, whether true, false or otherwise. Let your questions stand.

Thursday, July 2 — The Day of Disconnected Unconscious

If today is your Birthday: Not everything is political; you don’t have to please someone with every decision you make. You don’t need to bargain or trade. When you find yourself in a position to make a choice, ask yourself what you really want, no matter what everyone else might think. Your choices are about you: though this goes deeper than your desire. They are about your ability do choose on the basis of your knowledge of who you are: of your own inner authority. As lessons go, this is a fantastic one.

Wednesday, July 1 — The Day of Emancipation

If today is your Birthday: You must hold the line between informal and formal agreements. Dating is in the first category; marriage is in the second. There may seem to be a fine gray divider, but this is really about lack of boundaries more than anything else. The same holds true for business relationships, where you will want to have the terms in writing, even if it’s basic letter of understanding. Everyone must make their position known, beginning with you. You set the terms. You connect the dots.

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