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The Master Class Package
Complete Collection of Astrology Classes from Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

For the past five or six years, nearly every spring I've taught a series of live astrology classes. One purpose of this was to build a body of teaching that would last into the future. For the first time, I'm offering the complete set as one package, for one tuition fee. Here is a list of classes and descriptions.

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They are all conducted live, so often there is a demo reading, plenty of back-and-forth between the students and me, and grounding introductory material at the top of each one.

The classes range from business and finance, through an approach to Chiron, to a look at reincarnation, key life transits, and (my favorite) the houses.

My work includes something that I've seen left out of most astrology: discussion of how to work with people, rather than with charts. Astrology tends to over-emphasize itself.

What we are doing is human work: not theoretical, not technical, but human, about personal experiences, and how we grow.

You will find this set of teachings helpful whether you're only working with your own chart, or you want to work with others.

Teaching All the Time

Over the years, a few people have caught on to the way in which Planet Waves is a comprehensive astrology school, though not presented that way. I have learned personally from those I consider to be the best astrologers in the world — and I have done everything in my power to pass their generosity forward. My journalistic approach to writing means I must communicate in a way designed to be understood by everyone — about tangible ideas and events.

Every subscriber has access to my weekly articles, which use many forms of astrology (mundane, horary, event, spiritual, psychological), complete with my notes. I teach astrology in every edition of Planet Waves FM.

There are special editions, such as extended, class-length interviews on the history of astrology with Rob Hand and Robert Schmidt (among the greatest minds of our era on the topic, with unprecedented knowledge).

All subscriptions come with my book Astrology Revealed, where I describe my philosophy of astrology. There are responses to more than 100 questions on the Astrology Secrets Revealed archive (from the Jonathan Cainer days).

My work in astrology is deeply informed by my study of healing. On my Facebook page, I call myself "professor of ephemeris." This is a homeopathy joke — in those colleges of yore, there were professors of materia medica. The double joke is: how many astrologers actually have an ephemeris? As in, the book, not a computer program? Note for herbalists: Prisma (right side; volume two is purple book to the left) is one of the best materias medica ever.
Then there is my collection of articles which include PDFs like the best introduction to the minor planets I've ever seen. There are many articles in this class of work.

And Then There Are the Classes

The classes are where I get into the forest of describing the theory and practice of how I work.

You will hear me work with live clients, take questions from the class, and basically explain myself in the context of actually doing the work.

My career as an astrologer — largely due to incorporating some journalist chutzpah — has put me into the presence of excellent teachers, therapists who have taught me how to work with people, and overall the development of a listening approach to doing the reading.

Basically, I can help you take your study, whether a little or a lot, and show you how easy it is to use, and not hurt anyone, while helping them take the lead in their own process.

The full Master Class package is available for $222. This is an introductory price; we will raise it to $333 after this initial offer. The Master Class package includes 13 past classes (all about three hours each) and an abundance of resources.

If you are a Backstage Pass holder, tuition is $122. If you are a Galaxy Pass holder, it is included in your membership.

For those who sign on to this, I will do a Master Class question and answer session in late summer.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — If you have questions, you may call this week, and I'll take a moment and talk about this offering with you. You can reach me at (845) 481-5616.

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