Daily Astrology: June 2020

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Tuesday, June 30 — The Day of Motivation

If today is your Birthday Your solar return occurs on one of most distinctive days of the year: the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn. More than anything, this describes the scale of your possibilities and potential achievements: on a worldly scale, there is no limit other than what you impose, and what your imagination can handle. Therefore, allow yourself to think big. And remember that the best things in life, and the energy that helps you fulfill your dreams and visions, will come through your partnerships — so invest most of your energy into the loving and creative ones.

What’s your game plan?

Tuesday Notes: Today is the central alignment of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve said more about this from a technical standpoint in other articles (including Monday Notes below). Spiritually, this is a moment when we can, if we want, thread the needle

You might say that Jupiter-Pluto is about making sure the ghost is really in the machine. If we want our politics and our business practices to have soul and humanity and to serve their purpose of service, we’re the ones who have to to it, to create that.

There is a lot of talk about what society might owe us. The question is, what do we owe to society? I would say that if we see something that needs to be corrected, we have the privilege and the responsibility to speak up and stand up and take the risk of vulnerability.

All of the Jupiter-Pluto events this year feature asteroid Pallas in the conjunction, as close as it can get. Pallas is about law and politics, though it’s more deeply about wisdom. It’s about knowledge and its proper use. Pallas is also about strategy: about having a viable, workable plan. You know, like a game plan, that you modify during the game, but you have going in, if your team captain or coach has a clue.

Monday Notes: We’re now in one of the peaks of 2020 astrology, involving tomorrow’s conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and the asteroid Pallas. There are three of these (April, June and November), which are really one event, of which the current alignment is the peak. The last time this happened, in late 2007, the big news was a television writer’s strike that was getting a lot of attention.

Photo by Lanvi

It revealed how much television has nothing to do with the person you’re looking, at and how much involves the people in the back room (whose names you don’t know) coming up with the material: in other words, anyone looking got to see through the nature of the illusion of TV. We could use some of that right now.

Events of our era remind me a little of 2012 — the end of the Mayan calendar — when, after years of a buildup to the winter solstice (complete with a whole shelf of books, and enough expert panels to last six months if you lined them all up), the main news was a school shooting, though no action on firearms control.

Twenty school, festival, workplace and fast food shootings later, there is only the meekest political will to address the gun problem in the United States. To me this gave us a glimpse through the illusion of spirituality.

Unless we’re talking about a meteorite from outer space, nothing “just happens” — any event on Earth can be technologically created (weather, earthquakes and the rest of it). Everything on this planet is in manual mode, even if that means opening up to some form of universal intelligence and allowing it to work through you. More often than not, the conscious choice for preparation comes first.

We are on such a moment now, with many factors that dependably evoke progress, change, and awaken the freedom of choice. Yet this is, for most, not so easy as it is to say the words. Notice how often progress comes through struggle and not through voluntary engagement with life. Notice how often the truth is “hard” rather than something acknowledged, addressed and worked with.

With Vesta and Chiron in the picture this week, we bump right into the question of sacrifice. That question goes something like: How much are you willing to give up in order to keep your fears?

Monday, June 29 — The Day of Airborne Dreamers

If today is your Birthday You may feel like you face challenges greater than you can handle, though you’ve been doing this for a while. The forces of change, progress and self-reinvention have been working on you for at least the past year. Now is the time to bring your full awareness to the experience, and listen to what you’re learning about your mission and your purpose. This is not so much something you figure out as it is something that you allow to be revealed to yourself. If you’re feeling confused, filter or eliminate the source. If you are feeling hurt in some way, focus on healing. Then, you will notice what you may be missing.

Sunday Notes: Mars is now in Aries — this commences one of those peak astrology moments of 2020. Mars soon makes a conjunction to Chiron, will square Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter and then station retrograde on Sept. 9. Venus is now direct, Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, and though it may seem otherwise, everything under the Sun is in tune.

June 28 — The Day of Emotional Stimulation

If today is your Birthday Mars has now entered your solar 10th house, where it will be into January 2021. This is your invitation to take some professional ground — that means taking on more relevant, more challenging goals, as well as taking leadership in a new way. While Mars is in Aries, Chiron is still running the show. You must take a modest and sincere approach, and strive for impeccability. Get your ego out of your work; what you’re doing is about far more than you, and you don’t want to be working at cross-purposes. Your work is not about you; it’s about the calling you’ve heard, and accepted.

June 27 — The Day of the Defensive Developer

If today is your Birthday You will go out of your way to be fair; make sure you include fair to yourself. Pay attention what people say and do, and set a limit on taking responsibility for their words and actions. It’s plenty if you are accountable for your own. Be aware that since nobody has anything you actually need, you never have to fall under someone’s thrall. That gives you the distinct benefit and challenge, and the resulting risks and rewards, of standing on your own. Remember that this starts with ideas.

June 26 — The Day of Stamina

If today is your Birthday Read carefully and verify everything that affects you. You do have the ability to sort out the truth in all matters, if you give yourself time to do it. The verified facts are not going to throw themselves at you, though if you’re patient and discerning, you will find them. This can also be an excellent year for writing, though in a similar way you will go through a series of layers to get to the bottom of what you’re trying to say, whatever form the writing takes. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is often more honest than the truth.

June 25 — The Day of the Sensitive Receptor

If today is your Birthday You might try a policy of having no secrets, from yourself or from others. Keeping your life private, particularly from intimate partners, consumes energy and creates barriers. You’re likely to make many discoveries about yourself, some of which surprise you, some of which seem a little daunting and others that really turn you on. Focus on your sexuality, and understanding your desires. Grant yourself three wishes: do the things you’ve always wanted to do. In all ways, live your dreams and make them real and tangible.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — One benefit of Mercury retrograde in your sign is that it will give you some emotional distance on deep personal matters where this will be helpful. It is difficult to have perspective or objectivity on one’s own life, particularly in the realm of feelings. Now, though, you may have a reasonable conversation with yourself about topics you may have avoided, or that you’ve never discovered. The thing to track is your tendency to make decisions you don’t understand, which seem to get the same negative results. The question is, how do you relate to what you learn from experiences? Or said in fewer words, how do you learn about yourself? A little reflection on this matter will go a long way. Usually in therapy one would break the learning process down into steps. The essence is being able to see yourself just slightly removed (which is what a therapist would help with). Anyone observant and honest can assist, though you need this life skill. Regarding the recent solar eclipse in your sign, this will help with one facet of your observations: the enhanced ability to tell the past from the present. That is a valuable tool in any circumstances.

True Mirror: Venus Stations Direct

Thursday, Venus stations direct in Gemini. It’s been retrograde since May 13. Venus is retrograde the least of all the planets (about 8% of the time), so they are all meaningful, if not memorable.

Photo by Eric Francis

First, a brief recap of the weekend’s astrology, which included the northern solstice on Saturday and an eclipse of the Sun early Sunday morning. We are in one of those fulcrum moments, where tapping the telescope can shift the view by hundreds of light years. Pay attention to those moments where you can move on your pivot just a little, and alter the trajectory of your life.

These moments are not always easy to see, though it’s fair to imagine that you’re always in one; that every choice is relevant, and more significantly, every decision gives you practice in the basis by which you choose.

Ultimately, each decision is a reflection of who you think you are, and what you think you are — so that is the thing to focus on and, in a real sense, the most significant decision you make.

I say this knowing that this decision is rarely made consciously. Also, it’s often experienced as the acceptance of one’s mission and purpose, which is a choice. Yet this is often swayed and persuaded by past baggage and influences. The essence of the spiritual path is finding the present, and keeping both the past and the future in their appropriate context.

One of the processes I take all of my astrology clients through is journaling some moments in their lives that show up as similar to the current time. This presents an opportunity to frame one’s personal history in a useful way rather than have it drive one’s life “unconsciously.” We have a lot of reevaluating to do.

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June 24 — The Day of the Blissful Wizard

If today is your birthday: Put energy into taking care of your own needs. Those born under the sign Cancer can walk a fine line between putting much energy into others, and remembering to do things like rest and eat good food. This year, lean a little into the direction of your own priorities and values. One of your most dependable characteristics is that you share what you have, so everyone can benefit as long as you do. This is not so much about being selfish as to be sufficiently focused on yourself that you feel good and have energy. If you can do this a little, it will turn into a lot.

June 23 — The Day of Interpersonal Enchantment

If today is your birthday: Take your opportunities. You may not see them; they could be easy to miss. You could stay on a road, or you could pull off the road and go hiking. It’s that kind of thing. Look and feel for openings. They may come in the form of some allure or temptation that gets you to take action, even if you’re not sure where it will lead. Follow your intuition; what is right will feel right, in the form of being interesting and pleasurable. If you feel fear, pause and question it. This is the hear to learn how not to let it run your life — good timing too, as so few seem to be getting this message.

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June 22 — The Day of Romantic Exaltation

If today is your birthday: Let what is new be new, and at the same time invest energy in resolving what is clearly in the past. Do your best to keep the two separate, at least in your mind. They are in fact different agendas. This is really a matter of the ways in which the past does, or does not, impinge on the present and your plans for moving your life forward. People are so accustomed to the past never being resolved because it’s so rarely done. To happen, it must be your intention, followed up by effort. The physical labor is much less than the process of gaining clarity in your thoughts and in your decisions.

Read more about the forthcoming solstice cluster of events in this article.

Weekend Astrology, June 19, 20, 21: Solstice plus Eclipse

We are now in one of the most concentrated phases of the year astrologically, right in the solstice cluster of events. We are right at the second of three major pivots of 2020. The first was on Jan. 12, with Saturn conjunct Pluto. The second is the northern solstice (summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere). The third is the southern solstice, when Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets, form a conjunction.

In my broadcast studio earlier this week.

As for this weekend: today at 5:44 pm EDT, the Sun enters Cancer. This is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, winter in the southern. The Sun immediately encounters Saturn in Aquarius with a quincunx aspect (get a grip), followed by a solar eclipse hours later at 2:41:23 am EDT Sunday.

An eclipse on the solstice is an influential event, describing conditions in society and setting the tone for months to come, or even longer.

As this happens, Venus is working its way out of retrograde, and Mars moves closer to Aries, where it will be retrograde from late summer through mid-autumn (Northern Hemisphere seasons).

My suggestion is to use the pattern-forming power of eclipses to transition out of what you don’t want to do, and to set the pattern of what you want to do. If you want to make music, then today is the day to do it. If you want to weave, today is the day to do it. If you want to dance around naked, today’s the day. If it’s not possible today due to some pre-existing commitment, then get to it as soon as possible. Small moves mean a lot. But eclipses are a time when you vote not with your “intentions” but with your actions.

June 21 — The Day of Worldly Rapture

If today is your birthday: An eclipse of the Sun on your birth anniversary says that all bets are off, and you might also suspend all of your plans, in anticipation of something much more interesting. Of course, this year has come with all the casinos closing and pretty much every calendar being cleared, so at least that is happening. I do mean your personal agenda. Erase that chalkboard, and dream a little. You may have a sense of the kind of changes you’re creating, and you may also know that partnership will factor prominently into them. Hold your space open. Aspire to simplicity. Don’t push things — your life will get very interesting soon enough.

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June 20 — The Day of the Ecstatic Appeal

If today is your birthday: If you have something important to complete, set about it, and wrap things up, and do what it’s now time to do. When you commit to resolving past business, and you allow yourself to move in that direction — which means not resisting, and then taking tangible steps — you will find that this process gathers significant momentum. You may need resources to complete whatever it is you’re doing, and as you involve yourself in the work, you’ll discover that they are there. As for what comes next? Nobody knows that for sure, but you’ll want to be ready.

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June 19 — The Day of the Spark

If today is your birthday: Your true direction may not be the one you were expecting, though it will be the one that calls you. The nature of this calling is that it won’t be easy though it will be worth the challenge. You will need to encounter both yourself and the world on the level of the unfamiliar, and you may expect some resistance — one’s true orientation is rarely easy, as the point is to learn, grow and rise to the occasion. So plan for all of that as you find your way forward.

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June 18 — The Day of Financial Security

If today is your birthday: Money will be the dominant theme of the coming four seasons, though remember that finances are a holistic issue. You must think “whole system” and take care of all the facets of your life, including health, wealth and wellbeing. Your old plan may be scuttled, though take some time this summer and work out a new one, that is more suited to who you are, what you love and what you want to do with your precious time and energy.

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June 17 — The Day of Artful Force

If today is your birthday: You have a plan; you only need to remember it and put it to work. In nearly any matter, or for any problem, you already have the solution. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The same would count for when you need a material object of any sort — a tool, a component, a supply of some kind. The chances are you or someone close to you has one. This is all a metaphor for other facets of your life.

Read more about the forthcoming solstice cluster of events in this article.

June 16 — The Day of Capital Investment

If today is your birthday: Money is an important theme of your life. Yet never so meaningful as this year, as you are in a position to totally reassess your philosophy and approach to finance, and get yourself to a new level. However, this will require making decisions with more than emotional influence. Be ready to play the long game. Think in terms of a one- to five-year plan. Use your Spidey sense and your trained intelligence to imagine what those five years might be about, and how you can be of service.

Today’s Astrology Adventure — We’re less than two days ahead of Mercury stationing retrograde in Cancer. This is one of those astrological conditions that seems to be magnified by the internet. It has never been such a thing as it is now. Suddenly everyone and their uncle knows about this previously esoteric bit of information.

Me writing this column today

People tend to associate Mercury retrograde with electronic and mechanical failures, and with losing things. I have noticed this seems to be true, though so far, it does not bear out statistically in objective study.

Every now and then The New York Times does something enterprising, and one year they did some analysis, which indicated that by their method (checking with Metro North commuter railroad, and Applecare) they could not document the effect.

This did not surprise me. Mercury above all else is the planet of the mind. It’s about how we perceive the world. That is, of course, influenced by the world, by the environment. The first thing to investigate is how you respond mentally to your environment. That alone is where most of the issues reside.

Mercury is also about communication and communication devices.

We live in an era when we are surrounded by those things like never before. There was a time recently when you had to ask if anyone had a pen. Now, everyone travels with a portable movie studio, recording studio, photo studio, post office and international telephone switchboard which includes a Buck Rogers official video device, and so on and on.

Anyway, I can boil all I’ve learned about Mercury retrograde down to three things.

1. Don’t spend money needlessly. Delay major purchases if you can. By major, I mean anything where you’re not willing to part with the money and/or take a loss and start over. If your house/mortgage closing is scheduled, you might not be able to move it. But purchasing a washing machine can wait three weeks. Manage your money carefully.

2. Honor communication in the old-school style. Be courteous. If someone does not return an email or text, do not assume they are ghosting you and accuse them of such. Try again, call them, say hello in a friendly way. Do not assume that because you emailed someone, they have the information and then hold them responsible — especially your boss. That’s a fine way to get fired.

3. Be patient solving problems. Do not just rip things apart. Give things a chance to work out. If you notice a potential problem with a device, make a backup rather than trying to solve it first. Under Mercury retrograde conditions, it’s possible to make matters a lot worse by jumping in mindlessly. Some issues to not need to be resolved right away. You can afford to wait and see what you learn.

Here is a detailed article from a few years ago.

June 15 — The Day of Pleasant Seduction

If today is your birthday: You must work with the chaos and uncertainty factor, not against it. The current conditions of society facilitate many possibilities that were previously remote and unlikely. You are in a position to do great things. You are also in a position to challenge yourself and others to rise to the occasion of life. You are blessed with the powers of persuasion and originality. Use them.

Gemini Horoscope week of June 14, 2020


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — I mentioned last week the idea that true maturity is integral to being able to live in peace with uncertainty and in the face of the unknown. Of course, those things are also what tend to make people the most nervous and even unstable. Yet think of how much mystery you live with, particularly about yourself. The place where maturity morphs into a form of spiritual fortitude is the patience and willingness to do so consciously. It’s more than that, though. Self-discovery takes time. When questions are responded to with simple answers or false certainty is built up, that blocks access to truth, as the mind is no longer open or available to new understanding or awareness. Standing back from certainty is a method that helps you avoid lazy approaches to life that ultimately do not help or which interject delays. That is important now because such beautiful discoveries about yourself are possible. A rare window is open. Seek the truth, not a substitute.

June 15 — This Week’s Adventure is Mercury stationing retrograde in Cancer

The dominant astrology of the week is Mercury stationing retrograde overnight from June 17 to 18 (12:58:47 am EDT on the 18th). Therefore, we are now in Mercury storm, which means the few days immediately surrounding Mercury’s change of directions, on either side.

Do not try this at home!

This is a time that calls for special handling. Slow down the process of making new commitments.

Ramp up your efforts to bring incomplete things to closure. With Mercury retrograded, particularly in the storm phase that we’re in, it’s essential to lower your expectations and raise your alertness.

Mercury in Cancer can be intuitive and also emotionally driven. So before you pretend to be a clairvoyant and decide you know what someone is thinking, check in with them first and ask.

The common kind of error is someone missing a call or an email and you decide they’re ignoring you, when what happened was the communication fell between the cracks. So, take care of both sides of any transaction you want to go well. Take care of the details and keep your eye on the numbers.

Mercury retrograde is part of a much larger cluster of events surrounding the solstice on June 20. Watch this space for more data. Here is the rundown:

Thursday, June 18
: Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer.

Saturday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer; squares the Aries Point. Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere; winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Sun aligns with the Tropic of Cancer.

Sunday, June 21 (Father’s Day in the U.S.): Cancer New Moon; annular (not annual) solar eclipse in Cancer, square the Aries Point. This corresponds to the Sagittarius lunar eclipse that took place on Friday, June 5.

Thursday, June 25: Venus stations direct in Gemini. It has been retrograde since May 13.

Saturday, June 27: Mars enters Aries; conjunct the Aries Point. Mars will make a conjunction to Salacia in Aries, a square to Pholus in Capricorn and conjunctions to Chiron and Eris, all on the way to stationing retrograde on Sept. 13.

Tuesday, June 30: Jupiter conjunct Pluto (with Pallas Athene right there) #2 of 3 (the one exact from a heliocentric perspective). The first conjunction was April 4 and the third will be November 12. Jupiter and Pluto align like this about every 12 to 13 years depending on where Pluto is in its long cycle. Adding Pallas Athene, the asteroid of politics and law, points to the theme of this event.

Wednesday, July 1: Mercury retrograde square Chiron; Saturn re-enters Capricorn in retrograde motion.

June 14 — The Day of Gutsy Confrontation

If today is your birthday: For your birthday today, I’m going to pass the microphone to Jim Morrison, who has described the Moon-Chiron conjunction better than I ever could. “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”

June 13 — The Day of the Far Off Adventure

If today is your birthday: Your imagination must lead the way, and you need some basic safeguards that you’re following a mostly-sane course of action. The imagination is strange in its own right, as it can conceive of what does not exist. That is its beauty, and why you must allow to have some supremacy in your life. Then, make sure you have reality checkpoints. It is fair to say, “This seems totally nuts, but I’ve thought it through, and I’m going to do it anyway.” That has gotten a lot of results in the world. The most marvelous engineering plans often start with a wacko idea.

Your 2020-21 Gemini Astrology Studio, The Sacred Space of Self, is now available for instant access. The reading covers Venus retrograde in your sign, Vesta in your sign, Saturn in Aquarius, and the momentous astrology at the end of the year. Thank you for your business and your trust.

June 12 — The Day of Buoyant Optimism

If today is your birthday: The most important kind of honesty is emotional, and the person you most need to be real with is yourself. Everything else will follow from there. This calls for moral courage. Once you begin to want the truth of how you actually feel and nothing else, you may start to notice the ways in which you resist — and who, from your past, taught you to do so. That will require a reckoning or two.

Eric Francis

Daily Adventure Diary: We are now up to the Mars-Neptune conjunction. This takes place at 10:13 am EDT on Saturday, June 13. While Mars conjoins Neptune every two years or so, this aspect stands out even in a year dominated by generational events. Its significance now relates to the moral crisis of truth that we have all been dragged into — or seen another way, which has been revealed for anyone who cares to observe it.

Mars conjunct Neptune is the perfect aspect for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. It has that eat, drink and be merry feeling, though its hedonism can have an edge of self-destruction to it. But this not just about partying. Neptune describes the conditions associated with belief, and Mars-Neptune is a caution against deception, distortion and denial.

The “debate” over the world crisis is being treated like a joke — far less seriously than a sporting event. Organizations we’re supposed to rely on present the public face of changing their opinion on the issues regularly. They can say one thing one day, and deny it the next day. What is worse, nobody stops the show and asks how, exactly, that happened. You’re lucky if anyone remembers that it happened at all.

As a result, we end up in a toxic, chaotic environment of deception and distrust. This is a direct extension of what we were conditioned to accept as children, whether from parents, teachers, nuns, priests, ministers, sports coaches, doctors or whomever else claimed power over our destiny.

Most of how they did that was creating an atmosphere of contradiction and the arbitrary imposition of their truth. Sadly, most people do not recover from this, and tend to be sheepish about determining what is true for them, or true about the world. Usually, some form of fear, anxiety, or emotional chaos stands in for the quiet confidence of understanding.

I wrote about this aspect in some detail, with an accompanying 12-sign reading, in the most recent Monday Morning edition of Planet Waves.

Your 2020-21 Gemini Astrology Studio, The Sacred Space of Self, is now available for instant access. The reading covers Venus retrograde in your sign, Vesta in your sign, Saturn in Aquarius, and the momentous astrology at the end of the year. Thank you for your business and your trust.

June 11 — The Day of Limit Pushers

If today is your birthday: It is essential that you take care of your emotional health. This can begin with your relationship to food, and paying attention to how food makes you feel. Notice all the family connections to what you eat — and how you relate to them emotionally. This is all more meaningful and even urgent than it seems. Fortunately, you are in a position to make your own choices now.

June 10 — The Day of Laughter and Sadness

If today is your birthday: Fulfilling your vision for your life will require the cooperation of other people. While you must take the lead, and be the person who brings the initiative, ultimately you need your friends and your allies, near and far. So focus your ideas, and also get a head start and focus your recruitment efforts and get people involved.

Eric Francis

Daily Adventure Diary: Today the Moon is completing its run through Aquarius. That alone is not enough to describe the ‘collective’ feeling in the air — that can be attributed to many points of astrology, including our being in eclipse season.

The most distinctive astrology this week is Mars conjunct Neptune, which is exact Saturday. This calls for taking some significant measures sorting out truth from misinformation and intentional deception, which we all know is not easy these days. Ultimately, in any facet of life, you either make your own decision, or give that power up to someone else — which is also a decision.

In the end, you are responsible for what you choose. That is the message of astrology, which is about seeing your options, and it is the message of life on the physical plane, which is about making peace with the fact that you make your choices based on what you perceive. Mars conjunct Neptune, joined Saturday by the Moon, advises you to invest your time and energy in informing yourself and deciding what is real for you, and how that serves you.

At a certain point you must do more than follow the seemingly mandatory dictates of fear.

June 9 — The Day of Mental Insistence

If today is your birthday: You need to tighten up your boundaries, though you must also leave yourself room to move, to grow and to change. Maturity is not about imposing sanctions on yourself, but rather having the ability to balance the elements of your psyche. Understanding yourself requires a measure of objectivity, and also observation and curiosity. Said another way, to be a mature, functioning person, you have to want to be one.

Eric Francis

Daily Adventure Diary: The Moon entered Aquarius late Monday or early Tuesday (depending on your time zone). Its conjunction to Saturn Monday at 11:16 pm EDT may have brought some revelation or made you aware of a get-serious moment. But don’t get too serious.

To master Saturn or anything related to it, a sense of humor is essential. This is a tool for having the necessary distance to observe yourself in an honest way.

The Aquarius Moon (in effect through Thursday morning at 5:31 am) is social. Humans are social. We all need social contact. It’s perplexing why people are being ordered to stay apart from one another when it’s now understood this verges on meaningless (the World Health Organization said so recently), though I trust you know enough and are intuitive enough to follow your own guidance.

The Moon’s trine first to Venus and then to the Sun encourages open communication, even about the most difficult or controversial issues. That all said, if you’re not feeling well, stay home! And if you are feeling well, that’s another thing entirely.

June 8 — The Day of Influential Individualism

If today is your birthday: What if you were to live within your relationships with no expectations whatsoever? Imagine if you were free to be whoever you are, any day of the week? That would be a different world. You can take actual steps moving in that direction by doing so. And as you move, notice your observations about issues such as need, guilt, attachment and selflove.

Eric Francis

Daily Adventure Diary: The main change in the feeling tone of life is that we are post the Sagittarius lunar eclipse. Notice the tendency of deadlocks to seem to resolve themselves in this new territory. In all of your astrological considerations, orient on the New Moon eclipse on June 21, the first day of the new season. The combination of an eclipse with a cardinal point is rare enough, and brings together many dimensions of time, space and experience.

Today the Moon is in Capricorn. From that we know it’s near the rare Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that’s holding its shape most of the year, and is now at its peak. This is one of those aspects where it’s suitable to look at the world for information about what the astrology means (an approach I use as often as possible, though this is irresistible). That comes into alignment with Moon conjunct Pluto at 11:55 am EDT. This aspect is a comment on the various authority dramas we are seeing unfold. Our society needs to set the goal of honoring maturity as a personal asset.

As of this writing Sunday evening, the Moon is approaching a sextile to Mars (10:06 pm EDT) — a balanced and energetic evening is possible.

One other thought: Monday, retrograde Venus in Gemini is sextile Ceres in Pisces. This is about where sex meets nourishment. It’s a reminder to set aside notions of attachment, guilt, and even love, and treat sexuality and desire as elemental nourishment. Retrograde Venus in Gemini proposes you learn to get this from yourself as a focus of your eroticism. This will offer you a measure of autonomy and allow you to enter your encounters with others from a fulfilled and more relaxed space.

A Teaching for Women on the Power of Erotic No, from Aditi Amrita

June 7 — The Day of the Entertainer

If today is your birthday: Approach your emotional problems and concerns with maturity and a sincere quest for understanding and you will take away the power they seem to hold over you. Your problems are not those of your parents or their parents, though many people drag them through the generations. You have the option not to do that, though at the seeming cost of change. That means seeing the world differently than your predecessors, and moreover the ways they conditioned you to. Your life and your view of it are your own.

June 6 — The Day of the Visionary

If today is your birthday: Use exactly what advantages you have. They may seem small, you may need to figure out what they are, though you have your tools. You have your skills, and you have a position that offers you leverage. It may be knowledge you possess, it may be someone willing to help you, it may be your charm and good looks, Use what you have available.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: The tension seems to have snapped with yesterday’s Full Moon eclipse. Reports of beatings and riots have given way to discussion of police reform and cities making changes to their disciplinary policies. We have passed through tricky, even treacherous territory the past few days, and it’s time to take a deep breath.

One of the meta-themes we are witnessing dramatized in society at the moment is an exploration of our collective and individual relationships to authority. This relates to everything we’re seeing in the public realm: responses to the lockdowns and distancing, responses to the threat of megadeath, how we engage with direct authority such as the police, and whether people are able to self-govern on the personal and most basic community levels. Are we really going to fight our parents out in the streets, to find out who’s right and who’s wrong?

Today, the Sun in Gemini is square Mars in Pisces. This structured aspect pattern will pull focus on thoughts and ideas that have become lost in the tsunami and tides of emotion and reaction.

The Moon is also in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Core. This is an invitation to take a more spiritual and less political view of events current events, and also your approach to life.

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June 5 — The Day of the Brilliant Path

If today is your birthday: Live every day like it is a new day, especially in your relationships. Stay in the moment and be yourself; look honestly at who partners and collaborators are, in truth, right now. This will help you make the best decisions you can make. Yes, there are changes on the horizon, and what is revealed to you this year will present options you never dreamed of. Be bold about considering them.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today is a penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, exact at 3:12 pm EDT. This is a Full Moon eclipse, with several distinctions. Eclipses are about CHANGE. They shift patterns, and establish new continuity. Take some time today to make a point of doing what you love, and not doing what you don’t want to do in the future.

Full Moon eclipses tend to break the tension, of which there is plenty at the moment. They shift stalemates and release deadlocks. This is the first of two eclipses (they generally come in pairs), the next being a solar eclipse on June 21 that comes as part of the solstice cluster. So this whole two-week phase is a powerful and meaningful time to bring to an end what you want to end, and to establish the patterns that you want to establish. Begin today!

As for those special distinctions about today’s event: For one thing, the eclipse of the Moon is conjunct a deep-space point called the Great Attractor [read article and see video]. The Attractor is the most prodigious thing in our side of the universe, drawing toward it 100,000 galaxies at a million miles per hour (including the Milky Way, were you are sitting right now).

This might seem a little abstract. Will you get a date? What about the issue you’re working on with your therapist? Well, think of it this way. A lunar eclipse is like drawing back a veil or curtain. What’s on the other side is revealed, and in this instance, it’s something very large, complex, beautiful and incredible.

Second, the Moon and Sun are exactly square Mars. We live in a society with “Mars issues” and this highlights the fact. Mars is about desire and anger. The issues are how we feel about these things (usually, guilty) and also, something about mom and dad (Moon and Sun).

Speaking as an astrologer (and any therapist will confirm this) most people drag around mommy and daddy issues much (or all) of their lives. This then gets projected into a wide diversity of seemingly larger issues, all of which fall under the heading of authority.

I will leave you with a quotation from Kelly Brogan:

“What role does hope play? There is no savior on a white horse. No doctor, politician, president who is going to make everything alright. This is an inside job for each of us. It is time to adult, step into our power, resolve our internal and external conflicts with radical self-acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness, and begin to explore what it would be to recognize that the system isn’t broken, it was made this way. Can we move beyond external forms of governance and the illusion that we need to be protected? That we don’t know how to care for and heal ourselves? It may be time to find out, but it requires giving up all hope of salvation from the outside, and finding that deep faith, trust, and vigilant commitment to policing and governing oneself.”

June 4 — The Day of Critical Expertise

If today is your birthday: The approaching Full Moon eclipse in your opposite sign Sagittarius is a reminder that nothing in life is permanent — and you can work this to your advantage. Make a note of what is stuck, stale or at stalemate, and gently apply awareness and pressure. As the old expression goes, “shift happens.”

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: We are one day ahead of the first eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in nine years. The eclipse is a rare configuration, part of a grand cross pattern, meaning a “square” of planets located at 90-degree angles. Normally an asteroid might not count for the corner of a grand cross, though we are talking about Nemesis, and we are certainly confronting many of them.

These include the eclipse and the Great Attractor, a deep space point; a conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Gemini; a conjunction of Mars and Nessus in Pisces (some would count Neptune); and the asteroid Nemesis in Virgo. You can see the power of this configuration just by looking at what is going on in the news: one issue meets another meets another meets another, in a kind of perpetual motion machine.

The event builds to maximum power at 3:10 pm, the time of the Full Moon eclipse, when the pattern reaches maximum tension.

June 3 — The Day of Fluent Expression

If today is your birthday: Bring yourself fully into the present. Every spiritual tradition and many psychological ones warn of the tendency of people to live in the past, as if the past is still true. This act of “bringing yourself” is a fully conscious one, and will require to actually resolve certain matters rather than “forgetting about” them. Yet the conditions of the moment are right. You will need to be bold challenging your ideas and the experiences you think justify them, though now is the time. Pay special attention to unfinished business from 2004 and 2012.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: Today — the very moment I am writing — is the Venus-Sun conjunction, which is the very heart of Venus retrograde. This is one of several events that make this week a turning point. Today’s astrology also reverberates with similar events in 2004 and 2012 — though we seem to be getting the full intensity of those prior to Venus-Sun conjunctions in Gemini during this cycle.

This happens during one of the busiest astrological weeks of the year, one of those true turning points in time and space. This same astrology is connected with a powerful Venus-Mars square (indicating relationships between men and women) that is connected to a planet called Nessus (about healing sexual trauma, guilt and victim consciousness). A suitable mantra for today would be, “I am not a victim of the world I see.”

Whatever may be going on today, the intensity will ramp up into the weekend, as we are approaching a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This event, as reported earlier in the week, is conjunct a deep-space point called the Great Attractor. Think of a lunar eclipse as pulling back the curtain or the veil that blocks your view of something much greater. The veil will close soon after it opens, though it will help if you remember what you witnessed. As Bob said, “Keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again.”

June 2 — The Day of the Problem Solvers

If today is your birthday: Anger can be power. In fact it always is, though sometimes it’s used against you, sometimes it’s used against others, and sometimes you can harness your energy and turn it to good use. That’s called self-awareness. Be motivated. Respond to all that is unjust, and turn it into art, love and beauty.

June 1 — The Day of the Popular Eye

If today is your birthday: You alone are responsible for your life. That may feel like more you can handle, or it may feel emboldening and liberating. The choice how to respond to the idea is yours, though that does not change the fact: you make decisions, you experience the results, and nothing else can truly be called living.

Eric Francis

Daily Planets: This week leads into a penumbral eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, June 5. This will be followed by an annular eclipse of the Sun on the day of the solstice, Thursday, June 21.

With a Full Moon eclipse happening, we may experience a sensation of pressure rising, which will have the sensation of pushing at loggerheads, deadlock or stalemate. Given the mounting frustration in the United States, now being provoked by national protests against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers one week ago, this could be messy.

For Friday’s eclipse, the Moon and Sun are square Mars in Pisces, which is likely to spark anger, more mass protest actions, and rising public awareness. The protests are understandable. Venting rage makes perfect sense. We need to spread the word, and the vibe, to keep a grip and not condone smashing society any more than it already is.

The June eclipse pair begins a midyear cluster of events that includes the peak of Venus retrograde this week and the end of the retrograde on June 25, right after the solstice; the second conjunction of Pallas Athene, Jupiter and Pluto; and Mars entering Aries. Said simply, June will be an eventful month even on the over-the-top scale of this year.

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