Daily Astrology: April 2021

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Moon in Capricorn; Sun conj. Uranus | Friday, April 29

This week we’ve been facing, transmuting, and transcending our fears (or, we’ve been asked to) and now it ought to start paying off, some.

The moon enters Capricorn at 12:16 pm EDT, then the Sun will make a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus at 3:54 pm — ain’t that a kick in the head. These Earth signs, our exemplars of stability and reliability, are being dealt some heavy blows what with Uranus and Pluto currently rolling through them.

That said, on the topic of facing fears things should feel a little more solid on the mental level, providing a clearer path forward in this shifting environment. Namely, there’s the opportunity to take risks you may not have previously considered, or to take the plunge and act on what you have been discovering you truly value.

Though, the actions you take may jostle you just as much as they jostle others. And present conditions on our home planet are all encouraging of tossing any sense of morality out the window, and acting out in ways that ultimately could go against one’s best interest.

There’s definitely a delicate balance between being true to oneself, and attempting to thoughtfully consider others in your decisionmaking. But, you’ve come this far — there’s no reason to fear trying, right? — by Spencer

Mercury sextile Neptune | Thursday, April 29

Are you ready to peer into the future, or to get carried away by lofty dreams of what could be? Mercury building up to a sextile to Neptune at 11:27 pm EDT will certainly help in that regard. Though the thing to remember about getting carried away is that if you tune out too much, you might find yourself adrift.

And if there’s anything that Neptune in Pisces has contributed to humanity recently, it’s the rampant digital escapism that seems to prevent us from, collectively, getting a grip, and actively working towards the fantasies we’ve inundated ourselves with. (Or the difficulty in actually deciding on an image of the future that’s worth pursuing, for that matter.)

But with Mercury now in the mix, there’s a little boost to apply some structure-providing mentation toward your flights of fancy; try to take advantage of it as much as you can. One of the drawbacks of imagination, you could say, is that fear goes right alongside it (and what are people attempting to escape from if not their fears?)

But you can easily sidestep this: organize the disparate dreams you have into a cohesive vision, and commit to making them a reality. This decision in itself, (to try and simply think, clearly) puts you a step ahead in that you’re choosing to grow willingly, instead of waiting to be forced to do so. — by Spencer

Moon enters Sagittarius | Wednesday, April 28

At 11:42 am EDT the Moon moves into Sagittarius — the sign of the quest, the far out adventure. Funny enough, whether you’re journeying physically or philosophically, issues at home may begin to cry out for your attention. Home is where the heart is, as they say. Or it might be where you want to get the hell away from.

Either way, the challenge is to honor what you are feeling (which requires the intention to tune in to what you’re feeling) and to slowly, gently address what comes up in the moment. That could be anything from past emotional patterns related to aggression in early home life, to a spouse leaving a pot to boil over (again).

Of course, the alternative is to ignore what you’re feeling until it blows up, then forces you to address it, but that’s never fun. Understandably, the responsibilities of work and daily life may require your attentiveness as well.

The solution is to avoid attempting to juggle these matters; focus on one then the other. There’s a sextile brewing between Mercury and Neptune that will be exact late tomorrow night. Take this time to lean on your intuition to assist you in prioritizing what should come first, and pretty soon you’ll be back on your merry way. — by Spencer

Photo by Eric Francis.

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Moon still in Scorpio; Pluto stations rx | Tuesday, April 27

We’re on the other side of yesterday’s Full Moon, though the Moon will remain in Scorpio until Wednesday.

Intriguingly, one of the planets associated with Scorpio, Pluto, stations retrograde today, initiating a time of review and release until October 6. Releasing what, exactly? With Pluto in Capricorn you could say it’s time to let go of the structures which have come to undergird your life, and that have outlived their usefulness. Those could be family structures, a particular job, any less than stellar behaviors you seek to grow beyond, or persisting fears.

Though, taking steps to honor your values in this present moment runs a few risks — it could definitely shake up any sense of security you may be holding to. Or the wider ‘group’ in your life may shoot you some stern looks. But this is an opportunity to take responsibility for any agreements you have made (with yourself or others) and navigate your way out from those that oppose your authentic desires.

Figuring this all out may be more intuitive than intellectual at first, so take it slowly until you have a clearer understanding. The time for bold action shows up later in the week, when the Sun makes a conjunction to Uranus at 3:54 pm EDT. — by Spencer

Infrared photo of the Sphinx by Sarite Sanders. Read more here.

Notes from Atlantis :: Scorpio Full Moon

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Full Moon in Scorpio happens overnight Monday to early morning Tuesday in most of our time zones (Monday, April 26 at 11:31:27 pm EDT).

Taking place at 8 degrees across Taurus-Scorpio, this lunation lights up the axis of desire, representing some of the deepest passions and emotions humans are capable of. We get the full range of sensations, from all those associated with incarnation and its attachments (in Taurus), to all of those associated with the mysteries of reproduction and death (in Scorpio).

Phaethon wanted to ride his father’s chariot across the sky, pulling the Sun, but it went out of control. Asteroid Phaethon is conjunct the Sun in tonight’s Full Moon chart.

It is these emotions that tend to drive humans to great things, and terrible ones. Biological need, hormonal urging, jealousy, the fear of death, the desire to conquer death and jealousy of the gods, all drive many feelings, including ambition.

One distinction of the Full Moon is that the Sun is conjunct the asteroid Phaethon. He was the son of Helios, who begged his hapless father to allow him to drive the chariot of the Sun across the sky, doing much damage to the Earth. This is a hint about what is currently happening on the planet. (Out of control solar or yang energy is not the only problem. Yin is also way out of balance.)

Unlike Phaethon (who was a little too courageous for his own good), humans tend to live in terror of both their own power, and of death, which manifests in strange ways. One result is a much less fulfilling life, due entirely to living in constant fear. Many Americans and Europeans have long been obsessed with danger and lived risk-averse lives.

But this has got to the point where it is beyond ridiculous. The majority of people are willing to accept anything whatsoever they are told will keep them “safe,” even if neither the danger nor the keeping safe are shown to exist.


Weekend Notes; Upcoming Scorpio Full Moon | Fri.-Sun., April 23-25

The Full Moon arrives on Monday, and there’s a lot taking place in the lead up to it, over the course of Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

Notably, Mercury and Venus will make a conjunction on Sunday at 6:19 pm EDT, after they both pass through the building Saturn-Uranus square Together, Mercury and Venus have the sense of figuring out how you feel.

Both planets will conjoin Uranus in Taurus which is suggestive of new material shaking out, and, in their square to Saturn, a clearing of the decks based on what you discover. In the order the contacts take place, you could say there’s a change of mind, followed by a change of heart.

Appropriate to the forthcoming Full Moon in Scorpio, there may be the inclination to feel more deeply into that distant, lingering call of desire — your desire. Though try and observe any polarized situations without pushing them.

Any deadlocks or stalemates will look different once we’re on the other side of the Full Moon as Full Moons tend to release the deadlock. What’s on the other side? Potentially, a unison of heart and mind, and the preparation to act on one’s authentic desire. But again, do not push. See where you stand after Monday. — by Spencer

Mars enters Cancer | Friday, April 23

Today at 7:39 am EST, Mars departs Gemini and enters Cancer. Mars is considered to be in fall while in Cancer. Though, let’s look at ways to access the drive and gumption Mars bestows in ways others than is typically expected.

The recent action in Taurus points the way: in the realm of your finances, values, and overall use of your time, the place you want to begin in sorting all of this out is in your home. That is, begin this process physically in your home, and start with how you relate to these aspects of your life while at home.

If it’s been hazy going so far, the impetus to more thoroughly begin this process ought to show itself soon enough. But with Mars’ entrance into Cancer, the keyword here is: care. Take care. Misdirected anger, or passive aggression can dissipate the beauty of this placement. Instead, marshal your inner strength and attend to your personal matters in such a way that every concern is not only considered intellectually, but approached from an authentic, emotional level as well. — by Spencer

Moon enters Virgo; Mercury trine Vesta, and Venus conjunct Uranus | Thursday, April 22

Early this morning the Moon leaves Leo to enter Virgo, and about an hour afterward Mercury makes a trine to Vesta at 10:16 am EST.

The importance of going your own way in the face of the collective remains. The question is: how do you go about practically doing that? Vesta, recently stationed direct, is saying that your personal commitment to yourself and your needs is ready to be expressed outwardly. Actively think of some tangible ways you can honor what it is you value.

For example, if you’re looking to make baking a greater part of your life, maybe now’s that time to finally budget out, and buy a stand mixer. Ah! But that’s where money comes in.

Venus is conjunct Uranus at 9:01 pm and speaks to this meeting place between following your desires, and how they can shift and change when faced with real world practicalities — be it material cost, or the simple reality of finally getting what it is you desire. Either way, whatever you decide, the approval or disapproval of others should have no bearing on your decision making. Your choices are yours to make. — by Spencer

Leo Moon opposite Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius | Wednesday, April 21

The moon continues its trek through Leo today — having made contact with Saturn in Aquarius at 2:11 am EST, it will oppose Jupiter overnight into tomorrow at 3:54 am EST. What this speaks to is the need for standing up, and honoring your individuality in the face of the group.

Mass mind is rather prohibitive, issuing proclamations of “thou shalt not”, all the while setting the (behavioral) patterns that are expected to be followed. The threat of excommunication for not going along is implicit. And often, the more one rebels against the demands of the group, the greater the sense of power struggle grows, on both sides.

But this is neither about rebellion, nor conceding to the demands of the group. You have your own interests, and your own priorities that are not subject to the approval or disapproval of those at large. With Leo in the picture here, courage is the word that comes to mind: that is, living fully from the heart, independent of the response you receive from others. Living up to this in whatever way seems appropriate, small or large, is the theme for the day and certainly in this larger Aquarian era. — by Spencer

Weekly Horoscope #272 for Taurus

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — The Sun entered your sign yesterday in grand style, accompanied by Mercury, the trickster god of the mind. They join a menagerie of other planets, making this birthday season suitably unusual, matching this extended time in your life. You are most likely doing things you’ve never done, or long wanted to do, because something deeper is driving you. In summary, I would read your chart this way: you may want to live closer to the edge of your own consciousness, or you may need to, but it amounts to the same thing. That is the direction you’re going. For years, Pluto in your fellow Earth sign Capricorn has been all but forcing you to reevaluate many facets of your being, though Pluto can have a destructive effect at the same time it can be, for some, renewing. The combined action of Uranus and Albion/1992QB1 is taking a whole other approach: the gentle lure to the edge of your boundaries; a redefinition of yourself that bubbles up from the inside, with a kind of irresistible appeal. Taurus can have a reserved or even conservative streak, an observation I offer as a compliment. That makes you an extraordinary revolutionary when you want to be.

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Moon in Leo; Vesta Direct | Tuesday, April 20

With the shift of attention into Taurus yesterday, the more practical, hands-on affairs in your life may have started to call out for attention. Funny then that the Moon is now moving through Leo, which is more often concerned with seeking out what is pleasurable more so than putting one’s nose to the grindstone, or counting and accounting.

That said, it’s possible to have fun with “work”. There’s no reason you can’t finally get started on sorting out your garage and work in some dancing (if impromptu dance numbers happen to be your sort of thing). A spin-kick here, and moving a box there — hey, next thing you know, you’re done.

The important matter in this equation is devotion: setting aside, and blocking out the time needed to manage your affairs. And even this takes practice, and the commitment to return to prioritizing what simply needs to get done if, or when, you lose your way. Usually the hardest part is just starting. Though, you may be surprised to discover you already have a lot more momentum behind you than previously thought. — by Spencer

Sun and Mercury in Taurus cont. | Monday, April 19

Taurus being a practical sign, here is some practical advice: look ahead, and logically work out where you think you will be, or would like to be in a month, two months, a year, 10 years. See if you can make your relationship to time as tangible as possible — the minutes passing now go on to make up the years gone by.

With a firm sense of where you stand in time, take inventory of the resources you have available to you. Though, this isn’t in terms of money alone. Which basic needs (think Maslow’s Hiearchy) of yours are being met, and which aren’t?

What do you need, and where can you look to fulfill these? Sorting this all out is a time investment in itself, and may certainly require some effort as this is already a stressed time for many people. But the small effort put in now will go a long way toward taking you where it is you wish to be. — by Spencer

Sun, Mercury enter Taurus Together | Monday, April 19

Today Mercury and the Sun enter Taurus in close proximity. Mercury has already arrived as of early morning Eastern Time; the Sun ingresses Taurus at 4:33 pm EST. That counts as the two events being one event. They join many planets in Taurus at the moment, including Venus, Uranus, ultra-slow-movers 1992QB1/Albion, Sedna and Lempo, a few asteroids.

So this will be a busy Taurus season. This is especially true with so many planets in the early fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, all of which will get their bells rung by the Sun’s transit through Taurus).

We will be back with more information today and tomorrow, including a weekly horoscope as well as a new article Tuesday night, and my Taurus reading (see promotion above). Stay tuned and/or check back. And LOTS about Taurus is on the new Planet Waves FM. — By Eric Francis

Mercury conjunct the Sun | Sunday, April 18

Tonight at 9:49 pm EDT, Mercury, the Earth and the Sun align in what is called the superior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun. Mercury is to one side of the Sun, and the Earth is to the other; and all three align. This is among other things the midpoint between Mercury retrogrades. It is as many days from the last one as it is till the next one, which begins May 29.

While the superior (or exterior) conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is an alignment that happens three times a year, it is a significant one. The planet associated with mind and consciousness aligns with the vital force of the Sun, and the local realm of Earthy consciousness. Through the years of observing human affairs interplay with astrology, I have seen many significant things occur on these days, so I suggest you keep your antennae up, pay attention to what you do and who you meet, and bring some fresh awareness to your activity.

Each astrological event that occurs is an opportunity to get out of the trap of linear time and to awaken to another layer of the process of life’s movements. Astrology proves that each day is different, distinct and unique; it is not Ground Hog Day. The Moon’s square to Chiron may seem to remind you of old pain, though you also have the opportunity to take that with a shifted perspective, new eyes or some other altered and more helpful approach to awareness. — by Eric Francis

Mars trine Jupiter | Saturday, April 17

Mars moving in to a trine to Jupiter overnight speaks to making big moves. Though your hands may be busy (metaphorically, or literally for that matter), give some thought to the actions you’re taking. Namely, can you communicate what it is that is guiding your direction, or why you have placed your faith wherever you have placed it? Can you clearly explain to others what you’re doing, at large? Even if succinct explanations aren’t exactly forthcoming, that’s okay. The point is to get the process started — shaking things up like this will help to pull out deeper material that may be influencing your decision making, for good or ill. That’s to say, it initially might not be pleasant to encounter this material, however pulling it out into the open and dealing with it will only help to serve to make your actions — and the thinking guiding your actions — more efficient, and true. — by Spencer

Sun square Pluto | Friday, April 16

The entire concept of healing and of moving forward is meaningless without the context of a past to look back to. That said, learning to let go is an important aspect of the healing process. Today’s Sun square to Pluto taps into that — the need for letting go. This applies whether you’re feeling the impulse to try and control the world outside of yourself, or that the dynamic is being imposed upon you. Mercury makes a conjunction to Eris soon after, which may be indicative of your thoughts being pulled in every which direction. Again, take it easy, focus on where it is you’re wanting to go, and move forward as best as you can. — by Spencer

Sun sextile Jupiter | Thursday, April 15

We’ve got a Sun-Jupiter sextile headed our way today. This presents an opportunity. In this instance, the opportunity for cohesion. There’s something to be said for groups, and the power of groups to reinforce (or impose upon) our own, personal behaviors. Often this force is encountered unconsciously and to detrimental effect. But what if, instead, such force was intentionally used for creative purposes? That could look something like reaching out, and authentically connecting with those who reflect various facets of what it is you would like to see brought forth, more fully, from your own inner experience. The key to this will be nailing down the language needed to express and better understand your experience. There’s power in collectives, and with personal understanding in hand, any collective endeavour is that much better off. — by Spencer

Venus Enters Taurus | Wednesday, April 14

To be yourself, you have to come back to the project every day — and that calls for continuity. Venus in Aires has been motivation to live for appearances, which is seductively appealing when one of the main things people want is to be accepted by others (especially under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius). Today, Venus enters Taurus. This is about living for more solid values, — value in the sense of that which holds meaning and is worth keeping or, said another way, continuity — are to be found in this transit. And if there is anything to value and enshrine, it is our very existence. It will help to get an initial feel for this though if you are looking for it, it ought to come a little easier. Remember what it feels like to be alive — what it feels like to be yourself, in this very moment, and to live your truth. As you make a practice of remembering, and start to get the hang of it, that will then be the time to apply a little thought to ways you can further sustain the presence of your personal truth in all that you do. — by Spencer

Weekly Horoscope #271 for Aries

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — The Sun conjunct Eris in your sign is calling for discussion with yourself about your understanding of who you are. You may experience something that perks you up or shocks you to awareness. Or it may dawn on you that you are not such an alien as you think — from yourself or from others. It is the nature of the ego to feel alienated and to experience itself as separate. Here, we find the difference between your true nature and how you feel much of the time. Most people are concerned how they are perceived by others, rather than how they perceive themselves. In fact self-perception, whether accurate or not, is so powerful as to bend all of seeming reality around it, and totally dominate your perception. Therefore, your self-awareness is the most important factor of any that might affect your spiritual state. By one measure, your self-awareness is all there is, because it will take over your perception of the state of your environment and indeed your beliefs about all of existence. Thankfully, once you engage this idea, you have your options wide open.

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Sun Conjunct Eris and the Computer as LSD

It is rare in the history of astrology that we know about a new planet — that we know of its existence, much less have a concept of what it’s about. Today the Sun is conjunct Eris, first seen in 2004, officially discovered in 2005, and named in 2006.

Eric Francis

In January 2007, working with Cosmos and Psyche author Richard Tarnas (who gave me a personal class on postmodernism, which I did not understand), I published the first monograph about it — before any other astrologer had a clue.

I even made the front page of The Wall Street Journal (not my best interview).

At its essence, Eris is about what’s happened to us as a result of overexposure to digital technology. The change has been gradual, like insanity slowly setting in over a period of several decades. To some it has barely been noticeable — they don’t think about these things, they have no basis for comparison, or they have no recollection of how life was before our psyches were shattered by all of this technology.

The way I remember things, civil society was doing pretty good until 2011, when the “smart” phone came out and soon after, everyone was walking around with a computer in their pocket. It’s not merely that those imbibing it were obsessed by it, and then total dependency was pushed on us. Today, this extends to being expected to present vaccine and testing records for a disease that nobody has.

Back in the 1960s, the world’s first media philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, said that the computer was LSD for the businessman. This was at a time when everyone — kids, politicians, professors, everyone — were tripping out on a VERY powerful hallucinogenic drug. As a consultant in the computing field (for IBM among others) he noticed that the technology was having a similar effect on the kinds of square businessmen who would never even think of dropping acid.

Now all of society is on this drug. We are living in a dream plane — the digital astral plane, where all the rules of physical reality are suspended, and where we never come down, because there is no ground (of consciousness) to come down to.

As I said on my program Friday night, we are all tripping balls.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Special Comment: The Flake Factor | April 12

There is a “why bother?” attitude in the air, which is about depression. This condition is not merely about a disease that nobody actually has; it is about us: who we are and whether we value existence.

The Aries New Moon was conjunct Eris, Sunday, which will be followed by a conjunction of the Sun to Eris through Tuesday. Eris tells us all we need to know about our moment and the longer phase of history through which we are living: about its challenges, its pressures and its special kind of psychic stress.

Eric Francis

The alleged presence of “covid 19,” and society’s absurd reaction to it, the ongoing panic and the mania over a government-sponsored, genetic injection, has given many people an opportunity to flake out and/or give up. There is a “why bother?” attitude in the air, which is about depression. This condition is not merely about a disease that nobody actually has; it is about us: who we are and whether we value existence.

The parallel is that institutions are using this same set of conditions as an excuse to take power over people, to lie to them, and to feign authority that they do not actually have. That is why fear and mass panic are so dangerous.

At the same time, people are busier than God, and many cannot handle their commitments. Any concept of slowing down that was the one brief, fleeting benefit of the events of last spring, has now evaporated for most people.

We see these conditions described by astrology in the form of Eris, a planet with disruption and conflict as its central theme. Sunday’s New Moon in Aries is closely conjunct Eris, and there is much other astrology describing these conditions (for example, Pluto square Eris, a long and ongoing aspect).

What is this really about? In a recent article and the current edition of my radio program, I discuss how this is really a response to being overwhelmed by digital technology. I also covered this in an article last year called Drowning in Digital.

Now more than ever is the time to attend to business, take care of one another, and act as if to hold the world together. Do not fall for the amnesia, the social pressure to give up your autonomy, or to surrender your common sense. Do what is necessary before you do what you want.

With love,
Eric signature

Weekend, April 10-11 | Coming Down from the Trip

The question is not so much “who are you” but rather, “how do you know who you are?”

Well, maybe a little. Sunday’s New Moon is a release point from astrology that has so far dominated the new season. Friday, several simultaneous events took place: Venus conjunct Eris (disruption and disorientation of identity and emotional responses to life events), and Mars square Neptune (self-deception, self-destructive conduct, flare-ups of addiction).

Eric Francis

With these cleared, it may be easier to feel who you are, and to recognize your personal truth. The question is not so much “who are you” but rather, “how do you know who you are?”

What is your reference point? In the new Planet Waves FM, I describe how over-immersion in digital technology has us all totally tripping balls, thinking there is an evil demon in the next room that is coming to get us. But nobody has seen this demon, or has proof that it exists. It is merely a thought form.

And this thought form will have different influences depending on the state of mind of both you and the people around you. If others respond with fear to something imaginary, you are more likely to do the same.

So my question is, what is your reference point for reality? How do you know what is real and what is not? Everyone knows that when you trip or get high, eventually you come down. For some this is extremely unpleasant — to the point where they have to stay high all the time, which is not high. That is where society is at right now, only the “high” is terror that people are afraid to let go of because to do so would be disorienting.

It seems, for them and maybe for you, that being frightened is better than feeling nothing at all, or facing the seeming void of your own existence. No drug is going to get you out of this maze. Only discovering yourself will, and thankfully, this weekend’s aspects will be helpful, if you are interested in having help.

Friday, April 9 – The Day of Excess

“The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world.” — Lao Tzu

Perceptions and sensitivities run very deep on Friday, as both this week and the lunar cycle conclude. Complex impressions and feelings may seem too overwhelming or nebulous to express, even if you have the energy or confidence to do so. The balsamic Moon in Pisces conjoins Neptune today, just as the Mars-Neptune square becomes exact. At the same time, agendas related to desire, insecurity, and identity swirl amidst the potential for confusion and uncertainty, thanks to two potent conjunctions in Aries.

While these dynamics could trigger feelings of futility, frustration and annoyance, a sense of gentle strength and intuitive wisdom is equally available now. Compassion for yourself and others makes every difference. This is weather for self-reflection more than decisive action; for healing and tuning in to what your inner-being seeks to convey. The more you do, the more fertile the soil for planting new intentions come the New Moon on Sunday. — Victoria Emory

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Thursday, April 8 – The Day of Conscience

The Moon is currently sailing through Pisces, making for a flowing atmosphere — it’s a good time to take it nice and slow. That said, keep your hands on the wheel (of any vehicle you’re operating, and your life as whole). Small decisions count for a lot right now. Try and track the potential outcomes of any situation you may be in, as well as the situation’s origins, and where your influence comes into play. The demands of daily life, and tasks that simply need doing may seem to take precedence, and understandably at that. But this is a phase where your actions will have long lasting effects. Keep your healing agenda in mind as you make your decisions. — Spencer

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Wednesday, April 7 – The Day of Enthusiastic Belief

The Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Jupiter just before dawn, EDT. At the same time, it picks up the energy of Eris by the best aspect, a sextile (60 degrees). This is an excellent birthday chart and the energy of the evening and early morning is productive and cooperative. Keep a focus on what you’re accomplishing, and get help if you need it. Do not accept promises but rather gestures of good faith, and demonstrations of actual willingness to be supported and to receive support. Overnight the Sun conjoined Ceres, an aspect that was in effect Tuesday and will be in effect Wednesday. Take care of yourself as best you can. Feel what you feel — your love, your anger, your trust, your sense of being hurt, your needs, your desires. Eat the food not just that you like, but that you like and that makes you feel good. – efc

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Tuesday, April 6 – The Day of the Experimenter

You’ve got tricks in your pocket, things up your sleeve. But others — your friends, their friends, et al. — may not know how to handle you taking action on what is of importance, and of value, to you. And this could be quite the healing moment for you. Take steps to communicate what you care about: that deep, inner part you nurture and hope one day will see the light of day. You may have to cut your losses when it comes to some in your social circle, though you will begin to shine all the more for it. — Spencer

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Weekly Horoscope #270 for Aries

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — In many ways, chaos has become a way of life. It’s no longer possible to expect stability, consistency or a coherent meeting of the minds. Yet you might feel like those things are expected of you. This may be the cause of considerable tension, as you do your best to keep your commitments while the world seems flakier every day. Or at least we can hope that is your problem: under the current astrology, you may not have a grip on yourself. If that is true, address the matter forthrightly with partners or anyone who is counting on you. The solution is to communicate, not to go silent. Request an adjustment to expectations if you must. As for meeting your commitments, there are people who will help you, thou­gh you need to choose well. You want those who are disciplined and a little stoic. If you must delegate, assign work to people who deliver, rather than those who merely promise. The promisers may look good; those who deliver may seem dull by comparison. Here is the key: work only with those who honor time, and can meet deadlines.

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Monday, April 5 – The Day of the Idealist

Turbulent astrology this morning may have you waking up on the wrong side of the bed, if you managed to sleep. In the wee hours, the Moon formed a conjunction to Pluto and a simultaneous square to Eris. Work off any frustration or alienation you might feel with a morning walk or work session. These squares are action items, with a real “get it done” feeling. Let the momentum of the early hours carry you until the Moon changes (or changed) signs at 9:03 am EDT. The theme of accomplishment continues as the Moon approaches a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius. However, rather than solitary work, this placement emphasizes cooperation and collaboration. — efc

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Sunday, April 4 – The Day of Initiative

Today’s meeting between the Moon and Neptune allows some space for you to follow your hunches and get it right. But the Moon square Venus may have everyone feeling a little needy, and wanting to be the center of attention. You might flip that and pay attention to others and not worry so much about yourself. It you’re heading to a holiday gathering (assuming it’s legal where you are), pay attention to the children. They are the ones who are hurting the most right now, and who need the most assurance. — efc

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Saturday, April 3 – The Day of the Fulcrum

Look within. That’s a bit cliché though, isn’t it? How’s this: feel more deeply into yourself, into your emotions, and your attractions. When we’re focused on the outer world — solving problems, interacting with others — it can be easy to divorce our squishy, sensual inner reality from the equation. Well spring is here, and with it: the verdant growth of your inner world, ready to be honored and included. You’re more than capable of communicating your sentiments, and clearly at that. So again, feel within and share when needed. Just keep in mind: others have their own feelings, too. — Spencer

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Friday, April 2 – The Day of the Idealist

A culmination of past actions may have left you with an urge to explore the world beyond (or within, for that matter). Then again, when isn’t our present situation informed by our past? Yet this impulse to explore doesn’t originate from only your personal past, but from humanity’s as well — the collective choices we have made to bring us to this moment, as a whole. That’s a lot of momentum behind you. But instead of getting swept up, and heading somewhere you do not wish to go, you have an alternative. Lean on your intuition a little, and trust your insight. Most importantly, acknowledge what matters to you. Then, consciously decide where you would like to go — why not make it somewhere nice? — Spencer

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Monthly Horoscope for Aries | April 2021

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Events this month have the ability to lift you over obstacles that may have interfered with your progress for years, though you might feel like the same quality has the potential to throw you into chaos. The whole world is set at hair-trigger at the moment, and there seems to be little flexibility available. Any change to the known order sends shockwaves across the world, unless of course that change is instigated by fear (and then people think it’s a good thing). You need to be both flexible and courageous, and these days that is asking a lot. One thing I suggest you be mindful of, given that Chiron is in your birth sign or rising sign, is the sense of being a ‘broken person’. A planet related to healing can impart the sensation of needing to be healed, though this calls for a gentle approach, and one that’s not in any way judgmental. Yet the awareness factor of Chiron has a way of propelling movement. If you have been feeling stuck, that can be unsettling, even unnerving. Another dichotomy that you may be experiencing is the pressure others are exerting on you to be like them, while the presence of Chiron and Eris in your sign are insisting that you be like yourself and yourself alone. This is more tension than most people can stand. That’s part of the game: rather than doing what is necessary for oneself, pushing others into conforming and doing the wrong thing for themselves. There are many reasons society got to this place, but there is only one reason to get out: you are who you are and you are nobody else. No matter what anyone may say, you are responsible for your choices.

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Thursday, April 1 – The Day of Dignity

A fresh wind just might blow in, and push you to take a far reaching journey. It may be more of an intellectual journey than a physical one, but in any event it’ll take a little strategizing on your part to pull it off. Daily life with it’s demands and responsibilities isn’t so accommodating to such flights of fancy. It’ll be a bit of a balancing act, but search for the ways you can stay true to any inspiration you feel bestowed upon you, while at the same time maintaining your devotion to your work. From there, it’s smooth sailing. — Spencer

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Aquarius Astrology Studio
Aquarius Astrology Studio

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Aquarius is a human sign, and it is your destiny to emerge from the current crisis unscathed, in possession of your soul’s mission and purpose.

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