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First, so you can find it: Here is my portfolio of articles, videos and some audio on Covid-19 dating back to early February, called The Coronavirus Novel.

This letter (below) points to odd little collections; cool PDFs under that. The archive above is a growing collection of my work. Currently it is all paywall-free. 

Dear Friend and Reader:

Welcome! This page is the beginning of a comprehensive archive of my journalism, which long predates my being an astrologer. These days, I write mostly about astrology, though since astrology is about the world, I branch into many other topics.

Me with tee shirt from my favorite guitar store.

Note that the master articles archive is above. That goes back to around 2008. The PDFs at the bottom of the page are all worth a click and a sniff.

There’s lots of older stuff linked from this letter; the links take you to little collections here and there that you might not find otherwise.

For example,  selection of my environmental journalism is posted to the Dioxin Dorms website. It’s an older site and is not “responsive” (meaning it does not jump to fit your phone window, so it’s probably best read on a computer).

You will find a collection of my parodies and satires at Save April Fools!

For those interested in articles written around the theories of Marshall McLuhan (with the generous help of the McLuhan family), and Eris and the internet, here is a collection. If you’re interested in why things seem so weird, crazy and over the top right now, I trust you will find this set of about 10 articles to be enlightening. You will also track my process of figuring out where we are when we are in digital space.

You may have heard a rumor that I write about sex. Where did you hear it? Anyway, it’s true. (These days I do most of my sex teaching on Planet Waves FM, my radio program, in audio format. Check the last 45 minutes of every week’s program.) It’s a theme integrated into Planet Waves since the earliest days. A central resource is a site called Yogi Slut. If you have an inquiry about Book of Blue, please write to me.

If you’re looking for something you read a long time ago (this website goes back to 1998), write to me at, copying for good measure. If I’m free I’ll also answer the phone. You can call (845) 338-4846. If you don’t get me, try again. I’m always up to work on some new, weird or interesting project — and I take requests, and also follow up on story leads.

One last — I just found this marvelous old “greatest hits” resource with the best of Planet Waves from 1998-2004. It’s really cool. Here is our monthly magazine from 2001-2003. And now for the rest…

with love,

Eric Francis
Kingston, NY, Jan. 19, 2020


A Few Extras

Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span
from the 1987 Harmonic Convergence to 2012 (PDF). This is a compilation that covers, in detail, the planetary aspects through the Millennial era, from the 1990s through “the end of the Mayan calendar.” We produced this in 2011 and I have not looked at it much since…man it is a trip.

Collection of articles about the U.S. Pluto return and more


Eris: Facets and Fragments of Self
The first ever major article about the new planet Eris,
from January 2006, written in Brussels

It’s All in the Houses
Aug./Sept. 2017

In Through the Out Door: The Cosmic Signature of Monsanto & GMOs
Aug./Sept. 2013

Beyond the Veil: Minor Planets in Astrology
Oct./Nov. 2012

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