Saturn-Uranus Square — What Gives? What Receives?

Monday was the second of three contacts of Saturn square Uranus. I wrote about this extensively in February, framing my discussion on the two concepts of science represented by these planets. One is true science, which means the scientific method of a testable theory, experimentation, and a conclusion — which is then not considered “the truth” until it’s re-tested and subjected to evaluation.

Planet Waves FM | June 4, 2021 | Revenge of the Bats: Fruitcake Lab Release Conspiracy Theory Sprouts Wings

Friday on the season finale of Planet Waves FM I continue my coverage of a new phenomenon: what was last year a crazy crackpot loony fringe conspiracy theory is today accepted as credible and worth investigating. I refer to the lab-release concept of viral origins. This raises a question: what is the next thing for which you were called nuts in 2020 that you will be called a reasonable person for in 2021?

Bells Ringing. Mercury Retrograde. Eclipse on Horizon.

Two weeks ago, I quoted Linda Goodman describing her ultimate Gemini friend, who started an answering service in the 1950s and became the subject of the Broadway musical and film Bells are Ringing. Intrigued, I found a copy of the 1960 movie, which is a romantic comedy centered around a New York City answering service. The business is called “Susanserphone.” In many ways this play and movie were way ahead of their times.