Mars Conjunct Chiron & ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Mars is necessary to get anything done. It’s about desire, initiative and motivation — and it’s almost always blamed on men. What is toxic masculinity? Is healing from these ideas possible?

Planet Waves Monthly for June 2024 by Eric Francis

There is an aspect in today’s Sagittarius Full Moon that describes the transitional nature of our moment beautifully. Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are aligned in a nearly-impossible aspect pattern.

From left to right, they are Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.

The Full Moon is a divinatory moment, and we get something to consider here. When planets have a 29 next to them, they are getting ready to change signs. So this chart describes the transitional nature what we’re living through, long-range and short.

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The Second Awakening

…is trust. And I don’t mean naïve trust, but rather the kind that comes from having learned discernment as a way of life.

Planet Waves Weekly for May 16, 2024 by Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Take the next few days to design an expansion of your financial plan. Think creatively and you will discover many new ways to enhance your income — they are there. Some of these may include ideas that you thought were possible at one time but gave up on because they … Read more