Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, Mars Stations Direct

Dear Friend and Reader: Before I get into this week’s astrology, I have a thought about the inner journey of which astrology is rightly a part. The nature of the spiritual path is to question reality. That is, to question what seems to be reality, and to seek some underlying existence, some deeper truth. Once … Read more

How Safe is Too Safe? How Safe is Dangerous?

Everywhere you shop, there is a shower curtain or sheet of Plexiglass that could no more stop a virus than it could stop smoke. Then there is the hand sanitizer, and the obsessive washing, and the bleaching of shopping carts, and doing the do-si-do at the convenience store. There are the people who stand back … Read more

Mercury Direct, The Election and the Asteroid Sauer

Dear Friend and Reader: This weekend I made a discovery related to Tuesday’s chart for Mercury direct. This, of course, is the day of and therefore the chart for the U.S. election. As I’ve mentioned a few times, the last time Mercury stationed direct on Election Day was in 2000, when George W. Bush lost, … Read more

November Surprises — The Month You Don’t Forget

Link to Horoscope Dear Friend and Reader: Right now all astrology is heading in the direction of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn enter the sign of the Water Bearer and form a conjunction exactly on the solstice. This begins a new era of astrology — what I am calling the Aquarian Era, which we got a … Read more

GLU-Anon: Exposing the International Gluten Conspiracy

Only We Know the Gluth. Are you ready for it? Dear Suspicious, Diet-Conscious, Awakening Individual: This letter contains shocking information, though you may have already suspected certain facts. My name is Glu. Well, not really. It’s actually more difficult to pronounce. I am a Cordon-Bleu certified executive chef at an important restaurant in Washington, D.C. … Read more