Sun in Virgo: The Sign of Healing | by Eric Francis

Posted on August 24, 2020 | Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: Saturday at 11:45 am ET, the Sun entered the mutable earthy sign Virgo. This begins a disseminating phase of the Sun, moving through the last sign of a season as it leads to the next. Apropos of Virgo, we are in a … Read more

Betty Dodson Archive

Betty’s Letter to NYS Division of Human Rights | June 23, 2018 My name is Betty Dodson. I am the author of Sex for One, published in 1974, and of other books. I am considered a founder of sexpositive feminism. I have taught masturbation, self-sexuality and self-relating for more than 50 years, primarily to … Read more

New Moon Opposite Damocles; Virgo Ingress of the Sun

By Eric Francis If this feels like an edgy New Moon, it’s not just the Mars-Eris conjunction. The Moon-Sun conjunction is exactly opposite Damocles, an odd minor planet with a 40-year orbit. Damocles is not an asteroid; it’s more like a super-centaur. It spends nearly its entire orbit in one sign, Aquarius: about 28 years, … Read more

Mars Conjunct Eris: Quest for Humanity

Posted on Aug. 17, 2020 | Link to original

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen. All photos below are from Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks.

Dear Friend and Reader:

This odd sense that everything is growing more chaotic and uncertain by the minute is described magnificently by Mars conjunct Eris in Aries. This is Mars nearly in position to go retrograde on Sept. 9. One of the central concepts Eris represents astrologically is the result of electrical technology on one’s state of being.

Twice-presidential candidate Ross Perot (1930-2019) made great use of his phrase, “The giant sucking sound,” which was his description of a free trade agreement he opposed. Today, the sucking sound is souls being vacuumed into the synthetic astral plane known as digital, AI and virtual and enhanced reality.

Whatever may be going on medically and politically on the planet right now, the moment is all in the direction of astral/digital. This is an actual plane of reality (a concept some esoteric students may be familiar with). The astral is the nonphysical state closest to physical, the one accessed in dreams, fantasies, drug experiences and related activities. Many people spend their lives there, and did long before the internet.

Yet the internet opened up a new, electrically powered dimension of existence and experience that drew in millions of otherwise well-incarnated people. This happened by gradually replacing nearly all physical points of reference and many physical objects with nonphysical equivalents.

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From the Mars Retrograde File: An ounce of prevention, and a pound of self-actualization | By Eric Francis

Posted on August 13, 2020 | Link to original

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tuesday, I was the beneficiary of a two-and-a-half hour conversation with a virologist working on the Covid issue. It is unusually difficult (verging on impossible) to find sources on this story. Every other major story I’ve worked on, it’s been possible to identify and contact people on various sides of the situation and start to assemble a picture of what is going on.

In the digital age, particularly for Covid, this has been replaced by YouTube videos of people who are rarely personally accessible, so a dialog is not possible, and a dialog is what is necessary to gain understanding. So speaking to a virologist and microbiology professor with personal knowledge of Covid was the next best thing to front row at Radiohead.

He also has specialties researching the virology issues I’ve taken the most interest in (HPV, SV-40, and natural immunity). So we had a lot to talk about, here beside the rising tide.

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