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Today’s guest on Planet Waves FM is Sheri Winston, author of The Anatomy of Women’s Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure. Our topic is pleasure, play and healing. Sheri is a gifted writer, teacher and guest and it was a real treat spending an hour hearing what she has to say. You can reach Sheri at her website.

Sheri Winston. Photo not by Eric Francis.

I open the program with a recap of the news and a short summary of the astrology leading into this weekend’s Mercury-Sun conjunction, which is the peak of Mercury retrograde. I also cover the Sun’s aspects to Dionysus and Kassadra, which we’ve been writing about on this page as well.

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12 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: Pleasure, Play and Healing”

  1. Told my therapist today about this, and she asked me why not talk about these things in therapy. Looks like my intuition, and hope, about her was spot-on. Good hard work coming in the future healing sexual shame and self-esteem stuff. A tremendous feeling of relief just knowing the possibilities.

  2. Unlike Sheri, most men I have been with are the opposite; they are more yin to my yang.

    I have had men tell me to back off; that they are not there to perform for me. They seem to need romancing and seducing. They lose their libido if they feel emotionally stressed.

    The “ever ready” male was not one I saw very often. I was told they were out there but I rarely met them especially in context of relationship. That is more a statement about me than about men in general.

    Funny thing is, I was more yang when younger but have become more yin as I got older so humans can and do change with age.

    So when it comes to sex, (before menopause) I started out yang (assertive) and crossed to yin submissiveness inside but still assertive yang in my actions. Now I am trying to figure out what I am after the hormonal drop of post-menopause.

    Very cool broadcast. Great stuff to discuss.

  3. Hi Sheri — Could you site where is this legislation you mention regarding employer’s being given the right to fire people for use of birth control is being proposed?

  4. Mmmmmm…and then tuning into the seminal vessicle- this is a man’s interior space that holds the stuff of life. It’s between the urinary bladder and the descending colon a little behind and above the prostate gland which is directly above the perineum. I guess the penis is so noticeable not many people think to feel what’s inside. If you can coax the energy of the sperm in the seminal vessicle to flow up and around the central channels, they don’t have such an urge to get out. It’s like taking them on a virtual journey that tricks them into thinking they’ve got out. It also heals wherever it’s allowed to flow. The energy of sex is a visceral YES! to life. When we relax and let it flow it’s telling the body we’re happy to be here in a way so solid there’s no ambiguity.

  5. Thank you for keeping an honest discussion about sexuality going. Men simpler? I guess it shakes out that way cause it’s not as easy for a man to ride the dragon of sexual arousal without learning how to do it from someone who learned how to do it…unless you just happen upon techniques which is really unlikely in a culture that cultivates the sensation that you have to get it over with to avoid getting caught. Then there’s centuries of pressure to make babies and a willfully cultivated ignorance of everyone’s sexuality. I hope in the future more men can learn the inner sensitivity to feel the depth of their sexuality and not let the bubble pop so fast in a rush to orgasm. Warming the stove, letting it simmer, and riding a dragon of multiple orgasms are all possible to those willing to experiment, and stay with it even if it doesn’t work at first. A good first step is exercising the pubococcygeus muscle..the one you use to squeeze your butt shut. It helps clean and wake up the prostate gland, which is one of your sex organs and not just something that gets cancer. It also wakes up the whole pelvic area so you can feel how deep everything goes- all the way back to the spine and up it just like a woman. Just because some parts hang out further, doesn’t mean the nerves don’t go as deep. The root of the penis goes way back. It’s not all hanging out. πŸ˜‰

  6. Dear be –

    Thank you kindly for your explanation of how and what the planets are doing and what their impact is on my chart. I am slowly learning more about astrology from you and Len and Eric and all others who have kindly answered and commented on my questions.I am so blessed to have connected with all of you and truly know there are no accidents. You have all come into my life and have comforted me when I was feeling this great need.

    Thank you for sharing about the new born baby. I wish her a happy, peaceful and long life and am pleased to know my chart was helpful to you for her chart’s interpretation.

    Many peaceful blesings to all………charle

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