There are two million astrology sites and you landed here. What makes Planet Waves so different?

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Astrology can help you figure out your relationships, your work and make some peace with the crazy state of the world. Planet Waves by Eric Francis is the premier astrology service designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your life.

Eric does not do predictive astrology but rather provides analysis, facts and insights into what we are all going through in this challenging moment of time, when there is so little certainty and so much to be worried about. Reading Planet Waves will help you feel better, make better decisions and understand yourself.

At Planet Waves, we don’t tell your future — we help you create it.

I was a charter subscriber when Eric Francis started this a decade ago. I am continually amazed at how his weekly horoscopes DON’T predict my life, but OPEN MY MIND to what is possible in my life…. and the information never fails to enrich me, to support me, and to cause me to wonder what is possible for me in the next week, the next month, and through the year.

– Donna M., The Woodlands, TX

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“Eric is knowledgeable yet humble. I admire his ability to open my mind with his insights without having to impress me with his expertise. He’s the kind of teacher I like best — specific and authoritative in communicating what he has discovered even as he pushes ahead into the unknown with relentless curiosity.”

— Rob Brezsny

Weekly horoscope columnist, Free Will Astrology (since 1978), author, The Televisionary Oracle and Pronoia.

15 Responses to There are two million astrology sites and you landed here. What makes Planet Waves so different?

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  3. Chelsea says:

    Comment submitted by a member:
    I just want to say thank you for the way you write. Just a few words linked together in a certain way, such as : “fears abandoned in the psyche” and the advice: “this is not the kind of thing to dig at”. Helpful beyond all measure. I’ve been feeling it and you have the lovely gift of naming it.

  4. via email says:

    Thank you for the fantastic work you do. Astrology was never this much fun and informative!

  5. E.B. via email says:

    Please tell Eric that I am grateful for his horoscope for Virgo in July 2012.

    While the horoscopes are always thought-provoking and relevant, this one has a particularly strong impact. It has the quality of being written just for me. I don’t mean to sound utterly self-absorbed.

    Eric has clarified the core issues I’ve been facing, and validated the growth I’ve been struggling to achieve.

    Thank you, Eric.

    E. B.

  6. Linda via email says:

    You are the first astrologer that makes any sense to me.


  7. Nikki via email says:

    Dear Eric,

    I just want to say thank you for your wonderful weekly articles and astrological readings. If anyone is living their astrology at the moment, well, it’s me — as whenever I read one of your astrological readings, I feel as though they’ve been written specially for me.

    I’ve been on a great journey for the past five years, undergoing a massive spiritual awakening while writing a book and laying the groundwork to launch an inspirational company focused on helping others be their authentic selves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read your articles and astrological readings and found that I’ve written something similar on my end — or that I’ve read one of your articles or astrological readings and had one of those “Eureka” moments when I’ve suddenly realized the direction I need to head with my own writing.

    It’s been wonderful to have these sign posts appear in my life when I’ve needed them most.
    Your writings have been a source of comfort but more importantly, a source of confirmation that I am, indeed, on the right track with my company and the message of my book (by the way, the message of my book has changed since I first started writing it — right on point with my astrology of the past few years, being Aquarian).

    Thanks again for being such an incredible writer and so very insightful. The world needs more people like you.

    Have a wonderful day, Eric!

    All the best to you always,


  8. Hillary via email says:

    Hi Eric,

    My praises to you on your recent newsletter; not only is it brilliant, inspiring and very easy to understand, but you have hit the bulls-eye of what is most important on our planet–Rachel Carson’s work. I particularly liked this statement you made:

    “I realize I keep using the word spiritual in this article, because that’s the theme that keeps coming out of these charts again and again — a deep connection to life and existence, yet with its roots in the unseen world. Carson was a mystic in the deepest sense of the word, and her ability to bridge the worlds of mysticism and science is something that today we would describe as ‘shamanic’. Yet she is not cobbling these things together as if they were separate; rather, they are emerging from the same deep inner place.”

    I am so impressed with your soft, compassionate and patient commenting on broad subjects of dire importance and the amazing astrology you integrate.

    Thank You!
    — Hillary

  9. Si via email says:

    I thank you, Eric and your team for the inspiring and intelligent example you set. So good to read down-to-Earth and positive interpretations and narratives of stellar events. There are so many conspiracy theories, Alien groupies and religious doomsayers out there at the moment, 2012 has had such a buildup. The astronomy and the physics are fascinating, the indigenous cultural take is mostly pretty stable and there are altogether too few folks willing to look at the actual source data itself.

    I love this planet, am grateful for the loan of my flesh and bones, enjoy the experiences and spirit wanderings in the outer, inner and earthy realms. For this reason the approach of Planet Waves — eyes on the sky, heart with the people and their unique growth dynamics, minds studious, curious and awe-inspired, yet with your feet on the ground — is one I totally appreciate and respect. Keep up the good work!

    – Si

  10. Pamela in Portland says:


    You are so fantastic on every level! Thank you for your guidance and direction at this wonderfully, crazy time on our sweet planet.

    I have listened to the Cancer and Gemini Spring 2012 Report many times so far, and what teaches and guides me the most is your bringing to light that when one is moving a lot of power, unresolved issues can be magnified, and to make sure to be in harmony at all times.

    Also, I appreciated the reminder that others see us differently, perhaps more positively, than we see ourselves. I get that this is no time for insecurities. We are On, and the Time is Now.

    Thank you, Eric, and much love to you,
    Pamela McMullen
    The Mapping Studio
    Portland, Oregon

    P.S. In these special, highly-charged days, I am starting The Mapping Studio (while working full time at a job I also love), which I have wanted to do f o r e v e r! Suddenly, support is raining upon me (even financial, perhaps) and I am surrounded by love, respect, and the perfect platform to step up to my service. I am 52 years old and have dedicated my time and energy to be well enough and aware enough to embrace these moments!

    You have been and are a helper to me, Eric! LOVE this Time! Again, the very best to you!

  11. Kat in California says:

    Dear Eric,

    I want to thank you for what you do! I got the free month subscription to PW back in October or November and haven’t unsubscribed as planned because I am addicted!!! Due to all the neat stuff on PW and the 2012RRR series, my affinity for astrology has grown exponentially. Loved listening to the UAC [United Astrology Conference] interviews, especially all the psychologists turned astrologers (my degree is in psychology). Hands down, my two favorite interviews were with David [Tresemer] yesterday and the one where you were interviewed! What a fantastic story you had to tell! Keep up the awesome work; you will always have fans.

    – Kat

  12. Gwendolyn in North Carolina says:


    Thank you for the incredible, thorough, Franci-tization of the universe that you do. We are all lucky you are so devoted to sharing.

    You have been helping me make sense of my life for years now. A delayed thank you for helping this Virgo get through Saturn’s trip through a few years back. And, more recently, your podcast helped me welcome Mars’ visit in Virgo. Your thoughts are always so right on with what’s happening in my life, and always help me maintain a sense of perspective in life.

    Your work is amazing!

    — Gwendolyn

  13. Gabrielle in Austin says:

    Dear Eric,

    I am remiss in thanking you for the free copies of Planet Waves Astrology News. I really love every one of them and find so much more about our “collective lives” that astrological aspects are currently reflecting to us in the skies.

    I love your writing and find that your background in investigative reporting only enhances your intuitive (and superior) grounding in astrological science… especially as we go into the most “astrologically significant summer” in my lifetime, or current memory. Thanks again, I am so appreciative and it was very generous of you to share this weekly newsletter and horoscopes for the week, not to mention your terrific podcast every Wednesday. 

    You make my week, day and month. I definitely am going to continue subscribing and know that you do this for a living. Writers (good ones that is) are well worth the investment. Love you all at Planet Waves. Peace xoxoxo 

    Austin, Texas

  14. Liz from Rome says:

    Oh boy, Eric! This [the 2012 Spring Report] is just fabulous. It puts all the work struggle and strife I’ve been going through into perspective. You’ve made it so clear to me how to proceed now. And you’ve boosted my faith, spirit and confidence no end. Thank you so very much for your gifts and generosity. You’ve made my soul sing — again!

    Much love,
    Liz xxx

  15. Susan from Ottawa says:

    Dear Eric,

    I have to write and tell you what a fabulous job you are doing this year. Your astrology has been spot on with Taurus and our two-value system, which I am coming to realize is something I have, and I’m trying to hold the space now to see my way out of it, the way forward from here. The hint to go do something different creatively was fun to read, because a week before I started going to the National Gallery to look at early Canadian art and it’s brought a real awakening, very unexpectedly, to my writing!

    Just a few of the things that I’ve been thinking about since getting the Spring Report, and working my way through the Taurus Birthday message now.

    Take care

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