Sun trine Neptune, Venus square Neptune

By the way, the Sun is trine Neptune. The Sun is in early Cancer and Neptune is in early Pisces. That puts the two objects in a trine, or 120-degree aspect. While this is not exact till the 29th it’s very much a factor now. Neptune aspects have the widest orbs, measured in time or in space, of all the planets. Events come onto Neptune’s radar long before they register with other planets. Sun trine Neptune is the easy but you have to reach for it aspect. It’s the great idea but only if you write it down aspect. Meanwhile, as mentioned yesterday, Venus continues to apply to Neptune — in a square. This has the potential to be more openly deceptive, but that deception is likely to come with consequences. There’s also the potential to bust acts of deception, and for true values to prevail. But it’s likely to be the kind of thing that requires your being awake from moment to moment, checking your integrity all the way, with each step. This is why Neptune aspects are so challenging for so many people. For many, lying is a way of life, and the lies that are told are not situation specific but rather those that relate to the nature of one’s existence. Before anyone can deceive another person, there must be some degree of self-deception involved, which is often rooted on the existential level. Any situation involving deception that you may encounter is an opportunity for a check on that specific level — existence. The one that’s so often left out of the discussion; the one where so many questions exist, it’s counted as easier to make up a story than to seek out one’s true point of view or to practice devotion to truth.

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  1. it’s my sense that the part of me that was less than impeccable with my truth was the vulnerable and female … feeling under the gun and exposed, I felt cornered and thus was born a way of operating as a frightened child in the world. job 1 was to master the fear; job 2 be present and own what I say/do/am.


  2. “Before anyone can deceive another person, there must be some drgree of self-deception involved, which is often rooted on the existential level.”
    Those are the words which evoked a great deal of reflection for me, as oh my! I’ve been deceived often! Of course, I’ve clobbered myself (after disillusionment arrived, as it always has) for being stupid/naive/gullible etc.
    Yes, self-deception was involved – I wonder if it was only on my part or also on the part of the person doing the deceiving? For my part, if a potential partner/lover could present as someone who loved, accepted, & “understood” me, I could project all manner of virtues upon him, & there’s both the self-deception & the existential roots, as I have come to understand that the injury I was seeking to anaesthetize, the void I was needing him to fill, was the one resulting from never having felt understood, accepted, indeed welcomed, in my family of origin.
    Thanks for this, Eric – it’s proving to be fruitful as I continue my healing.

  3. Sun & Neptune are moving to trine my Scorpio ascendant. It’s nice to have some softness on what has felt like a very hard edge.

  4. An astonishingly candid, hopeful and revolutionary article was published in the Guardian on June 19th but I only found it today. It has all the feeling you describe, Eric… and is a heady, long read. And gives me hope like few things I’ve read recently. Perhaps others will enjoy it too:

    The article is about Robert Davis Steele and here is a quote from him that is in the article, snips which are also from his new book:

    >>> “We are at the end of a five-thousand-year-plus historical process during which human society grew in scale while it abandoned the early indigenous wisdom councils and communal decision-making,” he writes in The Open Source Everything Manifesto. “Power was centralised in the hands of increasingly specialised ‘elites’ and ‘experts’ who not only failed to achieve all they promised but used secrecy and the control of information to deceive the public into allowing them to retain power over community resources that they ultimately looted.”

    Today’s capitalism, he argues, is inherently predatory and destructive:

    “Over the course of the last centuries, the commons was fenced, and everything from agriculture to water was commoditised without regard to the true cost in non-renewable resources. Human beings, who had spent centuries evolving away from slavery, were re-commoditised by the Industrial Era.”

    Open source everything, in this context, offers us the chance to build on what we’ve learned through industrialisation, to learn from our mistakes, and catalyse the re-opening of the commons, in the process breaking the grip of defunct power structures and enabling the possibility of prosperity for all.

    “Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realise such a lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth. The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth – all can create a nonzero win-win Earth that works for one hundred percent of humanity. This is the ‘utopia’ that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach.”

    The goal, he concludes, is to reject:

    “… concentrated illicitly aggregated and largely phantom wealth in favor of community wealth defined by community knowledge, community sharing of information, and community definition of truth derived in transparency and authenticity, the latter being the ultimate arbiter of shared wealth.” <<<<

    A chink in the old-world operating paradigm is being wedged open further sending beams of brilliant illumination into the cave… so we'll all walk out together and I for one can't wait!

  5. I was listening to Grateful Dead’s “Althea” this morning.. and a line caught me, “..honest to the point of recklessness, self-centered to the extreme..”. I think this sentiment mirrors the vibe you speak of, just obverse.

    I wouldn’t concern myself so much with others’ dishonesty, as I would with my own sense of reality.

    (It’ll take quite a while for me to get my ‘full’ head out.. Looking forward to the day!)


  6. A truly sterling piece, Eric. You truly are a champion of truth. Maybe it’s just the time in my life, or maybe it’s the time of our species, but your words are the mighty fortress i need today.

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