Mercury square Chiron: Know when you don’t know

225+web-new-saturnThough the exact Sun-Moon opposition passed by Wednesday, the Full Moon is still vibrating the emotional pool of humanity. As this happens, aided by much else resonating in the water signs (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and an outer planet called Borasisi, among others), Mercury — the original planet synonymous with mental — is in Gemini. On one level that is the very symbol of smartness, though since Mercury is approaching a square to Chiron (exact Saturday), there are questions. The first is described by Mercury approaching the depth and full-spectrum sensation of Chiron in Pisces, and involves recognizing how superficial most communication is. Yet the mind that may be caught in that superficiality has a deeper question, which is about its own capacity for emotional intelligence. Who hasn’t had the notion, “I’m not smart enough for that”? Yet with Mercury-Chiron aspects this can be a debilitating obsession. This aspect seems capable of bringing lurking doubts to the surface. The opposite of this is another prevailing state, that of being cocksure, absolutely certain of something with no basis in fact or experience. I would describe Mercury square Chiron as the aspect of “know when you don’t know.” My first words of training for young journalists, knowing when one does not know is the first step to finding out. It is the essence of intelligence. Yet in this illustration, with Chiron in Pisces, the superficial mind, the one that might be entertained by TV commercials, is encountering something on a different order of reality. So this is not really about facts or ideas; the encounter is more along the lines of one of those spiritual awakenings when someone one day realizes that everything they know is wrong. That would be a real point of beginning. Read yesterday’s post.

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5 thoughts on “Mercury square Chiron: Know when you don’t know”

  1. Not only is transiting Chiron conjunct transiting Borasisi today, they are both square transiting Chaos in Gemini. Yikes!

  2. one of the first things I did here @ planet waves was read up on Chiron — the astrologer I went to did not discuss or even include Chiron on the natal chart … I’ve a 12th house Chiron in Aquarius, btw. As an Aquarian, I esp appreciate this:

    This Saturn-Uranus connection provided one of the basic ideas for understanding how Chiron connects the distinctly different experiences of the structured material world (Saturn) and the energized world of change, progress and revolution (Uranus). It was perhaps the first planet to be discussed specifically in terms of its astronomy, and for sure the first where the discovery chart was used consciously in the delineation of the planet.

    thank you, eric.


  3. this is great — thank you. I’ll check this one out and will be in touch. I am fairly new to the planet waves family, and am looking forward to the article on Chiron transits — it just crossed my sun, saturn, mercury, and midheaven.

  4. this post, with references to chiron, led me to look up exact date of my personal chiron return, which is June 1st – 2nd of this year. I was curious as to what articles you would advise reading ?

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