New Moon nexus: hunker down for some healing

On a mission to photograph a crab yesterday, I moved away the rockweed, and sure enough, there was a large one nestled in a rock crevice. I didn't realize until after uploading the photos that she was sitting atop another one; perhaps the bottom critter was feeling that much more in need of hiding away. Photo by Amanda Painter, Portland, Maine.
On a mission to photograph a crab yesterday, I moved away the rockweed, and sure enough, there was a large one nestled in a crevice. I didn’t realize until after uploading the photos that she was sitting atop another; perhaps the bottom critter was feeling that much more in need of hiding away. Photo by Amanda Painter, Portland, Maine.

The continuing astrology of this week looks like it is prime for focusing on nourishment, the home and healing – especially sexual healing. Before we get into that though, how did you do yesterday with that potentially edgy cardinal grand cross featuring the Uranus-Pluto square plus Mars and the waning Cancer Moon?

Simplified chart section showing Ceres in Gemini (purple question mark) square Chiron in Pisces (orange key). The Sun in Cancer (yellow circle) is one sign off from opposing Nessus in Aquarius (aqua glyph); 199 QB1 is not shown in Aries square the Sun. The Moon is halfway through Cancer. Click for larger image.

So far we’ve heard from people describing feeling anger toward themselves; the scary-tiredness that comes from wanting desperately to molt; the perfect timing to metaphorically hide under a rock to prepare for a new endeavor; sadly, two people in their 20s suffering brain aneurysms; the sense of waking from a dream to see a behavior in a different light; tension erupting between personal and working partners; and using the creative tension of the grand square to change a habit. Even Eric paused in writing about nuclear power and scrubbed his apartment with a friend — right during the grand cross.

Are you seeing anything in hindsight that you can now set about processing and integrating while the New Moon approaches? Here’s an area to consider, along with whatever may be percolating for you already: your relationship to nourishment, food and/or sex – and whatever part of that may need a little loving kindness or fresh perspective.

Today Ceres in Gemini is square Chiron in Pisces. It’s a reinforcement of the sense that these couple days are perfect for inner repair and nourishment in preparation for the Moon’s new cycle and the vigor of the Sun in Leo. You could take this to refer to literal or metaphorical/spiritual food. It is a square aspect, however – implying that some action is called for. That action may not be grand or public; it may be a more internal shift or decision.

Given the duality of the two signs involved, there may be a sense of moving in two directions at once. Crabs may only move in one direction at a time, but since it’s sideways, that somehow seems to fit the theme. Consider consciously lining up your thoughts about self-nourishment with your feelings about healing and your creativity so that your actions reflect a healthy self-esteem rather than a split against yourself – if that’s something you struggle with. On the other hand, you may find this astrology to be a lever to launch yourself deeper or higher along your current trajectory.

Rounding out these themes is another square combined with a second aspect. (Gee, do you think the universe is trying to tell us something?) The Cancer New Moon Thursday, or late tomorrow night, depending on time zone, is square minor planet 1992 QB1, which is in the last degree of Aries. (The Sun is exactly square it over night Saturday into Sunday). The New Moon also occurs in a quincunx aspect to centaur planet Nessus in late Aquarius.

The square is an internally felt sense of tension that can be resolved by taking action. The quincunx is an aspect that is one sign off from being an opposition. Like an opposition, it can feel like its tension is between you and another person – though really whatever you’re feeling exists within you. It is an aspect that asks you to make continual adjustments and negotiations with both sides of whatever you may feel pulled between.

Nessus is a planet that often brings up theme of sexual baggage or histories of abuse – but like all centaurs, the material comes up for the purposes of healing it. In fact, another theme of Nessus is ‘the buck stops here’. Earlier this year the Daily Astrology space featured a trio of posts (here, here and here) about 1992 QB1 and its role in ‘threshold’ events – in particular things like death, birth and orgasm.

Between these two points and the matters of home and nourishment inherent in the Cancer Sun and New Moon, we’re in a nexus of emotional/sexual healing. It’s perfect timing for anyone who may have begun molting yesterday to hunker down (home or any safe space will do – it need not be under a rock) and feed yourself in whatever ways are needed. We are preparing for the Moon’s next cycle and the Sun’s next sign; any newness of perspective or sense of self will be right at home when you finally step back out into the world. How are you feeling about all that today?

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  1. Yesterday was the birthday of a member of the family died, I thought that the sign of Cancer is attached to the past if this person had contributed to a success that I have lived during three day…

    Thanks for your article Amanda and good weekend :

  2. Great article! Thank you! Resonates with the parts of me that need “a little loving kindness or fresh perspective.”

    Thanks as well for the sky watching advice, Amanda! Had a great time camping and sky searching. It was a beautiful, albeit a bit cloudy, morning and a gorgeous show in the sky.

  3. Thank you dear Len! You mention transcendental, the more I think on it, you’re right. There is a significant Mars focus here, at least for myself it seems. The garment he is wearing in Libra is an awkward placement and is very demanding on this energy to shoot straight. I may be completely wrong, but instead of seeing this as lighting up the Uranus Pluto square, I think it’s lighting up the Mars archetype. I mean look at the poor guy. He’s been in an accounting class since last November and now he’s asked to do the Tree Pose in gale force winds. Poor Mars. Something tells me once he enters Scorpio, we will all feel deeply transformed on a cellular level, because he will have integrated Scorpio’s other ruler Pluto and of Uranus in his other home sign, and for his new two year cycle. This is a powerful process we are right in the middle of. Mars is holding a secret.

  4. Thanks for the link, Sarah. Helpful stuff.

    I am still very sleepy, lethargic today. Wondering if I’ll ever wake up. Started playing SuperBetter last night — any game that gives me points for getting out of bed in the morning is a good game right now.

    I would like to write to a fellow I like, but feel too tired. It’s his turn in the conversation, anyway. Maybe it’s ok to take a day or two of rest from worrying about it.

  5. Paolo: i like your comparison to hot yoga. Energetically demanding, funky, and potentially transcendental. It seems as though you have integrated what Amanda and Eric advised.

  6. Thank you Sarah,
    I like the video, watched also some other ones. Like also her voice and the kind of setting…

  7. Eric via Amanda, that really helps me understand these 2 forces, and their sign connection you outline. Thanks for taking the time. These two planets have been so lit up that it was hard to distinguish what exactly I was feeling for. Mars in Venus ruled Libra and in its detriment is preparing for its home sign entrance, perhaps is asking “who am I really?”. If it’s the initiator then that will upset a balance that Libra is asking of Mars, further inducing this immobilizing factor, esp with Uranus pulling it and Pluto pushing it and Jupiter’s go for it! And right now, the new moon approaching is like a launching pad, saying T-minus 24hrs to lift off. Is that about right? It’s like hot yoga.

  8. paolo: Please forgive me for the delay in reply (was was away from my desk for a long summer walk to detach from a Mercury retrograde technical problem). It appears as though Amanda and Eric have the matter of your question well in hand, so i will not gild the lily. If you need anything else, however, please ask.

  9. So glad you mentioned “the buck stops here” re: Nessus because in the U.S. (Sibly) chart he and Ceres are in Pisces and they square Uranus in Gemini. Because transiting Chiron is conjunct U.S. Nessus and Ceres right now and because transiting Jupiter and Ceres are straddling the U.S. Uranus right now, and because it is a New Moon that trines trans. QB1, it just might open the door at that threshold which is in the last degree of Aries.

    “Histories of Abuse” might be a perfect tag for Nessus in the U.S. chart, sitting so close to Ceres, but never so much as now. Between the Monsanto’s of the world and government’s support of them, and now the havoc reaped by the drought in this country, natal Ceres is and has been taking a beating. Chiron used to be referred to as “the key” and we know of his repeated messages in order to bring a focus to the individual and mass consciousness. This key might open that door at 29 Aries while at the same time he squares transiting Venus and Jupiter, the 2 benefics of the astrological pantheon, as they put the squeeze on U.S. Uranus at this home-of-the-brave Cancer New Moon. Maybe this time the government will take on the challenge and make that Nessus buck stop here.

    Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius whose priority is to better mankind, and it rules the house of communities, communication and basic education (3rd) in the U.S. chart. Might Uranus surprise us with a “shocking and new” approach to feed (Ceres) and expand (Jupiter) the lifespan of its neglected citizens? These are people who don’t have access to nutritional food. It could also include the small farm owners, who are hanging on for dear life in some cases, due to the overreach of big agri-business. A Cancer New Moon trine the thresholder QB1 could do that I think.

    QB1’s Sabian Symbol for it’s location right now is A Duck Pond And Its Brood. Dane Rudhyer says “The mystic may experience flights of imagination and transcendent vision, but he must return to the concrete earth and to his task in his social environment.” That would be the duck pond of this symbol. He goes on to say “ is there that the substance for concrete action has to be found, and every effective activity has to be focused; . .” That’s where Chiron comes in. Focus.

    By the end of this month the transiting Sun will quincunx trans. Pluto from his position in Leo. The trans. Sun will also quincunx transiting Chiron. Trans. Chiron just happens to be conjunct the U.S. Progressed Sun at 7+ Pisces (as well as the U.S. natal Ceres-Nessus). A yod will be formed by the transiting Pluto and transiting Chiron (+ U.S. prog. Sun, + U.S. natal Ceres-Nessus) when transiting Sun reaches 7 Leo, who will spearhead the yod. It just so happens that the U.S. Solar Return (birthday chart) this year has Mercury at 8+ Leo. Fancy that!

    U.S. Solar Return chart Mercury (thought, word) also forms a yod with the solar return sextile of Pluto (transform) and Chiron (make conscious), and this will be in effect all year until the next 4th of July. The Solar Return Mercury is trines the transiting Uranus (change) and Pallas-Athene (strategic planner), and sextiles Venus-Ceres-Jupiter-South Node (understand the old ways don’t work and spread the food and love) too. This is a powerful Mercury – again – this year, as he was this past year. In both last year and this year Mercury conjuncts the U.S. natal north node (new horizons and opportunities) in the U.S. chart. At the end of the month there is also a belated exact trine between Venus and Saturn.

    On July 31 the trans. Sun in Leo (conj. U.S. NN + S.R. Mercury) trines the trans. Uranus in Aries which will be followed 2 hours later by the Venus-Saturn trine, both of them in the same degrees of the same signs they were in when Venus turned retrograde in May. Saturn represents bounderies such as a “duck pond” as well as the “concrete earth” and his “task in his social environment”. Venus represents what we value as well as our tax dollars which the government (wisely or unwisely) spreads among the many takers. We can make a difference individually, and/or as a group if we let our representatives hear from us that we want change in the way our tax dollars are distributed. We could be the Chiron energy that raises awareness that makes the changes that helps those less fortunate or those overlooked. We could be the Ceres he squares that conjuncts the Uranus in the U.S. chart that takes everyone by surprise. We could be the Jupiter that floods the government offices with our combined voices of understanding. We could be the Saturn that makes real the desire of Venus.

    Amanda put it this way: “You could take this to refer to literal or metaphysical/spiritual food. It is a square aspect, however, implying that some action is called for.” It could also mean real food for those who really need it.

  10. paolo —

    eric had this to add:

    even in sex, there are certain animals that clone — I believe, usually female. remember these are metaphors.

    mars has the energy of initiative. think of the two signs that it rules — Aries and Scorpio, and exalted in Cap.

    venus has that attractive, self-completing quality — associated with Taurus and Libra, exalted in Pisces.

    both apply to masculine and feminine signs (Scorpio and Cap are feminine signs; Libra is a masculine sign). so we’re talking subtle shades here…

  11. Thank you Amanda, beautifully described and very helpful. This also help to me understand my natal chart as well.

  12. Paolo,

    Interesting, your comment, I just read your post. Thanks to you and Amanda for bring up and explaining the Venus to Mars power/energy here, which I believes fits into what I am trying to describe/comprehend.

  13. Blew my wad of energy yesterday finishing off my inbox in prep for the next day. Then I went home, had a hot steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho and went to sleep. I am taking the day off and staying home today. Trying to stave off a little virus coming at me from the back of my throat, which everyone seems to have these days.

    Need to go out and get a chicken to make some broth for the day. That and tapping away on my computer for a deadline while swathed in blankies.

  14. Yesterday, this week, and really commencing, building in force since May…also, feels directly linked from/with (in connection) to the Transit of Venus — for me. May I try to express the connection to these aspect(s) that seem to have been building upon one another and felt increasing in actualization/ strength?
    On the one hand, is the feeling of being positively internally directed to some deep, intense energy surge; a passion pushing forward, drawing /pulling towards unification, resolution – to change. Yet, conversely, externally, outside is an intensely building pressure, oppressive feeling, in opposition, fight (explosive may fit) of two these two extremes.
    Old way of processing; in past. Negatively, pushing opposing from the outside -gripping desperately trying to hold on to the old agenda and way. As described in the article and commented here, felt in ‘some’ personal relationships and in a sense from the outside, collectively – the last holding onto of stagnation, non- growth.
    New way of processing; of being now. Positively, letting go, of releasing, healing, accepting and open to – the unknown. Of following the ‘soft’ spirit, yet when tapped into profoundly drawing out from within – a personal empowering feeling this promotes.
    Amanda, thank you for this brilliant article and picture which touched it so. And PW for all you’re sharing and comments. I am truly the crab in the crevice for the moment taking refuge in the foundation of the rocks, building up strength from within. Perspective is looking out, while practicing patience; guided by inner direction somehow in waiting finding true trajectory.

  15. I enjoyed the grand cross with New Moon Dance and Drum ritual with community, followed by an hour of immersion in a lake as the sunset played out in sky in water. That’s why I’ll always live in Maine. Must have water! Ready to take life in stride, quantum leap, kick the square, crack the shell, shift away…

    Woke this morning a puddle of emotion, striped with anger and frustration. Cooked in the sun in an alfresco drawing group, and finally remembered: A year ago this week I declared my love for someone. A week ago this same person declared his relationship with someone else.

    OK. It makes sense that I’d be crossing the wake of that emotional boat now. The crack of the shell releases what’s been held and one feels it on the way out. What you said yesterday about they can’t see through the new shell. I am not really as vulnerable and naked as I feel. I’ll be hiding, but in plain sight. Healing. Immersed in water, sweat, and tears, and dancing like everyone is watching — literally, on Main Street.

    Grateful that you make this site available for interaction with the information you post, and the people who read it. I appreciate the anonymous witness. In my small town, there is no one to speak to out loud about my feelings on this topic. We all know too much of each other’s business. Today I am a little soft shell rock crab, by Sunday, I’ll be the Phoenix! Or a lioness.

  16. hi paolo —

    your question got hung up in moderation for a while yesterday, and then i went offline.

    i’ve asked eric and len to chime in with additional angles on this, but here is my sense of the basics:

    I think Venus seems more about opening to and allowing the eros/energy to flow in, flow through and augment/transform, whereas Mars is more about assertively taking aim, pursuing, penetrating, causing. While in each there may be a filling or seeding/insemination-type transformation, in the first case (with Venus) it is allowing that to happen, whereas in the second (Mars) it is causing that to happen.

    That is, Venus and Mars are two halves of a polarity. So even though the same *effect* can be seen as associated with each, there is a difference of which side of the equation we’re experiencing the action from, or from which perspective we’re witnessing it.

    i’ll let you know if i get any augmented insights on this, but let me know if that answers your question.

  17. Dear Amanda, I posted this question yesterday but I think it molted away. It arose from the Mars theme of yesterday and the Venus transit themes of a few months ago:

    “May I ask what the difference is between Venus power/energy in sexuality (Eros) like the power we were reading about during the transit of the sun, and Mars power/energy in general. I know there is the basic theme of attraction and action, but there has to be something more. Both feel equally transformative or powerful. If we fill something with Eros (Venus) to make it grow and become a part of an our lives, isn’t that “filling” an activation or Mars energy? Or, if we initiate ourselves (Mars) to our life’s dreams, or even in sex, isn’t that a Venus energy, esp in orgasm as it has the feeling of filling something with incredible energy?

    If Venus is the energy of the “womb creation” and has this apparent self fertilizing quality through its self nourishment, what is Mars doing?”

    Sorry, still confused about the different energy archetypes. Thanks to you.

  18. ah geoff — thanks so much for that added insight about the quincunx! i had not fully appreciated its proximity to the trine, but your description makes great sense. in fact, i may have experienced a bit of that myself last night into today — though any “opposition” energy seemed to be experienced all in my thought processes rather than bumping up against other people.

    for me, the grand cross seemed to take on more of the vague, almost-sad quality rather than anger or frustration — it was an outgrowth of the thoughts and feeling that had come to me over the weekend with the sun square satrun and eris — and all of the “identity in/vs relationship” stuff.

    the thoughts are still present, but tapping into and sharing some beautifully loving, supportive, sensual energy last night certainly lifted my spirits and was reassuring.

  19. Went for my first ever acupuncture treatment yesterday. Trying something different as to healing and molting. I think it went pretty well!

  20. The quincunx is a difficult aspect to describe. As well as being one sign away from an opposition it’s also one sign away from a trine. I think of it as that stage of having a disagreement with someone before you are both open about your diverging opinions. You can’t look them in the eye, either as a friend (trine) or as an adversary (opposition), but you’re both becoming aware that a difference of opinion is emerging.
    I was on the look-out yesterday for cardinal grand crossery in myself and others and, whether I imagined it or not, felt I had avoided one or two scrapes in everyday living by keeping my head down and heading for home at the earliest opportunity.
    Scrubbing the pad would have been a good idea – Sun in Leo likes bright and sparkly. Better get on with it, I suppose (sigh).

  21. Amanda – thank you for this article. It describes perfectly what I am feeling right now. Michele – my Sun is also Cancer in exact opposition to Moon in Capricorn and I too have been feeling my inner ‘split’ all year, and have been doing what I can to heal it. I had a big insight within the past couple of days about how this manifests in relationships. Last night I felt moved to do ritual to release the negative energy I hold against myself that has held me back from fully embracing relationships. This year has been very intense, but I am trying my best to use the astrology as it comes to move forward. PW has helped immensely in that endeavor!

    Huffy – I enjoy reading your comments, and good luck with the job!

  22. dawn – poor you! We’ve had a bit of let up these last days here, there’s a lovely breeze coming off the terrace. As I said already, my place is under the roof and teeny, with no ac – so it can get unbearable at times. Try putting your feet in a tub of cold water, as often as you can – it calms and cools down the whole body.

  23. Great crab photo, Amanda!

    Yup, we’re hunkered down for healing – hubby had hand surgery, yesterday (again, 2nd time on his right hand, left hand was also done several years ago).

    So, he’s hunkered down to heal. And I am doing my best to bear this heat and humidity, which is wiping me out. No AC in the living rooms, thank goodness we have bedroom units. I crawl into bed by 9, wrapped in several layers of pain and distress, and stay there til past 7, when I wake up feeling well again – so I’ve been shedding that hard shell of pain every night for awhile already, only to grow it again the next day. I’m a spring child, never could handle summer!

  24. Yes, exactly as you are saying. I am making concrete action steps towards healing, in a new (! lateral?) direction. There will be one step later today, and another one on Monday morning, exactly right after the Sun will be in Leo (home, for me).

  25. How did I do yesterday ? I watched many react to their environment whilst I had a heads up and let everything flow. Thank you !

  26. This new moon is claiming me and I am claiming it. Some reciprocity. (Sun at 28 02 in Cancer. Moon at 26 40 Capricorn.) Leo rising. So Merc rx is involved.

    I have been told, and I certainly understand the statement, that I have a chart in parts. And all of it is getting a workout. But in each of the “parts” the onus is on me to push forward.

    I’m looking as some manner of integration after manymany years of living each parts in bits and starting over from scratch numerous time…

    I am in total agreement with this: “It’s perfect timing for anyone who may have begun molting yesterday to hunker down (home or any safe space will do – it need not be under a rock) and feed yourself in whatever ways are needed.”

    Except that it’s not possible, at this time… I can do it in bits. But ultimately I do it for a much larger picture, which keeps calling me out. And I have to find better and better ways to be present… in all areas.

    I actually feel like I am being called out on all 12 areas… Which will come together, if I manage to keep all the balls in the air. Tonight I am remembering the dream I had (about a year ago?) wherein an ancient astrologer told me we are all signs.

    I just about started mixing reaction to this post with reaction the the PW FM this night… But I want to go to that post and express my relief at the riches offered there. (Categories categories.)

    Much love and thanks for these writings… It helps keeps the massive amount of info incoming manageable. xm

    PS: Because it would be so easy to lose my shit. And I wish it were only two directions…

  27. I did the same thing as Eric; rolled up my sleeves and scrubbed down an extensive storage area. Yuk. Now I need a scrub down..

  28. That is just an AMAZING photo, Amanda! And brilliant blog, I love this, so spot on for me: “Consider consciously lining up your thoughts about self-nourishment with your feelings about healing and your creativity so that your actions reflect a healthy self-esteem rather than a split against yourself – if that’s something you struggle with.” Thank you so much. Yesterday was very intense – had a pretty challenging interview for job, teaching at an American university (not a big contract, but good, well-paid work, that could lead to better things…). Was really nice to be interviewed by two Americans (usually Italians or Brits), who really knew their stuff, and were really vital and warm. For over an hour they bombarded me with questions and I had to give a trial lesson. It was like a real test of my self-worth, and perhaps for the first time ever, I came out of an interview feeling that I had done myself justice. Whatever the outcome, it was very empowering.

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