Mercury-1992 QB1: Willingness to Transgress

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Yesterday we briefly mentioned that there’s a conjunction happening, between the mighty planet Mercury and a new little world called 1992 QB1, orbiting in the Kuiper Belt just beyond Pluto. Over the years I’ve been developing the theme of the Thresholder associated with this planet: one who helps others move into a new phase of their lives, or cross a boundary of some kind.

Zosha. Photo by Eric.

Zosha. Photo by Eric.

I include among these people midwives, those who assist others in the dying process, certain highly conscious sexworkers, sex therapists, ‘tantric’ teachers and orgasm coaches. There are therapists, astrologers and others who work with people in talk process I know who would qualify for this distinction — of holding space and providing some form of guidance or example to facilitate actual transition in the lives of those whom they serve.

QB1 remains an unnamed planet; despite having a minor planet catalog number (15760), it still has its provisional name. Every new discovery gets one of those tags with the year and phase of the year when the discovery happened (Chiron’s was 1977 UB), though once their orbit is confirmed and they are given catalog numbers, many of these discoveries are named sooner rather than later. It’s unusual that QB1 has no mythological baggage.

This is particularly true given that it holds such a truly special place in astronomy — it was the first orbiting body discovered beyond Pluto, and as such, it was scientific evidence of the existence of a vast field of space where many such planets exist. There are now hundreds known; you’ve heard of many here: Varuna, Quaoar, Eris, Salacia, Logos.

QB1 helped us cross the threshold of seeming death (as defined by Pluto), and moreover, the thought form of death, opening a new dimension of what is possible when we go beyond this tired old idea that whoever kills the most people wins the game and gets the biggest appropriation from Congress. This is an idea that has driven modern society for many decades, and which still has countless millions of people wrapped around its ugly finger.

That finger gestures in more than death threats. It stalks sexual pleasure with obliteration by guilt. It is a constant menace to the eminently natural experience of childbirth, terrorizing midwives and doulas, cutting off their funds (by using the insurance system as a weapon against them many different ways) and forcing people to be born into cold, hostile places, ushered by scalpels and forceps rather than by loving hands.

And in our era, even natural death comes under assault by legislators who are rented by the funerary industry, who then make laws banning home funerals and legislating that people must be buried in metal vaults rather than simple, biodegradable containers.

Those who dare to do things differently are Thresholders. It is their ability to help others make transition the way that works best for them, that gives them this distinction. Yet it’s also the willingness to transgress the prevailing conventions and the rules of society that makes them what they are. Any Thresholder takes a risk in helping with the transitions that they do, so that willingness to dare to cross a known boundary is essential to the concept. Often there is a personal risk in doing so. What they do may not be illegal but it often exists on a legal margin, and a margin of social acceptability. Yet deep beneath any seeming controversy there is a deep need, and a craving.

Today Mercury is conjunct 1992 QB1. The implication is that the qualities of this QB1 are available as ideas, speech or communication that has the effect of helping others move past a boundary or a block, or through a transformation process. Ideas can be powerful, especially if they violate a taboo and in the process, help set someone free. They have the power to propagate at no cost to anyone, seemingly with lives of their own.

Ideas are often considered dangerous; we are well into the era of (alleged) thought crime and speech crime. All of this money and energy that’s being spent policing the Internet is being used to scour for concepts, and many that are considered the most violative involve sexual taboos. Yet there is a reason for this — the healing power of words spoken and ideas shared, while often minimized by those who would advocate only for ‘real’ things, is potentially profound.

The message I am getting from the Mercury-1992 QB1 conjunction is a reminder to be open to the conversation that has to happen but which so rarely does. Those who help hold that space open are indeed Thresholders. Those who are willing to violate the taboo of lies, secrets and silence, and allow honest speech and exchange of information, particularly about anything related to birth, orgasm, death and our relationship to the cosmos, are honored as Thresholders here in this fleeting moment of astrology.

While we’re here, listen for the message or idea that might set you or someone else free. Hold open the space for people around you to share by your willingness to listen and your nonjudgmental attitude.

Eric Francis

About Eric Francis

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35 Responses to Mercury-1992 QB1: Willingness to Transgress

  1. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    (((((((HS))))))) Thank you! xxx

  2. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Sarah: just sending you a little 10 of Cups love! :)

  3. marymack says:

    Chief, appreciate your take on hermes as applies to QB1. I’m witnessing such revelations now and wondered what my natal Mercury exactly on the horizon, opposite Pluto might indicate.

    love this feeling of “it” all coming together

  4. Lunesoleil says:

    Thank you Eric :)

    If you with the Moon, the Sun, mercury, Venus, Mars, Rahu / Kétu North node / South node between… on 27, 28 and 29 th degree in the sign of Aries, this article should talk about. The 1992 QB1 Centaur will remain there for many months in this area on the axis of opposition Saturn. This asteroid is also associated with a “computer QB 1 which follows gaze and obeys the gestures”, a strategy game of Football, I saw also that a battery was also code QB 1, and its proximity on the Andromeda constellation will provide the meaning in particular events that will occur in certain geographical area. I slipped many links under key words in my article. Some are in French and another in English. For videos on the monetary crisis, I’m sorry there is no English translation, may be you will find similar videos on Google. This celestial body is in conjunction mercury in world and on my Moon who responded also to the appointment atypical and my article was create has its image as this futuristic computer in QB 1 a huge technological creation of another time video

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  5. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    HS – Actually, I think it was my language that wasn’t clear now that I read it back. What I was referring to in that second part were those encounters where the other person woke up to a part of themselves and wanted something longer-term, but where I didn’t want that with them. In those relationships, I have learned what it is that I don’t want and crystallised what I do. And I don’t want to settle for anything less than what feels right – which is why I am choosing to be single for now.

    Does that make more sense? :)

  6. liminali liminali says:

    Elvis is in my threshold. No, really it’s true. Many years ago my friend David was helping me with childcare. I lived on the second floor and had given him my spare key, which he dropped on the landing at the top of the stairs. The key fell through a crack on the side of the stairs and was gone. David was quite handy, he took the door off its hinges. He had a problem getting the door remounted and ended up taking off the threshold. Underneath the threshold was a cheap, gold colored metal pendant without a chain that said “ELVIS”. David died about a year later. (I assisted with his transition, but that’s another story) I still have my threshold Elvis. Mojo Nixon has a great song called “Elvis is Everywhere”, David and I would sing “Elvis is in my threshold” somewhere in the song. Cracked us up every time.

    The word/concept I use to describe the transition holders is “portal”. Notice my screen name, liminali. It was chosen to express a very similar idea, the idea of doorways, windows, passages, and portals. The word “lintel” has the same root as “liminal”. I was born during one of the two liminal times of day, sunrise and sunset. My Sun is conjunct the Descendant(7th house cusp), so I’m a sunset baby. My Mayan day sign is Ox Cimi, 3 Death. The Death day sign is a similar expression of transitional energy.

    I did a quick investigation of QB1 conjunct Pholus. I have it, 1960, my mom has it 1933, my grandmother, 1907, nope, my daughter, 1985, no again. My stepdaughter, 1972 has Pholus starting to move away from QB1, with 4 degrees of separation. So it looks like QB1 and Pholus were basically conjunct for some forty odd years. I think whatever is aspecting that conjunction will influence the various natal charts. For example, I have Tantalus, Damocles, and Ceres conjunct Pholus/QB1; my four year older sister has Chiron conjunct Pholus/QB1. My mom has a super tight sextile from Juno to Pholus/QB1.

    About that forty years, some of us move through our passages, and some of us fell through the cracks.

  7. Carrie says:

    “But in my little experience, if I get into bed with someone, it’s because I like them. Then they grow on me. I can’t help but want to open more, that is if they are responding to me just as openly. The more I allow this process, the more it develops. If it feels good, then I want it to continue.”

    For me this was the opposite of what I needed to do. When I bedded them first, I started having deep feelings for them without really knowing them. This led me to stay with men who were awful for me. After realizing this (through lots of therapy sessions) I knew that I would have to start out as friends first and then as (if) things grew and we felt compatible, I could add intimacy to an already very stable and comfortable relationship. By doing it that way, I didn’t jump into feeling love (or what I thought/experienced was love) without really knowing the person.

    I know this isn’t how it has to work for everyone else; just for me.

  8. Hugging Scorpio says:

    CaraSusanetta, sorry, hit post too soon. I agree about the use of language being a disconnect in that we are probably more “titles” based and like to fit things into slots. What I don’t agree with is being unclear. I’m not right now reflecting on Sarah’s comment but my own intentions. I must be brutally honest with how I can undermine my own desire for something better. What do I want? Are they in contradiction or do they support my full aspirations. Do I want a little of this and a little of that with a bit of the rest on the side? I want to allow a space for the honesty I’m generating to manifest itself in its own image.

  9. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    Here’s a translation of that article out of French…a bit botched but — you can make out what the author is saying…

    I will present an asteroid coming out of the box since it has no real name “1992 QB 1” coded [15760] These two discoverers David Jewitt and Jane Luu had chosen to baptize “smiley” that was taken by another asteroid and blow kept his identity first. Since nothing is by chance that this asteroid and “QB1” None the less eloquent by its symbolic meaning.

    QB to a revolution of 289.55 years, imagine you longer than that of Pluto is 250 years. Today QB1 was in conjunction Mercury and remain for several months in conjunction with the constellation and a very bright star “Andromeda” and an opposition that will be felt as early as August and September with Saturn. I thought this asteroid could make sense in terms of political events outside of the other planetary configurations that could be put under the spotlight of astrology.

    I had an idea to do a Google search with the keyword “QB 1” and I am surprised to find a link with an exciting game of strategy in football. Can not find it surprising?

    Pushing a little further my curiosity I made another discovery, this time a “Computer 1 QB who follows us and does the gaze gestures”, and then I thought how wonderful ingenuity of technology.

    When I first found the link without asking any questions I formulated keywords: STRATEGY – DEFENSIVE – RESCUE PLAN, thinking in terms of coalition in Greece. And this second link found on Google reveals a futuristic technological means incredible.

    Upon reflection, I think that the symbolism of the asteroid “QB1” in a surprising progress made since its discovery in 1992. Able to remotely control what you would achieve, surpassing the performance already established to a quantum leap forward. Wondering what this asteroid [Centaur] in the debt crisis could suggest to men to get by. Because that is what it is today and not make this just to admire the latest gadgets in the world of computing.

    This asteroid QB1 after the passage of Venus early March, the Sun in mid-April of Mercury today, which squats a constellation of first importance “Andromeda”, should guide man to find urgent solutions to overcome this currency crisis. The opposition of Saturn with a QB can cause a release events through an event is not common. Never lived in the history of mankind. This is far from a utopia, it is an option which is better than a “third world war” that would be serious consequences by challenging our comfort resulting from a decline in human progress.

    Asteroids are small messengers in the service of ordinary men unlike giant planets that are the services of men of power. When there is a conjunction between the small star and the biggest star there as a natural cooperation that is taking place.

    This article is the result of intuition, ingenuity that this asteroid [Centaur] is in conjunction with my “Moon” and that my charge of a mission at the moment that I realized its presence. From a humble work well to highlight an asteroid a QB on the forefront of my blog in favor of astrology ….

  10. Hugging Scorpio says:

    CaraSusanetta, yes, I absolutely agree with you. :)

  11. kazaa says:

    This is what I’m focused on doing these days, these last two years, this very evening, even. Creating the space, metaphorical, physical and emotional, for the real conversation to happen. Lovingly having the conversation despite the prevailing resistance, watching healing occur and reverberate as a result. I feel excited about it. It’s a powerful time, watching such major transformation take place, watching ideas become Life. “… A reminder to be open to the conversation that has to happen but which so rarely does. Those who help hold that space open are indeed Thresholders. Those who are willing to violate the taboo of lies, secrets and silence, and allow honest speech and exchange of information, particularly about anything related to birth, orgasm, death and our relationship to the cosmos, are honored as Thresholders here in this fleeting moment of astrology.” “it’s also the willingness to transgress the prevailing conventions and the rules of society that makes them what they are. Any Thresholder takes a risk in helping with the transitions that they do, so that willingness to dare to cross a known boundary is essential to the concept. Often there is a personal risk in doing so. Ideas can be powerful, especially if they violate a taboo and in the process, help set someone free.”

  12. CaraSusanetta CaraSusanetta says:

    Hugging and Sarah,
    Something to consider: I know this comes up as a fundamental in my mind too. And I’m not sure there IS an answer in our world of polarity. So, in my imagination, I can posit that you are actually both reaching for the same idea and that the apparent disconnect is a limitation of language, trying to explain something that exceeds any definition at all. Does that seem congruent? Other thoughts?

  13. Hugging Scorpio says:

    Hey Sarah: “I want someone in my life who is not ‘passing through’ to something and someone else, or someone whose life is altered through our meeting, but with whom I don’t want to forge a long-term relationship.”

    I just wanted to poke that a bit. I’m not sure, but your intention above seems contradictory, no? It’s a beautiful statement. But, what it reads says that you want to experience someone as a fully present person in your life who is able to participate in mutual and loving ways that reciprocate the energy you pour into the relationship. But you don’t want a long-term relationship suggests that you inherently/unconsciously want this person to pass to something that doesn’t include you. Do I read you wrong Sarah? Forgive me, I don’t want to push any buttons, only wanted to probe for more clarity for you (for me, I guess, as a reader)

    Just to throw the light on me for a brief second, I became rather jittery at the fact of having a long-term relationship, esp because of how trapped I felt for so many years. I’m also trying to enjoy sexual relations without any heavy ideas. But in my little experience, if I get into bed with someone, it’s because I like them. Then they grow on me. I can’t help but want to open more, that is if they are responding to me just as openly. The more I allow this process, the more it develops. If it feels good, then I want it to continue. Why should this process stop? It continues, and so we throw all kinds of names at it. If we both hold space for each other to evolve and grow, that continuing space is what I was petrified of at the beginning. So I don’t think about it anymore and I let the energy flow through me as best I can.

    God, I must sound patronizing. So forgive me. It’s just that how you wrote that resonated with me and maybe by clarifying it, you can truly approach your dream with the fullest potential to manifest it.


  14. Lunesoleil says:

    I just add the link of your article in link attached to QB1 has added four times in my article :)

  15. Lunesoleil says:

    This is my article on this asteroid like no other and thank you again for me have inspired

  16. wandering_yeti says:

    Gaiva-head-threshold: in the center of the head DMT is created. In death or near death experiences it floods the brain. Threshold of inner states.

  17. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    apparently I’ve got several words edge wise today! lol.

    Both of my kids are of the Pluto-Quaoar conjunction (1991-1993) years which also have the Uranus-Neptune conjunction.

    Two very different types they are; the Gemini sun being focused, directed but creative in her own strange sort of way. My son the all-Scorpio boy who is more like a bull with pinchers who keeps punching like a cat in a bag to try and turn his world inside out.

    And looks like that transiting Quaoar is on natal Saturn now as well. A new structure for a New Age? Makes Quaoar trine QB and Merc in Aries, yes? Might not be exact….best I get back to my fiction before I make up too much incorrect astrology.

    Oh my. Well than, back to my day.

  18. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thanks so much for your additions, Be. They help give equilibrium to be sure. (transiting Saturn is on natal Quaoar, either structuring the dance or squashing it!?).

    Natal QB1 is exact on my DC at 11 AQ, yes conj Pholus and also opposing natal Uranus. QBs in an AQ stellium with Venus, Pholus Chyron and Merc. Well then.)

    I’m still in that “holding pattern” with little to add in this realm, but the (fiction) writing is coming nicely.

    Worry over my son’s college “plans” is a huge emotional challenge/drain. At this juncture there is nothing to do really but wait to see if he “grows up” a bit — hopefully soon.

    Meanwhile, my daughter’s college has cut back programs in her department by 80% (making it Not-Really-Art rather than “Art” department, yes? I wonder if her degree will reflect that? Bachelor of NotReallyArt?). But she’s got the outlook of building new where the old no longer serves. Which is where the real Creativity comes in.

    Well there, guess I needed to release some pressure. Thanks to all PWers for the support you offer each day by Being Here.

  19. bkoehler says:

    In addition to this auspicious conjunction today is the opposition of Venus in Gemini to Quaoar. Quaoar is the process where the ALL THAT IS creates chaos and then shapes it into forms. Quaoar dances and sings the dieties into being. So while we contemplate the threshold we stand at, consider the choice of the Mercury (conj QB1)-ruled Venus in Gemini (this or that) view opposite the one who dances the gods into being. Remember, Juno the queen of relationships is still conjunct the dancing Terpsichore as they languish near the north node of opportunities. Perhaps we must first balance the interesting details with the understanding of the big picture before choosing to cross the threshold or walk on by.

  20. Geoff says:

    Among the great astronomical thresholders, William Herschel, discoverer of Uranus, must surely be included. He showed that the solar system did not end at Saturn, just as Dr. Jane X. Luu has been able to show that it does not end at Pluto.
    Herschel had 1992 QB1 at 18 Taurus 7. The Sun was at 18 Taurus 7 just before 08.00 (UT) today. Cosmic, as we used to say back in the day when Uranus was in that neatly-made bed with Pluto. Congratulations, Eric – amazingly apposite astrology as always.

  21. awordedgewise awordedgewise says:

    Thank you Eric and All for this conversation.
    My Self, my Children and my Friends are all at substantial and obvious borders – but of a different nature than in the past – not as tangible. Daily challenge* is to remain Peaceful, like a feather atop a raging river, riding the waves while remaining boyant.

    *goal is to ride with ease, of course, rather than feel the challenges like hard rocks in the current.

  22. Getcalm says:

    I love this dialogue, for years I have described my work as a Transitional Midwife, guiding men and women across the threshold from soul stealing jobs that only fill their pockets to heart-centered, life affirming work that supports their families and fills their souls.

    I love the concept of the threshold and what it takes to consciously step across. I suggest to all of my clients that, for a week, they pause at the threshold to every physical door they pass through, noticing the sensation of their hand on the doorknob or door frame and focus on the feelings that come up when crossing from one space to another. What they report back to me after a week of committed practice is revealing. What will it show to you about the metaphorical threshold at which you are poised? Will you try it and share?

  23. susyc says:

    I just started working with an Ayurvedic life coach. I think he’s definitely a thresholder…maybe he can help me become one too…

  24. indranibe says:

    **And of course, it’s always the ones in leadership positions that are the panickiest of them all!!!

    Peace, goodwill and love for all mankind??? Patience in the face of continued and protracted lunacy?? Fuggeddit – I’m only human dude!! I want a fully-functional spaceship – and I want it now!!!!! (Where’s Captain Kirk when you need him????)

  25. starrynight3 says:

    On a threshold. Called someone I think is a thresholder – scheduled to touch base today. Hope she can help. Have always lived near the leading edge …will have to see where QB 1 is in my chart.

  26. indranibe says:

    Ha! After all that and having added my “profound” “Yes” to the mix, I’m beginning to wonder what the point of being “calm and secure” really is when all around me people are losing their heads! All I can think of is that the mistake was mine – thinking that someone was one thing when the signs pointed to another.

    But I suppose one can’t really tell what someone’s going to do in a “crisis” (and my goodness, some people see “crisis” in the smallest, most non-threatening situations) till they do it! Especially when their options are: take the logical – and right – path OR panic when a decision needs to be made and in a supreme act of insecurity, relegate their own authority and power so that what results is a lose-lose situation – and more confusion (and invariably they choose the latter – which is fine unless they’re in a leadership position!!)

    So yeah, Frustration Station! The world is nuts! How’s that space-travel idea coming along?? Mars is lookin’ good right about now!!

    (And people keep telling me to relax! Hahahahahaha!! Relax?? How can I? I’m too busy trying to make sure the maniacs running the joint aren’t tearing down my carefully-built life in another panic attack!!)

    Thresholder! OMG, I wish someone would send me one!!

    😛 (Bleagh!)

  27. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    Hey Eric,

    Hermes was also a ‘psychopomp,’ he helped the souls of the recently deceased cross from this world to the next (the River Styx, Charon the ferry master and that wonderful mythic tale). My experience as a Gemini is that our spiritual opportunity is to choose which twin we want to embrace- the self-centered one (the thief) or the other-centered one (the psychopomp).

    Our slow moving friend QB1 sounds like the threshold itself, as well as those of us who are called to serve at the edge. Thresholders may receive money for their service, but it is simply the medium of the energy exchange, not the primary goal of their calling.

    Thanks for bringing QB1 to the picture, and to my awareness. Clearly this conjunction is touching something inside me in a deep way, I look forward to sitting with this and seeing what threshold I can cross.


  28. Carrie says:

    Interestingly enough, Astrodienst calls 1992 QB1 “Galva.” It is Lithuanian and means “head.”

  29. Carrie says:

    “Many people who serve as Thresholders do so for no money, or no intent of ‘making money’.”

    Exactly. The exchange of energy tends to be one way; to the one in need. The reward for the giver is in giving and surrendering to something greater than themselves.

  30. Eric Francis Eric Francis says:

    hey there Chief,

    That’s an interesting call on Hermes/Mercury as a crosser of boundaries. I would propose, however, that QB1 is doing so in a different spirit than Hermes, who is the patron of salesmen and thieves. Many people who serve as Thresholders do so for no money, or no intent of ‘making money’.

    We also have the differing properties between a fast moving inner-planet and a very slowly moving outer planet that spends many years in one sign.


  31. Chief Niwots Son Chief Niwots Son says:

    QB1 embodies one of the key characteristics of Hermes (Mercury)- a crosser of boundaries. I have Mercury in Gemini conjunct my midheaven, and have worked for years to ‘own’ my capacity to support people in boundary crossing in their healing and learning. With Venus soon to make station in the narrow gap between my midheaven and Mercury, the message I’m receiving today to hold the experience as another boundary to be crossed, with a lot of big energies at play. Never a dull moment!

  32. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor says:

    I feel that in some key ways I have been a Thresholder – but on a personal level. I am one of the ones with QB1 conjunct Pholus (discussed yesterday in DA) – in my 8th House. I was a death counsellor for a year. I also wrote about my experience with triangular relationships, which was published here last week; I’m wondering whether this is another way of seeing this psychological pattern – i.e. what is sitting in this part of my chart. I have no idea; I know little about astrology. Just a thought.

    Having said that, I want something different. I am *choosing* something different. I want someone in my life who is not ‘passing through’ to something and someone else, or someone whose life is altered through our meeting, but with whom I don’t want to forge a long-term relationship. This is one of those moments where astrology and psychology feel interwoven.

  33. Lunesoleil says:

    You say that it has no name Eric this heavenly horns QB1?
    This is a strategic track to fully understand the commitment of response of this global event, thank you for this Scout article that puts me on the runway….

    Very nice day to you

  34. indranibe says:

    Yes. (Thank you)

  35. Carrie says:

    I love that term, Thresholders. Some are not flashy or doing it for a lot of people but rather one person at a time, quietly, slowly, with individul attention. All of us have a place in the running stream that is now

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