An Oak Tree Changes My Life

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Ten years ago, walking down a mossy forest path I was met by a powerful wave of love emanating from a magnificent oak so profound that I began crying deeply with joy. I asked inwardly whether this was a teacher for me and was told that this was a partner with whom I could work anywhere in the galaxy!

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

I asked my inner guidance what level this tree was working spiritually according to the cosmology I use, and it was at a very high level. I was not surprised.

The trees are masters and can be teachers for those who wish to listen to them. When you were first in the woods with the oak, it reached out and took your hand (so to speak) and you fell in love with it. It loved itself in your eyes and came into life anew with grace issuing from its bark and its leaves.

I asked on my scale of one to ten of human intelligence (I’ve only met two people that registered at 10), what level of intelligence this tree was functioning at and was told it was at 16!

They are not stupid. You have to get past this idea that they are stupid. They are connected with all trees and can supply information and wisdom that you can use. Don’t forget that they are companions, placed here with you as partners, to be helpmeets and lovers. It is necessary to restore their bond with the people in order to see the Grand Plan for Earth and stars.

This began a journey that has taken me traveling through Earth and stars, into greater healing of self and planet, sharing the experience with those who’ve attended the Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshops, and researching what others have learned, scientifically and spiritually, from trees. I’ve spent many hours talking with the guidance I call the Inner Master, and then in the last couple of years, with the trees themselves. I have learned that the universe is sentient, burgeoning with creativity, experimentation and love.

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