Thriving Planet Goes to Australia, Part 1

By Elisa Novick

I left Bali just as I began to get more comfortable and known, but I was ready to leave. I traveled to Australia with little reassurance that I would be able to maintain the balance I’ve attempted to create on the Thriving Planet World Tour. Of all the plans discussed with a number of people in several cities, the only workshops actually scheduled were a weekend in Byron Bay with two people registered. That meant that I was coming to a very expensive country with little in the way of income to support the trip besides my private practice via Skype and without a strong sense of a whole-hearted welcome nor that what I was bringing would have much of a reception.

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

But I kept going, based solely on my inner guidance and a “let’s see what happens” attitude. I have found that I cannot afford to get too fearful; things always work out somehow. Since Australia is the 10th country I’ve held these workshops in, I’ve had enough experience to know that one way or another, if I keep going, interesting — if not amazing — things happen. I have used the phrase, “this is the adventure of a lifetime” to come into acceptance of a multitude of awful moments and awe-filled moments and to keep moving.

Today, having completed my weekend on Byron Bay, I find myself in amazement. Old and new friends have brought great gifts to me, and I’ve found welcome where least expected. The results of the work that has been done are nothing short of mind-blowing.

My first week in North Sydney, while walking to the conference I was attending, I was delighted to find large trees everywhere working at the level spiritually that means they are awakened and sentient enough to communicate with. After connecting just a few of them to my forest’s project to preserve life on earth, I was informed that all of the trees in every neighborhood I was traversing had “signed on.” I wept in joy and in gratitude that my tree partners in New York had accomplished what I had no time for here in Australia.

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