Mars conjunct Uranus: Get a grip (and watch for sparks)

We’re in a week of turning points and possible tipping points; one where it will count for a lot if you can get a grip and keep it — emotionally and literally: slippery surfaces, inappropriate footwear and outbursts are things to be avoided through the weekend.

Simplified chart section showing Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries on Friday, two days after the Sun and Venus join the Aries stellium. Also shown: Mercury slowly advancing from Neptune to Chiron. See glyph key here.

Mercury is slowly working itself forward, providing the backdrop to events. In the foreground, the Sun (and Venus) are entering Aries on Wednesday telling us to ‘go’, while Mars conjoining Uranus in Aries is telling us to be very careful and extra conscious of how we step and what we say.

If you’re at all like me, in moments like these you find it invaluable to have solid, intuitive, thought-provoking horoscopes at your fingertips. So I thought I’d take a moment to point readers toward the premium content that makes up a Planet Waves membership.

The stars of the show are the weekly and monthly horoscopes by Eric. Not only are they cumulative in the stories they weave (meaning that they evolve as you do: with continuity and narrative and context) but they always provide solid footing from which to encounter and work with the astrological floods and fireworks we encounter — and there are multiple sign-up options here.

Speaking of fireworks: back to Mars and Uranus. Eric wrote this about the aspect in the members’ edition on Friday:

Mars makes a conjunction to Uranus in Aries on Friday, March 22 [at 2:17 pm, though you can be sure Mars and Uranus will begin sparking things up earlier in the week]. This is an aspect to watch with some caution, as it has a militant quality to it. Mars-Uranus can be accident-prone. Remember that as the week develops. This is not the week to do things like balance on top of a ladder, stroll around on the roof or wear slippers while standing on top of a wet pile of hay bales. This is the week to drive the speed limit and to use substances with respect and awareness.

After so much Pisces and Mercury retrograde, it may be tempting to spark up the solid rocket boosters, though in all sincerity, I do not recommend this. I will risk being accused of being too cautious and remind us that there really are moments when prudence is the greater part of valor.

That idea of being smart (prudent, really) to prevent avoidable accidents is what I mean by ‘getting a grip’. You want your head and feet pointing in the same direction. You need to be aware of your surroundings yet thinking a step ahead. Not in the sense of not being present or skipping steps, but more along the lines of clearing a path to the bathroom before you go to bed or picking up your kids’ toys religiously.

Keep in mind that shortly after Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries, it squares Pluto in Capricorn. It’s actually one big event, though it may manifest in stages. Pluto translates into the consequences of any snap judgments and actions taken now at the urging of Mars-Uranus. By the same token, decisions you think through carefully could manifest ‘positive’ and profound results thanks to Pluto. It’s all one system.

Much has been written about the cultural, era-defining impact of the Uranus-Pluto square. This week, with Mars joining in (and then the Sun and Venus entering the aspect structure next week) we get a kind of ‘unexpected mini-era of developments’. There’s a good chance we’ll begin seeing all manner of oddball news stories over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, a quick word about the background story that’s unfolding. Now that Mercury is moving forward, it will re-encounter Chiron in Pisces. Whatever Mercury-Chiron brought up over the last week or two that may have seemed inscrutable, prepare to face it. This is not a warning so much as a reminder that you know what you know, and ultimately you’re responsible for that knowledge and what you do with it.

Chiron is called “the inconvenient benefic” for a reason, after all; using what we know is rarely the easy way out in the short run. But it’s almost always best in the long run.

16 thoughts on “Mars conjunct Uranus: Get a grip (and watch for sparks)”

  1. Oops! My natal Mars is opposing Pluto as it squares Uranus. I’m a novice, so please give me some slack and some welcomed advice 🙂

  2. Just wondering, would you go on a blind date when your natal Mars in Cancer is squaring the Uranus-Mars conjunction, especially when your natal Mars is squaring Pluto? Seems too karmic to me (4 planets in the 12th house–Sun, Mars, Uranus, Mercury). I have to keep reminding myself that I have a choice. Thanks for the heads up. I cancelled the date with the stranger who has Venus and Mars conjunct at 0 degrees Aries. Also, thanks for the invitation to the International Astrology Day conference. I listened to some of it and received some much-needed guidance. Kudos to you, Eric, for your defense of newspaper horoscopes. I often tell others about the great news I get from Planetwaves that I don’t hear anywhere else. I love that you are still a journalist at heart, Eric. I’ve been following you for many years.

  3. Geoff –
    Of course! My Cancer Moon is in the 8th house. If you haven’t already, read Len’s post about the equinox. All things being equal now, they can go either way. That makes it a very opportune moment to focus on positive manifestation. How great they’ve gotten you into treatment so quickly. I send you healing energy – there’s plenty of it to share. You’ll be fine 🙂

    Diva Carla –
    I hope your friend mends quickly. In that famous eastern seaboard blizzard (1982 – or was it ’83?) I got one of the last flights out of New York that morning, for a long weekend in the Bahamas. When we went to the airport for our flight back home – four days later – it was still overflowing with the same stranded people who were there when we arrived.

    Amanda –
    Right decision.

  4. Very many thanks for the good wishes, Amanda, and spot on with the music link again, Lizzy. I’ve been a fan of Arvo Pärt’s music for some years but the Dublin Guitar Quartet is new to me. Once again, many thanks.

  5. Geoff dear, so glad you liked the music. I was so sorry to read your news.Keep listening to lovely, healing music (the Dublin Guitar Quartet’s version of Arvo Part’s Summa is also gorgeous). I send lots of love and healing energy your way. Keep us posted.Here’s another lovely guitar piece by two guitar geniuses

  6. Who would have thought that having a Cancer sun at 8 degrees could trigger so much excitement this past year? Thanks for the reminder of the need for extra traction now, Amanda. One thing I’d like to add from my Cancer perspective is that the Pisces position of Chiron has turned my wild ride with Uranus and Pluto (and now Mars) into a healing journey- a unique one that seems to include boiling in molten lava and being struck by lightning, but a very deep, fast and effective one.

    Healing wishes to those in the ER and those undergoing major medical treatments. And to those forced to just stay home while the world and all its storms rage.

  7. geoff — good luck, and i’ll join in sending good thoughts your way. at least mercury is direct, even if moving slowly.

    divacarla — that would have been me trying to fly out of portland today, but i changed my flight when i heard what was coming. i’ll be stranded at home sweet home tonight — snow and all, but i’ll take snow at home over sleeping in an airport any night.

    i hope your friend in the ER mends quickly. yikes.

  8. Once every 15 years or so, I travel to Dallas on business. The first time I flew in a massive snow storm that shut down the eastern seaboard. I got on the only plane out of Boston that day. Today… the Aries point Storm in New England. So far so good for me. I took a taxi from the wilderness to Portland, safely. On the way I stopped at the ER to visit the friend who was going to pick me up and take me. He crashed into a tree on the way to my house. I wonder what his natal Mars and Uranus have to say to this conjunction. Sparks, slipping, and transformation. I think my friend will be all right, but he’s pretty banged up right now.

    Take care, Geoff, I’ll send you good juju as you are receiving the radiation.

    Be extra careful out there, especially if you are in New England.

  9. Never realised Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries could be so medical, jinspace, but for me it coincides on the day with my “marking up” for radio/chemotherapy. I will, apparently, look like one of those illustrations for cuts of beef, ready to be sliced by invisible rays. Very Mars, and since, until a fortnight ago, I didn’t know I had cancer, very unexpected. I should have realised, with Cancer in my 8th house!
    Thank you Lizzy for the link to the superb Irish guitar rendition of Philip Glass’s Mishima. Among the many good things about Planet Waves is that everyone seems to have such great taste in music. Keep on truckin’, et salut les copains.

  10. Sparks! I’m a great one for that. My 6th house natal Mars in Taurus squares conjunct Uranus/Sun in Leo. I’m so sparky I can’t wear watches without breaking them. And yes, accident prone when I don’t slow down and pay attention. I break a lot of glass.

    Prudence is great advice. For the past 2 weeks I’ve had the strongest feeling I shouldn’t be driving, so I’ve avoided it, but tomorrow I’ve got an early appointment and was thinking – halfheartedly – of taking the car, which would be much quicker and easier at that hour. Still, I keep seeing a problem of some sort at the entrance to the highway. And the appointment? An MRI of a spinal fracture, apparently from a minor car accident I was in 36 years ago.

    I’ll stick to the train. Thanks for the heads up and sage advice.

  11. Amanda: Thank you so very much for how deftly, yet realistically, you handled the Mars-Uranus conjunction already in progress. It has been on my radar for a long time and your approach is very gratifying to both sides of my brain.

  12. 20 March 11:01:54 UT – Sun enters Aries (direct)
    21 March 11:40:32 UT – Saturn (10 sc 44’24” Rx) trine Chiron (10 pi 44’24”)
    22 March 03:15:09 UT – Venus enters Aries (direct)
    22 March 18:17:20 UT – Mars (8 ar 7’49”) conjunct Uranus (8 ar 7’49”)

  13. Thank you both. It’s a timely and very useful caution. The unfolding story of Mercury’s journey described here seems to speak very poignantly, and may serve as a reminder to those who are hurting that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that time heals. It is a lesson I will do my best to keep in mind this week.

  14. Yes, thank you Amanda (and Eric)! I here you Lizzy. Lots of stuff coming up, but in workable tangible experiences for me. I’m also gonna take it down a couple of notches now. I need to do some integration and meditation. I think that’s what today’s Oracle is pointing to as well. It’s still important to feel safe while pushing boundaries.

  15. Yeah – all this lark is clarifying deep trauma that has been working its way through over the last weeks. Now perhaps I can give a face to the deepest ‘trauma’, that has run my life from behind the scenes. It’s very painful indeed, but good to be getting to grips with it. Thank you for this wonderful piece, dear Amanda – for your characteristic compassion, precision and sensitivity.

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