Scorpio Birthday Audio Report 2014


Welcome, Scorpio, to your 2014-2015 birthday audio by Eric Francis. The report, which is also valid for Scorpio rising and Moon, includes two segments of astrology and a third segment of tarot, using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless.

The report covers one year from birthday to birthday. Read Eric’s description of your sign here.

Play part one:

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Play part two:

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Play part three:

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Chart #1
Chart #1
Chart #2
Chart #2


Tarot #1
Tarot #1
Tarot #2
Tarot #2
Tarot #3
Tarot #3
Tarot #4
Tarot #4

For more information about how Eric’s tarot Celtic Wings spread works, there is an article about it here (along with a spread generator).

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio Birthday Audio Report 2014”

  1. That’s funny Columba, I was sure that one-in-a-million-Scorpio not so interested in sex, was me! Actually, I’m still interested, just don’t have the same, emotionally disconnected, urges towards sex at all. I need sex to be grounded in a close and intimate encounter.

    I can totally identify with a cast coming off, both personally and professionally, and yes, I do feel vulnerable, and weak, like the injured me has to get used to a new mobility.

    Also identify with internalising a structure like a skeleton so I can better support myself.

    And the consequences this internal structure will have for all my relationships.

    I am realising that I can change my mind and think in new ways, and how good that is for me and those close to me.

    I am exhausted and really look forward to Saturn moving on to Sagittarius, this has been a most challenging 2 years or so. Like doing time in the school of hard knocks! I am ready for a shift in self-esteem.

    The focus on rage and desire is useful especially in the context of respecting other people.

    Asking for help is essential.

    Asking for help from the Holy Spirit is exactly what I do.

    I have tried to summarise here key points for me in both tracks.

    Each time I listen, or read my notes, something else pops out.

  2. I am so that one Scorpio not so much interested in sex. I embrace my sexual nature. I appreciate that you addressed how I appear to others. That is so true. Must be difficult for the relationship i am presently in now. This disinterest has recently changed for me. I still have the physical feeling towards sex but now am more connected to a spiritual sexual energetic connection. That i have experienced and is so much more. That seems to hold more of my focus nowadays. You always hit right on to many of my internal thoughts and processes then anyone I have worked with….thank you for moving me forward and voicing it. Columba

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