Sagittarius Birthday Audio Report 2014


Welcome, Sagittarius, to your 2014-2015 birthday audio by Eric Francis. The report, which is also valid for Sagittarius rising and Moon, includes two segments of astrology and a third segment of tarot, using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless.

The report covers one year from birthday to birthday. Read Eric’s description of your sign here.

Play part one:

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Chart #1.


Tarot #1
Tarot #1
Tarot #2
Tarot #2
Tarot #3
Tarot #3
Tarot #4
Tarot #4

For more information about how Eric’s tarot Celtic Wings spread works, there is an article about it here (along with a spread generator).

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3 thoughts on “Sagittarius Birthday Audio Report 2014”

  1. Firstly, Eric – I just had to ‘borrow’ the amazing image as my new profile pic; if not OK just let me know. Oh, and if I haven’t said it lately – you rock and this is stupidly accurate!

    Indeed Doug – this needs listening to many, many times and lots more transformation to come me thinks. Someone asked me how I was today and this about sums it up against my first understanding of Eric’s reading.

    How’s me? Daring to think big is this week’s answer, I think. Daring to give myself permission to succeed in all I do and also to let go of the stuff I thought I needed. Staying flexible and being open to ‘being wrong about all I think I know.’ Feeling my own resistance and fear and getting into a working relationship with them because if those feelings are a direct polarization of my potential for success then I’m smiling inside and all I need to do is brace myself for the trajectory!

    Make sense or cosmic garble?

  2. I’m going to have to listen to this a few more times for sure. I’m at 0 degrees Sag (8 hrs into Sag in 1952). There is so much in this reading that hits home and so much promise. I think Eric’s working with the Centaur planets brings out so much others miss in astrology and his deviation from the usual Saturn warnings to a more in-depth review of what Saturn means was really helpful to me. I also have the Voyager card set and I found this reading also especially powerful. Thanks so much. I’m just one of many who appreciate your work and always look forward to the insights you offer us. Now I have to plan something for each of the 3 times Saturn crosses my Sun.

  3. Wow! Amazing as usual Eric! Also very scary for I am a hermit type, artist and seeker of sorts. the saturn is really pushing me forward, with much resistance coming from fear. An opportunity is coming up to further my spiritual and artistic desires and I have reluctantly backed off because of money and whatever else I can imagine! Now after listening to your report I am being faced with a movement that is quite significant. You said to ask for assistance on the saturn transits I am a sagittarius sun/geminimoon/aquarius rising born 11/28/1947 12:14p.m. any help understanding this important time would be such a gift I am located in woodstock n.y. working artist and private art teacher studying gurdjieff with Jason Stern for several years What next I ask??? much gratitude, Eric many years a follower of Planet waves

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