The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, March 16, 2014

By Sarah Taylor

Although I’m using a different deck this week, the Queen of Disks (Queen of Pentacles) remains in the same position as she was in last Sunday’s reading. This time, however, her circumstances have changed.

The Moon, Four of Disks, Queen of Disks -- Rohrig Tarot deck.
The Moon, Four of Disks, Queen of Disks from the Rohrig Tarot deck, created by Carl -W. Rohrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

Gone are the Eight of Swords and the Five of Wands. The inner struggle against mind and a lack of energetic organisation have been replaced by two cards that suggest something entirely different — an emergence, in fact, and a consolidation of energy.

What extricated her from her circumstances: her ability to tap into her inner knowing, and to act on it in the physical realm in a way that has created a sense of stability.

The woman in The Moon is naked — she brings only herself. She rests her forehead on her hand, eyes closed, her focus within. She is working with an ancient feminine force, intuition, one of the languages that connects us with Self. However, when we move into that landscape, we can also encounter fear, which comes in the form of disorientation, illusions, sometimes delusions if we don’t hold to our centre — because navigating by moonlight feels otherworldly, and many things remain obscured by shadows that can cause us to doubt their identity, and to doubt ourselves.

The key word that comes with The Moon is “trust”: to trust the inner voice that speaks when all other senses are dimmed. To hear and know its truth.

And then, the shift from last week — into form and into a realm of rulership. The Four of Disks has elements of another “four” in the tarot deck: The Emperor, which is card number Four in the major arcana. The parallel with the Emperor comes in the sense of leadership and symmetry that it conveys. One of the key words in the Four of Disks is “integrity”, and there is indeed a structural integrity in the card. All four disks are in a strong formation, holding, and being held by, the figure at the centre.

However, like The Emperor in the major arcana, the Four of Disks is one of the early cards in the Disks suit. There is implied the need to hold to this power lightly, your power emanating from your ability to work simultaneously with your physical reality while still remaining flexible enough to let things evolve and move forward. The shadow aspect of both cards is holding on to power for power’s sake, rather than surrendering to a higher power that then enables things to progress.

The status quo is balanced, and true power lies in being able to adapt — and that rests in your ability to continue to follow the guidance of the intuitive voice that lies at your heart.

Both The Moon and the Four of Disks find their balanced synthesis in the Queen of Disks, who takes both qualities and steps into her own sovereignty, freed from the bonds and entrapments that surrounded the woman in the Eight of Swords. The Queen of Disks is liberated, her gaze freed, looking directly at us, knowing who she is.

She is also a liberator: as co-ruler of the physical domain, she is responsible for her own freedom, and, in so embracing it, knows that she is extending it to her world. When you liberate yourself, you, too, extend that liberation to your world. This creates the space for new growth, sensuousness, nurturing, and a source of sustenance that exudes vitality, rooted as it is in fertile soils.

True power hums with life, where everything has a place, and where you, as Queen, feel yourself an inextricable part of it all. From here, you can witness what it is that yields from this understanding.

Astrology/Elemental correspondences: The Moon (Moon), Four of Disks (Sun in Capricorn), Queen of Disks (the watery aspect of earth)

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3 thoughts on “The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, March 16, 2014”

  1. i slipped free of those bonds of weeks past, and was able to begin to release my blindfold with the coming of the moon… i seek to move into the manifest with the coming week and remember your words of wisdom: “true power lies in being able to adapt — and that rests in your ability to continue to follow the guidance of the intuitive voice that lies at your heart.” many thanks for your guidance along my path.

  2. What a great reading! My Sir, and I had a most incredible spontaneous ritual under the beams of the Full Moon last night, in the ocean breezes of the Florida Keys. I released a lot of old baggage I had been carrying for others, back into the Earth, and received …too much to say. We were levitating on moonbeams before it was over.

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