Preview of Taurus Birthday Reading by Eric Francis

Taurus birthday reading.
Taurus birthday reading.

Purchase now for $29.95 It’s available now for instant access.

I’ve just finished the Taurus birthday reading (great for Taurus rising as well), and recorded a preview of what I’ve covered. The sample above is like a mini-reading that gives you a taste of the scope of the subject matter and the tone of the work. The reading includes two astrology sessions, a tarot session and access to last year’s reading. I’ll also be hosting a live Q & A for those who get the reading. Until the evening of May 1, the reading will be at the pre-publication price of $19.95 and then go up to $29.95. This is the perfect gift for a Taurus you love.

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  1. OMG, amazing! Not one thing said, that was not for real. What a gift you have, Eric.
    Thank you,

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