New Edition On Its Way to Subscribers

New edition of Planet Waves is all about trees, is illustrated with trees, and even quotes trees who say things you just would not be expecting.

It’s an amazing weekend to be a Planet Waves subscriber, what with the big, potent Scorpio Full Moon and Beltane (a Taurean celebration if ever there was one) coinciding. The Full Moon brings the themes of values, sex and exchanged resources, while Beltane celebrates our most precious resource of all: the Earth, complete with the trees that make the planet habitable for us.

In today’s issue, Eric speaks with Elisa Novick, who relays just how symbiotic our relationship to trees is (or can be, if we choose our actions well) — as well as what the trees themselves think of it all. If you’d like to read the whole issue, which includes horoscopes for all 12 signs charged up with Full Moon juice and Beltane vibes, here are a couple easy ways to get access: you can purchase the issue individually here. Or, you can sign up for a free one-month trial subscription here.

4 thoughts on “New Edition On Its Way to Subscribers”

  1. At first, I was curious about what could possibly be in an article about trees in PW, and then amazed at the beauty and connection of the subject. And then…I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the quote from Hermann Hesse about trees. The reason I was so surprised was that just yesterday, I was looking up quotes by Hesse to find my longtime favorite for my website. That was when I read for the first time, his writings about trees.

    I love synchronicity! And I love what you provide here, Eric.

    Thank you, Beautiful!

  2. Eric: Wow. Thank you so much for this featured piece. Reading it was an experience in what a full-blown epiphany must be like. Nobody pulls so much together as comprehensively, as breathtakingly as you do. Gonna go hang with a tree and tell it about you.

  3. and speaking of Taurus, here are some words about the Taurus birthday reading — perfect if you have any bulls in your life with Beltane birthdays:

    “Hi —

    “I bought Eric’s reading for Taurus and he’s nailed it again. His interpretations are THE BEST and I love the book references he makes, please keep doing that. I have devoured about 6 Alice Miller books and have had some really powerful break throughs and improvements since January. Money well spent and probably much better than therapy, imo.

    “Thanks so much and keep up the great work.
    With love, Kim”

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