Planet Waves FM :: What’s Your Gender? Who cares?

Short edition astrology program (20 mins):

Conversation with Stevie Jay (1 hour 5 mins):

Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM is standing in for Daily Astrology. The program is in two parts — a short summary of the astrology leading into Sunday’s annular eclipse of the Sun, and then an interview with a performance artist named Stevie Jay. I’ll be back with a bit more commentary in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: What’s Your Gender? Who cares?”

  1. I’m sorry, I’m a big fan of Planet Waves, but this was kinda dumb. Your guest seems like a lovely guy, but his positions didn’t make much sense. As I understood it, he was beating up on straight people because they politely declined to indulge a gay acquaintance’s lust….? Really? Huh?

    So would he criticize a gay person if the tables were turned, and some straight lady said to a gay guy, hey, I’m in love with you, I need you to have a hetero affair with me… and the gay guy declined? Would he consider that a good reason to criticize the guy for “just not being able to go there?”

    It was a really silly argument that wouldn’t hold up in even five minutes of genuine debate. Sorry, but it was a ridiculous thing.

  2. Thanks for the audio post today. Retrogrades.
    I just learned that most things out there, planets and stuff, rotate in the same direction. And there are some things that do not.
    Meanwhile, retrogrades.


  3. Re: Stevie Jay … whoa. I am supposed to be looking for a job and I couldn’t stop listening to your interview. Where have I been?!?!?! … working (or searching for same) with all these lawyers my whole life and I do belive it’s time to move on into something more me and more fun.

    I too have similarly placed moon, etc in Scorpio and all that stuff square sun/merc etc in Aquarius. Perhaps it’s my venus/nn in capricorn that blocks all this fun sex stuff from my life … or it’s just plain ol’ fear. I don’t know but I’ll be searching for his show in a town near me. Comedy is the hook for me … thank you, Eric.

  4. Eric,

    While I make zero excuses for the lawyers in life, um … don’t get me started on what it is they have done to screw up our civilization, but it is/was my sense that Obama et al hung his chief beef with the GLBT marriage issue on the fact that this was about marriage being a religious rite. He was a proponent of civil unions as would any good and decent person who supports the 14th amendment. Now, what’s happened to that argument … perhaps it’s just good ol’ election year politics, I don’t know.

    Obama is a constitutional law man and as he should he supported civil unions for gays … if you know why it is that he’s now feeling that civil unions were not getting “it” done, rightly or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  5. Eric, just a big thank you. When you first did a slot for Jonathan Cainer I read Planetwaves, and I’ve been so grateful and nourished kept up to date in so many ways so often over all the years since. Your oracle too. And then the other writers over the years aswell. The April Fool joke this year was seriously funny.

    Thank you!

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