3 thoughts on “Special Edition Planet Waves FM, featuring Gary Caton”

  1. Thanks to both Eric and Gary for the interweaving of history and astrology, making it not only understandable but also encouraging.

    Your perspectives on American history, the Supremes (a/k/a SCOTUS), the Constitution and other salient points shine light in otherwise dark areas of our collective American past. Having majored in both history and English in college (“back in the day” of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction), it is refreshing to know that there are people who are aware that there are different perspectives other than the pap and bs we were fed as “history.”

    I have sarcastically been suggesting that we need to figure out how to recall 537 elected federal politicians, but hadn’t figured out what could be done about the Supremes. First step: pray for their respective and collective enlightenment (not necessarily salvation). So, thanks also for the hopeful comments, escpecially about SCOTUS.


  2. Thanks Gary for your reminder about Cygnus, the grace of surrender, and accepting the future without trying to control it. The wheel is still spinning, indeed. I don’t think I can receive that message too often.

    Thanks Eric for retelling the myth of Nessus and for making all of the connections among the centaurs; this tale, its lessons and its players finally clicked for me this time.

    As for stoking the fire of reality, if the reference I used is correct, it seems that Vesta also went out of bounds as of yesterday.

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