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Pope Benedict XVI this week became the first person to resign the papacy in nearly 600 years. This happened during a week of centaur conjunctions (covered in detail in Tuesday’s edition of Daily Astrology), which tend to bring shadow material to light. Benedict was directly implicated in the child rape coverup that has been shaking the church for more than 20 years, and which turns out to date to the 1950s, so this was an appropriate time for him to quit.

This is a complicated chart, reaching into the highest affairs of government and corporate power, and may speak to something much larger; some are proposing that the child rape version of the story is a coverup for another story — a money laundering scandal in the Vatican bank.

I ran across he work of a writer named Keven Annett, who explained this position. I thought I would check his theories against the chart and they do seem to hold water, if not holy water. In astrology, the themes of power, sex and money are related through the 2nd and 8th houses, and it turns out that this chart is all about those houses — with other implications taking it to the top of the world management team. The chart for the resignation announcement is below; here is a zip file of all the charts I’ve used.

I also reference my coverage of Ratzinger’s election as pope in 2005 — I covered that at the time for Jonathan Cainer’s website in article called “Pope Signals.”

Our musical guest is Sinead O’Connor; I play a live recording of a song called Whomsoever Dwells, which you can watch on her website here, or purchase the full compilation.

The main chart is below.

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Eric Francis

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  1. Catching up on some listening, Eric this is a remarkable piece of astro-journalism. You have skillfully brought together so many different threads and woven them into an intriguing tapestry of revelation. So thoughtful. Bravo!

  2. … but suffering ‘betrayal’ is one of the most painful but valuable lessons of all… (Carolyn Myss is brilliant on this).

  3. Greenstar, was touched by your compassonate comment”…let me add a note of compassion for all those who are simple, humble folk who happen to be Roman Catholic and who gain great support from their Faith…this must be very hard on them. Betrayal is no fun to have to feel and face no matter when/where/how it happens”. One of my oldest and closest Italian friends is a devout Catholic. But she, like many others, has been disappointed in and disgusted by the Catholic Church for quite a while now, and has taken her distance and chosen to follow the more maverick and enlightened Catholic teachers, some of who are really extraordinary men (and the occasional woman!).

  4. Ben Fulford, former bureau chief for Forbes Magazine in Japan, is one of the people writing a year ago about Benedict resigning. Here is a comment about that report, note the date. Geithner was detained for questioning, reported by Fox. Many people consider Ben to be unreliable.

    vote Ben Fulford Pope resignation revelation last month was reported yesterday by MSM and Drudge.
    Submitted by just-a-girl on Mon, 04/16/2012 – 10:14
    in Weird Stuff
    I read this blog on the Daily Paul last month where Ben Fulford predicted that the Pope would resign on April 15th.

    I can not believe what I read yesterday, April 15th on Drudge.

    Pope marks milestones amid signs of frailty, succession talk…

    Wow! The Pope is appointed for life. It was 700 years since the last Pope resigned!

    I don’t follow Ben Fulford, but when he stated Timothy Geithner was arrested and then Fox News validated Ben Fulford’s report, it caught my attention.

    I don’t know what to think of Ben Fulford. Both of these revelations prior to any MSM resporting is VERY impressive to me!

  5. I have been reading for more than a year that Benedict would be stepping down. It was very much in the air a year ago with a date of April 15th put out there as a deadline. I was not surprised to hear he was resigning. This is one piece of a far larger puzzle.

  6. Adding some degree symbols to the discussion: Chandra sysmbols
    From Ellias Lonsdale’s ” Inside degrees”

    – VIRGO 1 (chosen because so much in the chart points to this root) A VOLCANO ERUPTING AT NIGHT – Burning the the restrictions of the day. Taking on and transmuting the world of ordinary consciousness. Inwardly erupting with all that it leaves out, you become a conduit for the suppressed, the repressed and the denied facets of self and life. Exposing yourself to the onslaught of conventional ideas and their consequences. Aching and longing to turn the world around…..Saturated with a deep impression of what this Earth is moving through, you are being given the chance to stand in for that – to bring it, and perhaps even become it.

    – PISCES 8 ( the Moon/Mars piece) A GYPSY PEASANT WOMAN SINGS A MOURNFUL CHANT- This Earth is broken. The compact between human soul and her Earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this….. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking loose of the old earth…just getting going when all seems lost.

  7. It’s simple cause and effect. The pedophile sex rings exist. This is well known, established by court cases that so far well exceed $1B in settlements for rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

    Then, the same people who are perps and co-conspirators and enablers preach the doctrine of sin, and people come to church and pay for absolution. The Catholic dogma — described by Martin Luther and many others — is that you throw your money in the basket and you are absolved of your “sins.”

    Then the perps, co-conspirators and enablers go back to preaching purity, sin and redemption, and collect money for it. Then they perpetrate, conspire and enable.

    The whole operation is funded by their sexual hypocrisy. You could say they get away with it by vast sums of money, diplomatic immunity, lawyers etc — but they really get away with it by preying on people’s fear of going to hell.

  8. Awesome, in the truest sense of the word, is this whole unveiling!

    Great podcast Eric however one thing left me uneasy: you always say as an investigative reporter how important it is to have good source material. So I will ask:

    What are the sources for making the rather astonishing accusation that the Church makes its money from child trafficking and pedophile sex rings? This is incendiary to say the least. My guess is that there are probably MANY other ways that the Church has managed to support itself; known and suspected. The conquest of civilizations and their looting of sovereign treasure was very popular around the time of that last Papal resignation, for instance.

    Make no mistake, I am NO supporter of the Church.

    You lay out the astrology so carefully and thoughtfully in this report and the astrology is phenomenally compelling to say the least, but then you take a HUGE massive leap into what appears to be the murky waters of popular conspiracy thinking and report it as fact. I would not doubt it in the least IF these things are true, but do you have the documentaion to back up the allegations? Or, are we still waiting for those roots to be revealed as Pluto pulls away the muck? I’m happy to let the Astrology show me what the probabilities are as such, but we must give facts time to surface before we can thus and such is SO, yes? Or perhaps I misunderstood and you DO have those sources.

    Many thanks to all the contributors to this follow-up, esp Miaferoleto….. astonishing stuff and yes, the front row seat is where we all are now.

    And…let me add a note of compassion for all those who are simple, humble folk who happen to be Roman Catholic and who gain great support from their Faith…this must be very hard on them. Betrayal is no fun to have to feel and face no matter when/where/how it happens.

  9. I am a big fan of John Paul I, who I believe was murdered. I’ve done his chart and his mundane charts many times — I will come back to that some time soon.

    Meanwhile, just to get it into the record of this thread:

    — the domain is registered to:

    There is no Brussels connection anywhere that I can see. The guy writes with a “Brussels” byline and refers to the “tribunal’s” central office — as if he’s referring to someone else. Then you look at who is on the “tribunal” and it’s just him — he’s the “acting secretary.”

    He is basically impersonating a court, which would be funny, if he was The Yes Men.

  10. Eric,
    To follow the money, read up on Pope John Paul I. He was a reformer, wanted to clean up the Vatican and was getting ready to call people out. He was found dead after 33 days in office.

    I cast a mundane chart of his death, placing the time at 5am. Very, very interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one…

  11. We need to save ourselves by activating our own energy. When that happens the Vatican will loose power and so will our politicians.

  12. There is a whole breed of gray-area fantasy world saviors who gain a lot of attention (i.e., go viral from time to time) by tilting with windmills. I assure you the Vatican will unlikely ever hear of Mr. Annett. They have much bigger problems on their hands.

    Not everyone blowing a whistle is worth listening to; most are worth checking out their construct or scenario as a potential lead.

    Some are a areal problem like that asshole doing video after video telling people that all these mass shootings were connected to the nonexistent Senate LIBOR hearings. There really is no way to understate how gullible so many people are, that they take this as fact without ever checking other sources.

    Right now people have a deep need to believe that someone is doing something positive. Some people are aware of this need in the culture. This in turn feeds into hero worship of various stripes, which is like a pinata stuffed with shadow material. Many, many people mistrust Julian Assange for this reason. Someone wrote to me comparing him to what’s-her-name from Jersey Shore, uhm, well, good old what’s-her-name, that one. The problem with that theory is that Assange has actually got some results to show for his work. The problem with that theory is that he could be a black op.

    In endorsing (for example) Assange’s work, I’ve given him careful scrutiny on every level that I can access, and I’ve been aided by my Chief of Bullshit Detection, Carol van Strum, who has gone after Dow and Monsanto for 40 years (using their own documents). For those less discerning, this kind of heroism is easy to fake and people are HUNGRY for superheroes right now…desperate. There really seems to be no counterweight to the power and cruelty of the Vatican or its peer organizations.

    And now we are starting to figure out what these things are about. We need methods…and as Bob said, “To live outside the law, you must be honest” and as CSNY said, “You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by.”

    The first thing to be suspicious of is those with ANY reputation of lying to the public, and if they have done so in the past, they need to have said publicly, “Hello, yes, I have lied in the past. Please keep an eye on what I say.” Nothing less is worthy of trust.

  13. mia,

    i have no doubts that there is a huge amount of corruption tied to the huge amount of money in the vatican.

    what i was questioning was the idea that a “tribunal” with no presence in official UN dealings that i could discern (and no presence in major news outlets that i could find) could have enough legal weight that it could send a notice of the intention to arrest a pope to the vatican, and that the vatican would then force the resignation of that pope.

    i’m not saying that we may not be on the verge of all sorts of nasty dealings by the catholic church about to be exposed and unraveled. i think that would be a good thing, actually. i just couldn’t connect the dots between this “tribunal” and its memo, and what has unfolded so far.

    i think the vatican has waaaaaay too much power to be afraid of a faux-tribunal consisting mainly of one guy, no matter what kind of authentic inside info he has.

    thank you for bringing this to attention — it’s fascinating.

  14. Thanks Mia. I didn’t say I was judging him based on his chart. I said it sent up a cautionary signal, which is my job to tell my readers about, if I am aware of something and if he is a focus of attention — which he now is. I’ve heard his name numerous times the past 24 hours.

    I am aware of the ad hominem fallacy. That is not what I am doing. I am comparing sources, and as an astrology website, astrology gets to be one of them.

  15. Benedict’s history is written on his face. Bush Senior is nearing the end of his life. These men have a great deal to answer for.

    I read as much as I can and form my own opinions. It is up to each of us to do the same.

    Aspects have many interpretations. Regardless of the astrology free will is the ultimate arbiter. I would not judge a person by their natal chart. We are all here to learn and grow.

  16. Whistleblowers are always discredited, which is why they need to work with clean hands and a measure of impeccability. I think that Annett has to be looked into carefully if he is going to be used as a source even for leads. I have seen his natal chart, and I will say that it’s contentious and it sends up a caution signal on the theme of personal integrity.

    I am not discrediting what he says per se — or him for that matter, but I think we have to know exactly who we are dealing with here. There is a hypocrisy phenomenon in this whole whistle blowing thing that happens from time to time; in order to get past that potential, or to see past it, you have to know what is motivating someone to do what they are doing, as best you can.

    Anyway this is not about Annett and if what he is saying is true, there will be multiple sources.

  17. I don’t know much about Annett other than his lawsuit against abuse against aborignal children in Canada. I have studied the Catholic Church for many years and was raised Catholic. I have friends who are priests and ex-priests who speak openly of their experiences in the Church. There is systematic abuse going on around the world and it interconnects at the junction of sex and money. The mainstream media is not covering many things that are happening and, in addition, whistleblowers are being discredited and in some cases killed.

  18. Amanda,

    You can Google “Easter Reclamation” and see what you come up with. Wikipedia has its limitations.

    Queen Elizabeth is having her financials scrutinized. Queen Beatrix resigned last week, she being one of the leaders of the Bilderbergs. My hope is that this house of cards iscoming down.

    Father Malachi Martin, a Jesuit, exorcist and advisor to two popes, wrote a book entitled, “Wind Swept House,” about Vatican corruption and Satanism within the Church. There are a number of interveiws he gave available on Youtube that are very powerful.

    The gatherings at Bohemian Grove every summer are all part of this same sickness. Leaders of Church and State are being exposed. Many people out there putting the pieces together.

  19. ok, is “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State” some kind of independent non-profit org?

    i can’t find a wikipedia page for it, no matter whether i search by acronym or full title. i would think that if it is connected to any government, the UN, the Hague, etc, it would have a wiki page, right?

    miaferoleto, what do you know about this org?

    and if i’m that last person on the planet to know who this group is, please forgive my ignorance! but i find it really weird that it has no presence on wiki if it is a body with any actual legal power of arrest.


  20. One cannot overlook the spiritual and energetic implications of clergy molesting children. We are heading into spring and Easter, a time of rebirth and resurrection. New life force. It is a time to envision real transparency in the world.

    Rome, London and Washington are the three centers of control for humanity. Time to clean house.


    Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter Posted on February 13, 2013 by itccs
    Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation
    New Pope and Catholic clergy face indictment and arrest as “Easter Reclamation” plan continues
    A Global Media Release and Statement from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

    The historically unprecedented resignation of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope this week was compelled by an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.

    The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is compelled by Pope Benedict’s sudden abdication to disclose the following details:

    1. On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.

    2. This arrest warrant was to be delivered to the office of the “Holy See” in Rome on Friday, February 15, 2013. It allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory.

    3. A diplomatic note was issued by the said nation’s government to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, on Monday, February 4, 2013, informing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant and inviting his office to comply. No reply to this note was received from Cardinal Bertone or his office; but six days later, Pope Benedict resigned.

    4. The agreement between our Tribunal and the said nation included a second provision to issue a commercial lien through that nation’s courts against the property and wealth of the Roman Catholic church commencing on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. This lien was to be accompanied by a public and global “Easter Reclamation Campaign” whereby Catholic church property was to be occupied and claimed by citizens as public assets forfeited under international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

    5. It is the decision of our Tribunal and the said nation’s government to proceed with the arrest of Joseph Ratzinger upon his vacating the office of the Roman Pontiff on a charge of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

    6. It is our further decision to proceed as well with the indictment and arrest of Joseph Ratzinger’s successor as Pope on the same charges; and to enforce the commercial lien and “Easter Reclamation Campaign” against the Roman Catholic church, as planned.

    In closing, our Tribunal acknowledges that Pope Benedict’s complicity in criminal activities of the Vatican Bank (IOR) was compelling his eventual dismissal by the highest officials of the Vatican. But according to our sources, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone forced Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation immediately, and in direct response to the diplomatic note concerning the arrest warrant that was issued to him by the said nation’s government on February 4, 2013.

    We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.

    Further bulletins on the events of the Easter Reclamation Campaign will be issued by our Office this week.

    Issued 13 February, 2013
    12:00 am GMT
    by the Brussels Central Office

  22. So, I have recently begun to view the Catholic Church as solely organized to protect the pedophiles in its ranks. And what would be the primary resource of that protection? Money.

  23. just fyi this version is different than what you sent out in email,
    the ‘defrocked priest’ part is missing, but the ‘money laundering’ link points to the ‘defrocked’ link

    and another fyi, being a bit better informed on you on both kevin annett and the person who has the website ‘debunking’ annett, i would advise you to stay well clear of both of them, not worth making yourself look bad

  24. Vatican is a country with diplomatic status, though in certain matters it’s answerable to the jurisdiction of the Italian government. I get into this in the program.

  25. Looking forward to the podcast, and a couple of things jumped out at me. The rising degree is nearly exact the point of the 12.21.12 Yod of Saturn sextile Pluto aimed at Jupiter. Also, the Vatican City is an autonomous State, it is not part of Italy, although it is surrounded by Italy. Thanks!

  26. This is from a great article sent along by Carol Van Strum; chilling, though I suppose it should not be surprising:

    After the watershed Second Vatican Council, which stressed ecumenism and invited active lay participation in ecclesial thinking and ritual, Latin America took the fresh insights of the Church to heart perhaps more than any other region. It was as if the piety and first-hand understanding of hardship and sacrifice that filled the lives of the Latin poor had been just waiting to burst out, to inform the wider faith with their understanding of it, thoughtfully to question what they saw as anomalous. Discussions among church members in small “base Christian communities,” and their dialogue with pastors and theologians, made the 1960s and 1970s effervescent with new perceptions and commitments to challenging injustice. Latin American bishops meeting in Medellin and Puebla established “the preferential option for the poor”; called oppressive structures like corrupt capitalism “sinful,” but not unchangeable; and declared the aim of practiced faith was not development, but liberation.

    In the 1980s, the man now known as Pope Benedict XVI directed the Church’s doctrine watchdog office once called the Inquisition. He put the brakes on the fast-growing movement that became known as liberation theology, calling it a “fundamental threat.” The church’s body was moving ahead of its red-cloaked clergy, and that was intolerable. Ratzinger forbade certain world-famous Latin theologians to publish or preach by invoking what is called “silencing,” a tool wielded from above meant to prevent ”confusion” among church members, but arguably used by Ratzinger to quell challenges to structures on which the Latin Church had fed for five hundred years: small, landed, wealthy oligarchies; the militaries at their service; strict ecclesial hierarchies deaf to input from the ordinary laity.

    When long-brewing civil strife erupted in Guatemala and El Salvador, the military denounced Church members who abided by liberation theology, characterizing it as a political movement aligned with armed leftist insurgents, killing dozens of unarmed priests and hundreds of civilian catechists. Ratzinger remained virtually silent. Church figures calling for peace were targeted. Here in San Salvador, its government supported by the United States during a 12-year civil war, a right wing death squad killed Bishop Oscar Romero as he said Mass in 1980. Members of the Salvadoran National Guard kidnapped, raped and killed four U.S. churchwomen working among the urban poor in the capital. In 1989, members of a U.S.-trained elite unit assassinated six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter. The Vatican was notable for pulling its punches with Washington during the time. What might have happened, Guatemalans and El Salvadorans ask to this day, if Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II had regarded the Latin American call for liberation from autocratic rulers with the same force with which the European churchmen supported the Polish Solidarity revolution?

    read more here:

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