Planet Waves FM: Mars and our Moment of Revolution

In today’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at Mars setting off the cardinal cross (currently square Uranus and opposite Pluto), as well as the Epoch of Revolution aspect Uranus square Pluto.

Eric on WDST Radio Woodstock - 1997.

When we reach one of these movements, we seem to have less to lose, and more to gain by experimenting, flexibility and not honoring the old, intractable and boring way of doing things. We might be feeling some instability — and that is the invitation to explore. The revolutionary activity — mainly the personal revolution in your own consciousness — is being set off by this weekend’s Full Moon in Aquarius. I also cover how Mercury retrograde is influencing all this adventure.

In the second segment I talk to Liz DiNovella, the cultural editor of The Progressive, who was on the scene of one of the recall elections yesterday in Wisconsin. For our musical guest, I reprise the Grateful Dead one more week, extending Jerry Garcia’s birthday celebration.

I will have another special edition podcast tonight — featuring a conversation with Gary Caton, and a short introduction about what happened in Wisconsin on Tuesday (Dems took back two of the four Repub senate seats that were up for recall). Note that because this happened with Mercury retrograde, the whole matter is still up for discussion.

If you prefer the old player you can listen by that method — and also have access to the full archives from the past 18 months.

Eric Francis

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10 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: Mars and our Moment of Revolution”

  1. Here is the scoop from “Message Matters”

    The Tide is Turning
    10 hours and 3 minutes ago

    Last night, the people of Wisconsin recalled two of their state senators, sending a clear message to Republicans everywhere: we won’t sit silent when politicians put millionaire tax breaks before middle class jobs. Meanwhile the American people view national Republicans more negatively than ever: six in ten voters have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party, an all-time high.


    Wisconsin voters are showing the way: politicians who take away middle-class jobs shouldn’t get to keep theirs.

    Connect: Our country needs more jobs, not less — and we’ve all had enough of politicians who don’t get it.

    Define: Last night was a victory for the people of Wisconsin. The tide is turning against Republican politicians everywhere who lay off our middle class teachers and nurses while protecting tax giveaways to millionaires and big corporations.

    Contrast: Wisconsin voters stood side by side with teachers, nurses, and firefighters and fought back — despite attempts by corporate billionaire-backed front groups to trick them out of their rights.

    Call to action: We can all fight back against corporate special interests and politicians who’ve lost their way. It’s time America worked again for people who work for a living.


    “This was a loss. Democrats tried to take back the Senate and failed.”

    Two Republicans lost their seats last night because they put their jobs and their campaign donors before the rest of us. We fought back — and we’re starting to win.

    These recall elections were plagued by dirty tricks, yet Democrats still managed to win two seats in Republican strongholds. It’s a sign that the tide is turning against politicians who put their ideology and their corporate donors before middle-class families.

    “Democrats are attacking Wisconsin Republicans for being fiscally responsible and doing the job they were elected to do.”

    We elect our leaders to create jobs, not take away the good jobs that hard-working people already have. Instead Wisconsin Republicans slashed funding that keeps teachers in our classrooms and protects health care for working families and seniors.

    We can start solving our budget problems right now by telling millionaires and big corporations to pay their fair share. We should be paying the Americans who keep our kids educated, our families healthy, and our country running, not making the richest few even richer.

    “All Republicans wanted was for Wisconsin workers pay just a little bit more for their lavish benefits.”

    The truth is that Republicans forced Wisconsin nurses, teachers, and first responders — who had already offered to pay more for their benefits — to give up their rights.

    Budgets have nothing to do with cutting hardworking Americans out of the democratic process. This was never about budgets — it was about taking away rights of middle-class workers on behalf of their corporate donors.

  2. Interesting observation on midpoints, Eric – a semi-square in this case. Full Moon conjunct Nessus there. Hmm…

    Phil Sedgwick delineates positive, negative, ceremonial and mundane facets of all Centaurs as well as TNOs and Dwarf Planets.

    Mundane characteristics cited for Nessus: bad blood between parties, feuds over money especially regarding relationship dissolution, diseases transmitted by blood, transport ferries over water (literal astrology in the pipeline?), potions, tonics & elixirs designed to cast spells, therapy designed for healing sexual or monetary issues.

    Full Moon polarity and heightened interior tension (a bit like the Mars influence).

    This could be an explosive Nessus time with collective shadow material meeting corporate shadow material – UGLY potentially.

    It would be nice to hold on to the hope that Nessus may function here like a drawing ointment and provide the basis for a subsequent antiseptic to be effective.

    It makes one wonder about the whole Elenin, Nibiru plus Sun and Moon anomalies/changes stuff appearing on YouTube – and whether this is a calculated distraction away from what can be done on the ground floor and toward apocalyptic fear-feeding scenarios.

  3. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews John Nichols of The Nation on the Wisconsin recall elections. Nichols elaborates on why he does not think that all is lost for labor in Wisconsin, but he comments that this election was the first Citizens United election with unprecedented corporate money (to the tune of ($30 million spent by outside groups) flowing into Wisconsin politics. It is an interesting interview, worth 11 minutes.

  4. Hard to find anything current on the Wisconsin recall, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal has posted county by county results:

    4 Pubs stay; 2 Dems in. Don’t know if these results are confirmed, official or what. Disappointing, but hey, hard to fight $25 million in negative advertising spent by both sides, plus $5 million by the candidates. Can’t find out how much per Pubs and Dems.

    Olbermann was geeked about the possibility that the recalls might actually succeed. Wonder if there were any hanging chads or Diebold computer programmers involved???? Sigh. Disheartening if the results are confirmed.

  5. Thank you Anatoly.

    Also thanks for the link Fe. I listened to David Cameron play the heavy last night and this morning: “People allowed to feel that the world owes them something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities, and their actions do not have consequences. Well, they do have consequences”. Talk about pot calling the kettle black David, and I thought to myself he’s going to use these riots to park the slimy fashion he grabbed the reins of power, courtesy of Mr. Rupert “PhoneHacker” Murdoch, and he’s going to do all he can to appear all macho and in control now.

    Cameron speaks the outraged but shockingly detached voice of power and privilege, with his stiff lower jaw set firmly in an “I’m in charge” mode but how wildly inappropriate are his condemnations of a volatile situation that is *crying out* for understanding and compassion and a greater depth of character that he so obviously lacks. Shame on him and his ilk.

    I wonder when will he realize that this alarm doesn’t have a snooze button. Have they learned nothing from their sojourn in Northern Ireland? Nope, they never seem to learn from their lessons, which is beyond sad.

  6. Has today’s podcast been put up in iTunes for download? August 3rd’s the latest one I’m seeing — nothing for today.

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