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  1. Just watching the astrology unfold in the news reports:

    – Perhaps Gov Christie’s and Pres. Obama’s new-found common cause is reflected in the Jupiter/Mercury dance? Or are they the Jupiter/Mars saga with Mayor Bloomburg acting the role of Mercury? Gov. Christie does seem to fit that Jupiter role very well in more ways than one. Surely these larger-than-life figures have surprised us all as they find themselves taking new, less polarized positions and rising above their differences for a common good. This is just huge. Sure, the cynics will say it still serves these men to be conciliatory, but maybe, just maybe this healing step can hold a wee bit longer. Certainly Mr. Romney (is he carrying the Mars energy in this dance ?) has to be mad as hell with Christie’s turnabout.

    – Certainly the Venus-Uranus-Pluto forces have been in abundance as we (finally) see Climate change being talked about as a matter that affects our future, our home and security. Also the unexpected news re: the Governors all agreeing that Sandy was not a hurricane when it made landfall in order to protect homeowners from insurance companies that might try to duck out of their obligations….Venus definitely asking Uranus for some Justice there for the home-owners everywhere…. looks like Ceres and Pluto have also chimed in with a strong hand of support. Thank goodness Pluto was still in the 7th.

    – while that Mars in Sag can be a bit overbearing in the house of worship, it also can be a huge blessing in the 7th when the neighbourhoods have to rally, pull together and explore their new world and just DO a lot of physical work together…it’s also great energy for the Hero in all of us who wants to give ourselves over to a bigger vision. Lots of stories in the news about this one…about people rallying to help one another. But, patience will probably be in short supply with this placement.

    – there was a great program on the radio today about “Sandhogs” the people (mostly men) who work underground in NYC making the tunnels and passageways which enable all the life above ground to flow more smoothly. They had a lot to say about water….managing it, respecting it and also knowing what it is doing to all the structures underground…. had many traces of Saturn/Sun/Scorpio/ dancing with Pluto kind of feeling.

    – much talk in the airwaves about the need to do a much better job of planning where and how we are going to create our built environment going forward from here. Many discussions around the wisdom of allowing the super-rich to have their mega-mansions and toys plopped down in area that essentially will be underwater at the end of this century or sooner….especially given that we keep helping them to rebuild their grand creations. Lots of talk about the need for more and wiser regulations around how we live with water …. feeling very Saturn/Sun/Vertex trine Neptune/Chiron in the the 10th to me. This is a big, specific change in the public dialog…but will it stick? Perhaps we can have hope given the water trine in this chart coupled with the pressures coming from the Uranus/Venus/Pluto relationship will keep the focus ON this issue for the long haul….certainly the residents of the area are going to be facing a lot of big choices in the months and years ahead….will wisdom prevail? With Pallas in good position, perhaps we can hope some more!

    Just amazing to see these things unfolding in the news stream.

  2. I forgot to add that in imagining that worst fear, I allow myself to feel it (the fear) but not to get swallowed up in it. Instead I allow myelf a bit of time to break down, cry, feel the helplessness and then I stop, regroup, and move to the solution stage because I have released all that angst. The crying helps release all the pent up fear in a safe and healthy way which frees me up to do the important work of dealing with the imagines worst fear. As long as I don’t remain in the paralyzed with fear and helpless state, I can make good headway in facing my fears.

  3. For what it is worth: I have found it useful to deal with fear by imagining my worst fear coming to pass and then asking myself how I would deal with it. After facing it like that and figuring out how I would handle it, I realize I am prepared to face it so the fear diminishes. I also know that rarely does my worst fear ever materialize so once I am prepared for the worst, the actual events that DO happen will feel like they are a lot easier to deal with because I faced the worst and figured how to deal with it beforehand.

  4. OK that’s a good start.

    I suggest that now we move onto how to work with fear, scary possibilities and fearful events. I think fear is what is paralyzing a very wide swath of the population…many, many individuals…and really it’s the perfect excuse for inaction/distraction.

    I think that this is the central ‘spiritual’ or psychological question of our day, and the source of most of the depression that’s going around.

  5. Eric, your point is well taken. However, my hunch about this eclipse came BEFORE I looked up the Sabian symbol or anything else about the chart. The first time I noticed it, it was literally just a note in my personal calendar. I started to get a really bad feeling about the eclipse around the time I first called the Mercury station on election day to your attention. I didn’t say anything until now because I was waiting for real world confirmation of my instincts about the election chart before saying anything too specific about what would come after the election.

    Months ago, we had an exchange (I think here on the blog) with another reader about when and how to learn trust your intuition when it is feeding you dark vibes. I said something to the effect of: when it’s about you personally, the information will come with enough specificity and directionality that you’ll generally know how to respond. And when it doesn’t affect you personally, it will show up as an ambient bad feeling of generalized darkness. I suggested the reader learn to trust your intuition but verify if possible.

    What I’m getting from this eclipse unambiguously falls into that second category. My intuition is what I’m trusting; I see the Sabian as a tiny sliver of potential verification.

  6. I would not take Sabian symbols so literally. I have rarely ever seen them describe an event. They really do seem to be subject to interpretation, and I am surprised they are used as much as they are used in mundane astrology, given that they mainly function on the level of inspiration or guideposts, and work on so many levels. I have seen them work a lot better in natal astrology as a way of understanding a placement than as means of predicting an event.

  7. Sincerely hope the eclipse prediction does not go this way. Although what you describe does feel may be connected to ‘our’ reaction, or balance to this Venus opposition as Len described in the Uranus, Saturn myth.

  8. It was rare, it was extremely unlikely, but the conditions were such that it nonetheless happened. I think that statements like this are going to be applicable to all kinds of events over the next few months.

    I REALLY don’t like the looks of that Eclipse on the 13th. Eclipse is conjunct Tantalus. Here’s the Sabian for 22 Scorpio:

    KEYNOTE: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts.

    What this symbol clearly stresses is the socialization of man’s primitive instincts according to a cultural ritual. Social hunting is a regulated seasonal outlet for male aggressiveness — a safety valve for emotional pressures in human beings in whom animal compulsions and bio-spheric values are still strong. In this second stage symbol we find a strong contrast with the first. In the latter, the individual proved himself truly “man” by refusing to accept the practices of war imposed upon him by his society; in this symbol for Scorpio 22° it is society that willingly accepts — and in accepting, ritualizes and to some extent refines — the aggressiveness inherent in most individuals. The Keywords are SOCIALIZATION OF INSTINCTS.

    The vibe I get from this eclipse is that some group on the right finally snaps in an extremely desperate, radical, and dangerous way. The feeling I get here is that a group of people (possibly a very large group) decide to take matters into their own hands in response to the post-election crisis in a way that is potentially extremely violent. I keep getting images of a secession crisis, a violent rebellion, a hostage situation, or a politically-motivated shooting spree — something in that ballpark. Whatever it is, it’s like they’ve been talking about doing it for years maybe decades, fantasizing about it, obsessing over it, ritualizing it, planning it, training for it, lusting over it, and the post-election drama finally gives them the pretext they need to live out their violent fantasies. The temptation will be too great for them to resist.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  9. Props to astrodem for his accurate prediction. Many thanks to Eric and Anatoly and Amanda and any other Planet Wavers who did such an excellent job of keeping the Planet Waves website up and running when so many others, both better and lesser known, went down.

  10. Willow’s Web has some good links to ( sincedutch.wordpress.com ) the photo images of microwaves that probably caused the earthquake and hurricane (from HAARP). I was wondering if you cast the chart for those locations if that 28 Gemini degree would show up

  11. OK, thanks, but weird – I don’t have it. I just see the link for downloading Adobe Flash and then the link for the list of minor planets. Something must be funky on my end! Thx.

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    I don’t actually see the audio clip player here in this post – is it missing, or am I missing something?

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