Planet Waves FM :: What is Tantra?

Here is the link to part two of this interview.

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, my guests — Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels — talk about a topic of interest to many, but explained by few: Tantra. They explain that tantra is different from Kama Sutra, which is about sexual technique.

Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson in their teaching space. They live in Westchester County, NY.

Tantra is a cosmology, a way of approaching existence and a way of life wherein sexual energy is understood as flowing through everyone and everything. There are no strict rules to the practice, as you will hear; true tantra embraces everything.

This philosophy can inform our relationships, our ideas about life and death, and can provide some grounding as we seek to understand who we are.

I’ve waited a long time to bring on guests who are from the “sacred sexuality” angle of life, because until now I have not met people who I thought could relate the topic in a way that was down to earth, grounded in tradition and relevant in the modern world. I think I’ve found them…please let me know what you think.

My guests can be reached at their website, They are the authors of several books which are described on their website, they teach classes, do private work and host a social event in New York City once a month.

This is part one of a two-part series, which will continue next week.

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6 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM :: What is Tantra?”

  1. Thank you so much Eric for the beautiful interpretation of the planets (and the lead-in to the topic of tantra). Vesta, Chiron in Pisces & Jupiter description all speak to what it is I have been in process with and have made a huge breakthrough with devotion to healing the relationship to Existance. Having grown up Catholic, it’s been a challenge to find a new way of relating, free of the burden of expectations and obligations, to ideas of God(des), Universe, Existance. This has been a time of breaking through all that and now able to regard myself as part of that Beauty of Existance. So perfectly phrased.

    Enjoyed the interview and look forward to seeing where it goes. There was a very important part of the tantra I found missing that may be covered in the next one. Have to wait and see.

  2. Loved the show! Also the previous female sexologist. Just great vibes, including Eric.
    I am a dyed in the wool tantrafarian and found this episode evocative, exciting, and as I said, a bit disorienting. In other words, we get just the information we need through synchronicity, and I was OM-azed at the form it took in this instance. After only two months of following Planet Waves, I already expect a very high end treatment, I was not disappointed. More of same, please and praises to all participants incarnate and other.

  3. I don’t know about ancient Taoism, but from the materials I’ve read and learned from my teachers there’s no rule about not ejaculating. It’s just about maintaining energy. If you ejaculate too much you can get sick since every organ contributes part of itself to create new semen. It’s not a hard and fast rule not to ejaculate, but to manage your energy so you don’t deplete it so fast. Also the techniques to generate non-ejaculatory orgasms can allow a man to ride multiple waves to an ultimate orgasm that is ejaculatory.

  4. Thought their ideas were interesting and really grounded. I’ll never look at yoga again the same way! LOL

  5. This is great, Eric. Thank you so much. Initially I discovered meditation, then came masturbation – I call them the two Ms, both so healing in their different ways. But this is the first time I’ve heard about combining the two so skilfully! Come to think of it, I first discovered my darker, hidden self when I embarked on intensive meditation retreats and got to see the deeper recesses of my mind. In the same way – I was initially surprised and ashamed of the stuff that can come up with masurbation. Initially I blocked it, but I’ve learned to give it space. It has helped reconcile me with a quite sexually turbulent childhood, and to feel less threatened by men and their darker sexual natures, knowing that I have one too.

  6. Really look forward to listening to this, Eric. One of my dearest friends has done a lot of tantra work, and I learnt so much from her. Through observing and listening to her and the amazing work she did, I was able to drop a lot of fears and prejudices and to really open my heart to life.

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